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Keto Mojo Review - 10 Things You Need to Know

Keto Mojo is a device that is used to test the level of ketones in your blood. Ketones, for those who may not know, are a class of chemical compounds that are produced naturally in the human body. While it is completely normal for these compounds to be present, problems can occur when the levels of ketone in the blood become too high or too low.

There are many doubts about this product and its claims. So, our team of expert researchers has decided to delve into the details of this product so that you, the reader, can determine if it is worth your time and your money.

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What is Keto Mojo?

keto mojo

As stated before, Keto Mojo is a convenient ketone tester that you can carry around in a small case, much like a glucose tester. By testing their blood at periodic intervals, the user obtains complex biofeedback that is helpful for both health and fitness. One nice thing about the meter is that it is a multi-purpose tool. Not only does it test ketone levels, but it is also an FDA-approved glucose tester. The Keto Mojo meter is also able to test hematocrit and hemoglobin levels.

How Did Keto Mojo Start?

Dorian Greenow invented the Keto Mojo meter because, as he put it, he realized that he had lost his mojo. For those of you who haven’t seen the Austin Powers movies, this is just a way of saying that he had lost his sense of vitality and energy. Mr. Greenow was alerted to the problem when he realized that he was able to use his gut as a beer holder with no problem.

After some research, he settled on ketosis as a vehicle with which to regain his lost vitality and get rid of the aforementioned gut. When he realized that there was not an affordable and practical keto tester on the market, he decided to design his own. Together with his wife Gemma, they now run keto-mojo.com, where they are known as “mister and misses mojo.”

Keto Mojo Claims

Keto Mojo claims to be the most convenient way to carry out a routine blood test. It is claimed that its lancet device is able to draw blood with little to no pain and that its test strips are easier to work with than most alternatives. There would seem to be some basis for these claims because most other products require you to tear open a small package to get the test strip.

Keto Mojo test strips are sold in a small bottle that can easily be flicked open with one hand.

Does Keto Mojo Work?

does keto mojo work

Keto Mojo has a proven track record for success, in spite of being a relatively new product. The ketogenic diet, according to LiveStrong.com, does a good job of burning fat while also suppressing the appetite. As for its effectiveness as a glucose tester, its FDA approval is all the proof we need. We can assume that Keto Mojo glucose readings are more or less accurate. If the glucose readings were not accurate, the FDA would probably have caught onto that. Thus, the government has saved us some research here.

If you are interested in reading a Keto Mojo review, there are quite a few online. In many cases, a review will tell you everything you need to know in a short amount of time. This fact is due to the simplicity of the device.

Even though Keto Mojo may work for some this doesn’t mean the diet invoking the change is safe for everyone. If you are considering drastic changes to your diet, consult a physician to discuss the risks and benefits.


Keto Mojo Benefits and Results

Perhaps the main benefit of this product is that it will help a diabetic or a keto dieter to keep a much better handle on the state of their own body. A certain degree of ketosis can treat or prevent certain medical conditions, according to this study from ScienceDirect.

Right now, you might already be thinking “where can I buy Keto Mojo? How much does Keto Mojo cost?” Well, hold on for now. You will need to learn a little more in order to become a true Keto Mojo ketone master! Like all skills, proper ketone testing requires knowledge and research.

A ketosis diet is not safe for everyone. As we’ve stated before, before starting any restrictive diet it is crucial to talk with your physician.

Details on Keto Mojo and Weight Loss

When you are using a ketosis approach to weight loss, there can be a lot of guesswork involved unless you have an appropriate biofeedback mechanism such as this one. In essence, your goal is to keep your body from burning its glucose so that it will instead burn fat. Your Keto Mojo readings help you to achieve this goal.

The key to a ketosis diet is to eat very few carbs. A low-carb diet will keep your body from using its glucose so that it can get rid of that unsightly fat that you don’t want. According to the University of California, San Francisco (USCF), the body’s primary ketone is called beta-hydroxybutyrate. This checks out because Keto Mojo is designed to test for this exact substance.

How to Use Keto Mojo

how to use keto mojo

Keto Mojo is very simple to use, though it does involve a little bit of pain. Chances are, you will have no problem learning how to use the meter. You take one of your lancets and load it into the pen-like piercing device. The pen-like lancet device is adjustable so that you can control how deeply the needle goes.

You pull backward on one end of the device to engage the trigger. Then, you simply prick your finger and insert your Keto Mojo test strip into the top of the meter.

Once you have a baseline reading, you then add a little bit of your blood to the test strip. Capillary action makes the process quick and easy, so there is little chance of making a mess. Readings are displayed in mmol (millimolar) units within ten seconds. Through regular use, one can quickly learn to be a Keto Mojo ketone master.

Side Effects

Potential Keto Mojo Side Effects

There are no known side effects that result from the use of this product, though there are several costs to consider. For instance, the expense of the Keto Mojo test strips. While the cost is not high (about a dollar per strip), it can add up if one does not plan effectively. A good idea is to use the alarm feature to create a daily testing routine. This ensures that your test strip usage remains steady and predictable, making it easier to budget.

Likewise, you will need to stock up on lancets and plan their use in the same way. For sanitary reasons, it is not a good idea to re-use these small lancet needles, no matter how tempting it may seem. On the subject of cost, you might be able to defray your expenses with a Keto Mojo discount code or a Keto Mojo promo code.

It is true that you can have too much ketone in the body. Studies in the Journal of Dairy Science have shown that both humans and animals can suffer negative side effects if ketosis becomes too acute. This is all the more reason to monitor your levels if you choose a ketosis diet. According to WebMD, ketosis can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on several factors.

Bottom Line

What Users Are Saying

“Works how it’s supposed to. Little tricky to start with if you don’t read the instructions carefully on set up. But otherwise works good.”

“Here’s the thing. When this works—and you don’t get an error message—it works well. But you waste the very expensive keto test strips because about half the time you get an error message. PS—I’m not doing anything wrong since the other 50% of the time it works.”

“Not accurate at all… I had my labs done and used this meter at the same time… the results were so far apart.”

Bottom Line on Keto Mojo

Overall, this product seems to pass all the tests. Our research team has not been able to identify any particular shortcomings with this product, and all its reviews seem to be positive. The unit itself costs ten dollars more than its most popular rival, but this same rival sells its test strips for two to three times the price. As such, I think this product would be a good choice for anyone whose needs it may fit.

We firmly believe that simple carbohydrates, like sugars, are a significant factor in weight gain and obesity. Products like Keto Mojo can help people using a low-carb diet to lose weight, but we also feel a tried and trusted supplement would work wonders.

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