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Oura Ring Review - 9 Things You Need to Know

Oura Ring has been called the world’s best sleep tracker by some, but is that the real story? Though the product focuses on tracking sleep, the company has made it a point to sell it as a health and fitness wearable and smart ring. This caught our researcher team’s attention — that’s when the deep dive into the wellness ring kicked into high gear.

The team dug through the company’s history, how Oura Ring works, and the science behind the technology. Let’s take a look at what they found.

Oura Ring can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is Oura Ring?

Simply put, Oura Ring is an activity tracker that measures sleep. Sleep is critical to every body function, mood, energy, appetite, and more. We’re thrilled to see that men and women are looking to sleep health to understand better the changes they need to make to improve overall health and wellness. However, is the ring any different from other sleep trackers like Fitbit or Motiv Ring?

Products Similar to Oura Ring

Motiv Ring

Claimed Oura Ring Benefits

The Oura Ring is brand new, so there’s not a vast amount of data in terms of effectiveness, but we know what the company claims the sleep tracker will do. These claims include insights into:

  • Respiration rate
  • Trends in body temperature
  • HRV (heart rate variability)
  • Resting heart rate
  • Recovery optimization
  • Measurement of sleep quality
  • Sleep stage tracking
  • Trends in sleep
  • Measures steps and calories
  • Alerts the wearer when inactive

Compared to other smart rings and trackers, the claims are nearly identical — just worded differently. One new claim is that it records heart rate variability. You could do the same thing by writing down your heart rate from time to time during the day, but that’s not convenient, and products like Oura Ring are all about convenience meeting functionality.

Can the Oura Ring meet these claims? Yes, it will likely store and present all the information it claims to work with. Users do need to consider that the data gives the user a ballpark answer. We see no way any product that’s not medically tested and used in a clinical setting can accurately measure sleep, heart rate, activity level, and others with the same degree of accuracy. Users should not take the results as anything other than a source of information to guide your life in the direction toward healthier sleep.

Common Questions About Oura Ring

Is Oura Ring waterproof?

The new ring is not waterproof, but it is water-resistant up to 328 feet or 100 meters. If you have the first model, it is water-resistant up to 164 feet or 50 meters.

What is the ideal duration of sleep?

The ideal duration of sleep is not a single number you can put the finger on. It is variable with likely hundreds of variables going into an estimate for a single person. However, for the sake of giving the duration a number, the National Sleep Foundation says the ideal length of sleep for young adults 18-25 and adults 26-64 is seven to nine hours per night. Users 65+ should get between seven and eight hours of sleep nightly.

Similar Products

Similar Products and Upgrades

There’s only one major competitor for the Oura Ring at this time, and that’s the Motiv Ring. Other smart products like the Garmin fitness tracker and the Apple Watch are in different leagues and can’t be compared.

Old vs. New

The first model of an electronic device is a testing version if you will. This is the model that the company gets the best feedback from, and it paves the way through upgrades and changes that make the second model “better” than the first. With the new Oura Ring, you get a series of updates based on real-life use.

Oura Ring vs. Motiv Ring

The Motiv Ring is also a smart tracker, but this one talks about fitness tracking whereas Oura Ring focuses on sleep tracking and the effect of good sleep on fitness. Each offers a unique set of features and some features that overlap.

Oura Ring vs. Apple Watch

The Oura Ring and Apple Watch aren’t even in the same category. Smart watches are larger and have more room internally for advanced calculations and features. People who wear the Apple Watch are looking for all the features of the Oura Ring and Motiv Ring along with cell phone connectivity and two-way communication.


How Much Does Oura Ring Cost?

The Oura Ring costs between $299 and $999. These prices will depend on the shape, color, and style. Shapes include Heritage and Balance, while colors include Silver, Black, Stealth, and Silver Diamond. These prices include:

  • Heritage Silver: $299
  • Heritage Black: $299
  • Heritage Stealth: $399
  • Balance Silver: $299
  • Balance Black: $299
  • Balance Silver Diamond: $999

Details on the Oura Ring App

According to the official website, the app is available for iOS devices (Apple). There’s no mention of Android devices (for the latest update) and the device pictured looks like an Apple product. We know there’s an Android application launched before the newest version. The design is beautiful, and the user experience is fluid.

There’s no mention of cost. We figure the company includes the cost of the app in the Oura Ring price. It is unique that the information collected by the sleep tracker is stored on the Oura Cloud, which brings up the question of security.

Tracking your health is proven to aid in reaching health goals, according to AMIA Annual Symposium Proceedings Archive

Prince Harry

The Oura Ring and Prince Harry

In celebrity news, Prince Harry was seen wearing a black ring that some news outlets, like The Sun, called “bizarre.”

Bottom Line

What Users Are Saying

“This is awesome. I was looking for a less conspicuous health tracker that would help me improve my sleep. I love that it is a ring instead of something on my wrist. It helps me obsess less about how many steps I’ve taken and be more present with my day. I chose the silver colored ring for my right middle finger and barely notice it’s there. I enjoy using the app and monitoring my health trends. Highly recommended.”

“After six months my OURA quit connecting. Currently on the third attempt to contact OURA technical support to get the ring to be recognized. My husband has a ring also, went through the same experience but was able to finally get his ring “seen”. The only way we found to contact OURA is on their website. NO followup confirmation that the trouble ticket was received, no followup suggestions or help. AVOID this ring – it is kind of neat at first. As you start following the stats more carefully, you realize they ARE NOT ACCURATE if you have problems sleeping the ring has problems identifying when you are sleeping, when you are awake, and definitely doesn’t help at all during the day.”

“If you work 3rd shift, DO NOT GET THIS RING! It anticipates that people will sleep between the hours of 6pm-6pm, so it doesn’t recognize your sleep if you sleep past that. It’s like it just gives up or it will put whatever you sleep past 6pm onto the next day and it will miss the next mornings sleep. I have been in contact with oura for months and they’ve said they are working on getting it fixed but being very slow/ won’t give me a time frame of when this is going to happen.”

Bottom Line on the Oura Ring

The Oura Ring jumps straight into the wearables market with style and grace. If Prince Harry wears one, it must be something special. Well, the features are useful and the app is nearly flawless, so there’s nothing negative to say about the ring. If you’re looking to keep track of your lifestyle and health choices and factors that affect you daily, this product isn’t a bad choice.

Along with tracking, which we believe can be a significant factor in self-accountability, there are programs that science has shown can help support general health and body functions that affect metabolic rate and weight.

Among the best of those we’ve researched in the last year is Noom. You get your standard tracking, but the team goes much further with personalized meal plans, one-on-one human coaching, expert health articles and a food database managed by nutritionists.

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Oura Ring Review
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Oura Ring

Is Oura Ring for weight loss or testosterone boosting?

The Oura Ring is a sleep tracker. Improving the quality of your sleep may promote weight loss.

Are there Oura Ring side effects to know about?

There are no side effects related to the Oura Ring.

Did you find any Oura Ring product warnings?

There are no product warnings associated with the Oura Ring.

Is Oura Ring for men or women?

Both men and women can wear the Oura Ring.

Where can I buy Oura Ring?

The Oura Ring is available on the official Oura Ring website.

Where can I buy Oura Ring?

Oura Ring can be purchased using their Official Site.

Is there a Oura Ring free trial or free samples?

There are no Oura Ring samples available.

What is the most common Oura Ring complaint?

Some consumers find the Oura Ring to be too expensive.

What are some similar products to Oura Ring?

The Motiv Ring is similar to the Oura Ring.

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