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Volumetrics is an eating plan that was conceived by the nutritionist Dr. Barbara Rolls. Dr. Barbara Rolls is a Professor of Nutrition and a Director of the Laboratory for the Study of Human Ingestive Behavior at Penn State University. In 2000 she co authored a book with Robert A Barnett entitled ‘Volumetrics Weight Control Plan.’ And in 2005 she published a book entitled, ‘Volumetrics Eating Plan.’


There are no ingredients since Volumetrics is an eating plan.

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Dr. Barbara Rolls says that following a strict, severe diet, will only lead to unhappiness. You will feel constantly hungry and although you may lose weight you are likely to quickly put it back on again once you break your diet. Dr. Barbara Rolls says that if you want to loose weight successfully, you should follow the Volumetrics eating plan. Volumetrics consists of looking at the energy density of food. Energy density is the number of calories in a specific amount of food. Some foods such as fats, sweets and cakes have a high energy density. Water, for example, has a zero energy density. The system of Volumetrics therefore encourages you to eat foods that are high in water content and thus low in energy density, such as fruits and vegetables. Her book includes a number of eating plans and recipes based on her theory of Volumetrics. Fresh fruit salads, for example, and vegetable soups are perfect low energy foods and fit the Volumetrics eating plan.

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  • The books by Dr Rolls are reasonably priced.
  • Dr Barbara Rolls is an expert on nutrition and weight loss and has written over two hundred research papers on the subject.
  • The book, ‘The Volumetrics Eating Plan’ can be ordered online.


  • Users of the Volumetrics diet may find that they frequently feel hungry.
  • There have been no long term standardized tests carried out involving the Volumetrics diet that we could find.
  • The Volumetric diet is actually very similar to other diets, since it basically involves increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables and decreasing your intake of fats.
  • Unlike a number of other diet plans, it is not designed to also increase your energy levels.


There is no doubt that Dr. Barbara Rolls is an expert in her field and that following the Volumetrics diet plan, you may actually lose some weight. However, the question we are concerned with is whether the Volumetrics diet plan is superior to other diet plans on the market. It seems that what Dr. Barbara Rolls is advising is in fact similar to other diet plans available; that is, to cut down on your fats and increase your intake of fruits and vegetables. The Volumetrics eating plan may help you lose weight, but we do not believe that it is superior to other diet plans on the market, nor that it will be any easier to follow if you’ve had difficulty sticking to diets in the past.

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