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Ultimate Body Applicator Review - 6 Things You Need to Know


You may be surprised by what I say in this Ultimate Body Applicator review. We looked at the clinical research, side effects, and customer service. Then, we went on to read through hundreds of user reviews and comments. We condensed and refined everything to give you the bottom line. Let’s get to it.

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What is Ultimate Body Applicator?

Firstly, Ultimate Body Applicator is a product that’s applied to the skin and worn for several hours to overnight, with best results seen in 72 hours. It is supposed to help tone and tighten the skin to give a more sculpted look.

The ingredients include:

  • Horse chestnut
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Horsetail Extract
  • Eucalyptus Leaf Oil
  • Seaweed

Ultimate Body Applicator also contains ivy extract, menthol, guarana seed, and rosemary oil.

The Ultimate Body Applicator is a product of It Works! The company was founded in 2001. Items must be purchased from a distributor who has signed up to run their own direct sales business with the company. We like the company longevity and the variety of options to choose from, but read on…

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Ineffective – “Do They Really Work?”

Our first concern is reports of ineffectiveness. “This isn’t the first wrap your way to skinny type product we’ve seen, and it won’t be the last. While you can get some results after the first application, the entire thing hinges on the fact that you have to keep buying and using it, which means a lot of money spent,” said our Research Editor.

”It doesn’t work! It gives the illusion that it works but very temporarily tightening the area you use it on. You are expected to drink a lot of water which by doing that has a slimming effect on its own. Not worth the money,” said one user.

Yet another said, ”Product does not work. I followed the instructions exactly and nothing happened.”

Not everyone seems to think they don’t work.

We found one reviewer said, “I needed to drop an inch and a half off my waist in three weeks. I used these body wraps and it worked. Passed my USAF PT test for my waist measurement!! Def recommend and will buy this again if needed!!!.”

“I love wrapping! I definitely see a reduction in my cellulite,” said another.

Multi-Level Marketing – “You’ll Be Told About The Business Opportunity”

The goal of any MLM is to get people interested enough in the products you’re selling to convince them to join you. Some people may like this option, but others may not. Having to buy from a consultant rather than going to the store or ordering online without one could turn customers off.

”I don’t wanna sell this stuff. I just wanted to buy something to try and the rep was pushy,” said a customer.

”When I finally agreed to buy the wraps, my consultant assumed I was interested in joining the business,” according to one review.

Others say the business has changed their life.

“I earn extra income while taking care of my kids at home,” said a reviewer.

“I’ll never work a day job again,” said another.

Over the years, we’ve learned that it only takes one issue, like ineffectiveness, to stop any chance of long-term results. If the Ultimate Body Applicator doesn’t work, customers will eventually turn to another product that does.

The Science with the Ultimate Body Applicator – “Not There”

There is a clinically proven ingredient in the formula – green tea. But, you can get it at your local drug store for about $5, and you don’t have to hassle with the wrapping. Plus, topical applications behave differently than an oral application. There’s little science to support using body contouring solutions like this to actually help you lose weight over the long-term.

At DietSpotlight, we want to see science before we can recommend any product. We also want to know our readers are getting a good value. When we don’t see the proof that something works, we are skeptical.

What Users Are Saying

“I love these wraps!! This is my second shipment, and I’m still shedding belly weight. I would recommend these to women that have a hard time losing weight in their midsection.”

“Still have 2 packs left. I don’t think I did it right. I didn’t drink a lot of water like all the reviews say to. But DO NOT WORK OUT IN IT! IT BECOMES THIS SUPER GOOPY MESS. (Which is annoying because you spend at least 10 minutes getting it off.) I did lose about 2 inches around my waist. Nothing around the belly. So I’m gonna try it again.”

“Leaves very sticky substance on skin after use, did not notice any change whatsoever.”

“This product works great! You have to follow a clean diet, drink at least 8 glasses of alkaline water when you use it and it will pull the toxins and excess fluid from your body. Also, the area you choose to place it will have more tone and definition.”

“Have used 2 of these. Not really seeing too much results yet. Maybe after several I will. I am also combining with a regular workout too.”

“I’m not sure if I did it wrong, but I only lost one inch of the waist with five wraps.”

The Bottom Line – Does Ultimate Body Applicator Work?

Is it time to clear the shelves of Ultimate Body Applicator? It could be a great product for temporarily slimming down to fit into a dress for an event, but as far as long-term actual weight loss? We don’t see the proof we need to recommend it. Reports of ineffectiveness and customers being pitched to join the business make us wary.

If the time has come to jumpstart your metabolism, you may want to check out a product that contains clinically tested safe and effective ingredients known to support your weight loss, backed by hundreds of happy customer reviews.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Burn HD. Over the course of our research, we found no negative product mentions or discussions of harsh side effects. It’s no surprise really, since the formula is made with four key ingredients all shown in research to help support a healthy metabolism, fight hunger and boost fat loss.

Plus, right now, you can get in on a 2-Week Sample, directly from the manufacturer. We love it when a company has this kind of confidence in their products.

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Ultimate Body Applicator Review
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Ultimate Body Applicator

What is an Ultimate Body Applicator?

An Ultimate Body Applicator is effective at toning and firming the skin when it’s applied to different areas of the body. It contains a botancially-based formula in the cloth wrap that is used.

How do you put on the Ultimate body Applicator?

The Ultimate Body Applicator is used by applying it directly to a specific area where it’s needed. The product should lay flat on the skin and needs to be wrapped in Saran wrap to secure it and prevent it from moving.

How do I know if Ultimate Body Applicator is right for me?

Choosing the right product is the #1 question asked by DietSpotlight readers. We recommend trying any product before buying it and know that finding a product with a sample offer is near impossible - so we created our own product, Burn HD, with scientifically backed ingredients.

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How do you put on the Ultimate Body Applicator?

The Ultimate Body Applicator is used by applying it directly to a specific area where it’s needed. The product should lay flat on the skin and needs to be wrapped in Saran wrap to secure it and prevent it from moving.

What are the ingredients in Ultimate Body Applicator?

Horse chestnut, Green Tea Extract, Horsetail Extract, Eucalyptus Leaf Oil, Seaweed, ivy extract, menthol, guarana seed, and rosemary oil.

What are the side effects of Ultimate Body Applicator?

May cause skin rash or irritation.

Does Ultimate Body Applicator work?

User have seen a reduction of inches in there tummy area.

What is the price of Ultimate Body Applicator?

Retail price is $99.00 for a box of 4. Loyal Price is $59.00 for a box of 4 and 3 months autoshipment requirement.

Where can I buy Ultimate Body Applicator?

With a local distributor or on the website.

How should I take Ultimate Body Applicator?

Apply the applicator on body part and leave on for 45 minutes, repeat after 72 hours.

How do I contact Ultimate Body Applicator customer service?

Your distributor or to company by phone at 1.800.537.2395.

Can I return Ultimate Body Applicator?

You can return the Ultimate Body Applicator in new/unopened condition within 30 days of order.

What are the most common complaints about Ultimate Body Applicator?

Does not see fast results, or results are not lasting


Previous Ultimate Body Applicator Review (Updated July 19, 2013):

Ultimate Body Applicator - What You Should Know

The Ultimate Body Applicator is a product of Luis Mijares It Works! company. The company promotes the Ultimate Body Applicator as a targeted weight loss and body shaping tool. The company claims the user will see results in 45 minutes and will have additional results in three days. The cloth body wraps are developed to go around the abs, back, legs, arms and chin. The method is done in a single application. Those who support the claims made by It Works! claim it is a potent formula that is supposed to help tighten and tone muscles to make the skin look more youthful. The box contains four applicators. Luis Mijares is a product development specialist and has experience in Mexican pharmaceuticals as well as a former teacher of phytotherapy. Mr. Mijares takes a first-hand approach to the skin care line and other nutritional products developed by the company. He states he wants the products to maintain strict quality standards. Mr. Mijares is supposed to be dedicated to quality skin care products due to a personal history of skin cancer.

List Of Ingredients

The Ultimate Applicator product is supposed to be free of mineral oil, lanolin, propylene glycol, isopropyl alcohol, artificial colorants, synthetic fragrances, or animal by-products. The product claims to have a safe preservative system by not allowing formaldehyde releasers and low parabens concentration. The system is said to be approved in Japan , the European community and the United States of America. The ingredients for the product are: AESCULUS HIPPOCASTANUM (Horse Chestnut), CAMELLIA SINENSIS (Green Tea) Extract, CENTELLA ASIATICA, EQUISETUM ARVENSE (Horsetail) Extract, EUCALYPTUS GLOBUS (Eucalyptus) LEAF OIL, FUCUS VESICULOSUS (Seaweed), HEDERA HELIX (Ivy) Extract, MENTHOL, METHYLSILANOL MANNURONATE, PANTHENOL, PAULLINIA CUPANA (Guarana Seed), ROSMARINUS OFFICINALIS (Rosemary) Oil.

Product Features

The Ultimate Body Applicator claims to be a fast acting formula that allows the user to see results within 45 minutes. The formula is supposed to work by removing unwanted inches and cellulite from the areas the user targets with the applicators. The method is based on detoxifying the skin which is supposed to tighten, tone and firm for a more youthful look. The product claims the user will have progressive results over the next three days.

Advantages of the Ultimate Body Applicator

  • The Ultimate Body Applicator promises to rejuvenate skin.
  • The product states the ingredients are of high quality.

Disadvantages of the Ultimate Body Applicator

  • There is no evidence the results promised by the Ultimate Body Applicator are at all possible.


The Ultimate Body Applicator sounds too good to be true. The ingredients are supposed to be high quality and they perhaps are. There is no way of making a judgment concerning the ingredients, however, there is no scientific documentation that supports the Ultimate Body Applicator's methods or outcomes.
Summer Banks Dietspotlight Author
About the Author:

Summer Banks, Director of Content at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 weight-loss programs, pills, shakes and diet plans. Previously, she managed 15 supplement brands, worked with doctors specializing in weight loss and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University. full bio.

30 Ultimate Body Applicator Reviews

  • Lisa Eardley

    I am curious as to exactly how (molecularly)the applicator extracts or releases the toxins in the skin and fat?

    • crystal

      i have used 2 wraps so far and i have lost 5 inches total! Im not sure exactly how it works but it does! and I plan to continue using them!

      • Michele Lersch

        Love hearing that Crystal, it really does work!

  • How long do the results last?

    For those that have lost inches with the wrap, how long do the results last? I would not like to have to buy them on a long term basis.

    • Bruce Nibert

      Results vary based on the individuals diet and exercise but they typically last 2-6 months or could remain permanent with a high quality diet and exercise regimen. I started as a loyal customer myself using the wraps and was amazed so I started selling them about a month ago. I wrapped my mother-in-law as soon as the wraps came in and she lost an inch around her stomach and 2 inches off her hips. We taped her last weekend and still has the same results. She was so happy she signed up as a loyal customer immediately.

    • Sonia

      Shelley, If done properly the results last 2-6 months depending on lifestyle. Results are maintained by wrapping ONCE every 2-6 months.

  • Follow A strict Diet


    • Jennifer McGuiness

      Hi Veronica, You do not have to follow a strict diet when wrapping. The most important thing we stress is drink at least 64 oz. of water each day (which is the recommended amount of water you should be drinking). Exercise, eating healthy and drinking water is the best thing you can do for your body.

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hi Veronica! Not necessarily strict, but yes healthy. A healthy diet along with exercise will compliment the product and help you achieve and sustain the results you’re looking for. If you’re needing an extra push, might want to take a look at Dietspotlight Burn. The results mentioned are really promising. Good luck!

  • What are its long term effects?

    It is now November 2012, can you please report how the product has performed for you in the long term? I am thinking about using it but can’t find any research studies, just the usual marketing.

  • Where can I buy this?

    I would luv 2 try these. Do they have it in London? If they do, where wud they sell em at? Pls helpp 🙂

    • 123

      Yes I want this product

  • Is this really effective?
    jasmine (Verified User)

    does it work i wanna lose my tummy i gain so much weight after having my baby

    • Melanie

      Yes it definitely does (: I have some easy workout routines too that would help!

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hello Jasmine. All users are different and can experience different weight-loss results, but exercise in conjunction with a healthy diet and supplements have shown to help with weight-loss.

  • Is this really effective?
    Your Name

    does it really work i wanna lose my tummy i gain weight after i had my baby

    • Octavia Jones

      Yes. I just had a baby myself in December 2014 via c-section and I recently became a distributor because they were that good. If you would like I can share pictures of my results and other information of our products if you would like?

      • Kassandra

        I’m not sure how long ago you posted this, but can I see your results?
        The main question I have it, how is your body affected after you stop using it ??

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hi, another product that users have found to be very effective is Dietspotlight Burn, great results are mentioned, ingredients are natural and its clinically proven. Could work for you, let us know.

  •  Worked Well For me
    Audrie (Verified User)

    The body wraps have worked really well for me! I usually lose about 1.5″ after my first wrap, and more with each wrap. I did a treatment of 4 wraps and went down a jean size. My results lasted about 4 months. Feel free to email me with any questions, I am happy to help!!!

    • Kassandra

      So after 4 months you went back to normal size?

      • Your Name

        Kassandra, You are going to start by wrapping once every 72 hours until you get your desired results (at least 4), like Audrie did, and results are maintained by wrapping ONCE every 2-6 months.

  • Where can I buy this?
    Sy Sadorra

    Thanks for all the comments. I am sold! ? where can I get these wraps?

  •  It is very good
    Shelly Brown (Verified User)

    I have tried this and it really does work. It is very good for your skin, I found it is like a fountain of youth for my skin!

  •  I have seen results while using it.
    Lysette T. (Verified User)

    I have been using body wraps as well as my coworkers, with watching you cal. intake as well as drinking water i have seen a results! expecially in my tummy and arms!and i feel like and have beeb told that iam looking good,…. I am now saleing them and if you would like to try it send me a email! Its summer time Lady’s and you want any help you can get with looking good in your cute summer dresses!!! Dont Knock it till you try it:) have a wonderful day!!

    • Tracie yazell

      I would like to try this and maybe sell it

      • Nadine

        Hi Tracie – did you manage to sign up as a distributor?

  •  Loved the product.
    Christina Elyss (Verified User)

    I used the wraps for quit a while, I never saw lasting results. Inches would come back. I have friends who used them and after about 2 months they stopped due to it not working. I only had one friend who saw lasting results. I drank my water, cut back on toxic food, and I never drink sodas. I finally stopped trying the easy fixes and just ate less and moved my body more. Proud to say I lost 30 pounds, with out the aid of wraps or quick weight loss pills. Save your money, change your life style!

    • kat

      just the comment i needed to read!!
      thank you so much, christina!

  •  I'm having amazing results, highly recommended
    Melissa (Verified User)

    I tried it and it is having amazing result on my loose skin on my abdomen. Don’t knock it ’til you try it!