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Zeoforce is a superfood from HealthForce Nutritionals. We found two websites with information on the supplement and a listing on Amazon.com. There is a ton of information about the sole ingredient in Zeoforce on the websites, but there are no links to clinical studies. We were thrilled to find contact information for HealthForce Nutritionals, including a phone number and contact form. We also found a dedicated community offering support for people using HealthForce Nutritionals products.

List of Ingredients


  • Clinoptilolite

Product Features

The official websites for Zeoforce explain the impact of toxins in the environment on the body. While all of the information is very interesting, none is backed with clinical study or proof, so dieters have to take the information with a grain of salt. What we found most interesting was the list of uses for Zeoforce. According to HealthForce Nutritionals, you can use Zeoforce as a facial scrub, detox bath, tooth powder and laundry powder. If taken by mouth, the same ingredient that brightens your clothes can also increase stomach pH. That thought may be concerning for some dieters.

We did find reference to clinical studies on animals that resulted in maintained electrolyte levels. While electrolytes are important for athletes and people who take diuretics, there is no impact on weight or weight loss. Another reference even claims there are at least 200 published studies on clinoptilolite; though no direct reference to any specific studies is made. Safety may also be an issue. Taking any supplement should be a choice backed with studies that support safety of long-term use. We found no studies of this sort.

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  • HealthForce Nutritionals offers an official website.
  • Zeoforce can be used for multiple household and personal uses.
  • The price, at less than $28, is less than most diet supplements.
  • Contact information is available for the company.
  • You can order directly from HealthForce Nutritionals and Amazon.com.


  • There are no links to clinical trials referenced in the supplement information.
  • The supplement can also be used to brush your teeth and wash your clothes.


While Zeoforce may be a safe supplement that increases stomach pH and helps detox the body, it is not a weight loss supplement. There are no claims of weight loss or references to weight loss studies. While we believe overall body support is an important part of weight loss, we also believe in taking supplements proven safe and Zeoforce does not offer any third-party support of safety claims.

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