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Trying to find a reliably effective nutritional supplement can sometimes feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack…in the dark…with gloves on.

Mega T is a supplement that has gained popularity, but it can be difficult to separate the truth from the hype. Though helpful, it is difficult to discover Mega-T benefits through product reviews only.

The good news is that the internet is full of literature and studies that can help determine whether a supplement will have positive effects.

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What is Mega-T?

Mega-T advanced weight loss supplement aims to help oxidize fat and boost metabolism.

Mega-T’s formula includes the popular weight loss supplement green tea extract. The manufacturer promotes its weight loss abilities as well as its other abilities that contribute to overall health.

There are a few different formulas that provide slightly different ingredients. One formula contains calcium and probiotics, and the other formula includes acai berry.

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The Company Behind Mega T

Mega-T weight loss supplement is manufactured by North South Science of New Hope Pennsylvania.

They manufacture Mega-T pills and have developed the Mega-T meal plan and exercise plan to aid in weight loss as well.

The Mega-T meal plan provides a ten-week menu for every meal. It is meant to include all required nutrients and facilitate weight loss.

The meal plan is based on a 1,200 calorie intake. Anyone who chooses to adopt this meal plan should consult with a medical professional first.

Mega T Customer Testimonials

Mega T Ingredients

Research suggests that some of the ingredients in Mega-T pills can aid in weight loss and promote overall health. Below is a list of the ingredients and their intended functions.

Calcium Carbonate

Scientific findings have suggested that a lack of calcium can be the cause of sustained obesity.

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism sought to discern whether or not calcium has a positive effect on weight loss.

They conducted 3 separate 25 week trials that provided half of each group placebos and the other half were given calcium supplements. When the trial was over, they saw no discernible difference in the amount of weight loss or fat reduction. [1]

Though it has not been observed that calcium aids in weight loss it has been shown to play a role by supporting bone density and contributing to overall health.


Some research has suggested that chromium can have positive effects on weight loss. Some suggest that it lowers fat mass, increases lean muscle, and aids in weight loss.

Chromium’s main function’s in weight loss is thought to be a blood sugar regulator. After ingesting food, sugar is released into the bloodstream. To combat this rise in blood sugar, the human body releases insulin.

Though the exact mechanism is not yet fully understood, chromium is thought to slow the release of sugar into the bloodstream and lower the necessary insulin response. This is believed to aid significantly in weight loss.

A study published in Nutrition Reviews supports the chromium weight-loss hypothesis. This study suggested that chromium may affect glucose levels, lipid (fat) metabolism, and lean muscle building. [2]

Its efficacy can vary from subject to subject and can be effected by diet. The research stated that chromium could play a role in promoting overall health along with a good diet and regular exercise.

Mega T’s Proprietary Blend

The Mega-T probiotic, proprietary blend is what the manufacturer believes sets them apart from other weight loss supplements. The blend contains:

  • Green Tea Leaf Extract
  • Caffeine
  • Eleuthero Root Extract
  • Fo-Ti Root
  • Garcinia Extract
  • Guarana Seed Extract
  • Bladderwrack Kelp
  • Gotu Kola

The manufacturer states that each of these ingredients may aid in weight loss, and when combined, as they are in Mega-T green tea dietary supplement, their effects are enhanced.

Green Tea Leaf Extract

Green tea has become one of the most popular nutritional supplements in the world.

Research has shown that green tea extract can raise a human’s metabolic rate. That means that it increases the body’s ability to burn calories.

Green tea’s benefits can be attributed to the fact that it a rich source of catechins. Catechins increase lipid oxidation and activate other fat burning mechanisms within the human body.

There are a few side effects that have been associated with green tea extract. They include:

  • Headaches
  • Vomiting
  • Heartburn
  • Dizziness
  • Sleep Problems
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Convulsions*
  • Confusion*

*These serious side effects are rare and should be addressed immediately by a medical professional.


Although caffeine is largely believed to aid in weight loss, research has not yet established a definite opinion on caffeine’s effect on weight loss.

Some research that has been conducted on caffeine’s effects is seen as unreliable because they were not scientifically sound and used animal subjects instead of humans.

Caffeine has been observed to reduce food cravings and decrease caloric intake for a short time. It also may increase energy use which burns more calories. [3]

Toward this end, it also stimulates thermogenesis, which is a process inside the body that creates heat energy from food ingestion.

Caffeine is regarded as safe for human consumption. However, too much caffeine can lead to nausea, insomnia, increased nervousness, and elevated blood pressure.

Eleuthero Root Extract

Eleuthero root extract, or Siberian ginseng, is thought to have many functions in the human body.

It is believed to work by increasing metabolism, boosting energy level, and decreasing sugar cravings. It is also used by many athletes to enhance their performance.

Many of these benefits do not have much scientific backing. They are rooted in tradition and have been passed down for centuries.

Eleuthero root extract has been linked to irregular heartbeat, and blood sugar control difficulties. It also acts like estrogen in the human body so any conditions in which excess estrogen exposure is harmful may be exacerbated by eleuthero root extract supplementation. [4]

Fo-Ti Root

Fo-ti root, also known as Chinese knotweed, has been used for centuries to treat many different medical conditions. Its function in weight loss could be its reported positive effects on the cardio vascular system.

Fo-Ti Root is thought to function as a carcinogen. The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry proposed that it may activate an Ah receptor that activates a toxic response inside cells.

Garcinia Extract

Garcinia extract is another trendy diet supplement. Many believe that it slows fat absorption and aids in lean muscle formation. Many also report that it can act as an appetite suppressor and it serves to lower cholesterol.

Despite its popularity, there is very little reliable research to support the many, supposed, benefits of garcinia extract. The studies that have been performed have been small and have shown unimpressive results.

There have been some side effects associated with garcinia extract usage. Some of these include:

  • Fatigue
  • Dry Mouth
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea

Guarana Seed Extract

Guarana seed extract is known for its energy enhancing abilities. It is a stimulant that functions in much the same way as caffeine. It is also said to decrease appetite.

In a study in which one group was given a placebo, and one was given Guarana seed extract the guarana group lost an average of 11 pounds, compared to the placebo group’s average loss of 1 pound. [6]

Guarana seed extract has been known to have the same side effects as other stimulants. Dehydration and insomnia are two side effects that have been reported.

Bladderwrack Kelp

Research suggests that bladderwrack kelp can aid in lipid (fat) metabolism. It has been shown to lower lipid levels in animals.

It can also decrease trans-sialidase in the bloodstream, which lowers cholesterol. Bladderwrack also contains iodine which is thought to have positive effects on weight loss.

Bladderwrack can aggravate iodine allergies since it contains iodine. An increased level of iodine over a prolonged length of time can lead to thyroid problems.

Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola’s main contribution to weight loss is that it is thought to lower cortisol in humans.

Cortisol is a stress hormone that is meant to provide energy to escape or fight when adrenaline levels increase in response to a threat. A lot of stress will lead to a buildup of cortisol.

When the energy within cortisol is not used, it will stay in your system and become stored as fat. Gotu Kola has been observed to lower cortisol levels which aid in weight loss and reduces the feeling of stress.

Research regarding Gotu Kola’s effects on the human system is ongoing, and they seem to suggest that it is efficacious in the human system. [7]

Some serious side effects that have been associated with Gotu Kola supplementation are nausea, stomach pain, fever, loss of appetite.

Mega-T Side Effects

The manufacturer warns that usage can cause:

  • Insomnia
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Increased Blood Pressure
  • Heart Rate
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea

Mega-T should not be used by individuals with caffeine sensitivities, heart disease, or high blood pressure.

Mega T Products

Mega T’s website claims that its formula is clinically proven to burn fat and enhance metabolism. They offer two different formulas; Probiotics and Calcium and Acai Berry Antioxidant. The manufacturer claims that each formula will promote overall health and weight loss.

Calcium and Probiotics

The website states that research suggests that diets high in calcium are connected to weight loss. It also claims that calcium helps to prevent cancer and fight off colorectal, ovarian, and breast cancers.

Acai Berry Antioxidant

The manufacturer states that Acai Berry Antioxidant contains anthocyanins, which is thought to function in cholesterol level regulation. They suggest that it also boosts immune function, promotes skin health, and helps digestion.

Acai berry has also been thought to increase energy which aids in weight loss.

Mega-T Advance Day and Night

Mega-T Advance Day and Night is a supplement that tries to suppress appetite. The caffeine-free formula is meant to decrease hunger and make the user feel fuller for longer.

The mechanism behind it is suggested to block a fat-digesting enzyme which lowers a person’s caloric intake.

Mega-T Probiotic

All of Mega-T’s formulas boast that they are rich in probiotics. Probiotics are trendy ingredients that are included in many nutritional supplements. They are live organisms that may aid the human body in many aspects. They are thought to promote overall health, including digestion and weight regulation.

Studies suggest that probiotics can have positive effects on human health.

However, the research does not explicitly state that it often helps with weight loss. The research is plentiful but vague as to its true benefits. [8]

Mega T Research

There has not been a scientific study conducted to verify or refute the efficacy of Mega-T green tea dietary supplements.

One of the best ways to evaluate a supplement is to seek out customer testimonials. These testimonials are not a guarantee of results, but they can give an idea of what to expect.

Some users stated that Mega-T green tea dietary supplement boosted their metabolism and energy.

A person’s physiology can have a lot to do with whether or not a specific supplement will work for them. These testimonials illustrate the experiences of these particular users. Their testimony does not guarantee specific, individual results.

What Does Mega T Cost?

Mega-T green tea dietary formula can be purchased at many major retailers. They can be found online through various retailers.

Mega-T products are also available at traditional retail stores.

What Are the Mega T Alternatives?

The supplement market is flooded with green tea weight loss pills.

Most supplement/vitamin companies offer a green tea extract supplement. They also combine it with other materials that they claim can aid in weight loss.

Some of the popular mixtures are; green tea with raspberry ketones, garcinia cambogia, or amino acids.

Directions For Taking Mega T

The directions for usage instruct to take one Mega-T caplet twice a day with a full glass of water. They state that the ideal time to take them is in mid-morning and again in mid-afternoon. Users are advised to never take more than two caplets per day.

Women who are pregnant or nursing are advised not to take Mega-T, and anyone with a chronic illness should consult their physician before beginning use.

They advise users to discontinue use immediately if they experience rapid heartbeat, dizziness, shortness of breath, liver pain, abdominal pain, or similar symptoms.

What Users Are Saying

“”The product does not work for me. I took it twice a day, do the exercises, diet and did not work at all. I just want to cut 20 pounds but the pills did not help anything.””

“”I’ve been taking this product for years. While I don’t lose weight, it helps me keep from being constantly hungry. I eat organic, no junk food (a treat now and then). I have had to watch my weight all my life. This gives me energy as well as controlling my appetite. It works for me but everyone is different.””

“”When I took this for the first time last week….I felt rather jittery and had a hard time sleeping that night because my body is not used to hardly any caffeine (I don’t drink soda and only have coffee 2 times a week). However, after a couple days…I was not jittery at all and slept great. But, wow!! I have noticed a couple things: I have more energy, am less hungry, have more frequent bowel movements, and I lost about 5 pounds in a week!! I totally recommend to anyone 18 and older.””

The Bottom Line – Does Mega T Work?

Mega-T weight loss supplement aims to use its proprietary formula to aid in weight loss and promote overall health. Its main ingredient is the popular nutritional supplement, green tea extract.

Studies suggest that green tea extract can have a positive effect on weight loss. The research is not overwhelming and does not fully describe the methods behind its efficacy.

Most of the Mega-T ingredients are known to have some effect on promoting weight loss or overall health, though there were a few that seem to have little proof of promoting weight loss.

Mega-T’s formula has not been evaluated specifically for efficacy by any scientific study. There is no scientific research that describes how the ingredients will work together or mega-t benefits. There is, however, customer testimonials that support green tea extract’s use in weight loss.

Mega-T may aid weight loss, but the most important factors that lead to weight loss success are a healthy diet and regular exercise.

If you’re looking for another way to enhance vitality, muscle strength and boost free testosterone levels, we suggest one containing ingredients backed by research and favorable user reviews.

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Also, the makers of Boost are so confident in their supplement, that they’re offering customers a 120-day money-back guarantee and multiple-bottle discounts.

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Mega T

What are the ingredients in Mega-T?

South Africa Hoodia as well as acai berry.

What are the side effects of Mega-T?

Headaches, dark urine, fast heartbeat, dizziness and difficulty breathing.

How do I know if Mega T is right for me?

Choosing the right product is the #1 question asked by DietSpotlight readers. We recommend trying any product before buying it and know that finding a product with a sample offer is near impossible - so we created our own product, Burn HD, with scientifically backed ingredients.

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Does Mega-T work?

3.9 stars out of 5 on Amazon, results may vary.

What is the price of Mega-T?

$5.48 up to $23.99, depending on where you buy from.

Where can I buy Mega-T?

Walmart, Amazon or herbal/vitamin shops.

How should I take Mega-T?

Take one tablet 20 mins before meal up to three times a day.

How do I contact Mega-T customer service?

The customer service number is on the box, the number is 1.800.494.1340.

Can I return Mega-T?

Returns would vary based on where you bought Mega-T.

What are the most common complaints about Mega-T?

It takes a full three time a day pill to feel a difference in your energy.

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