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Nutrim Review - 16 Things You Need to Know

Nutrim is a high-fiber supplement that claims to help with “improving digestion, lowering cholesterol, increasing immune function, improving heart health, and weight management”. This supplement claims to provide more fiber than a bowl of oatmeal. That is a lot of claims! Nutrim has only one ingredient: oat beta-glucans. Do oat B-glucans really offer all these impressive health benefits? Scientific study results on beta-glucans find most of these claims are inconclusive at best.

A complete analysis of the supplement was needed, so our research team looked at the ingredients, manufacturing process, and more. Read on to learn if you should put your trust in this Nutrim supplement.

Nutrim can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is Nutrim?

If you haven’t heard about this product and you are wondering what Nutrim is, it is a water-soluble fiber powder that supposedly lowers your cholesterol and improves overall digestive health. Its only component is oat beta-glucan, a natural ingredient that we will discuss in a moment. After only one week of usage, the user is likely to notice a significant improvement in bowel movements, with no potential side effects, according to the manufacturer.

Researchers have been following oat beta glucan for more than 20 years, so what do the studies say about the cholesterol-lowering promises?

  • Nutrition Reviews – “The scientific evidence since the authorization of the first health claim by the US FDA in 1997 demonstrates that the weight of the evidence continues to support a strong relationship between oat beta-glucan and reductions in blood cholesterol…”
  • Microbial Ecology in Health and Disease – “Today, we know that the positive effects of beta-glucan include a number of important health parameters such as lowering cholesterol and lowering the blood sugar rise after a meal.”
  • Frontiers in Nutrition – Research is on-going, so changes to how we believe oat beta glucans work is changing. “Given a significant role for the gut microbiota in cholesterol metabolism it is likely that the effects of oat β-glucan on the host are multifaceted and involve regulation of microbe-host interactions at the gut interface.”
Company Bio

The Company Behind Nutrim

The manufacturer of Nutrim is Futureceuticals, a company with a long history, a solid BBB ranking, and great affordability. They sell this product through their official website and third-party retailers.

Company Info

How Did Nutrim Start?

The company FutureCeuticals was founded in 1999, and is based in Illinois, but has several other facilities in Wisconsin, California, and Europe. This company launched Oathealth.com to sell Nutrim to the public. Also, we think it is worth mentioning that this product was initially developed by a chemist at the Agricultural Research Service, which is a part of the US Department of Agriculture.


Nutrim Claims

Nutrim claims include:

  • Helps lower cholesterol
  • All-natural formula
  • Ease of mixing

Nutrim Ingredients

The only ingredient that this supplement contains is the Oat Bran with 10% B-Glucans. It is non-GMO and gluten-free. But let’s take a closer look at the Nutrim OB.

Nutrim Oat Beta-Glucan

Beta-glucan is a soluble fiber found in certain types of algae, bacteria, fungi, and yeast, and in particular plants such as barley and oats, according to the British Journal of Nutrition. Let’s dig into some of the research surrounding this ingredient as it pertains to cholesterol and more.

PloS One published research that showed oat beta-glucans can reduce levels of certain uremic toxins, like indoxyl sulfate and p-cresyl sulfate. Reducing these toxins can be of critical importance to people with some kidney conditions.

There’s also a connection with reduced inflammation – something that’s not a common effect of fiber. According to research published in Nutrition & Food Science, “dietary fiber is not traditionally considered to have an anti-inflammatory” effect, but in the case of oat beta-glucans, this fiber can fight inflammation.

Does It Work?

Does Nutrim Work?

The first concern about this kind of product is whether or not it works. A 2020 study shared in the journal Nutrients showed oat beta-glucans, in fact, did work to lower cholesterol. In this case, blood sugar was not affected, but that’s not the case in all studies. In another study, again in the journal Nutrients, beta-glucans added to bread to create a functional food was effective in metabolic control, but the taste was a little off-putting for some participants.

As for weight loss, there is some research out there that shows promise. According to a 2019 study published in Complementary Therapies in Medicine, “Beta glucan consumption decreases body weight and BMI [body mass index].” Oat intake, in general, has been associated with weight loss, according to the journal Nutrients.


By reading some of this product’s reviews, we realized that the main complaint of its customers was about its texture. They say it has an unusual flavor and texture, and that they got tired of it.

However, some other reviewers said it was easily mixed with any liquid and that it tastes great with orange juice, so you will have to try it to know if you like it or not.

Benefits & Results

Nutrim Benefits And Results

Nutrim claimed benefits include:

  • Boosting the health of the digestive tract
  • Affordable (compared to similar products)
  • The use of only one natural ingredient

Nutrim claims their product is gluten-free, USDA organic, clean label, and made in the USA.

Weight Loss

Details On Nutrim And Weight Loss

When we want to stay in good health overall, caring for our digestive health is important, because we absorb all the nutrients we need via the intestine. This is why the Nutrim oat bran supplement may help some lose weight, although it is not its main purpose.


How To Take Nutrim

The company recommends to take it twice per day, at breakfast and lunch.

Where to Buy

Where Can I Buy Nutrim?

If you have already decided to buy this product, you can buy Nutrim at the company’s website and from the third-party sellers, such as Amazon. If you purchase Nutrim in large amounts, its price will be better but, as we said before, it is already very affordable.

Nutrim Cost

These are the prices on their official website:

  • 30-serving canister of Nutrim: $25.00
  • 120-serving canister: $75
  • Success Kit: $50

Success Kits contain two 30-day canisters of Nutrim and a 30-Day Guide for lowering cholesterol. As of 2022, FutureCeuticals is also selling a “patented mineral complex for joint and bone support” called FruiteX-B Calcium FructoBorate.

Side Effects

Potential Nutrim Side Effects

As reported, there are no side effects listed for this product.

Is It Safe?

Is Nutrim Safe?

Although beta-glucan supplementation claims to not being linked to any known serious effects, additional study is necessary, because it may cause some problems like a headache, vomiting, chills, joint pain and a lot of urine production.

Product Warnings

Nutrim Product Warnings

Do not use if:

  • You are under 18.
  • You are pregnant or nursing.
  • You are taking immunosuppressant drugs.
  • Also, you shouldn’t take more than 15 g daily.

Nutrim Alternatives

Nutrim alternatives include:

Cholest Wise

This supplement claims to help boost cardiovascular and circulatory wellness and contains plant sterols. 120 softgels cost $18.79.

Cholesterol Lowering Gummies

It is drug-free, and physician recommended. These plant sterols claim to be “clinically proven to reduce cholesterol”. It comes in 3 different flavors, orange, raspberry and strawberry, and a 30-day supply, which means 120 Gummies, cost $42.45.

Cholesterol Support

It is a natural high cholesterol reducing supplement FDA approved. They have a money-back guarantee, and 60 capsules cost $20.79.

What Users Are Saying

What Users Are Saying

“Nutrim is palatable. I’m most happy that my cholesterol is down 28 points.”

“The flavor, taste or thickness was not a problem. I took for 6 weeks and it didn’t do anything to lower my cholesterol.”

“I tried this product for the last 6 months and it has brought me to perfect Lipid Profile and A1C results. This has helped me to avoid the beginning of Statin Rx medication. It’s worth giving a shot and might be beneficial and suitable to your body.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on Nutrim

So, what’s our take on Nutrim? Well, we like that the ingredients are connected to science and that it’s affordable. We are concerned that some users reported limited results and complained about the texture.

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What is Nutrium?

Nutrim is an oat bran that was developed by the USDA. It is sold as a nutritional supplement to help users lower cholesterol.

What are the side effects of Nutrim?

Nutrim side effects reported by some dieters may include gas and bloating as a result of the increased fiber intake.

What are the ingredients in Nutrim?

The Nutrim ingredient is oat bran.

What is Nutrim used for?

Because it is a source of fiber, there is a good chance you’ll notice a decrease in hunger. There’s no research showing increases in weight-loss. There is research to show it lowers cholesterol.

How much does Nutrim cost?

One canister with 30 servings costs $25. A larger canister with 120 servings costs $75. The 30 serving container will last 15 days, so you’ll spend $50 a month with that option. If you choose the larger container, you’ll get two months worth bringing the cost down to $37.50 per month.

Where can I buy Nutrim?

Nutrim can be purchased using their Official Site.

How should I take Nutrim?

Mix one scoop with a beverage of your choice in the morning. Repeat in the evening.

Can I take more Nutrim every day if I want to?

Yes, you can take more than two scoops per day if you gradually increase the amount you take and notice that you were tolerating it well. One study showed using eight scoops per day for eight weeks was effective at lowering cholesterol without causing an adverse effect.

Does Nutrim come with a guarantee?

Yes, Nutrim comes with a money-back guarantee.

Does Nutrim work to lower cholesterol?

Yes, Nutrim works to lower cholesterol levels in the body naturally.

Is Nutrim gluten free?

Nutrim is not certified gluten-free as it may contain trace amounts of gluten.

69 Nutrim Reviews

  • Lawrence Hipkiss

    I have been on it for a week now and I sure don’t have to worry about being constipated like I had problems with before

  • This is "Margaret Your Name" again!

    My August lab work showed a reduction in Triglycerides from 102 to 81 – a 21 point drop. My HDL is up 2 points, but for HDL “up” is good. LDL is 2 points lower. Total cholesterol remains 212 (needs to be less than 200). I would say that the greatest results came initially after taking Nutrim (and chia seeds). The results seem to have plateaued out ??? Am going another round of Nutrim, and, if in January my results are better or remain the same, I’ll decide about continuing Nutrim or not. PS for those who do not like the texture, blend it with a banana or peaches.

  • It works !
    MargaretYour Name (Verified Purchase)

    My cholesterol was 257, then 275, then 287 after having taken fish oil to try and reduce it. I got off the fish oil after I found out that, for some people, fish oil actually raises cholesterol. I bought Nutrim last December and began taking it in January. I put it in a blender with almond milk and a banana as a sweet evening snack (instead of ice cream!!). I have to be honest, because I also take chia seeds in juice in the morning. You have to really want to get your cholesterol down to do the chia thing, but, evidently doing 1 or both worked. My 4 month check up showed a 12 point drop in my triglycerides; an 8 point drop in my HDL and a 64 point drop in my LDL. My doctor said just keep doing what I am doing. I avoid as much cholesterol as I can (read labels!!). So, I bought 2 more cans of Nutrim. I go back in August for blood work, so, we’ll see then……………

    • Denise

      Leave a comment..I you mentioned doing the chia thing, what is chia, Im interested, thankyou

    • Cheryl boedicker

      If you want a great way to eat chia make chia pudding! Add about 2 Tbs
      To a cup of Kefir ( you have to like yogurt) In the morn it will be thickened. Add honey or sweetener of choice & fruit! Mix – delicious!

  • This product works!
    Peter Malcolm @anyidea (Verified Purchase)

    Used it and it worked gave it to friends they swear by it. The doctor at my ankle rehab gave it to patient who was shocked it worked Now the Dr is taking it himself. This is a product wouldn’t mind selling.

  • Not Trying To Loose Wight
    Ellen Ray (Verified Purchase)

    IM NOT TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT. Im 120 lbs and 5’6, I receved a sample of nutrim in the mail shortly after I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. My total cholesterol is 208 . My LDL is 138 and my HDL is 58. Which of these levels will nutrim help higher or lower? My dr. also put me on lipitor which I want to stop taking asap. How long begore the nuitrim begins changing my levels. I also have heart disease.

    • Keith

      I am in the same boat. Leaky Aortic Valve , high cholesterol etc… I really believe the problem with all this stuff including pharmaceutical remedies is people continue the SAME crappy diets and LAZY couch potatoe lifestyle. Personally I refuse to take the Beta Blockers prescribed by my Cardiologist, personal choice…..NOT recommending that people do this!!! I am not a DR. and do not give medical advice for ANY reason. I am just sharing my personal choices and opinions. I think that most people get prescribed all the latest cholesterol lowering drugs , high blood pressure meds, including in my opinion HORRIBLE Beta Blockers !! MY CHOICE is to stop eating garbage food that is everywhere. And move my ass more i.e. go for daily walks etc… For me the choice is clear , continue eating processed crap from a box or a can and live on horrible meds while slowly poisoning my Kidneys, Liver etc….OR try and change my lifestyle and most importantly pay attention to what I am putting in my body and calling food. Just MY opinion and MY choice, hope it may help someone to reflect on the big picture and evaluate their lifestyle choices. Good Luck and Good Health to you all.

      • Sandra

        That is what I’m talking about….we must eat as well as possible, exercise and become well the way we were intended to be well.

  • "nu trim" is a different company

    ypu guys got the product name wrong. “nu trim” is a different company than the product “nutrim”. Nutrium is a oat based product that lowers your choleastrol like oatmeal does. But mucjh more of the glucins in nutrium than the amount of oatmeal you can eat. I have lowered my cholestrol 30 points in three months by taking this product.

    • Your Name

      I have been on nutrim for 1 month and my cholesterol has come down 22 points! Tried Lipitor and side effects were horrible! No side effects from this product.

    • Your Name

      I’m writing this comment that what I have used this in the past 6 months, it works for me, I’ve been using my cholesterol medication so long but seems it does not help much even I’m diet. In the past 6 month to routine blood test my ( LDL, bad cholesterol 1480,I went back recheck it reduce to 116,I’m happy with the result, actually I only used 1 scoop a day, this can be used up to 8 times a day, I will continue working on this and will find out on the next blood test, remember is to used this product with the diet food, limiting fast if possible.GOOD LUCK EVRYONES.

    • Your Name

      What are you talking about I cant find “nutrium” that lower cholesterol nutrium is an ingredience to Help moisturized .your akin.its nutrium I just offered it.

      • Betty B.

        I used Nutrim in 2012 to lower my cholesterol which was a total of 238. In two months time it dropped to a total of 180. I continued to take it for about 18 months and quit prior to having surgery to repair an aneurysm. I did not continue to take Nutrim afterwards because my cholesterol remained low enough until I was checked again a few weeks ago. It was back up to 208 and the doctor recommended medication. I am ordering Nutrim again today because it worked for me in the past. It is apparent that some of the people who have posted reviews are mixing up Nutrim with a different product as they are spelling Nutrium. Please take note: The product I’m talking about is definitely Nutrim (which does not have a “u” in it. Also, Nutrim is not a weight loss product. It worked for me last time and I’m sure it will this time.

  • kathy loverde (Verified Purchase)

    I’m feeling very packed in my colon. I don’t have an appendix or gall bladder. How do I use this product without getting impacted?

  • I like your product I just wish it would work for me.
    Rita Boschen (Verified Purchase)

    I have been using this product for about two years today I got results from my test and my cholesterol was high it was 283 I take it I. The morning and than for dinner twice a day I eat very healthy I thought my doctor wants me to take flaxseed my question you do you have a diet I can do because if your product and flaxseed don’t lower I will have to take that medicine
    out there. I like your product I just wish it would work for me

    • Delbert

      What are the side affects

    • carla h

      Does this really work!! Need my cholesterol lower asap and I don’t want to take the pills

    • reyna Garcia

      I get cut oats and just drink the liquid with ice it’s so good I can’t have the oats itself because of my diverculitis but it helps me . I drink alot and water

    jane cella


  • Loved the product.
    Bill (Verified Purchase)

    Nutrim also isn’t earmarked as a weight loss product. The product is earmarked for those wanting to lower their bad cholestrol level naturally. The product does a great job curbing my appetite & there’s no added processed sugar which is found in the oat based cereals and instant oatmeal pkgs. Those two attributes have helped me loss weight.

  • Misinformation

    I am sorry to hear so many of your received the misinformation regarding Nutrim through the supposed Novartis company. I know that this situation was reported and currently being looked into.

  • Where to find this?
    D. Coburn

    I got the flyer also…Can’t find anything on-line about the grapefruit tabs

    • Teresa Foster

      I been taking nutrim for about 2 months my cholesterol we t dow 48 points and I lost from 167 down to 153 I will keep using it

  • I need assistance
    D. C.

    I got a flyer about the grapefruit tabs also. I can’t find anything about them on the novartis website or any other site. Can someone help me?

  • Need information about ordering online
    chris lanahan

    can i order the greapefruit tablets on line???

  • Is this for weight loss?

    i received a letter in the mail about Nutrim weight loss pills that contain grapefruit rind. They are not the oat bran product. Do these work for weight loss?

  • Is this gluten free?

    is Nutrim Gluten free?

    • Anonymous

      Well is it gluten free

      • Anonymous


  • Will Nutrim lower trigliceride levels
    Chris Hittle

    Will Nutrim lower trigliceride levels?

    • Dowd

      Lowered my triglycerides 20%, cholesterol, by 10%. Keeps me off statins.

  • Product availability
    J Davis

    Can I purchase your Nutrim at a Health Food Store???
    Please send me a E-Mail

  • Bowls of oatmeal

    Who want’s to eat three bowls of oatmeal a day?

  • Can I purchase Nutrim at Health Food Store?
    Annette Williams

    Can I purchase Nutrim at the Health Food Store?

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hi Anette! For more information on where to purchase this product, please refer to the Nutrim official website.

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