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FirstFitness Review - 18 Things You Need to Know

I’m here to cut through the noise and get to the bottom line on FirstFitness. There’s been a lot of talk about this program, and it’s even been featured on CNN, so let’s dive in and look at the products, customer service, research, and ingredients of FirstFitness. We’ll also take a look at some actual reviews and comments from users that have tried for themselves. Then, we’ll condense it all to give you the bottom line.

FirstFitness can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What Is FirstFitness?

FirstFitness is a nutrition supplement targeted for fat burning and weight loss. FirstFitness is a nutrition company which provides a variety of products counting those made for appetite suppression, fat burning, meal replacement, and many more.

If you have confusion regarding that the nutrition is designed for whom then the answer is it is made for men and women alike. It is possible that you wonder what is FirstFitness, so read below to get the exact idea.

Through ever-rising consumption of fatty foods all over the world, there are many cases of obesity that are increasing fast.  Also, there is urgent requirement to assure that the surplus fats which build up in the body are eliminated in the safest techniques ever and make minimal or almost no side effects in your body. These kinds of problems get eliminated by use of FirstFitness, according to the company.

It is found that the extra content of fats within the body is connected with a lot of health issues which are not simple to resolve, according to the National Center for Diabetes and Kidney Diseases.

The FirstFitness results claim to be promising as the supplement is carefully designed as well as formulated to aid the reduction of excess fats from your body in the safest way possible.

It is found that this supplement is produced in a facility that is following the proper manufacturing practices with the purpose to assure that there are no FirstFitness side effects within your body.

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How Did FirstFitness Start?

It has been found that FirstFitness has been around since the year 1989, and this indicates a good sign.

The FirstFitness new products are accessible through individual distributors as well as the official website. There, a diversity of options is available to select from.


FirstFitness Claims

FirstFitness supplement is claimed to have been subjected to approximate dozens of testing and examination since the year of its beginning. The website claims that FirstFitness would assist you to alter financially and physically, as the price seems to be pretty high.

Regrettably, there is no evidence yet that this supplement has any long-term advantages to the overall physical health of users. The fact is that majority of doctors claim that weight gain following a proper diet can take a toll on the body, but can be prevented, according to the CDC.

In the absence of studies or research supporting their claims, there is a sign of red flags and are skeptical of the life-changing conversion that is assured.

Besides, the company is found to claim that FirstFitness sample is supporting the enhanced development of lean muscles within the body and also promotes weight loss. Apart from that, this supplement is too claimed to be jamming absorption of fatty molecules within the bloodstream and also boosting energy gain within your body. Besides, it is too claimed that this supplement works best to balance blood sugar levels within your body.

How Does FirstFitness Work?

Based on the reviews of this supplement, the question arises about how FirstFitness works. The present FirstFitness review will help you to know how this supplement actually works. Basically, the supplement combines many different herbs and also vitamin within the body in order to quicken the process of weight loss from your body securely minus any side effects.

Moreover, these herbs are said to be useful at naturally helping to lose weight from your body and also have been used for some time in history by traditional societies to resolve obesity problems.

The detoxing and/or cleansing concept is not at all new. For several years, the primary ingredients that FirstFitness weight loss supplements use in its products have been utilized by people all across the world to attain higher levels of health. It is packaged for ten days the whole body cleanse through its three most significant powerful natural supplements, and they are Reneú, LipoMax, as well as Fit to a Tea.

It is claimed that Reneú aids cleansing as well as detoxification of the inner body and colon in order to assist the absorption of vitamins, food, and minerals. Besides, it facilitates good health and helps in weight loss. The next, i.e., LipoMax assist in offering optimal liver support, ease symptoms of bloating, allergies, water retention, and sluggish bowels.

The last ingredient mentioned, i.e., Fit Tea supports entire body wellness by enabling cleanse as well as it detoxes the whole body.


FirstFitness Ingredients

In order to know the correct FirstFitness nutrition info, its ingredients are essential to know. Names of its ingredients are listed below:

Names of other ingredients are:

  • Lecithin
  • Silica
  • Microcrystalline cellulose
  • Stearic acid
  • Calcium carbonate

It is found that the ingredients are shown on the website of the company, and it contains chromium, caffeine, green tea, and fucoxanthin. Besides, the supplements can be consumed anywhere, and also its powders are easy to blend.

Does FirstFitness Work?

After knowing how this supplement works, it is vital to know the answer to the question, how FirstFitness works. There is a lot of buzz prevalent almost everywhere regarding FirstFitness Nutrition’s herbal cleansing products. The supplement definitely works as it is practically 25-year-old health and Weight Loss Company which is based out of Dallas, located in Texas. Besides, their herbal cleansing products are observed to take the market of health and weight loss by storm. So, there is no doubt about is working faults and it does works.

The essential constituents like green tea and caffeine are utilized inside this. These ingredients are clinically tested, and they are assured to help you lose weight.  It f found that this supplement is blending a lot of herbs along with vitamin within the body to quicken weight loss process from the body. So, there is no chance of question of is FirstFitness safe. It is safe as these herbs have almost no side effects. Besides, these herbs are useful at naturally facilitating FirstFitness weight loss from your body they have been used since long in history.

Benefits & Results

FirstFitness Benefits And Results

On the basis of positive and negative FirstFitness results as suggested by many users online and based on their experience, FirstFitness guarantees to provide tons of benefits to all the users. Such benefits are of the type that they are instrumental and its effect is seen in less time. Besides, they help you achieve your anticipated weight loss goal. Let’s look at the views directed by some of the users about the FirstFitness benefit as well as results of this supplement:

  • By following appropriate FirstFitness directions, you can succeed to lose weight by blending two powerful products which support fat burning, control appetite, as well as cleanse the body in order to facilitate improved nutrient absorption.
  • The FirstFitness sample transforms your body through influential constituents at least possible time. It also benefits to detoxify and balance nutrition, as well as smooth cellulite.
  • It benefits to support cleansing and detoxification of your inner body as well as colon to help improve the absorption of food, minerals, and vitamins. It also facilitates good health and enhances weight loss.
  • It is actually a superior multi-vitamin and mineral complex for females with specially targeted nutrition backing the female reproductive system.
  • It is also a preferred multi-vitamin and mineral complex for males, with mainly focused nutrition supporting testosterone and prostate levels.

Now, after going through the above-discussed benefits of this supplement, it is common that you will be eager to use FirstFitness supplement. Also, you would need to concentrate on what results the users have experienced this supplement. The results will give an idea of how it is worthy. Have a look at below mentioned are its results:

  • Users have experienced enhanced weight loss from the body which is secure and smooth when it is consumed by the body.
  • Its users have shown great praises on the supplement usage.
  • The results are positive as there are no major side effects in consuming the supplement as it involves the use of natural herbs.
  • Users have experienced that the price of the supplement is affordable.

Details On FirstFitness And Weight Loss

The FirstFitness images show how the supplement is the correct product based on its reviews.

The FirstFitness nutrition info suggests that it contains total eight powerful ingredients which they claim to have plenty of health benefits.

Moreover, it says it is successful in weight loss as it includes whole leaf Aloe Vera, macrominerals, vitamins, antioxidants, botanical extracts, phytonutrients and amino acids that support digestive health and entire body wellness.


How To Use FirstFitness

The correct FirstFitness directions are to take each FirstFitness weight-loss supplement as per the directions inferred on its packaging. For example, XanoLean Supreme is consumed three times on daily basis. The FirstFitness supplement needs to be taken with one glass of water, and 45 minutes before your meals. It is said that its one bottle lasts for around 30 days.


Cost Of FirstFitness

The research editor of this supplement website indicated that though the FirstFitness cost is high if you wish to use a quality product, you need to spend little higher. You need to pay around $200 per month for the system.

Actually, there are different FitnessFirst weight-loss supplements prevalent in the market. It includes:

  • Reneú: $34.95
  • XanoLean Supreme: $59.95
  • Body FX: $36.95
  • Boost Weight Loss Program: $91.95
  • Accelerate Weight Loss Program: $129.95
  • Transformation Weight Loss Program: $199.95
  • Trimbolic: $33.95
Where to Buy

Where Can I Buy FirstFitness?

It is common that some users have a question in their mind about where to buy FirstFitness. It does not seem that its products are available in retail stores. However, you can gain access to FirstFitness products through the official website.

You can have FirstFitness Amazon directly from Amazon website. Besides, you can also purchase this supplement from websites like Amazon, Walmart, and many other websites. Also, there are odds that on such websites where FirstFitness online is available, you can get certain exciting offers.

Side Effects

Potential FirstFitness Side Effects

The FirstFitness side effects may include jitteriness, headache, anxiety, rapid heartbeat, abdominal discomfort, and insomnia. Such side effects are based on customer reviews online.

Product Warnings

FirstFitness Product Warnings

The warning for this supplement is that those users under 18 years of age must not use FirstFitness Y products. Also, the same applies to females who are pregnant or even nursing a baby. It is recommended that for people taking prescription drugs and for people with health conditions, you must consult with a doctor prior consuming these diet products.

Any FirstFitness Lawsuits?

Overall, there are no lawsuits against FirstFitness. Through companies like FirstFitness Nutrition, the first aspects we look at are the products. When a company has low quality, pathetic products then that company is a scam which merely attempts to get people’s money. It is found that FirstFitness Nutrition passes the test extremely well, and its products are quality products which attain good feedbacks and reviews. Through a sustainable compensation plan as well as reliable products, FirstFitness is actually not a scam.

FirstFitness Alternatives

Listed below are the recommended alternatives:

It is wise to consider regarding substituting FirstFitness Y supplement by a safer weight-loss product. It is found that a diet supplement which includes clinically tested ingredients is none other than Burn HD. Its four-part formula is uniquely created to make the most of weight-loss by burning fat as well as enhancing metabolism. Moreover, it is also available right from the website of the manufacturer, and it is affordable. Also, the ingredients get featured in clinical testing, and it has minimal side effects.

FirstFitness Review

The reviews of this supplement have assisted a lot of many users intended to try it. Consumers who have already reviewed the product report that its supplement benefited them very well to lose weight and upkeep the desired weight loss. Some users have suggested that they have used FirstFitness and right from 90’s until today, they state that this is the only supplement that works.

Besides, they have noted that the secret is to have a slim fx shake always in the mornings even they are off the program in place of breakfast. They have found that taking that maintains the weight from coming back quickly.

Some users have expressed that when they go on the 10 days, later they still have a shake in the morning on a daily basis. Such comments are real provided you go off and begin going back to your usual habits; your weight would come back more pounds in less time.

Users recommended that it is necessary to remember that you lose a significant amount of fast hence your body require to know that you are staid and you are required to continue to upkeep your healthy eating routine. This is something like the traditional eating is making a stake in the latest healthier eating.

This is because you will be going back to your usual ways and also that this is actually temporary.

Other reviews by some users suggested that they have been making use of the Transformation Kit for nearly six months and then they have effectively lost more than 50 pounds as well as 38 inches. They expressed that they have gone from a pants size 18 towards an 8.

They added that their glucose levels had reduced very noticeably and their energy level is very high. They just love this product and would recommend them to anybody willing to effectively lose weight or just live a healthier lifestyle.

On the other hand, some users commented negatively. They expressed that it may lead to various complications within the body so it must be avoided.  Some users who have tried FirstFitness free trial suggested that it is not worth the price offered. It comes with high price and also has some weird side effects. Some people even suggested that it is not recommended to waste money, particularly if you are facing gastrointestinal issues.

So, after glancing at the positive, negative and claims of the FirstFitness supplement, would you like to go for it? Would you take on the Fitness First free trial to see if it is your cup of tea or not? As they say, try it to believe it!

What Users Are Saying

“The products are awesome! They give you fast results. It’s easier to stick on a great lifestyle change, when you feel better. It’s simple and anyone can do it!”

“The products offered by First Fitness Nutrition are top notch and have allowed me the opportunity to actually be “present” in my own life and the lives of my children. Being a young parent to two small children is not an easy task in itself… add in being unhappy with yourself and a whole bunch of extra weight- it can become overwhelming! Thanks to FFN products, amazing leaders, and my coach I was able to lose 45 lbs in 90 days and went from a size 22 to a 10!! The integrity of this company and their mission is why I am and will continue to be FIRST FITNESS NUTRITION.”

“First Fitness Nutrition is an awesome way to loose weight and build your immune system especially during this time of our lives! I highly recommend it! Let me know if you want more details!”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line – Does FirstFitness Work?

After seeing some success stories on CNN and elsewhere we were optimistic about FirstFitness. We also liked the variety of products and the included meal plan for this weight-loss system. But, without clinical studies backing up their claims or the scientific research we look for, we were left disappointed. We’re skeptical and concerned about the MLM nature of this business, high cost, and lack of long-term success with these supplements.

If you’d like proven weight-loss without inevitable weight gain after you lose, we suggest a product with proven claims and long-term weight-loss results.

Among the best of the best in weight-loss apps is one called Noom. It’s the combination of human coaching, custom meal plans, food tracking, exercise tracking and expert resources that set this app apart from all others.

We also love that Dietspotlight readers get access to a free trial of Noom for a limited time.

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FirstFitness Review
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What are the side effects of Fitness First?

Fitness First or more commonly known as FirstFitness, side effects may include jitteriness, anxiety, headache, abdominal discomfort, rapid heartbeat and insomnia. This is based on customer reviews.

What are the ingredients in FirstFitness?

FirstFitness ingredients are (XanoLean Supreme pills) green tea, African mango, PEA, caffeine, pomegranate, hordenine hcl, Peruvian purple corn, forskolin, fucoxanthin, synephrine and bioperine.

Does FirstFitness work?

Well, green tea and caffeine are used. These are clinically tested ingredients. These components can help with weight-loss. XanoLean Supreme pills also contain synephrine. This comes from bitter orange and it helps boost thermogenesis. However, it can also lead to unpleasant side effects in some users.

How much does FirstFitness cost?

There are four different Fitness First weight-loss supplements available. These include XanoLean Supreme ($59.95), Reneu ($32.95), Body FX ($36.95) and Trimbolic ($29.95).

How should I take Fitness First?

You should take each FirstFitness weight-loss supplement according to the directions provided. For instance, XanoLean Supreme is taken three times daily. One caplet with a glass of water, 45 minutes before meals. A bottle lasts for 30 days.

Where can I buy FirstFitness?

FirstFitness can be purchased using their Official Site.

Can I take FirstFitness if I have a health condition?

Those under 18 years old should not use FirstFitness products. The same goes for women who are pregnant or nursing a child. As for people taking prescription drugs and those with health conditions, you need to speak with a doctor before using these diet products.

Are FirstFitness supplements sold in common stores?

No, it doesn’t look like these products are available in stores.

Are FirstFitness weight-loss products for women and men?

Yes, FirstFitness products are for women and men alike. It’s wise to think about replacing FirstFitness with a safer weight-loss product. One diet supplement that contains clinically tested ingredients is Dietspotlight Burn.

29 FirstFitness Reviews

  • nutraceutical proprietary complex
    Connie Thomas

    what is nutraceutical proprietary complex?

  • Zilpah

    I have been using it off an on for the past 10 yrs as well. In 2007 my husband had a stroke and was 245 lbs. Luckily he didn’t suffer any long term effects and I immediately put him on this first fitness plan. He lost 45 lbs in about 4 months and he has kept if off. He joined a cross-fit club and actually came down to 175 lbs. I myself struggle with weight but find that this is the only plan that has worked for me and helps me to maintain. I do once in a while eat some things that are not on the menu (candy, cake, pie) but its on occasion only and so far its been good. You need to let yourself have those things once in a while or you’ll binge on it if you starve yourself from it. My recommendation is to follow the plan to the T in the first few months them limit yourself to enjoy something once a week that you like and its not on the menu.

    • Maria

      I have lost 13 pounds 14 inches and never changed my eating habits nor exercised…

  • Kim

    First I would like to say this is a horrible product and I did not receive my money back even after multiple times talking with the “coach” about the issues I was having. I ended up stopping 2.5 weeks into the program. I was having abdominal pain, horrible watery diarrhea, that then turned into bloody. I went to my doctor only to be told to stop taking it. When I told my “coach” this I was told I needed to purchase something else that I had something hanging on in my digestive track. I then was talked into trying the system one more time and following a new plan. That lasted 1 week. I still have yet to see a dime back from this company. It is a true ripe off!!!

    • sally

      go to ripoff.com and type in what you have mention about this weight loss program. I was going to try it and now after reading your review I am changing my mind. they done this to yo then they will do it to me as a new customer.

    • Bianca Stafford

      Have you tried actually talking to the company on the phone. I know first hand they do what they can to make sure their clients are taken care of. It’s unfortunate about your coach bc the family behind the company is amazing and loving.

    • Montana (Editor)

      Hello Kim. Although we are not affiliated with this company or their products, we apologize you had this experience. You may want to switch to a different weight loss supplement that’s backed by positive customer reviews, like Dietspotlight Burn.

    • Amanda Dunn

      Kim, I am so sorry to hear that you had this experience with First Fitness. I myself, as well as people I know, have had much better experiences and results than your unfortunate situation. I personally know folks who have taken advantage of the 30-day money back guarantee with no-questions-asked. I would recommend speaking directly to the company as it would seem that your “coach” did not provide you with the support your deserved. From an outside perspective looking in, it may have been a person issue as opposed to a company/product issue. Best of luck to you in the future!

  • Worst product ever !
    Parker (Verified Purchase)

    Worst product ever. High price and terrible side effects. I suggest you don’t waste your money, especially if you have Gastrointestinal issues. Sounds great, but they want you to starve basically. You clean eat, however it is very limited. I suggest doing Shakeology, they teach you to eat clean and six times a day, and it’s a lot of food. No one loses weight without the proper exercise and diet plan. Also, be careful when wanting to return the product you are not given much time to return, so if you miss the mark your screwed. I truly believe the best business practice should be fulfill the customers needs, no matter what the circumstance is. You never know there maybe another type of product FFN carries that I may have been interested in, not just the transformation kit.

    • Tony DeFrancisco

      I’ve been using First Fitness for 3 years. Lost over 105 lbs in 1 yr and kept it off. The program includes eating real foods. I was never hungry, ate well, lost fat, increased lean tissue. Transformation program is for real. Interesting that you recommend Shakeology which costs more than First Fitness.

  • I am eager to try this !
    Angelica Criswell

    I just wanted to thank everyone for comments, I met a girl in the gym and she showed me her before picture, and I could not believe it was her. She literally lost an entire person, and she said this program is what helped her do it. I have been struggling with my weight for my entire adult life. In the last 2 years I did manage to lose 60, but it is slowly coming back. I am eager to try the program, and I cant wait to join the ranks of people who made the investment to change their lives. Thank you

    • sally

      do your home work first before doing the program it is costly.

      • Montana (Editor)

        Hey Sally! Many weight loss programs seem to cost an arm and a leg these days. Luckily, Dietspotlight Burn is an affordable solution to this problem. You may want to check it out!

      • Tammy Brooks

        Going to the doctor is also costly. I’ve used these products and they are great and effective.

  • Used this since 90's, it really works.
    Dawn (Verified Purchase)

    I have used First Fitness of and on since 90’s and today it is the only program that works. The secret is to always have a slim fx shake in the mornings even off the program instead of breakfast. I find that this keeps the weight from coming back fast. When I go on the 10 day, afterwards I still have a shake in the AM daily. Comments are true if you go off and start going back to your old habits, the weight will come back more pounds and fast. Remember you lose a lot fast so your body needs to know that you are serious and you need to continue to maintain your healthy eating regime. It’s like the old eating is making a bet with the new healthier eating you making a bet saying that you will going back to your old ways and that this is temporary. The body is saying ” She or he will be back, all we have to do it wait”. I counter act this conversation by taking my shake every morning along with my suppliments that help me, One day at a time. Don’t go ahead of yourself. Do your best and don’t rush. You will get there. I lost 30lbs four years ago and I have kept it off for the most part by doing this. It’s a struggle but now I’m victorious. I know what I can get away with and what I cannot.

    • Cindy

      I agree with everything you just said. I have done the program off and on for about 10 years also. I kept it off for about six years, however I have gained almost all of it back. That is my fault because I didn’t continue with the healthy and clean eating habits that First Fitness taught me. Furthermore, I have never felt better in my entire life than when I was following this program and eating clean. It is worth it. I must say I am very disappointed they quit making Slim n Up because the Xanolean Supreme is not the same which is why I don’t buy the kits. The FX shakes are great and taste very good. I wish they would come up with a better product for appetite control.

  • I love the product!
    Deborah Scherder (Verified Purchase)

    First Fitness Nutrition products are excellent. I do not know where this nurse got her information but she is incorrect. The products do offer a customer a 30 day money back guarantee…I love them!

    • Maria

      Maybe the distributor is at fault and didn’t request it. Remember even with natural stuff some sensitive persons are allergic still.

  • successfully lost over 50 pounds
    Tracy Skinner (Verified Purchase)

    I have been using the Transformation Kit for six months and have successfully lost over 50 pounds and 38 inches. I’ve gone from a pants size 18 to an 8. My glucose levels have dropped very significantly and my energy level is extremely high. I love FFN products and would highly recommend them to anyone that wants to lose weight or simply live a much healthier lifestyle. I thank God daily for bringing these products into my life and the wonderful changes they have made in me.

  • concerned about the safety of some ingredients
    Sally Smith (Verified Purchase)

    As a nurse, I am concerned about the safety of some of the ingredients. I also found out there is ephedra in one of the products. Guarana increases heart rate and can cause problems of its own. We use potassium biphosphate as a cleanse for colonoscopies. This list has me concerned.

    • M Lynn Gibson

      Sally Smith which First Fitness product are you referring too? I looked through all the ingredients in all First Fitness Weight Loss and colon cleanse Products and found none with Ephedra or Guarana. I know about 16 years ago their was a product called Slim N Up that had Ephedra removed from the ingredients. You can’t be referring to that since it was so long ago? Or are you confused about the company and the product? As for the colonoscopy you have sever diarrhea and stomach cramps for two days and a good colon cleanse is like a broom sweep to soften and remove old fecal matter without cramps and diarrhea, which is totally different. Have you ever had a colonoscopy? Well I have and I would not wish that procedure on my worse enemy! A nurse huh? I have been using various First Fitness products for over 16 years with great results and no side effects!

      • Your Name

        But it’s a long list of natural ingredients

    Etm (Verified Purchase)

    I’ve been taking first fitness products since 1993, I started as a weight loss customer,ended up a distributor, because people were observing this very FATMAN disappearing… I lost 110lbs in a lil over 11 months, maintained a good extra income distributing the product, sadly had to discontinue distributing, my financial practice pick up so well since I now had the energy to progress rapidly because I started getting up riding my bike daily meeting new people traveling, I became a new person…I still take the energy products and wellness products, weight isn’t a issue anymore…just so busy, constantly reminding myself I’m almost 60 years YOUNG THANKS TO THAT LLOOONNGGG LIST OF INGREDIENTS, I remember years ago we talk about that, it’s called sinergistics, or something like that, for give me I’m NOT A HERBILOGIST OR SCIENTIST, just a happy healthy math guy! All due to faith, obedience to the true GOD & First Fitness product. Thanks to Lee causey not being a quitter when imperfection dealt him an awful blow. ETM

    • Sherry Ellison Ganas

      I AGREE with etm!! I am currently using Frist Fitness Body FX Transformation Kit. Its Deliscious and VERY effective! I am AMAZED!
      ALL Those Ingredients Must Be Neccessary! I am very Satisfied. I am feeling and looking soooookl Much Better!! I made a Very Wise Decission in Choosing First Fitness! S.E.G.

  • My father and I lost weight
    michele (Verified Purchase)

    I did this program and lost 60 pounds. My metabolism shot through he roof! My father did it too and he lost 75 pounds. we both did it staying strict on the first fitness program. With their eating program I saw results in the first 3 days. I lost a pant size in those 3 days. I have never done a program that had this effect. My fathers doctor was even shocked at the results and said all his levels were so much better. The doctor began to recommend the program to his patients..i do it every few years to give me a kick. but your review is wrong!

    • Suprena

      I am considering this product and wanted to know what products did you use to get those first results.

      • Tony DeFrancisco

        I used the transformation kit which includes Body FX shake, Reneu cleanser, Xanolean Supreme Fat Burner and Trimbolic. Having used various shakes and powders since 1964, I feel uniquely qualified to speak about Body Fx. iT IS NOT only the best tasting shake out, mixes easily with water instead of milk like other shakes, it also gives you all the nutrients your body needs. Complete protein (many other powders do not contain all of the essential amino acids OR in the right balance) The Reneu cleanses the system and allows your body to absorb the nutritents better. Trimbolic helps women with cellulite and men with fat areas. I lost the hard to reduce fat around my lower back, upper thighs and handlebars on the sides of my waist. Xanolean Supreme is better than the old SlimNup and does not contain ephedra as someone else incorrectly stated. There is also a starter kit available which includes just the Xanoline and Reneu which gets the body started with weight loss. The Transformation Program is the best though and will yield the best results.

  • Website hacked
    Dr. Grady Thomas

    First Fitness website has been corrupted by hackers. Some distributers websites cannot be accessed.

    • Tony DeFrancisco

      This is the first I heard this. Mine wasn’t hacked nor were anyone that I spoke with.