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Sonne’s #7 Detoxificant is name thus because it is the 7th formula created by the Sonne’s company. There is an official website explaining how this one ingredient detox supplement works to cleanse the body. The information provided includes a history of the main ingredient and an explanation of how it works in the body. There is no mention of weight loss associated with using Sonne’s #7 Detoxificant, but it is suggested that users combine the detoxificant with Sonne’s #9 Intestinal Cleaner.

List of Ingredients

Hydrated Bentonite Clay.

Product Features

Bentonite clay is a bulk forming laxative. As a detoxificant, many people believe the clay absorbs water and expands in the stomach. The sponge-like result is electrically charged and toxins are attracted to the clay where they are bound to be expelled from the body. Bentonite clay is also used in other products for its binding nature such as cat litter, adhesives and cement. Most products combine bentonite clay with Psyllium husk to help with the elimination process. There is no mention of Psyllium husks being included in Sonne’s #7 Detoxificant, which could be why the company suggests taking #7 with #9 with a main ingredient of Psyllium husks.

While bentonite may have some detoxifying properties, it is also a binder that can eliminate diarrhea. With this in mind, the consumer may have difficulty passing bowel movements after taking Sonne’s #7 Detoxificant as a standalone product. If this is the case, the toxins attracted to the bentonite clay will be stuck in the body, which provides no benefit at all.

Weight loss is not a benefit of taking bentonite clay. The detoxificant properties are well documented, but no clinical trials associated with removal of toxins could be found. There are references to the anti-diarrhea properties of the ingredient, however.

Sonne’s #7 Detoxificant is not sold through the Sonne’s website. The product can be found online through websites like for $16.63 a bottle. The bottles comes with 32 ounces of liquid and is taken as 1 TB for a normal weight adult and 1 tsp per 50 pounds of weight for all other users.

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  • Bentonite clay can stop diarrhea.
  • There are many resources claiming detoxificant properties.


  • Bentonite clay may cause constipation.
  • Users may have to take Psyllium husk or other natural laxative along with the product.
  • Sonne’s #7 Detoxificant has not been proven to remove toxins from the body.


Detoxing the body is not a normal part of weight loss. If a consumer is having trouble with diarrhea, Sonne’s #7 Detoxificant may help to solve that issue, but any weight lost will not stay off for long. Consumers may have to take a laxative with the supplement in order to keep bowel movements regular.

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  • 1

    It doesn’t work I got high off coke on Friday and Wed I failed the drug test. I took it like it was instructed and I failed the test


    Stephen (Editor)

    Shawn, that is one heck of a story.


  • 2
    yes it 100% works

    yes it for sure works I suggest drinking a third of entire 32 floz for three days drink water to help with the actions. I started on wensday nights and took test on Mondays always passed and smoked herb every day including that wensday. I was told if I was completely clean and drink it by the directions on bottle daily I could smoke and be clean everyday. I didn’t try it to prove the theory tho.


  • 3
    Bo Wilson

    A friend told me Sonne 7 helps cleanse (THC) Marijuana out of the system. this true?


    Emilio A

    yes! it can with in the 7 days or a little over cause THC is one of the hardest toxin to clear out of your system since your fat cells are attracted too them cannabinoids and thats what they look for in a test are how much cannabinoids per NML the size is 50 nml by state law, soo if you drink 2 shots in the morning and two at night for the past 10-12 days you should be clean! make sure you change you pillow case cause lots of toxins at night will stay in your pillow case so i suggest you wash it every 2 nights….. unless you want penpals in your face lol



    No no no


  • 4
    Ruth Settlemyre

    Will #7Detox take my medication out of my body.I had a heart attack 4 bypass 2004 I am on low presser clostrol med.asprin.,I did this severalyrs. ago and i lost weight.And i need to lose some now .Is this safe for me now.


  • 5

    Does sonne #7 go bad?


  • 6

    Omg i been taking sonne’s itll have u on the toilet every 15 minutes doing number 1&2 so i suggest u guys dont eat day of drug test


  • 7

    will it detox marijuana


  • 8

    Will this help me reduce 3 internal cysts in my penis? I have been on a grain-free lifestyle, no meat unless organic, a morning shake that has almond milk,ice, banana, irish moss, one handful of raw cashews, 2 tsps raw pumpkin seeds and 1 tbsp of honey in blender now for 3 months. Also, proteolytic enzymes(serapeptase) 4 capsules 3x a day about 1 1/2 hrs after a meal. The cysts have shrunk some but not all the way



    You might wanna see a Dr bout thay shit


    Your Name

    Cysts- take capsule form of anti-inflammatories like turmeric vitamin e and iodine.


  • 9

    I have used this product for food poisoning in 100’s of patients the last 2+ decades with success every time. Of course pregnant and nursing Mothers must do this under the care and guidance of a physician if they succumb to food poisoning.


    Your Name

    You should stop cooking!!


  • 10

    Would this effect my med for slow thyroid


  • 11

    Will Sonne’s #7 also remove my prescription medication??



    did you ever find that out?


    Diana caudill

    HOW long does it take to work


    Tina Eckart

    I was given this as a binder. My diarrhea increased by 2 times and was watery.


    Your Name

    Yes drink day of within hours of screen…. Read directions and follow to letter…


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