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Bodybugg Review - 15 Things You Need to Know

Diet products either work or they don’t. Period. Let’s find out which category Bodybugg belongs to. We took the time to create a comprehensive review, focusing closely on the ingredients, side effects, customer service quality, and scientific studies. We also examined various user comments from all over the internet. Finally, we compressed all of the data we collected to give you the facts.

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What is BodyBugg?

It is a calorie management device that aims to help people reduce their weight through this.

BodyBugg by Apex Energetics focuses on calorie management, but the product did not positively respond with users.

Calorie management with this device depends on users’ weight, height, and age, as well as their amount of daily exercise.

As of August 2019, BodyBugg is no longer available for sale from Apex or other outside sellers – Jawbone acquired the company.

Does It Work?

Company Bio

How Did BodyBugg Start?

It is an armband that users can connect to a computer or smartphone device. This weight measurement tool enables people to receive guidance from fitness coaches to set up their fitness programs and devices.

Apex Fitness, the same company that owns gym chain 24-Hour Fitness, owns BodyBugg. The device also appeared on The Biggest Loser show, for which Apex is a major sponsor.

The device has different sensors and applications to help users measure their calorie consumption and expenditure.

BodyBugg Claims


BodyBugg Claims

Many use this product for calorie measurement and tracking their daily weight. Bodybuilders and health-conscious people are the ones who mainly use this device, as well as those who like to stay informed about their weight and calories.

The device allows users to track calories while eating, working out, and doing daily activities. BodyBugg also claims that it can even measure the number of calories that users burn when they sleep.

The other claim that they make is that it is the most accurate and efficient calorie management device as it measures from five different perspectives.


BodyBugg Features

It is an electronic device, and, as such, it requires different software and sensors to measure calories accurately.

It claims to:

  • Make it easy to calorie-manage the calories you consume and burn
  • Allow you to monitor how much you exercise and track if you are burning more than consuming
  • Be customizable based on your age, weight, height, and goals your progress with a six–month subscription to an online nutrition program

Features of this fitness device include:

Armband Sensor

This sensor is the main component as it collects the overall information and measures the ins and outs of calories. This sensor works only on dry skin and predicts the accurate measurement of calories.

System Software

The system software is for calculating the data that the armband sensor records. The system software is an essential part of BodyBugg as it calculates the total food you consume and the changes in your body. The efficiency of this software is quite high, as it can also track an individual’s mobility.


This device uses 128MB RAM for storing the overall data of users. There are other versions of this device that have an even bigger RAM.

Internet Access

Internet access is necessary, as users cannot access the web without it. Going online enables users to check their calories every day through Android phones or other devices.

Search Engine

This is another basic component as it enables users to search the internet and access their BodyBugg device. Users must have the latest version of the search engine as BodyBugg applications continuously change.

Does It Work

Does BodyBugg Work?

Does BodyBugg Work

Upon release, it did not get the positive response that they expected. There are various defects found in the device, which lead to a huge upset in sales. The product’s competition is allegedly more efficient, which also hurts BodyBugg’s success.

It works efficiently but only on dry skin, which did not appeal to consumers who expected to be sweating while using the product.

The main consensus in this product’s reviews was that the product is a poor choice,  showing a lack of efficiency as a calorie management or weight loss device. BodyBugg also has the highest price and subscription fee on the market, all while not delivering accurate results.

Dr. Anthony Dugarte shared about BodyBugg, “Weight loss or gain is not always as simple as calories in vs. calories out, though this knowledge is certainly helpful. If this device can help users learn to manage calories appropriately, then they are on the right track.”

Benefits And Results

BodyBugg Benefits And Results

The BodyBugg manufacturers claim that the product results in:

Calorie Management

BodyBugg provides people with the management of calories in their overall daily activities. It also provides people with the management of calories in their sleep, using different software and sensors.

Weight Tracking

This device measures calories and calculation of weight, so that, through this device, users of BodyBugg can easily track their weight.

Exercise Motivation

This device is easy to wear and motivates people to exercise as it includes the BodyBugg coach.

Weight Loss

They designed the device for measuring calories and for weight loss. Some device reviews show a positive effect on weight loss, but some also show the negative effect of the high price and incorrect measurements.

It’s important to note here that BodyBugg’s armband sensor doesn’t measure how much energy you spend. The only thing it does is consider more factors when it’s making its estimate. So, relying on statistics won’t be accurate for every user.

BodyBugg And Weight Loss

Weight Loss

BodyBugg And Weight Loss

This product indirectly helps users lose weight by allowing them to track their calories.

BodyBugg encourages a healthy lifestyle, which ultimately leads to shedding extra weight.


How To Use BodyBugg

The BodyBugg device is an armband that you can use at any time of the day, including sleep. Four different measurement components determine actual calorie expenditure.

You need to keep the device connected to the internet to access the BodyBugg tool.

Side Effects

BodyBugg Side Effects

As it is an armband, the consumer should not experience adverse side effects when using this product. However, in rare cases, consumers should look out for:

  • Arm pain if left on for too long
  • Lack of blood circulation if you wear the device too tight

You could also have trouble with the maintenance and syncing of the device if your connection drops.

Women extending hands in the air in a "stop" motion, standing in front of a white background

Product Warnings

BodyBugg Product Warnings

BodyBugg mentions the following warnings:

Do not use on wet skin or put any liquid material on the arm you are using BodyBugg.

Protect BodyBugg against water and ensure to remove the device before showering or swimming.

Calorie Measurement

Calorie Measurement Through Bodybugg

It is a calorie management device, and this function utilizes some sensors. These are the accelerometer, heat flux, skin temperature controller, and galvanic skin response.

Its accelerometer measures movement, its heat flux sensor measures heat, its galvanic skin response sensor measures sweat rate, and its skin temperature sensor monitors core temperature changes. These factors are important to what the device aims to do, but none of them does its job directly or indirectly. According to some research, these measurements put together to have an 8-10% margin of error prediction capacity.


The accelerometer is a sensor that measures, as the name suggests, acceleration. This sensor tracks users’ movements to gauge the intensity of exercise and add to the prediction of how many calories they’ve burned.

Heat Flux

This sensor is a transducer that helps the weight loss device generate electrical signals, which are directly proportional to the total heat rate. This heat rate moves from the skin to the surface of the sensor. Through the software, the sensor’s surface area divides the heart rate to determine the heat flux.

Skin Temperature Controller

According to the European Journal of Applied Physiology, the sensor for controlling skin temperature provides devices with an accurate measurement of the skin surface temperature. You can place the sensor on any skin surface of the body as it is a precision thermistor, which is combined with an adhesive, soft, and pliable foam disk.

Galvanic Skin Response

The galvanic skin response sensor is a sensitive marker of emotional arousal, according to Sensors. You can use this sensor for skin conductance and electro-dermal activities, which are not under conscious control.


BodyBugg FAQ

BodyBugg FAQ

What’s the accuracy of the BodyBugg measurements?

It is 92% accurate on average. It derives the number from weekly mass changes, giving you the average number of calories you consume daily.

Do I need a computer to use the device?

Yes, you need a computer with Internet access.

What are the technical requirements?

  • PC with USB Port
  • Windows 98/ME/2000 SP3/XP
  • 128MB RAM or higher
  • System software
  • Internet access
  • Internet Explorer 5.0 or later

Does the program support Macs?

No, you can only use it with Windows and Internet Explorer.

Can I use the program without the device?

Yes, you can manually enter the food, and thereby calories, that you consume every day.

Can multiple people use the same device?

No, because the company says that would affect the accuracy of the program.

Do users have to wear the device for the whole day?

You initially wear it for the first five to seven days while you’re awake, so the program can “learn” how you burn calories. After that, you can remove when your activity levels are low, like when you’re asleep. Its software will automatically establish calorie burns after that. However, the more you wear it, the better its accuracy and effectiveness.

Can the device measure heart rate?


Does it come in different colors?


Does the device measure what users eat?

No, it only measures how many calories you’ve burned based on your weekly mass fluctuations.

Where to Buy

Where to Buy BodyBugg

  • Amazon.com
  • eBay
  • QVC

Once the first six months are up, you have to pay a subscription to Apex Fitness, or the device is of no good.

Bottom Line on BodyBugg

What Users Are Saying

What Users Are Saying

“It’s great hardware that is now unsupported – Unfortunately, the hardware is no longer usable because Jawbone acquired Bodymedia and refuses to make the activity manager software available. Sorry Body Buggers! It’s great hardware that is now unsupported. Boo Jawbone!”

“On attempting to register the device per the instructions (go to www.bodybug.con/login.php) the website is not functional. The tech support line in the manual says out of service and re-directs to 24 hour fitness.”

“No longer can you use this product because the online subscription doesn’t exist.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on BodyBugg

What’s the real deal with the Bodybugg? It appears that for many people, it did work as expected. However, there was a yearly subscription fee to the website, which was about $80 over the device’s cost. This was necessary to receive maximum benefits. Unfortunately, this is no longer functional, so anyone purchasing the device now will likely be unhappy with the results. This is one reason why we have reservations about offering support.

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Bodybugg Review
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What are the ingredients in Bodybugg?

The BodyBugg is a calorie management system. Apex Fitness created this system to help its customers lose weight and track weight loss progress. It tracks your calories expenditure and your calorie intake through the Bodybugg app and a paid monthly service.

Does Bodybugg work?

It works, but Bodybugg garners criticism due to a steep learning curve and how expensive it is.

What is the price of Bodybugg?

The Bodybugg armband and tracker costs on average around $70.00. Bodybugg customers are also required to sign up for a six-month web program for the physical trackers to work. Apex once charged $9.95 for this monthly program. Many customers have paid double the cost of the physical products to pay for a year of the Bodybugg program up front to avoid the monthly fees.

How should I take Bodybugg?

If you decide to use the Bodybugg system you need two things. First, you need the calorie tracker band to keep track of your calorie expenditure. Second, you need the monthly service to use the band and the calorie tracker app.

How do I contact Bodybugg customer service?

You can contact Bodybugg customer service at 1-800-656-2739.

Can I return Bodybugg?

You can return the Bodybugg based on your seller or marketplace terms. Return policies differ from Amazon, eBay, and Apex.

What are the most common complaints about Bodybugg?

The typical complaints are about the money. Why do you need to pay for a physical calorie tracker and a monthly service to use the physical product? The durability of the calorie tracker is a common complaint. Many have reported the item breaking after light use of the calorie tracker.

117 Bodybugg Reviews

  • Is there anywhere here where I can buy the BodyBugg?

    I live in Madrid, Spain. Is there anywhere here where I can buy the BodyBugg? Also, would my telephone call to the trainer still work?

    • Adrian (Editor)

      Hello Lynda. We didn’t find mention of “the company” shipping to Spain, but we’re not affiliate with the company.

  • I am amazed
    Jan (Verified Purchase)

    I got the Body Bbugg for me and my husband for Christmas. We started using it on New Years Day. I am amazed by how many calories I burn walking the dogs, grocery shopping and getting my kids off to school. I am also able to accurately assess the effectiveness of my exercise program. Entering the nutritional information is easy too. I can even put in all the ingredients in one of my recipes, tell the program what a serving size is and it will report the nutritional information per serving. Amazing. We now know the ultimate weight loss formula… Calories In/Calories Out. We are both loosing weight and feel great. AND we know the expense of a few crackers for a snack and think twice before eating. Maybe that is the best gift! I got mine for less that $200 at Costco.com and it came with one year support on the website!

    • jeets

      Hi, did you get it at Costco online or at the store? Do you know if its still available?

      • Caro

        I have tried Costco and they no longer have it. When I was there today they said it doesn’t look like they are getting any more any time soon 🙁

        • Pj

          Costcos has the Body Media on the web site and you can go to Body Media web site. Its like the same thing as the body bug. I got my costco.com I LOVE IT it works great. It even shows you how you sleep. Its great.

  • not working well
    Jodie Buczak (Verified Purchase)

    I hate my bodybugg. It’s been nothing but one headache after another. I bought my bodybugg 01/25/2010. I asked 24 hr fitness if it was compatible with Mac. When I tried to install my bodybugg at home I found out that I needed a Mac OS 10.5 with an intel pentium processor and I have a Mac OS 10.4 powerpc.

    I really wanted to get the most out of the training sessions that I purchased so I got the digital display to constantly see the calories that I am burning through out the day. I thought I could load the bodybugg data at the gym. For some reason my bodybugg info can’t be loaded at the gym in Arvada Colorado (where I meet my trainer) but it can be loaded 30 minutes away at the Denver gym (weird). I just loaded my bodybugg info for the first time tonight. The digital display monitor says that I burned 2200 calories and the web site says 900. The technical support guy said that the web site has algorithms to process the raw data and the digital display device does not. That mean the digital display device shows the raw data from the bodybugg and how much I burn while watching TV. The web site does not count calories burned during inactivity as a result the tech guy said that the web site is more accurate. It’s been about 3 weeks and I have been logging my food, meeting with a trainer and I have not lost any weight. I guess my wallet has lost considerable weight but I plan on remedying that my getting my money back for everything!!!

    • mthomas

      I agree that the body bugg is a complete waste of money and time. I am so irritated with the company. I bought the body bugg at 24 hour fitness on Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood, I went home tried to register it and it said my serial no was already in use. I contacted the tech support for the company and they were totally useless and said that I would need to go back to 24 hour fitness and get a new one, they must have given me one who someone returned after they had registered it. I went in to 24 hour fitness and they said they couldnt do that because the manager needs to do it and I need to come back in. UGHHHHHHH. What a frickin waste of time. I just wish I never would have bought it, so frustrating, waste of time and money. I would advise to use any other company. one that actually cares about customer satisfaction.

      • artsytexan

        You know everytime I have dealt with 24 hour fitness I get screwed….my sister uses the BB and loves it but does it on her own…not affiliated with 24 at all….just a note

    • suzanne

      After reading the comments, i am a little concerned. I just ordered the bodybugg and wonder if it will work on my MAC computer. I guess time will tell…any suggestions?

      • Adrian (Editor)

        Hi Suzanne. It should work fine.

      • Linda

        I purchased my Body Bugg 9 weeks ago and just LOVE it! I don’t consider it a hassle at all and consider it a learning tool also. I’ve already lost 24 pounds! I don’t think that you should listen to the negative comments and go in with an open mind. You’re your best judge!

        • John B

          Concur, I’ve had a MAC since 2008 and a Bugg since 2009. My sole issue (which was more a matter of convenience) was that the online application wasn’t compatible with Firefox. Not a big deal, I fire up Safari whenever I use the program. I’ve never had a difference between my digital display and the computer reports. We all have our opinions based on personal experiences, in mine, the BodyBugg with MAC is effective and has been crucial to my losing weight and maintaining the lifestyle needed to keep it off.

      • Bob

        It works, you have to put the work in.

    • jen

      I had my bodybugg and display watch for 1 year and 2 months. The display watch stopped working today so guess what I am out of luck no more warranty. I called tech support to find out if anyone can fix it. They told me to go to a watch shop to get it fixed, so I tried and they said no we can’t fix it it is a different set up. I called back bodybugg tech they said we cant help you, no one knows how to fix it. Bodybugg tech said you will just have to buy a new one, of course!!! Totally ridiculous and disappointed.

      • Maybelle

        Did you see if it’s the battery needing to be replaced? I got my battery replaced a radio shack and it’s been okay.

  • Update your comments please........
    Linda Chapel (Verified Purchase)

    You need to update your comments. BodyBugg is now as low as $199 with 6 mos free website and is compatible with Macs.
    Thank you!

    • Angie

      Where did you find it for 199 w/6mth website? Thanks

    • charlene

      Can you please let me know where I can buy the bodybugg for $199.00?

      • karen

        You can get it for $199 on the 24 hour fitness website w/ six mos membership and free UPS Ground shipping. I think there is a coupon out there for $10 off too.

      • Jessica

        You can also buy is at Scheels

    • Steph

      I purchased the body bugg for $199 (6 mnths online free) on the main website. I have always kept track (on my own) of calories in and out. However, now I can see what areas I burn the most calories and concentrate on those areas. Plus, I’m encouraged & motivated to go out for an “additional” evening brisk walk if I see that I only need a couple hundred calories left to burn to meet my deficite quota for the day. I’ve lost 7 pounds this week (was shooting for 2 1/2) because of this product. It was my hard work but I was absolutely kept accountable as I logged in each evening and reviewed my calories in and calories out. I STRONGLY recommend this if you are willing to commit to loging in each evening. It is highly effective!

      • Erin

        Have you found that your bodybugg is accurate? I mean that your deficit matches your weight loss?? Last week, according to my bodybugg I should’ve lost 3 lbs but I lost 2 lbs. I know that’s not a huge difference but it was still a little disappointing, you know? Thanks for taking the time to answer! 🙂

    • vee

      24 HOUR FITNESS IS HAVING A sell, for only 175.00 and you can find a coupon online for an additional $10 off. I grabbed it quick!

    • Royce

      If you already have a bodybugg and want it waterproofed for FREE my friend’s company can do it for you! just google h2ofriendly, check out the website, and send them an email. You can send it in to be waterproofed and if you have any trouble with it, they will replace it for free too! They’re working on making it better and need people to try it out.

    • Liz88

      Body Bugg is now available for $155! I just bought mine and I love it!

    • Anonymous

      Got mine this week for $99 with a 12 month subscription included!

    • linda

      it’s 99.00 at Groupon

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