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Trim Healthy Mama is a weight loss plan designed for busy moms, active dads and anyone wanting to improve overall health and wellbeing. The program was developed by New Zealand natives Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison. The two developed the program through years of testing different food combinations. The book is a long read, being more than 640 pages and includes advice on diet and fitness. The program addresses ways to energize your life without sacrificing the things you love. We found Trim Healthy Mama available on the official website as well as third party ecommerce sites such as for $19.99.

List of Ingredients


  • Weight loss program and book by Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison.

Product Features

Trim Healthy Mama is a weight management plan designed by sisters Serene Allison and Pearl Barrett. The premise behind the weight loss plan is to create a culture of healthy eating and ignite weight loss through community support. The plan was created out of the need to eat healthy, while maintaining a busy, active lifestyle.

The weight loss plan is not backed by scientific research or clinical trials. The sisters created Trim Healthy Mama through years of trial and error. This is an alarming fact. The average dieters willing to invest in a weight loss plan need reassurance that their money is well spent. They need a guarantee that they will lose weight. Trim Healthy Mama cannot guarantee weight loss.

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  • The program addresses diet and exercise.
  • There is extensive community support.
  • There is free advice on the official website.
  • The program is not just for women.


  • There is no guarantee of weight loss.
  • The weight loss program is not based on scientific research or clinical studies.
  • The program is expensive.


There is something alluring about Trim Healthy Mama. The weight loss program takes a no nonsense approach to diet, fitness and overall health and wellness. We feel as if the average dieter could embrace this diet plan simply because they could possibly relate with the authors. At some point, dieters let life get in the way of healthy eating and exercise and Trim Healthy Mama address both. The major concern we have with the weight loss program is that it is not backed by scientific research. The entire program is based upon years experimenting in the kitchen. This is great for creating new dishes, but is not ideal for achieving long-term weight loss. We feel as if the average dieter could benefits from the diet recommendations, but overall the entire plan is lacking in scientific evidence relating to effectiveness.

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    I’m a THM and have been for 2.5yrs.
    I’ve never been so healthy and loved my new way of eating. It’s not a diet but life style change. Over 25kg lighter and 4 dress sizes smaller is enough evidence for me.


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    Rebecca Conner

    Did anyone research this diet? The above review contains no information.


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    Scientific research is referenced throughout the book.


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    Have you read the book? The authors may not have a degree, but they most definitely know what they’re talking about. I have tried for years to to avail to lose my weight, with no success. With this plan, the simple science of separating your carbs and fats makes so much sense. And, IT WORKS! I have NEVER lost weight so easily. And no, it’s not from popping pills. It’s from eating good, nutritious, whole foods. Expensive, no. I spend no more than I used to for food. I just buy different foods. I avoid the chip aisles, and buy butter, bacon, cheese, veggies of all kinds. All meats go. Processed foods, no. There are some special ingredients like stevia sweetener that you can buy, but many people don’t buy anything extra. It’s all up to the individual person. And just the fact that it works, that’s all the scientific explanation I need. They explain why it works, though, in great detail, which is fascinating. The best part of the program though, is it heals you inside. People have come off their meds in many instances. That is better than loosing weight. Sometimes you have to heal inside, before you lose weight!



    Have some friends on the Trim and Healthy diet and it does work. We simply eat too many processed high carb and sugar foods. Basically works like the South Beach diet.



    i wanted to read comments on the program – lilac58 (her comments) convinced me to now purchase the book & get started!!! Thanks.


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