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Vibro Shape Review - Does This Fitness Device Really Work? Are poor product quality and user complaints deal breakers?

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0
Vibro Shape Review

You may be surprised by what I say in this Vibro Shape review. We dug deep and scrutinized this product’s ingredients, side effects, scientific research and level of customer service. Moreover, we sorted through countless user comments and customer reviews from all over the internet. At last, we compacted all of the data we collected to give you the important facts you actually need.

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What You Need To Know

Vibro Shape is described as a “professional vibrating belt” that helps tone muscles in areas such as the abdominals, buttocks, thighs, shoulders and calves. This fitness belt is claimed to break down fat cells, improve blood circulation and increase muscle strength. The Vibro Shape fits waists ranging from 24 to 55 inches. It has five low-power and five high-power setting options. Put simply, this belt provides high-frequency massage vibrations. It comes with a remote that is attached to the belt. Furthermore, this fitness device is supposed to mimic chiropractic treatments, relieve stress and promote good digestion. You simply strap on the Vibro Shape and use it for 10 minutes each day.

We are not sure when the Vibro Shape was first released. This fitness device is easy to travel with and it can be used by women and men alike. You can purchase Vibro Shape on Amazon for $45.20, but read on…

Poor Product Quality – A Concern?

“We found all sorts of customer complaints about the poor quality of the Vibro Shape belt. Naturally this is concerning, because a workout product is not going to give you good results if it doesn’t actually work,” says our Research Editor.

According to one user, “Was not at all great as it broke the first time it was used, had returned it, but have not received any word from the company yet.”

“The second week the belt breaks, unfortunately,” said another customer. Yet another person said, “It ripped very quickly and now can’t use it!”

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Another Concern – User Complaints

You will find quite a few customer complaints posted online regarding Vibro Shape. In fact, one person stated, “Okay, this thing is worthless. It does nothing!”

Another user said, “Better off just exercising your abs. This belt is not helpful.”

According to our intensive research, if there is some specific part of a fitness program or product that is very bothersome (a painful/difficult exercise routine, poor product
quality, too many user complaints) the chances of real success for the long term are not good. In other words, if Vibro Shape does lead to a lot of user complaints, this could be a deal breaker.

The Science – Is There Any?

Sadly we could not find any clinical trial studies or test results that pertain to the Vibro Shape. Therefore it is unclear how effective this fitness device really is. We at DietSpotlight prefer to see published scientific research that supports the fitness product we are investigating.

The Bottom Line: Does Vibro Shape Work?

Now the moment you’ve been waiting for: our bottom line on Vibro Shape. Well, weappreciate that Vibro Shape can be used by both women and men and it’s compact so it can be taken anywhere. Then again, we have some issues with this fitness device because it’s not backed by any actual scientific studies. Moreover, we’re definitely concerned about the poor product quality and customer complaints.

If you really want to build lean muscle mass, improve muscle tone and enhance your overall workout, we encourage you to go with a product that is backed by real science, sells at an affordable price and does not lead to a bunch of user complaints.

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How Does Vibro Shape Compare?

Previous Vibro Shape Review (Updated April 24, 2014):

What You Should Know

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Vibro Shape is an abdominal belt designed to help workout your abs with vibration. It can also be used to help tone other parts of the body, including your thighs, arms, and butt. If you are looking for something like this to use in the comfort and privacy of your own home, read this review to learn more about the product so you can decide whether or not it is worth your investment.

List of Ingredients

Not applicable.

Product Features

Vibro Shape is a product designed for people who do not have time to exercise. It claims that with just 10 to 15 minutes of use every day, you will see results that you would normally have to exercise for hours to get. It will help your muscles contract up to 50 times a second, to help you burn calories, tone muscles, and eliminate cellulite. There are several different vibration devices like this one on the market today, and we really do not see anything that separates this one from the rest of the pack. This is available from several different stores online and off, for anywhere from $52.99 to $99 depending on where you get it. This is available in one size and is adjustable to fit various sizes of people.

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  • Vibro Shape can work for several different parts of your body.
  • You can buy this product online and in traditional brick and mortar stores from several different merchants.


  • Vibro Shape will not replace traditional exercise.
  • You will have to follow a diet to see results with this program.
  • There may or may not be a money back guarantee depending on where you buy this product.
  • There are no free trials of this product.
  • We were not able to find customer reviews for this product.


Vibro Shape may be worth a try to help tone and strengthen your body. However, nothing will work as well as actual exercise and weight lifting. If you want to be able to see your results, you will also need to follow a reduced calorie balanced diet, as you will need this to help you burn fat. If you build muscle, but you do not burn fat, you will not be able to see the muscle underneath the layer of fat on your body. This machine can help supplement exercise, but in all honesty should not replace it. If you want an extra boost, you should also look into using a clinically proven safe and effective weight loss supplement in the form of an appetite suppressant or fat burner to help you lose more weight than diet and exercise alone.

92 User Reviews About Vibro Shape

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  • 1

    I’m a programmer and spend hours on end sitting at a desk staring at a computer screen I figured buying the vibro shape would do me best problem is i become itchy AF….I’ve tried the vest thing I’ve tried putting on anti itch lotions and baby oil…and nothing…all its helped with is by making my skin soft and even tonned. …I really need the itching to stop coz I can’t really code proper during so much discomfort and quiting it is a big no no coz I’m starting to see results please advise


    Devon (Editor)

    Have you tried wearing a thin undershirt between you and the belt?


  • 2
    Your Namechristine

    there is foam packing in the zip compartment should thus be removed


    Devon (Editor)

    This is for your padding. If you find it uncomfortable you could remove it.


  • 3
    emmy mosupi

    Is it dangerous to use vibro belt for more than ten minute,eg 20 to 45 minutes


    Stephen (Editor)

    Try splitting up the times you use it though it would be a danger to use a bit longer.


  • 4

    Vibro shape works for. Have a low carb diet and drink 6 to 8 litres of water. IN 4 weeks you will see a different


  • 5

    Every time I use the belt,my sick becomes swollen.The itching is still de.I gave birth with c section and is painful sometimes when I put the belt on my abdominal.I really want to lose my pregnancy weight and be size 32 again.What can I do to avoid the swollen and itching on my sick?


    Stephen (Editor)

    Are you wearing the belt directly against your skin? Try wearing an undershirt or plastic wrap to protect against the texture of the belt.


  • 6

    Is there any side effect to use this?


    Candace (Editor)

    Hello Faria. Customers rarely report side effects, only mild itching and discomfort around the site of application.



    Yes u r right what u said.just little bit itching .thnx 4 ur reply


  • 7
    Your Nameberna

    my belt also broke and was fixed, by the store I bought it. reason for that, you should only use it ten minutes at once and switch off to cool off. And yes it does tone and help for my digestion problems. IBS) whatever vibrates on you skin, tones and help for circulation for cellulite. I have mine for years now.


  • 8

    Does it remove cellulite?


    Stephen (Editor)

    Thuli, Vibro Shape claims to reduce excess fat in the midsection and back. Although we do have a few concerns with its efficacy.


  • 9
    Mapula Molope

    I just gave birth and I bought myself the vi
    bro belt.I want to know how long will it take before I start seeing the results and will the itching stop when my body gets used to it.Can I add extra time if I don’t use it every day?


    Stephen (Editor)

    Well, Mapula, ideally the belt is worn for 10 minutes a day, everyday. We can’t say for sure when you would see results, especially with irregular use. Since you’ve already bought it, tell us how you like it after a while of using it. On average it takes a month to see results from a diet however.


  • 10

    It has done nothing for me, i can’t even sell it nobody interested!


  • 11

    Kan u use it if breastfeeding


    Arnold (Editor)

    We’ve not encountered issues with this product and nursing mothers, but to be sure ask your doctor.


  • 12

    Whats the price and does it work


  • 13

    just started using Vibro Shape, it worked for my sister hope its gonna work for me too


  • 14

    Can I use the vibro beld directly on skin, and why is is itchy after used?


    Karen (Editor)

    Hi Rosemary, it is likely you are experiencing a negative reaction to this product. We suggest to stop using it and see if it subsides, or explore other options for your weight loss needs.



    Good day

    I think the itchiness is due to a tight belt vibrating on your skin, and maybe pulling on some of you hair. wear a vest and try on it to see. if you still experience too much itchiness, then make the belt a bit less tight.

    Spoken like an expert nhe!

    I am wondering why Homemark does not have warnings against this product. maybe its perfect. Just worried because I use it more than once at a time and hope it will not get me sick. December is coming and I wanna loose the Belly.


    Your Name

    it itches because it irritates your skin, dont scratch as it will leave marks. This is normal, just leave it for few minutes to cool down and the itch will go away!


    Your Name

    Itchy as it is getting your blood circulating. Same as if you use a power plate


  • 15
    Sihlongonyane Musa Donald

    I think its the best belt I ever had but how about dangers of cancer. I have used it for a day. how dangerours to use it many times a day say every after 3 hours. any dangers


  • 16
    Tshepang Bakwena

    What are the side effects of vibro shape?


  • 17

    What is the warranty of vibroshape and how many times can i use it a day?


  • 18

    i bought VIBRO SHAPE in 2012 after the birth of my child cos i was so fat wearing size 38. i used it for a year. in 2013 i went back to my normal size 28 and um still using it even now


  • 19

    tell about prize


  • 20

    When am I suppose to use vibro shape after meal or before meal and how many times a day.


    Devon (Editor)

    Hi Charity. You simply strap on the Vibro Shape and use it for 10 minutes each day before or after meals.


  • 21
    Allan James

    ivr been using it for two weeks I can feel a different I feel good and I know it works for me


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