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Vinpocetine Review - 6 Things You Need to Know


I obsessed for weeks over a man-made molecule that assists with memory to give you this Vinpocetine review. We really dug deep and conducted a thorough investigation, examining the side effects, ingredients, clinical studies and level of customer service. Plus, we read all sorts of user comments that are posted on the internet. Lastly, we summarized and compressed all of the data we collected to give you the information you actually need.

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What is Vinpocetine?

First of all, Vinpocetine is actually a man-made chemical that is used in some dietary supplements. It is derived from the periwinkle plant. Generally this substance is claimed to promote cerebral metabolism, improve focus and concentration, increase blood flow to the brain and assist with memory. There are a few different brands such as Source Naturals, Life Extension, and Pure Encapsulations that offer these supplements. You can find these products online via stores like Amazon.

We are not sure when this product first emerged, but we’re excited to dig into Vinpocetine benefits. However, according to WebMD, this ingredient is being used to treat diseases like Alzheimer’s. Furthermore, there is no prescription needed to obtain this health product. You will find all sorts of user feedback posted online as well, but read on…

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Vinpocetine Side Effects – “Concerned At All?”

The first concern we have is Vinpocetine side effects. “There are some adverse effects that can occur with this supplement. These include headache, dizziness, sleeplessness, stomach pains, flushing of the skin, nervousness and nausea,” reported our Research Editor.

One customer stated, “This product gave me a headache and made me feel disoriented, almost like I was drunk. It took about 3 days to feel normal again.”

On the other hand, a different user said, “Not sure if I am receiving any benefit. At least no negative reaction.”

“Helps a little I think. Won’t buy this again though,” revealed another person.

User Complaints – “Watch Out”

Another issue is user complaints. For instance, one person commented, “After taking this supplement for three weeks I’ve noticed that I am always sad and depressed. It didn’t help with focus or memory. I’ll stop taking this product.”

However, a different customer posted, “It’s okay I guess. But haven’t seen any benefits from using this product.”

Another said, “Usually the effect is like a minor caffeine jolt, a feeling of increased alertness, and a slight sense of enhanced vision.”

According to our extensive research, if there is a certain facet of a diet supplement or health product that is very burdensome or difficult (side effects, user complaints, steep price) the likelihood of long-term success is slim. Therefore if Vinpocetine does in fact cause unpleasant adverse reactions in a lot of people, this could be a real problem.

The Science – “Is It There?”

There is some clinical research that supports Vinpocetine as an alternative treatment for improving blood flow to the brain. However, this substance may or may not help with increased memory and focus. Furthermore, it does not aid with weight management or dieting.

What Users Are Saying

"”Good product and service.”"

"”Hard to say how much good it is doing, but my recent annual physical was better than last year’s.”"

"”Not much difference. No boost of energy.”"

The Bottom Line – Does Vinpocetine Work?

Now the moment you’ve been waiting for. This is our bottom line on Vinpocetine supplements. To start, we like that this substance is made from a plant. We also appreciate that this ingredient has been shown to improve blood flow. But we have some reservations about this product because it can lead to unpleasant side effects. Moreover, we’re concerned about the discouraging user comments we found posted online.

If your main goal is to shed unwanted pounds of fat, then we advise you to go with a product that does not cause any unpleasant adverse effects, contains clinically tested ingredients for weight-loss and comes with excellent customer service.

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Vinpocetine Review
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What is vinpocetine good for?

Vinpocetine has proven effective at preventing disability and death from ischemic stroke, caused by a blood clot impeding blood flow in the brain, starving brain cells of oxygen.

What is vinpocetine used for?

Vinpocetine, an alkaloid derivative found in periwinkle seeds, has proven successful at treating senile dementia.

How do I know if Vinpocetine is right for me?

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What are the ingredients in Vinpocetine?

The ingredient in this product is an alkaloid called vincamine and tabersonine. It is more commonly found in the periwinkle plant.

What are the side effects of Vinpocetine?

Some of the side effects that users may experience are a feeling of flush in the face, dizziness, some stomach discomfort, headaches and some difficulty sleeping.

Does Vinpocetine work?

It doesn’t seem to do what it says but helps in other ways. It is advertised to be a dietary supplement and aid in getting users to their weight loss goals by shedding pounds. Many say while they have not seen much weight loss it does seem to improve blood flow and give you energy.

What is the price of Vinpocetine?

The average cost of this dietary supplement is between 12.99 and 19.99. Buying in bulk will get you a bigger discount.

Where can I buy Vinpocetine?

You can purchase this dietary supplement singly and in bulk from Amazon and you can also find it in IHerb.

How should I take Vinpocetine?

Vinpocetine comes in 60mg pills and you have the option to take this up to 5 times per day. Some choose to split the pill in half if the symptoms seem to be too strong.

How do I contact Vinpocetine customer service?

There is no manufacturer’s phone number or email to contact about this pill. You can email Amazon about your order and or if you want to return this product.

Can I return Vinpocetine?

Yes, each retailer does allow you to return Vinpocetine. The time frame in which you can return the product will depend on where you purchase it.

What are the most common complaints about Vinpocetine?

The biggest complaint is about the side effects. Many say the headaches are sometimes bad.


Previous Vinpocetine Review (Updated October 23, 2012):

What Is Vinpocetine And What You Need To Know

Vinpocetine is a synthetic compound created from the leaves of the periwinkle plant (Vinca minor). Manufacturers gain vincamine from the leaves and process it to make Vinpocetine. Although this medication is only available through prescription in some countries, in the United States, it is a dietary supplement. This product claims to improve mental status and alertness. Clinical trials have sustained the effectiveness in particular cerebrovascular disorders, such as stroke and vascular dementia. Research indicates it has a positive impact upon damaged areas of the brain. Vinpocetine benefits those with mental ailments and is being explored as a treatment for Alzheimer's disease. The drug acts as a vasodilator to increase blood flow.


Vinpocetine, rice flour

Product Features

Vinpocetine is a dietary supplement that uses a periwinkle extract, in the form of an alkaloid, to increase blood flow to the cerebral region of the brain. The drug purports to be a proven mind-boosting supplement. The product is an ingredient in a number of brand name items, such as Cavinton and Inteloctol. It is widely used in the U.S. as a vasodilator for bodybuilding. Source Naturals, Olympian Labs, Solaray and Jarrow Formulas all offer variations of the compound. Most promise improved cognitive performance and short-term memory. Retail supplements containing Vinpocetine sell from $5.00 to $10.00 at most health food stores or online.

Advantages of Vinpocetine

  • Clinical trials verify the effectiveness of this product. There is little doubt that Vinpocetine affects blood flow to the brain.
  • Multiple products contain Vinpocetine. This is a testament to its effectiveness.
  • With the vast availability of Vinpocetine as a supplement, it will not be difficult to locate in most stores.

Disadvantages of Vinpocetine

  • Side effects include indigestion, nausea, dizziness, anxiety, facial flushing, insomnia, headache and dry mouth.
  • This product increases blood flow to the brain. Those taking any blood thinner, such as an anticlotting or antiplatelet medication, aspirin, Plavix, Ticlid, Pentoxifylline, vitamin E, garlic or ginkgo should not take Vinpocetine.


Vinpocetine is proven to improve memory and cognitive brain function. Essentially, it might make you think clearer. It is also been used to treat stroke and dementia in elderly patients. Scientists are currently evaluating the effect on those stricken with Alzheimer's disease. In the U.S.A, Vinpocetine sells in stores as a dietary supplement. The scientific data backs up the value of this product. There are a few drawbacks, however. In Europe and Japan, this is a controlled substance. The mechanisms of the compound increase blood flow, and there are a number of side effects of that process. For those with underlying conditions, Vinpocetine may be dangerous. It is not advisable to use this product if you are on any medication. Those with chronic health issues should only take Vinpocetine after consulting a doctor.
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Summer Banks, Director of Content at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 weight-loss programs, pills, shakes and diet plans. Previously, she managed 15 supplement brands, worked with doctors specializing in weight loss and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University. full bio.

18 Vinpocetine Reviews

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    Is low dose aaprain 81 mg considered in the blood thinner ctagory. Therefore I will not be able to take this product

  • Can use with garlic?

    i would like to try this product but it says not to due to two things that i take, vitamin e and garlic. i love garlic and put it on nearly everything. has anyone tried this who uses garlic? i can skip the vitamin e dose but garlic is hard

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hi JJ! For detailed product and usage instructions, please refer to the Vinpocetine official website for more information.

  • Is it worth trying?
    Gene J.

    I know that brain usage is an important part of memory. I am 55, and still scare myself with not remembering movies, events, etc. Is Vinpocetine worth trying.

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hello Gene. All users are different and can experience different side effects; please make sure to consult with your physician before taking this product.

  • is it safe

    is it safe if you suffer from migrains?

    • Flo

      Interested in answers to question 8 also is it safe with Depakote ER

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hi Ionna! Please make sure to consult with your physician before starting a product.

  • How much can take per day?
    George Theodore

    what is the max amount to take daily and is it in divided doses ? thanks

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hi George! For detailed product and usage instructions, please refer to the Vinpocetine official website for more information.

  • Ron

    I had open heart surgery 7 yrs ago. I am on 81 mg aspirin 1/day, 40mg Atorvistatin 1/day, and 3.125 mg carvedilol 2/day. Will Vinpocetine interefere with any of these? If I do take it, should I ease into the dosage?

    • Veronica

      Hello Ron. All users are different and can experience different side effects; please make sure to consult with your physician before taking this product.

  • Anyone had the same experience?
    Sussi (Verified User)

    I’m reading about this causing high blood pressure for some who are on low carb diets. I took it and my blood pressure went extremely high. 201 over 135…very unusual for me. Any others have that experience?

  •  It is a good product.
    Virectin (Verified User)

    Vinpocetne is a good product.

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    Am interested in answers to question 2

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      can we improve mitochondria,with
      Vinpocetine;are other incredients
      added,to function?

  • lowers blood pressure
    Caroel W. (Verified User)

    Dr Oz show says that this product lowers blood pressure but my experience with regular doctors is that they seem to call anything that isn’t ‘prescribed’ as ‘witch doctor’ mumbo jumbo. How serious are the side effects?

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hello Caroel. All users are different and can experience different side effects; please make sure to consult with your physician before taking this product.