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Sinetrol is more likely to be added to other weight loss supplements than found for sale as a standalone product. Created by NB Consulting, a French company, Sinetrol is a fat burning ingredient that can be purchased by supplement companies for use in their products. Sinetrol is derived from fruits and claims to be a 100% food product. There are no stimulants in the fat burning ingredient, which is uncommon for a fat burner. When searching for Sinetrol, we could not find any product listing this ingredient. Information on the official website was last updated in 2008.

List of Ingredients

Extracts of red orange, grapefruit and citrus.

Product Features

Sinetrol is a relatively unknown ingredient in the weight loss world. The ingredient claims to have fat burning potential, but there are no stimulants to increase heart rate. Stimulants are commonly used as fat burners because increased heart rate leads to calorie deficit which means the body will burn more calories stored as fat. If Sinetrol does have fat burning capabilities, they would not reside in this theory.

Interestingly enough, the name Sinetrol is not far off from synephrine. Synephrine is derived from the bitter orange tree and is a fat burning ingredient in many weight loss products. Synephrine is a stimulant, however, and in some cases can cause health issues in dieters who use the product for extended periods of time.

Whether Sinetrol and synephrine is the same product, we cannot be sure. The Sinetrol website offers no information on the exact make-up of the ingredient. No products are listed that contain the ingredient either. What is offered is a list of product companies that offer Sinetrol for sale. None of these companies are based in the United States and none currently sell weight loss supplements containing the ingredient.

There is no pricing information available for Sinetrol as it cannot be purchased by an individual for home use.

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  • All natural sources.
  • The official website offers a list of retailers selling Sinetrol.


  • There are no known weight loss supplements using the ingredient.
  • Sinetrol may be a brand name for synephrine.
  • Sinetrol cannot be purchased by dieters directly.
  • The official website was updated more than two years ago.


If Sinetrol was a good fat burning ingredient, weight loss companies would not need to include stimulants in their formulas. There is no known way of increasing fat burn without increasing heart rate. Stimulants increase heart rate and Sinetrol does not contain any stimulants. Dieters wanting to try Sinetrol to increase fat burn may have difficulty locating a supplement using the ingredient. We could find no supplements listing Sinetrol on their ingredient lists and the official website offers no leads in this regard.

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    Check out Physic by Life Vantage. It includes 450 mg of Sinetrol in its ‘Fat Burn’ product.


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    I have been using sinetrol for ten days since I started to drinking twice a day my stomach is running.I just want to know that is how is working or sinetrol doesn’t like me?


    Stephen (Editor)

    It could be your body is adjusting to the formula, as we’ve encountered with some dieters. However you must make sure the formula is sfae for you. Did you ask your doctor about the symptoms?


    Matty Carstens

    I bought myself some Sinetrol. I am 30kg overweight. How many do I drink a day and when?.


    Adrian (Editor)

    Hi! For detailed product and usage instructions, please refer to the Sinetrol official website for more information.


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    Teresa kerr

    Physiq will be launched on Tiesday using Sinetrol in its fat burning product.


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    LIPOREDUX from Forte Pharma (fat burmer suplement) has Sinetrol as a basic ingredient. Google it.


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