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PowerCoach is a free coaching calendar that helps everyone from beginner to seasoned athlete find the perfect training schedule to meet and exceed athletic goals. There are sports plans for Running, Triathlon, Cycling, Swimming and Walking. You must register for a free PowerBar website account to access your calendar. Once you’ve completed the calendar you are given specific training instructions on how to reach your goal by the end date of the program. The programs require time and dedication. For instance, the basic 5K walk program for beginners lasts a minimum of eight weeks.

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  • Personalized sports fitness program from PowerBar.

Product Features

From the front page of the PowerBar website, scroll to the bottom of the page and look for the word Tools. Under Tools is the link to PowerCoach. You can choose a sport and then add personal details to the calendar. At some point you will have to register for the website to access the finalized schedule of exercises aimed at preparing you for the chosen event.

We’d love to say PowerCoach is that new exercise program that will maximize all those dietary changes you’re making and help you lose more weight than you ever thought possible, which it could easily do, but the program will only work if you stick with the daily exercise guides. Someone living a sedentary lifestyle may find it difficult to just jump into a new program with the knowledge it will take eight weeks or more to complete. Commitment issues are one of the many reasons dieters fall off the diet bandwagon. However, if you have a diet and exercise background and you’ve already established a good exercise habit, the PowerCoach is there to take your training for a local 5K or specialty race to the next level FREE.

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  • PowerCoach is free.
  • Registration to PowerBar.com is free.


  • The program may be a bit overpowering for a true beginner.
  • There are no details about the exercise schedules until you register for account access.
  • Only a few sports are available.


We’d love to see more unique training programs from PowerCoach, like basketball, speed and weight loss. These programs could be amazingly popular, but as it stands the PowerCoach addresses an extremely limited portion of the population. If you are interested in seeing what the PowerCoach plan has to offer, visit the site and create your own personalized calendar. There is no charge and no obligation to complete the workout.

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