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The Tapping Solution is a method of stress relief and anxiety control using the same general techniques as acupuncture and acupressure. Meridian points are tapped with two or four fingers, depending on the size of the area. These taps are supposed to promote healthy, healing energy, but the user must believe in the practice for it to work. The Tapping Solution website sells videos and eBooks explaining how to use tapping in your life.

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  • Tapping Meridian Points

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The official website for the Tapping Solution explains the basic method of anxiety relief. Simply put, you develop a positive affirmation statement and recite that statement while tapping meridian points for stress relief. You repeat tapping loops until your anxiety is under control. According to the Tapping Solution, negative energy can be replaced with positive energy using EFT Tapping. The process is explained completely, so there is really no reason to purchase any of the packages offered by the Tapping Solution unless you’re sold on EFT Tapping and you want to learn more advanced methods.

While the concept of tapping different points on the face and body seems like a silly means of relieving stress, it has been shown to work on patients with emotional disorders. Overeating can be considered an emotional disorder for some patients and thus EFT Tapping may be a safe, effective means of reducing calorie intake by relieving the stress or other emotion that sparks the need to overeat.

Tapping seminars are held all over the world, but the Tapping Solution brings the teachings of EFT Tapping to your home – your private space. Clinical studies and personal experience support the idea that tapping meridian points while reciting positive affirmations works to relieve stress, reduce pain and improve outlook on life. The effects do not last indefinitely, but reports from people who’ve used the method claim relief is compounding over time. The anxiety may return, but the feeling is less sharp each time.

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  • There is a lot of clinical and expert support for EFT Tapping.
  • The Tapping Solution explains the basic method of tapping free.


  • May not work for all dieters.
  • You must believe tapping will work for the method to be successful.


There are tons of people out there who’d rather pay thousands a year for a gym membership than try out the Tapping Solution, but thankfully there are dieters out there willing to give EFT Tapping a try. This free method of stress relief could be the turning point for dieters who eat as a reaction to stress. There is no harm in sitting quietly, reciting an affirmation statement and tapping some soft tissue to relieve stress.

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