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Pure Protein is a line of products designed to deliver high protein food items to consumers. This is a company whose goal is to provide a variety of high protein products to individuals who need to increase protein to their diet for nutritional needs. This line of products can be used by anyone from professional athlete to the everyday dieter. Pure Protein has a very comprehensive website that not only provides consumers with the ability to find the Pure Protein products in local stores but to also evaluate their own protein needs. Pure Protein has a line of products all high in protein from shakes to nutritional bars. The Pure Protein line of products is low in calories and high in protein.


The Pure Protein products all have a different ingredients list, but what they do have in common are high protein values and low carbohydrates. Pure Protein uses high quality Whey protein, which means their protein products all contain protein from a dairy source. The Pure Protein line of products included shakes, powders, bars, and protein shots. All of these products provide consumers with high protein and low calorie and carbohydrates.

Product Features

Pure Protein is a company who has strived to provide consumers with a healthy alternative and nutritional supplement through the addition of protein in a convenient package. Pure Protein has a variety of products including protein shots which provide consumers with 50grams of protein in a small 3.2 ounce container. This Pure Protein product gives the consumer 50 grams of protein with only 210 calories. Pure Protein Shots are available in three different flavors. Pure Protein Shakes are available in 5 different flavors. Each can of Pure Protein contains 35 grams of protein with only 2 grams of carbohydrates and 160 calories. Pure Protein is also the manufacturer of Jillian Michaels protein powder. The protein powder from Pure Protein contains 23 grams of protein per serving. Pure Protein also has a line of protein bars. These bars provide protein to the user through a convenient bar . The protein bars from Pure Protein also come in a kids line of products designed to enhance the nutrition of children through a great tasting bar. Pure Protein products are not available for purchase through the dedicated website, but the website does provide consumers with a list of locations where this product is sold. The Pure Protein website also provides consumers with educational information as to how much protein is needed for a variety of weights.

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  • Pure Protein is a great source of protein with low calories.
  • Pure Protein is available in most grocery and health food stores.


  • Pure Protein products can not be purchased online through the dedicated website.
  • Pure Protein is not a substitute for a healthy well balanced diet and exercise program.
  • Pure Protein products do not contain appetite suppressants or fat burners to aid in weight loss.


Pure Protein is a great product to enhance a dieter’s ability to get the protein needed to promote lean muscle. These products are low in calories while they pack in the protein. Anyone looking to lose weight could include this product into their diet but also need a product that will help suppress appetite and burn fat/

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  • 1

    Are there any side effects when drinking this?


  • 2

    Looking forward to trying all sorts of different recipes with this. My ???? Is my 8 yr. Old daughter who is overweight wants to drink this also. Would one a day be safe for her ?


  • 3
    Betty Fahnestock

    We love the pure protein products, would like to know what country it made in ?


  • 4

    Can we order online?


  • 5

    For chocolate I use natural peanut butter, bananas, and strawberries work too its not bad…I use 1% milk (;


  • 6

    any recipes for using the chocolate shake as a smoothy? I can make a nice strawberry/blueberry smoothy with the vanilla, but I’m at a loss as to what to do with the chocolate….



    I just found your thing today so this reply is SUPER late. But use 1 scoop of pure protein, 1 full banana, about 16 oz of milk, and 1.5 tsp of peanut butter blend in blender and serve cold. SO DELICIOUS.


  • 7

    where can i buy pure protein and avesil. Ilive in Decatur,alabama.


    Peggy Marcelo

    You can buy Pure Protein at Walmart. I buy the big one and it is 19.95. I have lost 18 lbs with this Pure Protein drink. I drink 2 times a day before I go to work and then one when I get home from work. Outstanding and I know it works for me.



    Are you doing any work out with this ? Just bought it today and looking forward to loosing a few pounds.


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