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Plexus 96 Review - 17 Things You Need to Know

Plexus 96 is a protein supplement created by the company Plexus Worldwide that is designed to promote weight-loss and increase energy levels. They say that this product will “provide(s) sustained energy, help(s) control hunger and curb cravings, and help(s) build lean muscle.” However, the company does not provide much scientific research to support the claims and there is some speculation around how this product aids in weight loss.

Without scientific evidence or studies, it is somewhat difficult to confirm whether or not Plexus 96 can live up to claims of being an adequate weight loss tool. Our research team decide to dive in and take a closer look at the claims made by the company about Plexus 96. Here’s what they were able to conclude.

Plexus 96 can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What Is Plexus 96?

To start off, Plexus is a whey protein supplement that promotes weight-loss. It’s recommended that users take one serving per day in the form of shakes that are either vanilla or chocolate flavored. Ingredients include:

The concentrate, made up of over 20 vitamins, I-taurine and glucomannan, is similar to Biocleanse and ProBio 5.

There have been mixed reviews on Plexus 96 protein since its inception in 2011.

Plexus 96 Competitors


Plexus 96 Company Information

Plexus 96 is manufactured by Plexus Worldwide and can be bought online from the website or from distributors. The recommended serving is 1 pack per meal and a 12-pack sold on the website will cost you $32.95. If you take this supplement twice daily, you will end up using it all in 6 days. On average, you will spend $131.80 per month.

We are almost always eating junk, calorie-heavy food, and the manufacturers at Plexus Worldwide claim their product can serve as a replacement. Made with natural sweeteners, what you need in taste to motivate you to lose weight is supposed to be all in one packet.

How to Take Plexus 96

Pour one pack of plexus 96 protein into about 4 cups of water and mix into a protein shake. You could add milk, but since the idea is to tone down on calories, you’d be better off without milk.

Next shake a vigorously to completely blend in the mixture, adding dry ice to improve thickness.

If you aren’t into the Vanilla or Chocolate flavors, you can optionally throw in your own blend for a complete meal.

Plexus 96 Claims

Every company makes claims – this isn’t new. We wanted to dive into the promises being made by the makers of Plexus 96. Turns out, there’s quite a few. It’s claimed that this whey protein food supplement leaves out the synthetics, unlike other dietary supplements, and it also has no artificial ingredients. Other claims being tossed around are:

  • Weight loss
  • 15 grams of whey protein in each serving
  • “Perfect meal replacement”
  • Easy to use
  • Provides sustained energy
  • Curbs appetite
  • Builds lean muscle

Let’s take a minute to glance at the ingredients and see if we can’t come up with science that backs any of these claims.

What's Inside?

Plexus 96 Ingredients

Even if a company doesn’t share any scientific research behind the formula, we can still look at what the medical community has to say about its ingredients.

Whey Protein Concentrate and Isolate

This ingredient is a byproduct of the cheese-making process and is formed by separating components from milk. Whey processing yields whey protein in three forms:

  • Isolate
  • Concentrate
  • Hydrolysate

Xanthan Gum

Produced by the fusion of glucose, sucrose or lactose by the enzymatic bacteria Xanthomonas Campestris. Used majorly as a food additive and stabilizer.


From the leaves of the Stevia plant, it’s most valued for what it doesn’t do. Unlike other sugar substitutes, it doesn’t add calories.


Glucomannan is a water-soluble dietary fiber. This substance is extracted from the roots of konjac, popularly called elephant yam. Its major benefit as a supplement is as an emulsifier.

Soy Lecithin

Soy lecithin is one of the most widely used food additives. The name is quite generic and covers a group of yellow-brownish fatty substances located in the tissues of plants and animals. It is an excellent emulsifier, giving any product a clean, uniform appearance.


L-Taurine is a conditional amino acid, which means the body can produce it, unlike essential amino acids. Common food sources are meat and fish.

How Does Plexus 96 Protein Meal Replacement Work?

We will tackle this by closely looking at what the individual components do.

Whey protein isolate and concentrate are present for their ability to help build muscle. Muscles and tissues are built up by protein, made up of amino acids. The whey protein isolate and concentrate in Plexus 96 shakes are claimed to help speed up muscle recovery and growth.

Xanthan gum lowers blood sugar and moderates cholesterol levels in people suffering from diabetes.

The amino acid blend is supposed to aid in replenishing skin tissues, repairs and grows skeletal tissues, and speeds up the healing process of bones.

Just as we discussed above, Stevia from the Stevia plant is a calorie-free alternative to sugar.

Glucomannan is useful in treating constipation, regulating blood sugar levels, and is a good emulsifier.

Soy Lecithin acts as a major emulsifier and improves the look of the Plexus 96 shake


Plexus 96 Benefit and Results

Going through the major benefits listed on the manufacturer website, we saw some information that we felt might be useful to list here:

They claim the product is useful in controlling appetite and cravings.

Have we found the research behind this formula? No – we haven’t.

Some other benefits the company talks about include:

  • A 100-calorie diet meal. We find this strange since we expected to see a 96-calorie diet meal.
  • For maintenance and support of lean muscle, Plexus 96 contains 15 grams of whey protein isolate.
  • Contains 20 vitamins and minerals.
  • Claimed to be very handy and convenient to use and consume.

As far as results go, we’ve found a handful of customer comments complaining about the price and the taste of the product – although more users than not were happy with the flavors.

Details on Plexus 96 and Weight Loss

Of course, the most popular reason anyone would reach for their credit card here would be weight loss. Lots of people are searching for the “fast and easy” way to shed some unwanted pounds – and this product is no different.

Is there research backing whey protein for weight loss? There is. A meta-analysis by the Journal of the American College of Nutrition wrote that “The current body of literature supports the use of WP, either as a supplement combined with resistance exercise or as part of a weight loss or weight maintenance diet, to improve body composition parameters.”

There’s some other promising research supporting whey protein, but nothing linking to this product. We could list everything for you, but unless it’s on this formula, we might as well be reciting nursery rhymes.

Potential Side Effects

Potential Plexus 96 Side Effects

Some potential Plexus 96 side effects include:

  • Thirst
  • Bloating
  • Increase in bowel movements
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Stomach Cramps

Whey Protein

Whey protein is likely safe, but can cause:

  • Increased bowel movements
  • Nausea
  • Thirst
  • Bloating
  • Cramps
  • Reduced appetite
  • Headache
  • Fatigue


This ingredient can cause allergic reactions and shouldn’t be taken at more than 4mg per kilogram of body weight. Potential unwanted side effects are:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Indigestion
  • Cramping
  • Bloating

Disadvantages of Using Plexus 96 Protein

Watch out. This product is yet to be approved by the FDA

When compared to other dietary replacement products out there, our verdict is that this product is quite expensive. If you stay on this product for a month, drinking two shakes per day, expect to spend no less than $165.00. Its price might just be the only thing derailing its long-term success.

The use of l-taurine amino acid could spike up or contribute to the 15g protein content. Manufacturers use the amino acid spiking technique to cut costs. This might not be the case with the plexus 96 protein, but don’t rule it out.

Plexus 96 Product Warnings

Even though there aren’t clear warnings posted on the official website, we feel the need to point out a few things to keep in mind. Pregnant or lactating mothers should avoid using this meal replacement supplement. Why? There hasn’t been much scientific research or studies vetting its use in this regard.

Keep away from kids.

The inclusion of Maltodextrin filler is not a healthy ingredient to use.

…and the FDA

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) contacted Plexus Worldwide regarding the information and claims on their website. They informed the team that the information on the website made it look like they were selling drugs and not a supplement.

What’s the Best Flavor Of Plexus 96 Shake?

There are only two flavors; Chocolate and Vanilla. For us, this is very boring. Most companies are putting forward crazy flavors in the market to satisfy the ever-changing tastes of customers. We find it most boring that since its inception in 2011, customers are still only presented with two flavors.

We’d love to see more of a variety when it comes to protein and weight-loss shakes.

Plexus 96 Vanilla

Plexus has said a few times that their vanilla shakes aren’t very sweet and quite mild on the vanilla notes. So, if you’re new to the protein shake universe, you might find it a bit bland. For those who like strong flavors, you should try to find some ways to add a bit more “yum” to this product.

Plexus 96 Chocolate

If you are unsure which flavor you should pick, go for chocolate. There seem to be a lot more positive reviews on the internet about the chocolate flavor than the vanilla. The chocolate notes are more evenly spread, sweeter and stronger than the vanilla flavor.

Is Plexus 96 A Meal Replacement?

One of the major marketing strategies of Plexus is to sell it as a full meal substitute. Judging by the Plexus 96 nutrition facts, we find that most people will be really impressed by its low carbohydrate content and its protein content.

On top of this, the product comes with Vitamins A, C, and a host of other useful nutrients.

CNN interviewed Charles Mueller, a clinical associate professor of nutrition at New York University. He said that “There’s a place for meal replacements when people are really having trouble eating for one reason or another, but for healthy, free-living people of any age, they should be eating whole food, and they should be taking the time and the effort to do so.”

Does it Work?

Does Plexus 96 Protein Work?

Having read and digested all this information, should you go out there to locate a distributor and use Plexus 96 as a meal replacement or weight-loss tool? What are your nutritional goals? Will the Plexus 96 carbs keep your blood sugar in check?

These are questions that must be answered before you make a commitment to getting this supplement. We like that this company tries to sell its supplement as a meal replacement remedy by including vitamins and natural ingredients, but we are very skeptical about using it as a weight-loss product.

We haven’t found enough information, or even user reviews, about how this dietary supplement has helped anyone lose weight. And we aren’t holding our breath for the scientific research on the formula.

If you’d like to lose pounds, you will be better off eating less sugar and going on diet programs engineered for weight loss.

We haven’t found enough user-reported results to comment about, but we will update as soon as users begin talking about their experiences.

Plexus 96 Alternatives

When it comes to meal replacement shakes there is no shortage of options available to you if you want to try something different.

Some of the more popular alternatives are:

What Users Are Saying

“I would buy this again. You can add different fruits to this!”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on Plexus 96

Should you go on a hunt to find a distributor buy Plexus 96? We like that this two-punch product includes some natural ingredients and that we located a few positive consumer reviews. But we still have concerns about it because of the lack of scientific research supporting weight-loss. Plus, we have reservations about the common formula and high price.

Plexus 96 Cons:

  • High price
  • No scientific research on the formula
  • Only two basic flavors

If you’d like to shed some pounds, we recommend going with an affordable, clinically-tested diet program that can help you make real-life lifestyle and health changes.

Among the best diet programs we’ve seen this year is one called Noom. This weight-loss system uses customized meal plans, interactive support groups, health tracking tools, and 1:1 coaching, which is like nothing we’ve seen before.

Additionally, Noom is so confident in their weight-loss system that they’re providing a 14-day trial, an impressive decision.

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Plexus 96 Review
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Plexus 96

What are the side effects of P96?

Some customers reported P96 or Plexus 96 side effects included mild stomach pains and nausea.

What are the ingredients in Plexus 96?

Plexus 96 ingredients include whey protein concentrate/isolate, maltodextrin, xanthan gum, glucomannan, stevia, l-taurine, vitamins and minerals.

Does Plexus 96 work?

While there is information about adding protein to your diet and reducing calories, there’s no research showing Plexus 96 will help you lose weight.

How much does P96 cost?

Plexus 96 costs $35.95. One bag lasts 12 days.

What is Plexus 96’s BBB rating?

The makers of Plexus 96, Plexus Worldwide have a BBB rating of “C”.

Where can I buy Plexus 96?

Plexus 96 can be purchased using their Official Site.

How should I take Plexus 96?

You should mix one Plexus 96 pack with water or milk and drink a minimum of one time per day.

How much protein is in Plexus 96?

Each serving of Plexus 96 contains 15g of protein.

How many calories are in Plexus 96?

Each serving of Plexus 96 contains 100 calories.

3 Plexus 96 Reviews

  • Protein for Overnight Oats
    Clint Czeschin (Verified Purchase)

    Has anyone used Plexus 96 when making Overnight Oats? Wanting to make my own instead of buying the premade packages of Oats.

  • Mary

    I’ve been using the chocolate one for a few days and I’m not impressed. Constant stomach pain, headaches and dry mouth. I won’t be buying more.

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Sorry to hear you’ve been experiencing these side-effects, Mary. Maybe you could try something else? Dietspotlight Burn has many positive reviews, not many serious side-effects have been reported from it.