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Align is a natural probiotic supplement that contains Bifantis, the trademarked name for the patented probiotic strain Bifidobacterium infantis 35624. When taken on a regular basis, this supplement is thought to improve digestive health, which can help with weight loss. Read this review to learn more about the product and how it may be able to help you.

List of Ingredients

Align contains the patented probiotic, Bifantis.

Product Features

Align is a special probiotic that with regular use intends to help support digestive health. When your digestive system is in proper working order, you will be able to eat and enjoy your food without issues such as gas, bloating, cramps, and indigestion. To properly digest food, your body needs a certain amount of healthy bacteria living in the intestines. Years of improper diet and other factors can reduce the number of this bacteria, which contributes to a host of digestive issues. The regular use of the probiotic can restore digestive health, which can make dieting and weight loss easier. It is not a traditional weight loss supplement in the sense that it does not contain any fat burners or appetite suppressants. It may take several weeks of continuous use to see any results. Starting the supplement may produce some side effects such as gas and bloating until your body makes the adjustment. The idea is that by improving digestion, you improve your body’s ability to rid itself of excess weight.

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  • Align is an all natural product.
  • This product is available at many retailers online and off.


  • Align does not contain any appetite suppressants or fat burners, and therefore is not really a weight loss supplement.
  • People who do not have digestive issues will not benefit from this supplement.
  • This is not intended to replace treatments for IBS or Chron’s disease.
  • There are no free trials of this supplement.
  • The money back guarantee for this supplement may vary depending on the merchant.


Align can certainly help improve digestive health through the use of probiotics to repopulate the intestines and digestive tract with the necessary bacteria the body needs to properly digest food, which may contribute to weight loss. However, as it is not an appetite suppressant or a fat burner, it is not a weight loss supplement in the traditional sense, and there is not a lot of science to support its ability to help with weight loss. As such, we recommend you use this as part of a balanced diet, that includes a regular exercise program, and for an extra boost also use a clinically proven safe and effective weight loss supplement to promote more weight loss than diet and exercise alone.

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    Does Alvin make you use the washroom a lot? Cause I go at least 5 times a day and is it healthy for me to be going like that?


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    helen grant

    I recently started taking align as per my gi doctor, I have noticed since taking it ive become very itchy all over, can this be a side effect?


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    Can align raise my cholesterol


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