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Six Star Testosterone Booster Review - 13 Things You Need to Know

Six Star Testosterone Booster, as the name suggests, is a workout supplement intended to raise testosterone levels in men of all ages. The manufacturer of the product boasts that this formula will boost your stamina, endurance and power, and all that in just one week. A concerning fact is that there aren’t many testosterone-boosting ingredients in this product. How does it work then?

All it took was a quick glance at the label to set our research team running. There are ingredients out there to support testosterone production and levels, but Six Star may have missed them with this one.

Six Star Testosterone Booster can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is Six Star Testosterone Booster?

Six Star Testosterone Booster elite series caplets are a special formulation that includes the mineral boron. Boron has active properties that enhance testosterone production in the body naturally.

According to Sixstarpro.com, clinical research has shown that boron found in Six Star Testosterone Booster creates active testosterone in the body within a period of 7 days.

Using ingredients that are plant-based and completely natural, this dietary supplement is engineered after proper clinical research. These capsules along with a training regime help maintain peak rates of testosterone against the cortisol levels in the body.

Cortisol is a hormone that causes high-stress levels in the body and breaks down muscle tissues. Muscle-wasting or breakdown is also known as catabolism.

These capsules restrict cortisol production in the body, halting catabolism and energizing the individual.

Six Star Testosterone Booster

Six Star Testosterone Booster Competitors

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How did Six Star Testosterone Booster start?

Six Star Testosterone Booster elite series caplets are a product of the renowned company Muscletech, which produces performance-enhancing and bodybuilding capsules and powders.

After working on products such as protein bars and protein powders for athletes, the company came up with Six Star Testosterone Booster elite series caplets, which enhance performance and improve health.

After significant research was conducted by experts in the company, it was seen that muscles required testosterone to grow. Strength gains required for proper training could only be provided by active free testosterone in the body.

According to Muscletech’s research, this supplement boosts free testosterone levels in the body within the normal range so performance is improved and the body feels stronger and healthier than before.


Six Star Testosterone Booster Claims

According to Muscletech, the natural ingredients used in creating this formula should lead to higher testosterone levels in the body.

Moreover, the Six Star Testosterone Booster results should show an enhanced performance by the user as well as high energy levels.

For those who workout or are athletes, the product claims that testosterone levels in the body will increase under the normal range required by the body to give muscles the strength for better performance.

The active ingredient, boron, is the active booster of testosterone that is supposed to give the desired results. Boron contains testosterone increasing potentials that have clinically been proven to show positive results.

The product claims that within 7 days the peak levels of natural testosterone levels can be achieved under a strict training regime.

Moreover, the company claims that all ingredients are natural and will have little to no side effect on the user.

Six Star Testosterone Booster elite series caplets also claim that the testosterone produced by the formula will reduce the amount of cortisol in the blood and reduce stress in the body.

Six Star Testosterone Booster claims


Six Star Testosterone Booster Ingredients

Six Star Testosterone Booster elite series ingredients are natural and have clinical benefits which can be seen through various results.

The main ingredient is boron. which reduces cortisol levels and strengthens the body.

The ingredients that compose this dietary supplement include:


This mineral can be traced and found in various food materials. It is known for increasing natural levels of testosterone, according to the journal Integrative Medicine: A Clinician’s Journal.

Rhodiola Extract

This ingredient is extracted from the roots of the Rhodiola plant. According to the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, it may be used to improve athletic performance.

The extract also protects cells from damage, regulates the heartbeat and enhances the functions of the brain by improving memory as well as learning.

Six Star Testosterone Booster ingredients

Ginkgo Extract

Known as the Gingko Biloba leaf the plant has natural properties that are beneficial for health and the body. It works to improve blood circulation in the body which helps the brain, eyes, legs, and ears to function better than before.

The seeds contain antiseptic properties that kill bacteria and fungi present in or on the body. However, a toxin is also present in the seeds which can cause seizures and unconsciousness.


A common mineral known for its benefits for the body. Calcium is good for the bones and strengthens them. Apart from this property of increasing bone health, calcium also has antacid properties.

Doctors also use it to control high levels of magnesium and phosphorus in the body.

Does Six Star Testosterone Booster Work?

With ingredients that are natural and with claims that show results in the body, the capsules are meant to work for those who train regularly and are looking for higher testosterone levels in the body.

After looking at the low price (average $10 USD), users have claimed that they saw the desired effects in their body.

Boron is considered to be the saving grace of the supplement, and Six Sta has enough dosage per serving to increase testosterone levels in the body.

According to users, they did see significant differences which showed that the product worked.

Benefits & Results

Six Star Testosterone Booster Benefits and Results

Boron is an active testosterone stimulant that creates active free testosterone in the body within the normal range and enhances the performance of the body, as cited above.

Testosterone is required for building muscle, especially if someone is undergoing an intense training regime. Muscle growth is supported by testosterone levels, according to research in the Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism.

Six Star Testosterone Booster benefits

Users who have been taking this dietary supplement claim that the formula helps their body and has shown an increase in testosterone levels in their body while making them feel more energetic than before.

However, many users also claim that taking the supplement itself will do the person no good but proper exercise and a nutrition regime will help them to see significant changes in their body.


How to Use Six Star Testosterone Booster

The product states that the serving size should be 2 caplets. The recommended dosage is 2 capsules with a glass of water, twice a day. A higher dosage than 4 capsules within a 24 period can be dangerous for the user.

Side Effects

Potential Six Star Testosterone Booster Side Effects

Even though the ingredients used in the formula for the Six Star Testosterone Booster elite series caplets are natural and there are no serious side effects listed, people have faced many issues.

Some of these side effects include diarrhea and continuous headaches which are prolonged into migraines. Many have also complained about difficulty while sleeping.

Six Star Testosterone Booster side effects

Rashes, skin redness and itchiness are also side effects which have been reported by many. Some users claimed that there were red spots on their thighs, legs, and shins.

Moreover, an increase in the levels of the hormone testosterone in the body, causes high sperm production, an increase in sexual desire, more bone density as well as an increase in muscle mass.

Product Warnings

Six Star Testosterone Booster Warnings

Before using this dietary supplement, it is important to consider its side effects and the warnings provided by the company itself.

First, it is important that you limit the dosage to the recommended amount of 2 caplets per serving, two times in a day. Increasing the dosage of 4 caplets in a day can be dangerous for the body.

Six Star Testosterone Booster elite series caplets are not meant for users below the age of 18.

If a user is using other drugs such as blood thinners as well as over the counter available drugs or medication, it is important to consult a doctor before using the capsules.

Six Star Testosterone Booster warnings

Discontinuation of the supplement is necessary if the user faces weird symptoms or if one of the symptoms increases.

Usage of this capsule should only be done under a doctor’s supervision if a user suffers from a medical condition or has a family history of a medical condition.

While consuming the testosterone booster capsules, ask a doctor or physician before choosing a diet or exercise program.

It is not safe to use under pregnancy and nursing conditions.

Improper use will lead to improper results which can have serious damage.

Six Star Testosterone Booster Alternatives


While there are many testosterone boosters present in the market, but the main alternative that can be compared to Six Star Testosterone Booster elite series caplet is Testogen.

This ingredient is claimed to boost testosterone levels in the body by up to 45.5% within 13 days usage.

Tribulus Terrestris is another herb that has been used in the formula of making Testogen. This herb is said to be an ancient ingredient for building muscle mass in the body along with reproductive tissue as well.

The main advantage of the herb is also that it increases the libido in the body. It has been added in Testogen as an aphrodisiac as well as a component that boosts sperm production in the body.

Riboflavin is added as a component of vitamin B which is important for muscle growth in the body.

A stark difference between these testosterone-producing supplements is that of ingredients. While Six Star Testosterone Booster capsules only use a limited number of ingredients, Testogen adds many others which have proven to be beneficial for health.

Moreover, while you can find Six Star Testosterone Booster elite series caplets on Amazon or Walmart, Testogen is only available on its original website.

The Six Star product is available at a low price of only $10 from stores and online. It is a dietary supplement that boosts testosterone production under the normal range while Testogen only claims of increasing the hormone levels by a drastic amount.

Who Can Use Six Star Testosterone Booster?

Six Star Testosterone Booster was produced mainly for athletes and bodybuilders. However, people facing a decreasing testosterone level, a fall in their libido, or weakness and fatigue in their body can also use it.

People below the age of 18 are not supposed to use it. Women can use this dietary supplement, especially if they are involved in an intense exercise and training regime and are facing lowering testosterone levels in their body.

However, since the amount of this hormone is naturally low in the female body, the dosage would be low as well.

What Users Are Saying

“After using this Six Star Testosterone Booster supplement, I can tell you that I saw and felt absolutely no change in how I usually feel or how active I am. This stuff may help others for extra performance during exercise but it appeared to do nothing for me.”

“This supplement is quite impressive in overall resulting physical and mental response: helps with confidence, acuity, proprioception, and overall feeling of ability to accomplish short-term goals throughout my day.”

“So after taking the whole bottle, I can honestly say I felt and see very little difference in my workouts except for one thing. The one thing I did notice is that the next morning after a hard workout I was not as sore, other than that nothing. I will give the tablets props for being very easy to swallow and they don’t have a taste like some that are out there that are just nasty tasting.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on Six Star Testosterone Booster

Is it time to clear the shelves of this one? We like that Six Star Testosterone Booster is sold all over the place and that the price is lower than the competition, but we have reservations about suggesting this one because there’s no science to back up claims. Plus, it concerns us that no contact information is evident on the official website.

If you’re ready to take your life back, then we encourage you to go with a product that is clinically tested for weight-loss with amazing results.

Among the best of the best in weight-loss apps is one called Noom. It’s the combination of human coaching, custom meal plans, food tracking, exercise tracking and expert resources that set this app apart from all others.

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Six Star Testosterone Booster Review
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Six Star Testosterone Booster

What are the ingredients in Six Star Testosterone Booster?

Six Star Testosterone Booster is filled with a few key ingredients that make it so powerful. Among those ingredients are: Boron citrate, Rhodiola extract, and Gingko extract.

What are the side effects of Six Star Testosterone Booster?

Side effects resulting from this product are uncommon. However, it is possible that one may experience acne-prone skin, trouble sleeping, and kidney damage.

Does Six Star Testosterone Booster work?

Yes, Six Star Testosterone Booster works. From taking this product, one will experience increased testosterone levels, increased training performance, increased energy, and increased lean muscle.

What is the price of Six Star Testosterone Booster?

A bottle of Six Star Testosterone Booster goes for around $15.

Where can I buy Six Star Testosterone Booster?

This product can be found in major retailers like Walgreens and Walmart, or online on the company website.

Where can I buy Six Star Testosterone Booster?

Six Star Testosterone Booster can be purchased using their Official Site.

How should I take Six Star Testosterone Booster?

The recommended dosage is two caplets, two times a day with a glass of water.

How do I contact Six Star Testosterone Booster customer service?

The phone number and email for customer service is available on the official Six Star company website.

Can I return Six Star Testosterone Booster?

The company is dedicated to your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with their product, you can contact them. They will discuss the issues you had and possibly refund your purchase.

What are the most common complaints about Six Star Testosterone Booster?

One of the most common complaints is that it only has one major ingredient used to increase testosterone levels. Some people think that the product should have a longer list of potent ingredients.

3 Six Star Testosterone Booster Reviews

  • Constance

    Does that supplement can be used by female ? If yes even for female athletes on birth control ?
    Thank you

    • Sasha

      I suggest consulting with your physician before taking supplements you think may conflict with medications you are already prescribed.

    James (Verified Purchase)

    i was taking SS test booster fruit punch powder, 1st day was awesome, i was so energized and ready for working out, 2nd day i had such bad abdominal pains i couldnt even sit or lie down, i was on the toilet all day as it felt like i had to go crap every 5 minutes, nothing though, it constipated me, gave me severe migraines that felt like an aneurysm was about to burst in my brain, chest pains, i stopped taking it 2 days after i bought it, it felt like i was drugged honestly, this stuff is not FDA approved and i should not have bought it, as cheap as it was..but thats the point i guess though, you get what you pay for, lesson learned.If you want true quality and results, pay the money.