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Activia Review- Does This Probiotic Yogurt Work?

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By Summer Banks Jun 27, 2017

All dieters are tired of trying time and again to lose weight only to fight a losing battle with an ineffective supplement. My love of diet products is only bested by my passion for reviewing them 🙂 We decided to focus on ingredients, side effects, scientific studies and customer service quality for Activia. Furthermore, we read through hundreds of dieter experiences and comments. Then, we summarized and refined to give you the info you need.

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What is Activia?

To start, Activia is a probiotic yogurt containing bifidus regularis, reduced fat milk, peach puree, fructose, sugar, water, whey protein concentrate, corn starch, modified corn starch and kosher gelatin. [1] You can eat throughout the day, supposedly helping with regularity. The small cups makes it easy to take on the go. [2]

Activia was initially released by Dannon in 1987 and appears to contain some natural ingredients. It’s found in local grocery stores and you have several flavors to choose from. We like the longevity of the company and that we found some favorable customer comments, but read on…

Ineffectiveness – “Uh Oh!”

The first concern was the ineffectiveness of Activia ingredients. [3] “Yogurt typically contains good bacteria which supposedly helps with digestion,” said our Research Editor. “If customers eat the Activia for the recommended two weeks and nothing happens, this is concerning.”

  • “For about 2 years, I ate Activia. It didn’t help with my extremely slow digestive system and major constipation issues,” stated a dieter.
  • “I purchased Activia with the belief it would help my digestive system, only to find out that it did not,” reported another.

We did find some who appreciated the results.

  • “There were some bumps in the road but after about 3 or 4 weeks I leveled off with a bowel movement or 2 every day and much less bloating and never any stomach cramps,” one user said.
  • Another shared, “‘I love how Danon Activia gives me a bowel movement daily.”

Adverse Effects With Activia – “Yikes”

Some customers have complained of Activia side effects.

  • In fact, one user said, “I recently tried Activia yogurt because it states it can cure your tummy troubles in two weeks. On the 5th day pain started stomach area.”
  • “Unable to expel gas and pooh for days, it has led me to discontinue its use completely,” claimed another person.

We did find some people who noticed a change for the positive.

  • “After about a week my stomach problems stopped,” offered one user.
  • As another put it, “I have not suffered any negative side effects, in fact I no longer am so gassy and bloated.”

The research we’ve done has shown if there is a particular aspect of a diet product that is especially bothersome, like negative side effects, the likelihood of prolonged weight-loss success is minimal. If Activia does in fact lead to adverse reactions, this could be a major problem. [4]

Any Science?

Here at DietSpotlight, we like to see documented clinical research that backs the diet product and its ingredients. [5]  In regards to Activia yogurt, we did not find any scientific studies presented on the official website stating the product helps you lose weight. While there are plenty of claims that this yogurt helps promote regularity and digestive health, there does not appear to be backing for weight-loss. [6]

The Bottom Line – Does Activia Work?

Before you race through the grocery store to the dairy aisle, let’s take one more look at this one. We like that Activia contains some natural ingredients and that the price seems reasonable, but we have concerns about this one because the research doesn’t point toward weight-loss. [7] We’re also a bit hesitant due to customer talking about negative side effects and ingredients not working. [8][9]

If you want to lose those extra pounds, we suggest going with a supplement consisting of some clinically-tested ingredients and no reports of adverse reactions.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Dietspotlight Burn. This weight-loss supplement contains some clinically-tested ingredients that have been shown to help ignite metabolism and accelerate fat loss. We have not seen any complaints of side effects and user reviews posted on the web indicate people are seeing excellent results.

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Previous Activia Review (Updated July 9, 2014):

Activia - What You Should Know

Activia is a low-fat yogurt made by Dannon infused with Bifidus Regularis, an active probiotic culture that is claimed to reduce "intestinal transit time" by regulating the digestive tract. Dannon says it may help women clear up digestive issues in combination with a healthy diet, and may clear up issues that make the digestion process slower. They claim this effect can be experienced in roughly two weeks, allowing for optimum digestion and fewer cramps. Activia is available worldwide, including grocery and specialty stores.

Activia is currently the only yogurt on the market claiming to have probiotic cultures in their product, and Dannon publicly states this is an optimum way to regulate the digestion system. They even say they have scientific evidence that backs up these claims, stated on their official website. Activia may not contain the benefits claimed by Dannon, however, and their so-called studies appear to be the result of original research.


Activia only states its yogurt contains milk-derived ingredients, sugar, and Bifidus Regularis. We went into great depth researching the Activia Ingredients

Product Features of Activia

Activia emphasizes that its probiotic cultures promote proper digestion and may help supplement a healthy diet. Further examination reveals that their scientifically-backed facts aren't legitimate studies at all -- these studies were conducted by their own company and are not confirmed by any third-party sources. There has not been studies confirming the benefits of probiotic cultures, and researchers emphasize that more studies are needed to even confirm any benefits. They do not believe it is dangerous, however. Any benefits stated by Dannon simply have not been proven by third-party studies, putting their claims into question. Consumers also question the legitimacy of their claims, stating they did not experience better digestion. Some consumers have also complained of increased stomach irregularity, including diarrhea and cramps. Activia is rich with vitamins and minerals, however, but their probiotic cultures may be used in an unsafe manner.


  • Is an affordable and widely available yogurt.
  • Can be purchased in most grocery stores in the United States.
  • Contains nutrients and minerals which may help aid a healthy, nutritionally sound diet.


  • Bifidus Regularis is not proven to help aid digestion, and further studies are recommended to confirm if it does have any benefits.
  • Consumers state it actually causes intestinal discomfort and diarrhea. (See reader comments.)
  • Possible Activia Side Effects may deter dieters.
  • Not ideal for diabetics contains excessive sugar.

Activia - Our Conclusion

Activia is touted as a digestion healing yogurt ideal for female intestinal issues, but evidence simply does not back this up. There are also reported side effects not listed on Activia's website. Nevertheless, it does contain some nutrients which may supplement a healthy diet, but consumers should be aware of the heavy sugar content and some unnatural ingredients added to their yogurt.

Activia is a probiotic-rich yogurt that claims to help improve digestive health with regular use. There's no doubt that probiotics are a healthy addition to most diets, but proof does not exist that says this brand is better than any other source of healthy bacteria.

Activia Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Cup
Serving Per Container: 1
Amount per Serving% DV
Cultured Grade A Reduced Fat Milk**
Modified Food Starch**

Other Ingredients: Kosher gelatin, milk protein concentrate, agar agar, vitamin D3, calcium lactate, guar gum, lactic acid, natural vanilla flavor, sodium citrate

We dug deep into the Activia ingredients to give you the details you need. Ingredients may vary slightly depending on the flavor and type of yogurt. Some use Greek yogurt that has more protein, and others have added fiber.

Reduced Fat Milk

Milk with some of the natural fat removed and replaced with water.

What is it Supposed to Do?

It is the base of yogurt, and is supposed to provide the nutrition of milk without all the fat and calories

Clinical Research

According to a study published in Livestock Production Science, “Many theories were based on the concept that reduced milk fat was a consequence of a limited supply of lipid precursors, e.g. the insulin-glucogenic[1] theory; experimental data provide little support for this concept as the basis for diet-induced MFD [milk fat depression].”


Sugar is a natural sweetener, but contains no nutrition.

What is it Supposed to Do?

It sweetens the flavor of whatever it is added to.

Clinical Research

According to a study published in Clinical Nutrition & Metabolic Care, “There are now convincing evidences for enhanced cardiometabolic risk after higher intake of SSB [sugar sweetened beverages] where both epidemiological studies and human intervention studies are pointing in the same direction. A so-called ‘well tolerated’ intake of SSB is not determined. Accordingly, intake of SSB should generally be reduced as much as possible to improve the health of the population.”


Fructose is naturally occurring sugar found in fruits.

What is it Supposed to Do?

It is the sugar inside the fruit that makes it sweet.

Clinical Research

According to a study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, “In addition, fructose, compared with glucose, is preferentially metabolized to lipid in the liver. Fructose consumption induces insulin resistance, impaired glucose tolerance, hyperinsulinemia, hypertriacylglycerolemia, and hypertension in animal models. The data in humans are less clear.”


Water is essential for human life.

What is it Supposed to Do?

It provides hydration and helps make the yogurt formula.

Modified Food Starch

This is a chemically altered ingredient made from starch. It’s manipulated to remove gluten.

What is it Supposed to Do?

It thickens the yogurt.

Kosher Gelatin

Gelatin that’s not been derived from a pig.

What is it Supposed to Do?

It will thicken the formula, but may help with skin, hair, and nails, joints, and improve digestion.


A vegetable protein.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Agar is used to thicken foods.

Guar Gum

This is a fiber that comes from the seed of the guar plant.

What is it Supposed to Do?

It is supposed to treat digestive issues like diarrhea and IBS. It may help reduce cholesterol and produce a laxative effect.

Lactic Acid

This is a compound that’s made when the body breaks down sugar and oxidizes it.

What is it Supposed to Do?

It is formed when the yogurt ferments.

Calcium Lactate

This mineral is naturally found in milk.

What is it Supposed to Do?

It’s supposed to prevent calcium deficiency.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is a naturally occurring vitamin, but is often added to milk and other products because it’s only found in small amounts in a few foods.

What is it Supposed to Do?

It is used to treat a number of conditions, such as osteoporosis, heart and blood vessel issues, obesity, and muscle weakness.

Sodium Citrate

This is an antacid.

What is it Supposed to Do?

It’s supposed to reduce the acidic nature of foods.

The results of my research into Activia were somewhat surprising. We’ll take a 360-degree look into Activia ingredients. Our attention will turn toward the formula, concentrating on scientific studies. We’ll also examine hundreds of customer comments. Then, we’ll summarize the info to give you the bottom line.

What You Need to Know

To start, Activia is yogurt containing milk, bifidus regularis, water, modified food starch, inulin, acacia gum, modified corn starch, kosher gelatin, pectin, natural flavors, carmine, sodium citrate, malic acid, sucralose, calcium lactate, xanthan gum, acesulfame potassium, among others. The recommended serving is one cup daily for two weeks, which supposedly improves digestive health. You can consume the product on the go, one benefit.

The product, first introduced by Dannon in 1997, appears to contain some natural ingredients, a good choice. You can shop for it at local health food and grocery stores. We like that the company has been operating for more than 15 years and that we found some favorable customer comments, but read on…

Sugar Content – “Too Much Sweetness?”

The first concern about Activia ingredients related to taste. “Dieters often complain that they can’t eat the sweets they once did when trying to lose weight,” said our Research Editor. “In this case, the opposite problem seems to take over.”

“I hate it!!!! Doesn’t have any good stuff on it. It is so sweet, fake sweet and so gross,” said a user.

“I only tried it once after reading the ingredients list, which told me that not only is the product not vegetarian (contains gelatin), it is also loaded with sugar and unnecessary additives! I will never eat this product again, and will go back to eating plain yogurt that contains only milk and organic cultures,” offers a dieter.

FTC Judgments and Lawsuits – “False Claims?”

The Federal Trade Commission reached a settlement with Dannon about exaggerated claims with Activia. The FTC stated the company had to stop saying, “that one daily serving of Activia relieves irregularity…” The business was charged $21 million.

Side Effects – “More Bathroom Trips”

Dieters commenting online are stating Activia ingredients cause side effects. “I’m now in the middle of the second 14 day cycle. I have diarrhea almost every day. Out of 14 days, I had 3, maybe 4 days without the runs. And when I say runs, when I get then its ALL day,” reported a user. [2]

“I had Activia yogurt for breakfast and now, 6 and a half hours later, I think I’m dying. I’ve been doubled over and gassy for the past two hours and now I’m vomiting and have diarrhea,” said a customer.

“I have been eating 2 Activia a day for the past week and feel more bloated and gassy than before I started eating it. I like it but don’t like feeling this way,” offers a consumer.

We’ve done the research and have concluded that something small, like side effects, could cause a reduction in long-term success. If Activia causes negative reactions, dieters won’t bother with it.

The Science – “Legit?”

The official Activia website makes the case that the yogurt is beneficial, but doesn’t provide scientific research linking the formula to weight-loss. We found contradictory information about one of the active ingredients. According to the World Journal of Gastroenterology, B. M13-4 (bifidus regularis) action may generate a new conception: certain probiotics may promote BW (body weight) gain by more effective fat absorption, and a cautious assessment is needed before probiotics therapy is given.” At DietSpotlight, science is a critical part of the review process. If there’s no proof, we don’t bother with it.

The Bottom Line – Do Activia Ingredients Work?

Should you stop what you’re doing and run out to buy Activia? We like that we located some favorable customer comments and that the company has been in business for years. But, we have reservations because of the lack of published scientific research linking it to weight-loss. We’re also concerned about the excessive sweetness and reported potential side effects.

Dieters wanting to lose those extra pounds may try going with a supplement with ingredients supported by published scientific research and no reported side effects.

Among the best products we’ve seen in this year is one called Dietspotlight Burn. The supplement contains a formula consisting of a proprietary blend of four ingredients, which published clinical research shows to help boost fat loss and jump start metabolism. There’s no one talking about negative side effects and consumer comments on the web focus on people seeing excellent results.

Additionally, the company that makes Dietspotlight Burn, in a good sign of confidence in the supplement, is providing a special trial offer, impressive.

Activia Side Effects:

Dannon’s Activia yogurt is a popular weight loss snack. Most people eat it without issues, but there are many cases of discomforting side effects.

Stomach Pain

Abdominal pain can range from mild to severely acute.

Stomach pain and cramps are not always serious, but they are cause for alarm if accompanied by symptoms like fever, frequent urination, difficulty breathing, and vomiting blood.

What causes stomach pain?

Stomach pain can be caused by many different conditions—which is why it’s so important to see a doctor if your abdominal pain is persistent. Typical causes are indigestion, stomach virus, ulcers, food poisoning, hernias, kidney stones, and appendicitis.


You are constipated when you’re unable to pass stools for abnormal periods of time. Often, bowel movement is accompanied by pain. You are constipated when you have fewer than three bowel movements a week. [1]

Many people suffering from constipation also report having hard stools. You may find yourself having to press your abdomen in order to fully empty your rectum.

What causes constipation?

Constipation occurs when the stool moves too slowly through your digestive tract. This makes it hard and difficult to remove. This condition is the result of a narrowing of the colon, bowel obstruction, anal fissures, and even colon cancer.


Bloating is when your abdomen fills with air or gas, giving your stomach a swollen appearance and even making it hard to the touch. Discomfort and nausea may occur simultaneously with bloating.

What causes bloating?

Overeating, gas, stress, and indigestion all lead to bloating. When these are the causes, bloating typically goes away within a couple hours.

Bloating can also be a byproduct of more serious ailments like appendicitis, Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and urinary tract infection.


Diarrhea is when your stool is watery. It’s extremely uncomfortable and is usually marked by a need to use the restroom with unusual frequency.

Staying hydrated helps alleviate diarrhea. Drink your liquids between meals rather than with them.

What causes diarrhea?

The flu virus can cause diarrhea, as can allergies. Diarrhea may also occur due to intestinal diseases, overactive thyroid, and malabsorption of certain nutrients. [2]

Activia is a well-known and highly-marketed product available in most markets. Side effects are rare, but they can produce significant discomfort when they do happen.

If you begin to experience any of the above side effects, pause your consumption of Activia and seek the assistance of a physician before continuing use.


Side effects are not common in those who eat Activia, but some have been noted by customers. These do not stand for the majority, but there is always risk when taking any supplement.


“I tried Activia by Dannon and was not pleased. The first day I had diarrhea. The next 3 days I had constipation. The next 4 days I had to push really hard for very little #2 outcome.”    Joe


“I started eating Activia yogurt three weeks ago and have been experiencing extremely painful abdominal pains every night, have spent two days in bed vomiting and also had diarrhea.”    Marilee


“I have been on Activia for a week, and so far the only difference that I have notices is a burning sensation in my upper digestive tract and a lot of gas and belching which has kind of subsided now and just soreness in my upper stomach.”    Karla


“I had Activia yogurt and I am suffering from terrible cramps, bloating, and gas.”    Gloria


Started Activia yogurt about a week ago and woke up this morning with a major urgency to use the bathroom. It’s been 1 hour and I have been in there 4 times. My stomach is cramping badly and it feels like I am gonna vomit.”    Michelle


“I started Activia yogurt on 5/18 after two weeks of eating 1 yogurt per day, I started having really bad smelly gas.”    Kim


“I started Sunday and by Tuesday I’m having abdominal cramping and almost flu like systems.”    Nina


I ate Activia yogurt on Friday and now its Monday………I’m still going to the bathroom way too often………diarrhea…….stomach pains.”    James


“Have been taking 1 Activia yogurt per day, man I don’t know how this is, but I am going to the washroom more than normal, watery stool.”    Nicole


“I ate Activia yogurt one day and the following day I had to make several cramp filled, cold sweat accompanied trips to the bathroom with mild diarrhea.”    Ann


“I’ve always had a healthy and regular digestive system and after a couple days eating Activia once a day I had to stop due to frequent diarrhea I experienced.”    Kasey


“I had been eating Activia yogurt for a couple weeks off and on, not daily but kept getting loose stools and stomach cramps.”    Monique


We are all for reducing the risk of side effects when using any weight-loss supplement. We have noticed that Activia reviews are great with very few grievances.




We’ve taken a deep look at Activia, but with reports floating around of Activia side effects, we’ve chosen to dig a little deeper. (You can feel free to check out our full Activia review.) The ingredients and any clinical testing was an important part of this process. We also chose to pore through hundreds of customer experiences to see how this yogurt affected real people. With all these facts in hand, we give you the bottom line.

What You Need to Know

First off, Activia is a yogurt that contains non-fat milk, water, food starch, inulin and various probiotics. You are supposed to eat it once daily to promote healthy bowel function. This could have a positive effect on weight-loss as the stomach and intestines play a part in nutrient and supplement absorption. The product is perishable, so you’ll need an ice pack to take this one with you.

The product, offered up by Dannon, does not make extraordinary claims, a good thing. Purchases can be made through local grocery stores and via some online outlets. We like that yogurt is a low-calorie, healthy option for some dieters, but read on…


Our first concern with Activia side effects is diarrhea. “With this yogurt you want to restore your intestinal system to the best shape it can be,” says our Research Editor. “You don’t want to spend hours on the toilet.”

“I started the Activia 14 day test. I’m now in the middle of the second 14 day cycle. I have diarrhea almost every day. Out of 14 days, I had 3, maybe 4 days without the runs,” a consumer shares.

“I tried Activia, one day at work during a graveyard shift at the prison. 30 minutes go by stomach begins to cramp and then the diarrhea for 2 hours,” says another.

The effect was a drastic change for some, “I have been having diarrhea since I tried Activia. This isn’t for me. I have longed suffered from constipation but this seems to have just the opposite effect. Not good!!!!!”


There are also numerous reports of gas and bloating.”TERRIBLE!! I’m bloated! I have gas! & yesterday I nearly died trying to pass my BM! Not trying to disgust anyone but it was very large & rock hard! This yogurt should be banned!,” says a customer.

“I have been using Activia for 8 days and the cramps and bloating are becoming quite unformortable,” offers a consumer.

Another said, “Activa did a number on me with intense gas, bloating and farting!”

Based on our research, it can take something tiny, like gas, to offset your chances of long-term success. If Activia side effects are an issue, the dieter won’t stick around for long.

The Science

We didn’t find any clinical evidence on the official website proving a connection between Activia and losing more. We found nothing to support it either, but we did find a clinical report that the active ingredient in the yogurt was ineffective. According to Nutrition Research, “probiotics have limited efficacy in terms of decreasing body weight and BMI and were not effective for weight loss.” At DietSpotlight we can’t give a thumb up to any product that doesn’t have science on its side. If this one is not in the beneficial category, why spend the money?

The Bottom Line

We enjoyed looking more closely at Activia side effects and our research left us confident about our take. We like the natural ingredients and the trust consumers have in Dannon as a company, but we can’t suggest a product that is clinically proven to have no positive impact on weight-loss. It also concerns us a bit that dieters report gas, bloating and diarrhea after consuming the yogurt.

If you got that weight-loss bug, we suggest trying out a supplement with scientific proof it can help you to take down the scale. It’s also great if there are no reported side effects.

Among the best products we’ve reviewed this year is one called Dietspotlight Burn. We found a formula of four ingredients packaged in a proprietary blend that has been clinically tested and proven to help support metabolism and spark fat loss. Side effects are not part of the equation, based on our deep look into dieter reviews. We did find numerous people telling the world online about seeing great results.

Also, it’s a good sign that the makers of Dietspotlight Burn are so confident in the formula that they’re offering a special trial offer.

Activia Questions & Answers:

We read through hundreds of comments on Activia to gather the answers to these FAQ.

What are the side effects of Activ?

Activ or Activia side effects, based on information we found in customer reviews, may include stomach pains, gas, bloating and constipation.

What is in Activia?

Activia ingredients are cultured grade A nonfat milk, sugar, fructose[1], water, l. bulgaricus, s. thermophilus and bifidobacterium lactis. Depending on the flavor, it may also contain fruit, fruit extracts and/or natural flavors.

What is the active ingredient in Activ?

The active ingredient in Activia is cultured grade A nonfat milk.

Does Activia work?

If you go just on user reviews, the only reason people lose weight on Activia is because it loosens bowel movements. This can cause temporary water loss. As for the ingredients in the formula, none are clinically proven to boost weight-loss. We found a study that used a small participant pool and loss was about 3.5% in 6 weeks. That equates to 7 pounds for a 200 pound person. You can lose more than that by cutting back 500 calories a day via dietary changes alone or as part of an exercise program.

How much does a bottle of Activia cost?

A four-pack of Activia retails at about $2.50 at most stores.

How do you take Activia?

You should take two Activia yogurts each day for optimal results.


What do users like about Activia?

Many users like Activia’s taste. Others claim they noticed digestive improvements.

What do users NOT like about Activia?

We found more than a few complaints about stomach pain, bloating and gas from people who’ve tried Activia.

What should I eat while using Activia?

If you’re trying to lose weight with Activia, you may want to adopt a low-calorie, healthy diet. The idea is to improve digestive health, so adding foods that contain fiber, like green, leafy vegetables, are a good option. [2]

Does Activia contain fiber?

No, traditional Activ does not contain fiber, but there is an Activia Fiber that does. It also contains cereal pieces so the calories may be a little higher.

Who makes Activia?

Dannon makes Activia.


Does Activ come with a guarantee?

Yes, there is a guarantee on Activia if you use it for two weeks as part of a challenge. We did not find any other mention of refunds or returns in the terms and conditions or on the website.

Do you know of any special deals or promotions for Activia?

On the official website there is a challenge that says you can try out Activ twice a day for four weeks. If it doesn’t work to improve digestion you can request a refund of up to $35.

Activia Scientific Abstracts:


Data collected from major cross-section studies show a beneficial link between higher intake of sugar-sweetened beverages and weight gain as well as obesity in adults and children. Short-term feeding trials resulted in support of sugar-sweetened soda consumption and the induction of positive energy balance. However, there are very few of these reports. One school-based intervention study discovered substantially less sugar-based drink consumption and widespread obesity of children in the intervention group than in the control participants following a 12 month period. The amount of experimental and epidemiologic evidence linking higher intakes of sugar-sweetened beverages to weight gain and obesity is significant. More research is required; however, there is more than enough current evidence to discourage sugary beverage consumption as a part of a healthy lifestyle. [1]


Beverages and foods are sweetened using fructose because it’s inexpensive and contains useful properties for the manufacturing process. Fructose in high fructose corn syrup and sugar lends a sweet quality to drinks, which may ultimately be the reason for soft drink intake obesity. Ingesting fructose has also been linked to metabolic syndrome as well as abnormal lipid patterns. This data indicates that there should be concern about some fructose humans consume, which has been gradually elevating for 200+ years and has been the main source of energy (by over 10%) for some individuals. [2]


When sugar-sweetened beverages were consumed, total energy intakes were elevated to 7.8% (ΔTEI range −7.5 to 18.9). There is a consistency in the studies that have compared nonnutritive sweeteners with water, finding no effects on energy intake within adults (ΔTEI = −1.3, range −9 to13.8). Some studies provide much less certain data when replacing water with juice and milk, seeing raises in total energy intake at test meals of 14.9% (range 10.9 to 23.9). The conclusion from these findings suggests a potentially critical role for water in the decreasing of energy intake, thus an important part in preventing obesity. There is a need for randomized controlled trials. [3]

Vitamin D3

81% of the subjects finished the trial (85% calcium + D group; 78% control group). There was a substantially greater reduction in fat mass loss noticed in the calcium +D group (−2.8±1.3 versus-1.8±1.3 kg; P=0.02) in comparison to control, but no substantial alterations were noticed in body weight change (P>0.05) in either group. Calcium + D participants showed greater reductions in visceral fat mass as well as visceral fat area (P<0.05). Metabolic variables remained unchanged (P>0.05). In conclusion, calcium + vitamin D3 supplement consumption for a 12 week period altered body fat and visceral fat loss within extremely low calcium intake subjects during energy restriction. [4]

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Summer Banks, a content strategist at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 products in the past 10 years. She has years of nursing training, experience as a manager responsible for 15 supplement brands, and completed coursework on Food and Nutrition from Stanford University. full bio.

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is it safe for my 11 year old to eat activia yogurt
for constipation?

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Melisa. Please consult with your physician before having them take activia to make sure it is safe.

   sweeteners such as aspartame

Does the yogurt use artificial sweeteners such as aspartame?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Daniel. Activia does not contain any artificial sweeteners, but it does contain 13 grams of cane sugar in each cup.

  How much per day to take?

What is the suggested amount of activia a person should eat in a day?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Tanis. Activia suggests consuming one cup of their yogurt everyday with breakfast.

  Does Activia give you trips to bathroom?

Does Activia give you trips to the bathroom?


Does Activia cause you to your to the bathroom or can it help with just stomach pain?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Jami. Activia claims to help with regularity and maintaining a healthy gastrointestinal system.

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. Activia claims to help with regularity and maintaining a healthy gastrointestinal system.

  Does Greek activia have more waterin it
Lucy (Verified User)

Does Greek activia have more water in it?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Lucy. Unfortunately, the ingredient label for Greek Activia did not tell us how much water is in the yogurt. If you are seeing some extra water at the top on the container, that’s normal – usually companies do that so you can mix the yogurt up for a smoother taste.

  My doctor recommended it.
claire sen

I have IBS and this made it a lot worse, despite my doctor recommended it. I wonder if it has a high fibre content which is how it feels?

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Clair. Please consult with your physician and let them know that it made your IBS worse to make sure it is safe for you to use activia.

  How much protien is in activia??

How much protien is in activia??

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Tracy. About 4 grams of protein are in each cup of Activia yogurt. This number may vary based on the flavor, though.


If you have an impaired immune system, can you eat activia?


try with ur body if i work for you as everyone have different body type

ann ingham

Can this cause runny nose sinus drainage? Tickle in throat?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Ann, please consult with your physician to make sure this product is not giving you an side effects.

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. Please consult with your physician before taking Activia to make sure it is safe for you to use.

Jo Langley

To have a good bowel movement drink a cup of coffee

Brenda R. Homan

I eat Activia twice a day. I have IBS after eating Activia for a week it help my IBS ! I feel better and my digestive system seems healthier too! Thank you for the information you put on here. Brenda

Julian Lilla

I think Activia works very well. Anytime I need to go to the bathroom it worked so well for me & my mom . We felt relieved in the end. Thank you Activia! 🙂 🙂

Deanna Cheek

I really like Activia. It works. But I am really disappointed in the last purchase of Activia. It is a mix of pineapple and Strawberry. The flavor of each is good but the pieces of “fruit”in both the strawberry and pineapple cups have a woody texture and it is really unpleasant.


I love it- It works for me, helps my digestive system….but even better than that, it has helped my cat, Jack. I have had him and his 3 siblings since they were just days old. He was a finicky eater from day one and I always worried the most about him. His brother and sisters had no digestive issues. Jack had difficulty gaining weight, continued to be a fussy eater, and had vomiting issues. I took him to the vet and they found nothing. However since incorporating Activia, daily into his diet, he has gained weight (which was a relief to me since he was so thin)- and his digestive issues improved. Thank you Activia!!! I love this product!


I was takimg Activia for about a month as my cholesterol was quite high and most other yoghurts were either high in sat.fat or sugar. Then they changed their recipe, more than doubling fat content and increasing sugar. So i had to convert to a yoplait yoghurt. I thought activia was quite nice without the need to conform to consumer’s love for fat and sugar

Lilly Violet

Activia 60 calorie yogart. The new round containers makes the vanilla yogart taste like plastic. You need to check it out, I won’t buy anymore until I hear that the problem has been fixed. It really does taste like the plastic container.

Lilly Violet

Activia no sugar added new round containers, yogart tastes like plastic, dates November. Did the company make a mistake? the old square containers was great but the round containers are unedible, can you change it back the old way, I want a refund.

kori lyn

i just bought a 12 pack of activia this evening in belief that it will help with balacing a womans ph balance and help rid me of BV. Cna you please let me know if i was informed with accurate information. Please and thank you!


It helped
Me a lot, no more BV and I have one yogurt a day.


For about 8 months I had the WORST digestive tract ever. Loose bowel movements or downright explosive diarrhea 4-5 times a day sometimes more and one movement followed by another, the worst, loud gas noises moving through my stomach, stomach pain, not sure if I should fart or not. Someone suggested Kefir to me, but I wasn’t sure about having to prepare the ingredients, so I decided on Activia before going to the doctor. A couple of days into the “Two-Week-Challenge”, I noticed a huge change, my movements weren’t so explosive, or frequent, no discomfort in my stomach, I felt better over all. I was able to go places without fear I’d need a bathroom. Four days into the “Challenge”, I’ve had my first SOLID bowel movement in 8 months. I can speak about all the issues these other people have been having, maybe they should see a doctor. As far as I’m concerned, this product works and works well. I mean 8 months of pooping explosively 4-5 times a day to pooping once or twice a day after 4 days of using this product, AMAZING!!


you may as well eat a candy bar… there is SO MUCU sugar in this crap, not to mention extra ingredients..and made up trade marked ingredients. Last time I checked yogurt had one ingredient. Plain basic yogurt will do the same with far less sugar..if you’re feeling real sassy go buy some probiotics! Don’t eat this crap!!! You’re gonna end up with diabetes.


I love it. My daughter is 3 years old, she has sufering from constipation since she was born. I have taking her to the doctor so many times and the problem is not being solve with anything. I have giving her every single thing the doctor has prescribe and I even opted for giving her fiber, but didn’t work. I started giving her activia last month and this have helped her so much and I feel relief that my daughter is not suffering with her BM anymore. Thank you Activia.


activia has changed my life! I am 66 years old and have had trouble with bowel movements and indigestion all my life. I have been using Activia for about a month, and I am now regular and indigestion has almost disappeared. Thank you for this great product. I have been spreading the news!!

Angele ShaneYour Name

Why the sugar in plain yogurt….it was for my sick dog…..letters are so small on container, are you trying to fool us? Not very honest….16gm sugar in 3/4 cup. I think the limit for the day is 25gm. Won’t be buing this one!

person unnamed

I ate one and then i felt really sick and not good I don’t think i will be eating anymore anytime soon.


Eat it all the time, best thing on the market

Your NameTOni

I haven’t tried Activia and cannot speak for it, but I do know that many probiotic products on the market are contaminated with more bacteria that just the friendly bacteria. I buy world-class third-party-tested refrigerated probiotic supplements only, a brand recommended by my doctor, and they are nothing short of amazing in their good effects on me and my family and extended family as well.


I’ve been taking activia for over a week now. I got online go look up others experience eating it.Ive had the worst stomach pains, diarrhea, and bloating ever. I work out regularly and what pretty healthy. I just bought it would be good to give activia a try since it has probiotics in it. Eating the activia is the only change I’ve had in my diet so it has to be causing these symptoms. Needless to say I’ll no longer eat it.


I have colitis and Irritable bowel syndrome so I tried Activia as I was aware that it could put back good bacteria in your bowel where I might have been losing some good bacteria through my increased loose bowel movements because of my conditions. Anyhow I am not sure if it made me any better as I certainly developed a bit more gas and i still have looser bowel movements and I felt lethargic but no cramps or pain as such but maybe a very small amount of extra colic. so after reading all the reviews on here and other sites I think I will knock it on the head a and stop eating them for now. Any advice on the effects of this product for people with mild colitis would be welcome

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Paul. Please make sure to consult with your physician before continuing to take this product and let them know about the side effects you were experiencing.


Before I used to eat it was okay but now it let me tummy hurt from they change it I am going to stop eat it and try something different.

  It works great !
Sue (Verified User)

I have had mild gastritis since having my gallbladder removed several years ago. Started eating Activia once a day to relieve stomach pain and gastrointestinal issues. It took about a week for my system to adjust to eating the yogurt and now it works great. No more stomach pain or intestinal issues.

  Will never use again !
Maddy (Verified User)

After eating Activia twice a day x 1 week I Ibecame very ill and lost 7 lbs although I am certain some of it is dehydration. I became progressively sicker by the day but it took me some time to connect the problem to the Activia. I had severe gastric distress and bloating. I thought Actitiva would help so I kept forcing it down twice a day. I could eat nothing. I had zero energy, confined to my bed, trying to drink sips of water and was 100% repulsed by the thought of any food or fluid. 5 days into this mess I did a search for Activia and stopped it immediately. It took several day to feel normal and regain my appetite. The horrific gas problem and bloating slowly disappeared. I am not lactose intolerant and can eat anything with no repercussions. NEVER AGAIN. The remainder of these evil little cups of Activia have found their way into the trash. Someone should put a stop to this.


OMFG…. had the worst stomach cramps EVER, after one small container of this….. I decided to stop oral probiotics (to save money) BIG mistake… the shit is just evil.


I ate one container and it have me extreme stomach cramps within 2 hrs. I stayed in bathroom test of the day.


I’m glad to hear this . I mean I’m so sorry it made yall feel awful but , I pray it can help me . I am in so much pain . Been bloated and can not use the restroom whats so ever . So I hope this helps me . Its been so bad I been catching a fever .

  Caused side effects, I am stopping this !
Mtn Maddy (Verified User)

Have been eating 1 Activia Am and PM. No sure if this is the problem I ah terrible abdominal gassy cramping and of course a serious loss of appetite. It’s all gas and the only good thing was that I have a BM daily that looks quite normal. I am stopping it in hopes that this will all subside. GAS X is my new best friend. I am constantly burping or passing gas. Am forcing the plain oatmeat down this am because I cannot live on one can of chicken noodled soup per day. If this all subsides I will be certain it was the Activia.

  Love Activia !
Vicki (Verified User)

Love Activia! Before trying it I did not have normal bm. After eating for a week, my belly is not bloated. I went back to different yogurt for a week or two and other yogurt does not do what Activia does. One thing people need to remember is your body needs WATER. Water will help digestive issues. If you are dehydrated, you will be constipated. I wish you could buy the Peach without the Strawberry. Really don’t like strawberry yogurt.


Activities works well for me. I eat two a day and it keeps me very regular. I know there are purists out there that complain about the sugar content but it really isn’t a big deal

  This has given me pain,bloating,costipation.
Samantha (Verified User)

this product has made me bloated and constipated. I’m constantly in pain ?

Stephen (Editor)

Try visiting the bathroom more often, Samantha. Also try curling into a ball and stretching; these exercises should soothe the gas and make it easier to expel.

  5 star to activia !
L D (Verified User)

I love activia my favorite flavor is the vanilla. This products has improve my digested system. I had similar symtoms other had. It was getting the toxins out my body. I will give Actvia a 5 star. For years I suffer with constipation.

  Stay away from this !
Jeff (Verified User)

I had been using this product for about 45 days and has had MANY of the symptoms listed in the forums. I thought they would go away after time but they only got worse. I have thrown the rest of the yogurt away and I hope the issues associated with the use of this product goes away fast! So much for trying to stay healthier…

  How effective is hyoscyamine sulfate.
Don M.

My problem is extremely loud and embarrassing noises emanating from my bowels – totally socially debilitating, it actually shuts me down completely as far as interacting with others. My GE doctor has prescribed small doses of hyoscyamine sulfate, but both he and my personal care physician have also recommended Activia. Any hope in this as far as anyone knows? Thanks.

Devon (Editor)

That’s a result of gases building up in your gastric tract. First you have to, well… release them. These issues do fade. If they persist or become too much of a discomfort we suggest you stop taking the product.

  I have felt horrible using this.
kim (Verified User)

I have been taking activia yogurt for the last week and a half. I have felt horrible. Today I’ve had major stomach cramps and watery stools allday. More like explosive stools. I’m not taking anymore, but how king does it take for side effects to go away?

Stephen (Editor)

Some dieters say it takes time for your body to accustom itself to the formula. If these ailments persist we recommend you stop and contact your doctor.



  Please dont eat the diet ones !!
Michelle Rogers (Verified User)

Regular one is better. Eaten the diet one alot. Nearly always gives me gas bloating and pain. Vanilla and blueberry plus the prunes. Tried the srrawberry also. The on sale ones at Walmart are Diet. Don’t lick the top. Fyi the glue can make you sick. It can cause head aches also the diet ones. Glad I read the website. A lot of yogurt can expire. Keep off the top shelf. If watery don’t eat it. I ate 1 today it had been up on the top shelf. Feel awful for 3 hours. Everyone should check lactose intolerance after age 38
Bodies change. Ate activia 9/10 years
Ingredients have changed. Last two to three years. I repeat don’t eat the diet ones.

  Its use has side effects.
Kelley (Verified User)

This product use to work for me. I’ve had a hard time going to the bathroom regulary my whole life and it really helped at first. Been consistant with it like they recommend where before I would have one here and there and and now I have horrible gas and stomach cramping. My stomach is super bloated and hurts if I inhale deeply in my abdomin. Will be throwing away the rest of this yogurt this is just too much.



Stephen (Editor)

um… ok…



  my belly starts cramping
Nikki (Verified User)

im still in the air… I started this challange just a few days ago to help me along with my weight loss goals. Didnt really have to many issues going to the restroom. Id say i had more soft stools before… Now taking activa i dont poo much durning the day it ends up coming in the middle of the night my belly starts cramping and then i have thicker stools followed by the runs… Is this normal?

Stephen (Editor)

SOme dieters report this to be normal. If it persists beyond stoping please contact your doctor.


the taste of the yoguart is wonderful!


They recently changed the recipe o non gmo. Tastes terrible. Very bitter with horrible after tadte. I will not buy again.

   I hope it works.
Anonymous (Verified User)

I had my gallbladder removed 3 weeks and activia was recommended to stop the constant gas and bloating. I have changed my diet as required but still the gas and bloating. This will be my challenge. I hope it works.

  Good product
Jackie (Verified User)

Relieved! I was constipated for two weeks. After taking a laxative that only worked one day, I decided to try activia. A week later and wow! Good product.

  I have horrible problems
Kim (Verified User)

I have horrible problems with my bowels and have had for several years. I am on day one with the Activia challenge but I know your diet will influence the outcome of experience. I have learned from my GI doc you have to find the right balance to regulate yourself.

  expired date on packaging
jerry (Verified User)

I hate the print of expired date on packaging even someone with laser vision cant see it.

  I love activia !
L D (Verified User)

I love activia my favorite flavor is the vanilla. This products has improve my digested s

  I haven't seen anyone else
Don (Verified User)

I’m really astonished with all this talk about diarrhea, and severe side effects. I have none, And it the total opposite. for me it makes my stool very firm and well formed. Which is a big change from my usual Irregular bowel habits. I notice if I stop eating it for a few days. I go back to loose soft stool. I haven’t seen anyone else mention this.

  It tastes great.
Linda (Verified User)

I just wanted to say thank you for putting out your new Activia drink – much more convenient for me time-wise and it tastes great.

Thanks Again for your product!

  Just used it yesterday
Pat M (Verified User)

I tried it yesterday and have diarrhea today, but, somehow the garbage in our systems has to come out, so I think that is the reason for my discomfort. I will switch from Activia to a probiotic and avoid the artificial sweeteners, but think about the fact that if we have unhealthy junk in our system, it has to come out somewhere, and it may not be comfortable.

  Product just wasn't for me
Harold (Verified User)

It is bad news!it worked for sister,but messed me up.seven days— still getting over bad results—

   Activia has worked wonders for me. I feel fantastic!
Wheelz (Verified User)

It’s very hard for me to believe all the complaints listed here. I was having a terrible time with my gut – constant bloating and feeling miserable, on top of constipation. I started doing Acrivia, the regular stuff (can’t hack the after-taste of the low fat crap). Within a week’s time, I was feeling great! I have been doing two Activia a day for 4 months and I feel fantastic! I use a wheelchair so it’s difficult to find a scale to weigh. Several friends have told me I look like I’m loosing weight. Y’all say what you will… Activia has worked wonders for me. I feel fantastic!

  What is happening to me?
Amy Norman (Verified User)

I started the Activia 14 day test. I’m now in the middle of the second 14 day cycle. I have diarrhea almost every day. At first I was thinking I was really bound up due to the opiates I take. Out of 14 days, I had 3, maybe 4 days without the runs. And when I say runs, when I get then its ALL day. It’s so aweful. The other day I looked a good 7 mths pregnant. Idk if I should keep on eating thus stuff? Will the diarrhea stop? I stopped eating it for 5 days now and I have had the runs STILL all day long. What’s happening to me?


Why do you insult our intellligence. Bifotus regularous. Really? Omg stupid

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Amy. Please consult with your physician before taking Activia again to make sure it is safe for you to use.

  I love this product!
Bridgett (Verified User)

I Love Love Activia.. I was lucky to go poo 2 times a month for years.eatting Activia has changed that for me ..I go everyday now regularly ..and I don’t have a tore up stomach.. thanks Activia

  I can be the best spokesperson
Evelyn Lockhart (Verified User)

I can be the best spokesperson you have ever had. I’m an individual who had problems with my bowels since 2008. I have not been able to control my bowels and have no more use now for depends. Thanks Activia. I refuse to believe someone’s condition was as bad as mine and got a miracle this great. Hope you get what I’m trying to say and you use me as a spokesman.

  Worked before and would use it again
Mayra (Verified User)

I started taking activia 4 months ago and I could see results in a week. I usually get bloted and feel a lot of discomfort and pain in lower abdomen.
Now the day that I don’t take activia I am back to a bad day.
I guess I will be taking activia as long as I am able to..
It works and it tastes pretty good too.

  It works and it tastes good
Carolyn (Verified User)

I have tried activia and not only does it taste good it works or at least it worked for me

  Now I have beautiful abs
Anonymous (Verified User)

I love Activia!!!!! I use to have lots of pain in my stomach guess what I don’t have pain any longer and the bloating was terrible I looked 9 months pregnant since I have been taking Activia guess what I have beautiful abs no more stomach pains Thank You Activia Iam one happy!!!!! Customer!!!!!!!!!!

  Activia challenge and it worked.
angela (Verified User)

I did.the Activia challenge and it worked.

  I started eating Activia
TD (Verified User)

I started eating Activia over the past 2 months(about 2 per day) while in Florida for the winter. About 6 weeks ago I started getting a very itchy scalp. I have been back Florida for the last 10 days and continued to eat Activia each day. I have now developed a rash on my stomach, arms, legs and continue to have a very itchy scalp. I thought it may have been because of the sun but some of the rashes are in places not exposed to the sun. Eating the Activia is the only thing that is different about my eating habits. Anyone else have this problem?

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. You might be having an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients. Please consult with your physician before taking this product again.

robert baker

I’ve never been so sick in my life after eating Activia. It started with constipation, and unimaginable pain – so much I drove myself to the emergency room thinking I might have a blockage. Now, the treatment is diarrhea. It’s been two weeks and I’m still not back to normal.

  Love it
Lorraine (Verified User)

I have been eating Activia for years. Love it. My problem is malabsorption following gallbaldder removal in 2005. The Activia really helps my digestion and soothes the bile acid in my stool.

  Product just wasn’t for me
vicky (Verified User)

I would like you to keep selling this not so much Greek kind that is to strong upsets my stomach. Thank you please good doesn’t need to be messed with don’t change

  I love this stuff thanks activia.
Lashanda (Verified User)

I was having problems in my stomach i was bloated all the time until i seen a commerical about activia how it helps your digestive tract i tried it an in two weeks i felt good i put myself to the test to see if i could do without the activia and i started back feeling down i started back on the activia and now i can put it down just finshed one now i love this stuff thanks activia people keep up the good work

  I've been taking Activia Haven't been constipated
Shanta (Verified User)

Activia is number one in my book, I have wen taking it for over a yearand it is the best. I was on medication since 2010 for my constipation but every sense I’ve been taking Activia Haven’t been constipated and I would endorse this product to anyone at any time.

  I am using Activia with very LITTLE effect.
June spicer

I have been using Activia for two weeks since arriving in the U.S. prior to coming here I bought your ProOikio yogurt with 8 billion live cultures in each pkg. within two days my gut was FLAT! I cannot find it here, am using Activia with very LITTLE effect. I am also drinking DanActive which states it has 10billion cultures in each drink. It seems some better, but does not generate the results of your ProOikos yogurt. Please bring it into the U.S. and send. me a case. June Spicer.

  It really works I love it.
Linda Celez (Verified User)

I am a faithful Activia Yogurt eater. No matter what anyone else says it really works I love it. I eat 1 everyday almost with out fail. I was wondering if you could start making Activia yogurt with Stevia. That would make me love it even more and I think your sales on the diet stuff would soar. No one want to eat chemicals that the artificial sweetners provide. I hear all the time and I am one of them too. Stevia is natural I grew it in my back yard. It is wonderful. I don’t understand why more companies don’t use it. Please give it a try you won’t be sorry and I will be very grateful. Thank so much for your time.


Stevia is not natural. It is made with GMO corn. Get a clue.


About the comment on stevie being made with G.M.O corn. You were telling her to get a clue. You need to get a clue because she was referring to the Stevie PLANT. I have grown it as well. The leaves are VERY SWEET NATURALLY! IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH GMO CORN. She’s referring to sweetening with the stevie plant..


wow get it right lol

maritza mcgee

I have been eating activia for a while it does works but I’m very upset just bought the prune and my surprise was a finger nail in there,I’m so sick thinking how u r packing this product no gloves,I’m from Coram NY and I bought the produt @ meat farms supermarket in port Jefferson NY please check your employees


How much yogurt should I eat to lose weight and I saw the coment about the finger nail in the yogurt and o don’t think I’m going to eat activis just because of that comment but I would eat if someone replies to my question how much yogurt should I eat to lose weight???


I hate to tell you this but you are not going to lose weight by just eating yogurt lol. Exercise is key to losing weight ALONG with improving your diet. Definitely have some yogurt! But if your not going to make every other meal a healthy one as well you won’t see much improvement.

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. All dieters have different weight loss results. For detailed product instructions please refer to the official Activia website for more information.

   i enjoy yogurts

Artificial sweetner taste yet claims to say No Sugar. Causes headaches, i enjoy yogurts i can add my own fresh fruit and honey.

   one Activia carton

I LOVE Activia, I had constipation problems my entire life, until I started having one Activia carton every morning for breakfast. So glad it is available worldwide as we travel a fair amount. It really does work!!!

   side affects

waiting on response about giving a 3 yr. old activia and if it has any side affects if he has been having seizers

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Lester. Please consult with your physician before having them take activia to make sure it is safe.


Activa did a number on me with intense gas, bloating and farting!
It is being thrown out today and replaced by trader joes Greek organic yogurt that works just fine!

  Love vanilla
Nita Marceaux (Verified User)

It works but please make vanilla Greek activia. Love vanilla

NA (Verified User)

Worse product ever do not waste your money on it as you can watch they will remove this post. I have been sick 2 days after trying this product…with bloating and screaming diarrhea.

   stomach feels
U S ARMY RETIRED (Verified User)

I tried Activia, one day at work during a graveyard shift at the prison. 30 minutes go by stomach begins to cramp and then the diarrhea for 2 hours. Within the first hour i began to vomit. My stomach feels like its going to explode as we speak. It has been 4 hours and im still hurting i do not want to even walk. This is the worse product on the market and i would suggest not using it. I will never buy anything rel;ated to this product again.

  Likely heartburn

Is there any correlation with chest pains? I know I should be goin to the dr but thought I’d ask cause I have strange aches in the leFt pectoral area and cool feeing on that side of the chest. Thought I’d ask if it may be relative, since I just began eating activia. Likely heartburn flares?

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Jerry. Please consult with your physician to make sure it is safe for you to use

Armand (Verified User)

The digestive system varies markedly different by individual.
All these people who are doing well with Activia obviously have a different system than those who are not. Hey Researchers go find out why!


I totally agree! Explain why some people don’t have problems while others do! I tried Activia yesterday and within an hour or less began having terrible stomach pains, nausea and had to race to the bathroom! It’s been overnight now and the pain is still horrible! Will never use this product again! The rest of the packs are going in the garbage!

  Sweetness and taste terrible!
Karlene Schulz (Verified User)

I have been a loyal activia light user for several years. Lately, a lot of the stores that I regularly shop at have stopped carrying it! My favorite is raspberry! Anyway, the last couple of batches that I have purchased have been horrible! The color is the first clue ! Instead of being a pale pinkish color, they have been more creamy in color! They are void of sweetness and taste terrible! I actually have put Truvia on it so is can get it down! What’s the problem.? I’m ready to switch!

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Karlene. For detailed product ingredients please refer to the official activia website for more information.

  I like Activia, My side effect is minor gas.
April (Verified User)

I like Activia, I have a bad digestive system. Certain food I can’t really digest and Pepsi or another soda
products. My doctor already told me it
was acid build up but I’ve been eating this yogurt for 2 days and now I can
drink soda without acid building and not having my stomach feel clenched
up. So basically I actually feel a lot better and somewhat a little healthier. I can drink a can of Dr. Pepper without a stomach ache. My side effect is minor gas though but I’d give a fair review.


Your gas could just be from the carbonated drinks you are consuming


How long after “used by date” can you eat activa Greek yogurt? We love it…

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Patsy, it is not recommended to take this product after its expiration date.

Bifidus is a good bacteria that helps regulate your GI tract.

bifidus is a good bacteria that helps regulate your GI tract

  I would not buy activia again.
lisa (Verified User)

I would eat 1 Activia a day, with in 5mins. of eatting it, I was in the rest room. It gave me very lose and water like stool. Also, it gave me gas in my stomach. I would not buy activia again


Actually that shows it is working the way it should…activating the digesting sysytem…

  My glucose levels rise so much that I am considerate a biabetic.
Charlotte H Thompson (Verified User)

I ate Activia 3 times a day recommend by your product for digestion benefits and now my glucose levels rise so much that I am considerate a biabetic. I have a refigerator full before I found out this information. Thank you.

  It definitely keeps me regular.
Carol (Verified User)

I have been using Activia for appox.6 months. I eat one a day and it definitely keeps me regular; the strawberry flavor is great. Have had no cramping, etc.

  I tried activia and it was the worst idea i ever had.
Katelyn (Verified User)

I tried activia and it was the worst idea i ever had. I feel as though they should sell it with a free package of adult diapers. Jamie Lee Curtis really let me down with this one..


I tried it 5 years ago after a surgery because the pain meds were causing constipation, and it worked well for that. but when I was done with the pain meds, the yogurt was a bit too much. But oddly enough, I have been recovering from some sort of bug that has caused diarrhea and was told to get some activia by a doctor. I ate one of the small “light” activia containers and my stomach settled down immediately– it had the effect of calming the problem right down. I expected the opposite. So in my case it seemed to make me regular when I was constipated from medication, and stopped the diarrhea from this intestinal bug. Very weird. I probably won’t need it once the intestinal issue is gone. Strange results, but I feel better today than I have in three weeks.

  Loved the product.
jadajag (Verified User)

I eat one activia every other day and it works so good on me. My doctor told me I would be on Miralax for the rest of my life because of the trouble I have but I have found that one Activia every other day works great and tastes good. I feel so much better. I have had a little gas and a little cramping but not enough to bother me much.

  Hated the product.
Amy (Verified User)

I have been suffering for several weeks with Gastritis/H Pylori infection and I’m on a 2 week course of triple antibiotic therapy. It was suggested to me to try Activia yogurt to help replenish some lost intestinal flora….wish I could punch that person in the head. Within minutes of eating it, my stomach blew up with air and started cramping….2 hours later the vomiting began-11 times. I will never again take one bite of this horrible product!


Maybe it was just you then. My husband is a physician and I am a registered nurse. Activia works great for our entire family as well as many of our patients. We love it and will continue to recommend the products in our practice. Just like every product out there, it might not be for them. Does not mean its a horrible product.

  Loved the product.
Charlotte (Verified User)

Activia is AWSOME…….I take it everyday…. Keeps me regular… I have more energy… And I just feel better…. I brag about all the time……..

  Hated the product.
john (Verified User)

YES! I’ve had acid reflux so bad after taking it. I’m throwing the rest out!

  Loved the product.
Robert Riedinger (Verified User)

I had problems with diarrhea and constipation and Activia has solved both problems. The only thing I notice is I feel nausea right after I eat one.

  Hated the product
carol (Verified User)

I’m sorry to say I was disappointed in the effectiveness of Activia. I followed the recommendation of 3 servings/day for 3 weeks and found very little digestive benefit. To the contrary, I gained weight and when I stopped its use I had a tremendous amount of gas for 4-5 days. I would not recommend this product and will throw away those still in my refrigerator.

  Loved the product
Patricia Glaze (Verified User)

I was told you are not putting out the large containers of activia, the individual ones are the only sizes. Please I purchase the larger container each week.

  Do you guys read comments?
underpaid slave (Verified User)

do the overpaid white collar actually read these remarks because these comments are really true and your product really isn’t that great!!!

  Didn't like your commercial
underpaid slave (Verified User)

your commerical is really annoying with that jamie lee, Instead of spending all the money on those high paid advertising companies get real people that really need the money instead of the rich who are really rich and don’t need the money like us underpaidslaves that have to work to 2 to 3 jobs and then have to see where this jamie lee lives who cares she is a annoy overpaid awful actress.

  Need more information about its ingredients
emy spear (Verified User)

I bought 8 jars of Activia Luscious cherry.About an hour after having one jar, I had an allergic reaction-itchy all over my body and my throat was closing up-I had to take anti-histamine tablet.I was too scared to eat another and had to throw them away.I am coeliac and as well cannot eat bananas and allergic to iodine.I checked other stuff I had eaten but that had been many hours before and can still eat the other stuff.Is there something in the yoghurt that isn’t mentioned?At this time I am avoiding any yoghurt with Bifidus ActiRegularis in it.

  Didn't do anything to my husband

I had my husband eat 3 activia a day for 6 Weeks and nothing. Doctor told us you could eat 15 a day and it wouldn’t be the equivalent of 1 otc pro biotic pill. What a waste of money. Commercial is very deceiving. Your better off buying a bottle of probiotics.


You’re dead wrong. It works. Whoever your doctor is, he or she is an incompetent idiot. Activia promotes regularity. It contains a specific bacteria that does this. You’re NOT better off buying a bottle of probiotics. I’ve tried them all, altho’ Align shows promise.

  It is a really good yogurt!
Anonymous (Verified User)

People activia is for the stomach if you don’t read! I think It is really good for people with digestion problems is really good if you guys don’t like it you don’t have to put does bad comments either.. Sorry but is a really good yogurt and really helps with the stomach


It might work well for some but not all. Probiotics I’m sure is great. But someone lactose intolerant it can cause pains and constipation.


I’m sorry but someone lactose intolerant would be affected by any kind of dairies (cheese, yogurt, milk…) cause all of them contain lactose naturally and in fact people who are lactose intolerant simply do not have the enzyme lactose that digests it. I personally think that Activia is a very good product but as any product it may turn badly for some people, in case they were on a diet or had specific problems, I drink Activia from time to time and never felt any gas nor cramps nor any of the side effects already mentioned. I think the problem with people is trust, once a study from a third party is made of how much this bacteria is beneficial everyone will calm down.

  Activia concerns
Tami (Verified User)

What is so different about the patented Regularis strain? As a quadriplegic with a low bowel motility (and sometimes constipation from pain meds), I am always seeking solutions. I’ve been eating the regular Activia 2x/day for a week. I’m experiencing the bloating, extreme gas and stomach cramping. But I’m also eliminating so much stool, I can’t believe it or understand where it could all come from!

An even bigger benefit has been a much quicker elimination. Normally I have a BM every other day and need a suppository to start the peristalsis motion in my bowels. (I use the Magic Bullet water soluble brand that works 3x faster than a Ducolax glycerin suppository.). Still, the BM process takes 1.5 to 3 hours.

This past week with Activia, the transit time has reduced to 30 -45 minutes! I have needed to go 2x/day. Once, in the middle of the night again without the suppository to quick start the peristaltic movement.

A week into the ‘Challenge’, the BM’s are not as spontaneous or volatile. However, the BM is followed by a cup or two of watery mucous-y discharge that hurts because it burns (acid, maybe?).

For the past 25 years, I believe I have tried every acidophilus product on the market and eat sugar free natural unflavored yoghurts. Never have I experienced results like this! I feel like My intestines are being scrubbed out with brushes.

I’m hoping that the pain and discomfort will diminish by the end of this week. Also, the spontaneous urge to ‘go’ so often is impractible for me.

So, what is so unique about the Activia culture to cause such symptoms? Is there anything available that would do the same? I don’t like adding sugar and high fructose corn syrup to my diet?

Another side effect this past week has been ‘oily urine’. Anybody know why that would happen? I hope I can hear that the oil is fat being burned in my body. 🙂

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Tami. Please consult with your physician before continuing to take activia to make sure it is safe for you to use.

  Diarrhea on activia
mariaT (Verified User)

I had one carton of activia this morning & after one meal experience really bad Diarrhoea. clearly this isnt supposed to happen, but why? It was so bad & just from a yogurt. Should this product be on the market if this is the case for some customers?

Stephen (Editor)

We’re sorry to hear that, Maria. It is possible for people to experience symptoms like this.

  Will continue eating Activia
Robin (Verified User)

I have been eating activia for the last year and I feel great.I love the taste.I have eaten different kinds of products and did not like the taste of them. I have had no problems with cramping or any of those things. I feel great everyday. When I do not take activia everyday I feel crampy. I also have a cat that eats activia everyday, she just loves the taste. She also will not eat any other brands. I will continue eating activia and also my cat will continuing eating activia.

  No to artificial sweetener

Get the high froctose corn syrup and artificial sweetners out of Activia, and then I will start to use your product again–until then you have lost customers. Thank you Patsy

  I love Activia
Carol Wesley (Verified User)

I love Activia and have definitely had fewer sluggish days since eating it 2x daily. Why is the cherry flavor not available in the light variety. This is truly my favorite flavor and being a Weight Watcher member and employee I would prefer to have it available in light but have had to buy the regular variety for the past month or so. Suffice it to say, Activia is one of my daily staples.

  Activia is great
Annie Gabani (Verified User)

I have been reading all the negative comments about activia. I am lactose intolrtant and have IBS for years. I decided to try Activia when it first came out and am very happy to say my IBS is gone (sure occasionally have diarhrea) but I am very pleased with this product. I eat 3-4 cups a day. Am I the only person in this world who has had good results with product? Try taking Phillips Colon Health. That is also a good product. If Activia is sooo bad it would not be on the market. Thanks Activia, I think you are GREAT1! 🙂 !!!

  We love Activia!
ellie carr (Verified User)

we love Activia!My little dog Mocha is in Heaven when given the chance have some! I wish you could see him. But you can on Facebook! Ellie Carr

  Calories per serving
Beverly. Pearson

I am dieting . I need to know how many calories are. In active 4 oz serving Please

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Beverly. For detailed product servings please refer to the official activia website for more information.

  Worst thing I could've done to myself
David Rise (Verified User)

I was already fairly regular, but wanted to see if this product would make any difference. I tried it for two weeks, but saw no difference at all. When I quit taking it, I became constipated and very irregular. It has been a week, and I have not returned back to normal. Worst thing I could’ve done to myself.

  Best Activa yogurt
Michael A Krzykowski (Verified User)

after trying probionics for six months after stomach irregualities, this stuff activa sure works swell…tried liquid forms mixed with V8 to taste, milk probionics also…this one activia after two days seems to be the best .reg yogurt,nah

  Information about the ingredients
Anonymous (Verified User)

what is in it?…ASPARTAME!!!! Aspartame dissolves into solution and can therefore travel throughout the body and deposit within any tissue. The body digests aspartame unlike saccharin, which does not break down within humans. basically EQUAL(sugar). not good for you at all!! activia may help with some people and there digestion. but after knowing what is in it i would strongly suggest just have a good amount of fiber in your diet and it will give you the same outcome.

  Has worked wonders for me!
Teresa (Verified User)

I LOVE Activia! I have been eating every morning for months(if not a yr)for my stomach and I have to admit that it has worked wonders for me. I was lactose intolerant, stayed constipated, would get an upset stomach a lot after eating and now all this has disappeared. It may not work for you but it has worked wonders for me!!

  Is it safe for kids?
Shanie (Verified User)

Great question! my 5 yr old son has had my activia and ate it,liked it.but is it safe?

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Shanie. Please consult with your physician before having them take activia to make sure it is safe for them to take.

  Want to know more about ingredients
mike (Verified User)

Why use artificial sweetners such as the nasty ASPARTAME use natural sweetner. It surpossed to be 200 times sweeter than suger.

  Suggestions to make the product better
Anonymous (Verified User)

get rid of the ARTIFICIAL SWEETNERS such as ASPERTAME you know they are bad.

  How long before symptoms go away?
Alicia (Verified User)

Like many comments on this thread I have eaten Activia for 7 days and wish I had read these negative comments before I tried it bc I have been suffering from stomach aching and headaches all week while eating this. I almost wonder if I have an infection and I haven’t had one for 16 yrs! Its been 3-4 I haven’t eaten anymore Activias and still not back to my old self. Has anyone with these symptoms tell me how long this will hang around after quitting?


Did you ever go back to normal? It’s been 6 days since I ate it and I still don’t have an appetite.


Bad stuff feelin so bad

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Alicia. Please consult with your physician if you continue to have side effects to make sure this product is safe for you to take.

  Product is not good for my health
Shell (Verified User)

OMG! The pain is so bad I thought I was having a heart attack! My stomach hurts, taking a regular breath causes pain and the radiating pain through my chest, back and neck are not fun. Tried this product once before months ago and wasn’t sure if that was what caused symptoms. Now that I’ve tried it again with the same results, I will be avoiding this product.

  Product just wasn’t for me
Donna (Verified User)

I tried Activia when I was having stomach problems that I later determined were caused by fish oil pills. Cutting out the pills helped a great deal but there was still some gurgling which did not go away with a daily serving of Activia. I kept eating it anyway because I think it’s delicious. I didn’t get to the store this weekend and went four days without yogurt, noticing I had no stomach gurgles or gas. I bought more Activia last night and had one today. The gurgles and gassy feeling started literally within 2-3 minutes. I’m going to give it up which is too bad because I do love the taste.

  Product just wasn’t for me

No thanks, I can be regular without it. The commercials are disgusting as well as untrue, they make it sound like everyone in the world is constipated. The toilet paper people must love this product.

Health Coach

Actually if you aren’t having movement after each snack or meal you are considered constipated. If you are having one movement a day it’s considered “safe”. But most people are indeed constipated to some degree.

  Is there a limit?

can u eat as many activias as u want during a day?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Cashmere. For detailed product instructions and how many per day is safe to take, please refer to the official activia website for more information.

  Made me feel sick
dsafs (Verified User)

This stuff made me sick for a week straight.

  This stuff is not good for us

The Activia commercials are very nice and indeed inviting…..The only thing is that they are not true. Activia contains Aspertame…One of the worst things we can put into our bodies. That stuff is not good for us in more ways than one.

  Is this gluten free
Kim Novak

Is Activia gluten free?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Kim. For detailed product information and ingredients please refer to the official activia website for more information.

  Don't need the product at all
don (Verified User)

Found in my grocerys about a month ago.Tried it.I used to take 10 or more antacid pills a day.Now i dont need them at all.Thanks!

  Product isn't produced for health reasons
KER (Verified User)

The probiotic culture may be good for the digestive system, but nothing is WORSE for the gut than sugar. This product isn’t produced for health reasons, but rather for high sales to people who believe what Dannon is trying to sell through the packaging and commercials.
A good sugarless, plain yogurt (only ingredients should be live cultures and milk (NOTHING ELSE)) is the best way to go. Or a probiotic in a pill form. If you want some flavor, add a touch of honey and/or whole fruit.

  I would stop taking this
Hannah (Verified User)

I thought I was having serious toilet problems and was scared when my midwife told me I should get a stool sample sent off for testing, due to prolonged diarrhea the past 2 weeks. Then a friend on a forum suggested it could be my activia addiction ! I have been eating two per day for the last few weeks and have seriously suffered because of it ! I loved the flavour and the texture too so I am gutted I’ll have to stop!

  like the taste
Anonymous (Verified User)

like the taste, lost 6 lbs (with exercise), but SEVERE MIGRAINE OCCURENCES, with occular flashing lights, scared me, had to see a Neurologist! 4 days in a row! Throwing out the aspartame-filled poison!

l aokley

I have been eating Activia for a little over a month and started having having stabbing pain in my head on one side and blurry vision in the same eye. Been to the dr and even had a ct scan, can’t find anything. Now he wants me to see a Neurologist. Is this the kind of headache you had?

jan rosentreter

can activia be frozen

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Jan. For detailed product instructions please refer to the official activia website for more information.

JEAN (Verified User)


  I can't stop the regimen
LW (Verified User)

I used to have problems with cramps and gas until I started eating Activia. It cured the problem and I now eat one cup every other day. The only problem seems to be that I can’t stop the regimen. If I go more than 2 days without Activia the cramps return. How can I get off of this stuff?

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. Please consult with your physician if you continue to have side effects to make sure this product is safe for you to take.

  Lost 10 pounds in one month

how can i lost 10 pounds in one month


the lemonaid diet by stanley burroughs.. google it. youll thank me later. 15-20pounds in two weeks. its a wonderful cleanser that i use once every two weeks

Victoria (Editor)

Hi. All dieters have different weight loss results. Some users loose weight faster/slower than others.

  product just wasn’t for me
Camille (Verified User)

My 8 year old had some today and within minutes had stomach cramps and diarrhea. She is not lactose intolerant….will stick to regular yogurt.

My mom has been eating it and experiencing cramps and diarrhea (she couldn’t figure out what was wrong)…after my daughter’s experience today, and my subsequent research I’ve I told her to stop.

  I've been giving her three per day is that too many
marquita (Verified User)

my momther is on many diffrent pain killers and she must move her bowels everyday. question is how may activia should she have, I’ve been giving her three per day is that too many?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Marquita. For detailed product use instructions and how many per day to take, please refer to the official activia website for more information.

  I lost 67 pounds in 2 months.
Anonymous (Verified User)

Eat one cup in the morning with 1 diet soda. Thats all. I lost 67 pounds in 2 months.


I bet you had alot of diarrhea! Is that how you lost the weight? This stuff gave my cramps.


ok well day two went without a hitch… ate an activia regular yogurt about an hour after eating dinner, had a normal BM yesterday, no discomfort or anything, I am however taking a digestive enzyme capsule with my dinner, I asked my mom about the Activia and she said she had eaten it before and that it did not make sure sick either… so maybe you guys are having issues digesting an ingredient in the yogurt and not necessarily the Bifidus Regularis (sp)… well good luck everyone.. If I take a c**p in my boxers, I’ll certainly be back and let ya’ll in… 🙂 Happy Holidays… 😀

  Chobani Greek
Donovan (Verified User)

Chobani Greek yogurt is better in comparison to Activia. I brought a 12 pack of activa lite, last night; ate one container with some nuts, now I have serious gas and stomach cramps. I’m switching to Chobani!

  Very happy
Mrspug (Verified User)

I have been having diarrhea since I tried Activia. This isn’t for me. I have longed suffered from constipation but this seems to have just the opposite effect. Not good!!!!!


Activia gave me bad headaches but I didn’t think it was the activa I have been on it for abtout 2 weeks and it didn’t work at all.

   customer service department
Victoria (Editor)

Hi Diana. Please contact the activia customer service department to see what the issue is.

  How do you "take" it, all in one mouthful

Why do people keep saying they “take” Activia? I take an aspirin but eat Activia. It’s almost like people don’t understand how to use the English language. I have been eating Activia for the past 2 years without any discomfort at all. I was soo constipated that I only went to the bathroom a couple of times a month and that was with laxatives every day. Now I go once a day with no gas, bloating, smell or diarrhea. I think we are all different. Just like some of us “eat” Activia and some of us “take” Activia” How do you “take” it, all in one mouthful and then wash it down with water? Maybe that is why you feel sick. Also, the light versions have aspartame the regular version has sugar. So stop complaining about aspartame, buy the regular.


Thank you for bringing this to their attention!!! “Take” activia, “Eat” activia. I think I will keep “eating” it.

  Has there been any research done on using Activia for dogs with digestive problems?
Joan Bozeman

Has there been any research done on using Activia for dogs with digestive problems?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Joan. For detailed product use instructions please refer to the official activia website for more information.

  I would advise people to not eat this yogurt!
Not impressed. (Verified User)

I ate activia once a day for simply two days and I would like to say I haven’t felt that sick in a long time! I stopped taking it today is my first day without it and my stomach seems to be cramping up even worse! I would advise people to not eat this yogurt!

  Bad Commercial.
Rick Carter

Cannot stand your commercial where the idiot says< MMMrrrellygoooodd"

  I think the commercial is negative.
Joanne Weiss (Verified User)

Activia is ok but can get the same results from plain greek yogurt..
What I REALLY want to do is comment on the commercial. The guy in the park who reluctantly is trying the yogurt looks like he dislikes it so much that he can’t swallow it OR that he hasn’t really tasted it because he hasn’t swallowed it yet. I don’t think that is a positive image at all!

  disgusting add with man talking with food in his mouth
j dunn

disgusting add with man talking with food in his mouth

  Activia taste is good.
Katie (Verified User)

I find the new dessert flavors to have a different texture. I don’t think it helps any more than any other yogurt in terms of digestion, but it tastes good.

  I lost my money, Not a good product.
frances bottini (Verified User)

i was duing to try activia so i bought the four back today is 9/28/10 but i bought it last week and the date sept 19 is it still ok to eat it otherwise i lost my money and as a senior on a fix income it’s hard but if it’s ok i would like to know thanki you i’ll be waiti9ng for an answer


the live cultures may not work – you should talk to your doctor or some kind of health professional. personally i wouldnt.

  This yogurt should be banned!
Amber (Verified User)

TERRIBLE!! I’m bloated! I have gas! & yesterday I nearly died trying to pass my BM! Not trying to disgust anyone but it was very large & rock hard! This yogurt should be banned!


i had the reverse effect the first two days it was soft the third day i had the new desseret and blew out the toilet 3 times in a row it was all yellow water i thought it was my vitamins but after reading this i know what it was

  Best yogurt I have ever tasted.
Joanne (Verified User)

I am looking for a coupon, this is the best yogurt I have ever tasted, eat it all the time.

  I hate this product.
Chris (Verified User)

I now associate that fat blob guy in the commercial with Activia. The sound of his slobby mouth is so disgusting that I wouldn’t even touch the item on the grocer’s shelf. I mute the TV or change channel now that I’m wise to this horrid commercial. And I’m getting just a bit tired of Jamie Lee Curtis too. As if she doesn’t have enough money in her life, now she’s gotta keep whoring as a shill for products? Do a stage play or something for heaven’s sake. Anything. Just skip the lousy TV commercials.

  you have an ad that is most disgusting.
donna greig

I have a complaint about the ads you have We teach our kids not to talk with our mouths full, yet you have an ad that is most disgusting.

  i think your new commercial with the couple in the park is so stupid.

i think your new commercial with the couple in the park is so stupid. the guy looks like he wants to throw up the yogurt. if you want people to try it you should make better commercials

  Yogurt is "beyond" nasty.

Yogurt is “beyond” nasty … any kind. There isn’t enough money to get me to eat it.

  Your commercial is "beyond" disgusting.

Do parents teach their children not to talk with their mouths full anymore? Your commercial is “beyond” disgusting.

  How rude can it get?

I want to say the most recent commercial where the man talks with his mouth full of yogurt is disgusting and it makes me sick. How rude can it get?


I thought I was the only one who cringed when the fat guy shovels the Activa into his mouth says w/o swallowing, “This is SO good!” It’s a disgusting attempt to promote a food product. Activia, I would fire that ad agency pronto.

  Bad experience of using Activia
Kelli (Verified User)

I have been eating activa for 5 days I always felt really bloated and it has help with that.I’m feel some discomfort with the cramps but I think I will stick it out to see what 14 days will do.

  Activia Yogurt works well.
terry (Verified User)

I recently started having terrible heartburn and belching. My throat would be burning in the morning from heartburn. I was ready to make an appointment to see my doctor, when I remembered the only real change in my diet was the Activia Yogurt that I’d been eating for about 2 weeks! It took 2 additional weeks for the heartburn to totally subside.

  Activia is not for me.
Joe (Verified User)

I like all kinds of milk and yogurt products and never have any problems with them. I tried Activia. First day, diarrhea. Then 3 days constipation. Then 3 days pushing way too hard for little results. I’m going back to my regular yogurt today. Activia is not for me.

  Product just wasn’t for me
Melissa (Verified User)

I only had three cups of this stuff and I’ve experienced horrid cramps and water diahorrea!I just saw it in my grocery and decided to try. Never again!!!!


I just ate one of each flavor, just to see what each one tasted like … Oh no! (0 0)

  I took Activia for 2 days and got horrible cramps
Stacey (Verified User)

I took Activia for 2 days and got horrible cramps and gurgling in my stomach. I stopped taking it and now I have such lower belly bloating and pressure. I wouldnt advise anyone taking this. I just want to know how long it will take to get back to normal and no pressure in my stomach, or diaharea.

  Dose activia work for both man and woman?
yisaira quinones (Verified User)

dose activia work for both man and woman

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Yisaira. Activia is avaliable for both men and women.

  Does Activia cause darkening of stool?
donna mccoy

does Activia cause darkening of stool?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Donna, activia could cause irregularites in stool but please consult with your physician if you continue to have side effects, to make sure this product is safe for you to take.

  Caused me horrible abdominal pain and constipation!!!
lisa (Verified User)

half a container a day for one week caused me horrible abdominal pain and constipation!!!

  first time user very painful abdominal cramps
maria (Verified User)

first time user
very painful abdominal cramps, followed by a severe bout of diarrhea
will never use it again

  Why can we not find any activia yogurt drinks?
Earl Brown

Why can we not find any activia yogurt drinks in this area?
We purchased them in Mexico and became devoted fans of the drinks but cannot find them in any grocery stores in the Saklt Lake area. Are they noit available in the US or in this area?


i live in terre haute indiana and the walmarts down here have tons of them

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Earl. For product sales locations, please refer to the activia official website for more information.

  I ate Activia Yogurt for the past week
Ang (Verified User)

Um, I ate Activia Yogurt for the past week and had really bad diarrhea, and this week I still have diarrhea, it sure did clear me out, ugh!

  Hated the product
wj (Verified User)

I suffer from IBS but hadn’t had any symptoms for over a year. Started eating Activia daily for almost two weeks realized it was causing my IBS to return. Out it goes!


after consuming Activia for a week, i started having bowel movements (movements in lower abs not painful though but weird) i stopped hoping to problem to solve……..how mong will it take to get my intestine normal

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. All dieters have different results, but if you continue to have these effects please consult with your physician before continuing to take activia.

  Hated the product
Tim (Verified User)

I bought a big box of Activia at Costco. Ate them, first 3 days were fine, then painful diarrhea several times a day, at work, at home for many days now. I am throwing them out.


My boys got same thing after we purchased 2 boxes of Activia in Costco 🙁 how can we remove this crap out of our little ones system? oh i feel so bad that i did not check anything before giving to my little kids. You think that it’s healthy yogurt, its good for you and all your family 🙁

Victoria (Editor)

Hello vikky. Please consult with your physician if the side effects continue.

  Fetching side effect.
teresa (Verified User)

i’ve experienced headache every single time after taking Activia. That never happens when i eat normal organic yogurt. Also, like many ppl here mentioned, bloating, cramps, gas.


i noticed after a week of eating it daily last night and tonight 2 hours later i started throwing up … anyone else with this?


yes I have been experiencing severe side effects from active. my stomach feels very nauseated and I have been throwing up. diarrhea almost immediately..although my gas and bloating seems to have settled down, the other side effects like chills, fever etc (flu like) have increased since eating the yogurt. I will not be using this yogurt anymore..cant believe they sell items that potentially make people sicker.

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. If you continue to have these effects, please consult with your physician before continuing to take activia.


Wow~ I just said to my hubsand I had a. Migrane every day this week and I haven’t had one in months. Then I notice he bought Activa lite . That’s the bad one guys. Anything with artificial sugar will kill you on the regulAr active I felt great but this week horrible.that’s what brought me to the website and boom all the things your feeling I am feeling and the diffence is my husband bought the lite active the light anything is bad for you.


I also had some strong headaches but my ear and eyes also hurt. It was like having a very bad allergy. I started to notice this problem after noticiing that it only happened when I ate the yogurt. What is really sad is that the co. is claiming that there is no side affects. Whatever.

  Saying about the ingredients.
sheila (Verified User)

what is in it…ASPARTAME…There are over 92 different health side effects associated with aspartame consumption. Aspartame dissolves into solution and can therefore travel throughout the body and deposit within any tissue. The body digests aspartame unlike saccharin, which does not break down within humans. basically EQUAL(sugar). not good for you at all!! activia may help with some people and there digestion. but after knowing what is in it i would strongly suggest just have a good amount of fiber in your diet and it will give you the same outcome.


only the light varieties have aspartame. Buy the regular and cut out a slice of pizza to save the calories.

  healthy gastrointestinal system
Victoria (Editor)

Hello Marge. Yes, Activia is a yogurt that claims to help with regularity and maintaining a healthy gastrointestinal system.

  Hated the product.
valerie evans (Verified User)

ACTIVIA is all B.S. it is just another “snake-oil” campaign to make some slutty celebrity RICH…don’t use it don’t elieve a word they say.. most people that are PAID to endorse something will tell you just about anything…..



  Didn't like the product.
Davy Jones (Verified User)

I have been using Activia for 8 days and the cramps and bloating are becoming quite unformortable. Being 40 years old, I have developed a light case of acid reflux (not official diagnosed) that I take Zantac150 for.

The Zantac does a good job of relieving the syptoms, but I wanted to try Activia to eliminate my dependence on pills.

I started using Activia in hopes it would calm my stomach and resolve my acid reflux problem. INSTEAD, Activia has resulted in painful stomach cramping and irregularity.

I hope that by discontinuing Activia, my intestines will return to normal.

Denise Main

I have acid reflux also and I cannot take Activia because the extra sugar makes it flair up


Hi Davy,

I had the same experience as you.
Could you tell me if your symptoms eventually subsided when you stopped the Activia?

How much sugar is in Activia?
Elizabeth Berkner

My question is: How much sugar is in Activia? My tri-glycerides have gone up.


look in the nutrition information under ‘carbs’–> ‘sugar’. One small cup (100g) contains 13g of sugar.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Elizabeth. For detailed product ingredients please refer to the official activia website for more information.

anne mary consulmagno (Verified User)



Why not make your own? Heat milk (3 cups or so) to 185. Use a thermometer and don’t let it boil. Let it cool to 110 and add 2 or 3 tablespoons of activia yogurt in it. Put in an oven that is turned off but has a pilot light in it (at 110 degrees) for 5 hours. The bacteria will replicate and the aspertame will be very much diluuted. You can make your own yogurt.



This is a great recipe I use usually to make my own yogurt that naturally have probiotics.
But Activia has something in additions to probiotics called Bifidobacteria regularis, found in most animal intestines including human. Dannon’s trademark. You can’t buy it but comes in the Dannon Activia. That’s what makes Activa help you be regular. I do wish I can make activia at home, cause I like the plain one not flavored and sweetened and that is only found in NY.

  I will continue as long as I do not become too uncomfortable
Ria Worden (Verified User)

I have been taking it for one week now and am experiencing cramping. It is helping with consptipation I think….I will continue to take it, I just purchased 3 more 8 paks.
I enjoy the flavor and the amount (4oz) My medications cause constipation….so I will continue as long as I do not become too uncomfortable.


thank you for posting that you use it because your medications make you constipated. Mine do too and I have to take them, but I can’t see getting hooked on Miralax just to go poop. thank you for your encouraging words, today was my first day and I’m praying it helps my severe constipation.

Can you give this Activia to a 7 year old?

Can you give this Activia to a 7 year old. He eats other yogurt, like Fiber one, Yoplait,etc. He has to have 21 grams of fiber a day because he has problem with his bowels. He also takes Miralax every day. Also eats a Fiber one bar a day. The doctoer said he should eat to medium size apples a day also. Thanks and will be waiting for you answer.


Does your son take probiotics? It might be beneficial to him. Also kefir is great stuff and tastes good. It doesn’t say it here, so they may have removed it, but Activia used to have High Fructose Corn syryp–stoney field has one out now it looks like. I have not read ingredients yet. It is fine for 7 yr. old with out the hfcs–if that concerns you. My kids love the blueberry kefir and it is almost lactose free on its own.And look into probiotics–need 5 billion active cultures.

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Mary. Please consult with your physician before giving a 7 year old activia, to make sure it is safe for them to use.

  have tried activia and have experience stomach cramps and alot of gurgling in stomache
Anonymous (Verified User)

have tried activia and have experience stomach cramps and alot of gurgling in stomache


I tried the activia low fat, no sugar added yogurt. Thankfully I only tried 2 or 3 spoonfuls before deciding I didn’t like the way it tasted. I usually avoid products with Apertame and, or alcohol derivative sweaters, or artificial sweeteners, because they are very bad for you to say the least. Do some reading on aspartame, or acesulfame potassium. Within 15 to 30 min of eating a very small amount I became ill. Symptoms, are sweating, severe stomach pain, burning my entire stomach intestines, gas, heartburn, nausea, diarrhea. I’m lucky I only ate ate the few spoons instead of the whole cup. Something should be on the label warning not to eat this product if you have any allergies to artificial sweeteners. The individual cups aren’t even labeled with ingredients, only the carton that holds them together. Maybe it “helps” some people with extreme constipation, but if you are normal , taking a powerful laxative is not a good thing. That sort of thing should only come in the drug isle, not right there with all the assumed normal food. That is if the selling point is drug related which it seems to be. While they’re at it they should sprinkle some of those sugar free hairbo gummy bears sweated with lycasin right on top of the sugar free yogurt just for sh!ts and giggles.


Ate only one of these & immediately had diarrhea so bad, it became water. Then I started shaking & had the chills – body was going into shock. Never, ever again.

Activia is way too vague on what this product can do.


I experienced something very similar, except the shaking and chills. I ate a cupful and immediately became bloated, and then it all began


im sick for 2weeks now i been eating this stuff you should be sude for saling this stuff im so sick i know its this stuff im 100% for sure been in ER so sick,gas throwing up camps,nooooo way il buy this again


lol omg!! that bad!! im so sorry, lol


It has been a miracle worker for me. After a couple of years of trying to cope with recurrent diarrhea Activia has
solved the problem. I was very hesitant to try it for fear it would make my problem worse. Not so, thank heavens


bought a 4 pack of activa because it was on sale. Had one yesterday and one today, now I have horrible gas a diarrhea plus stomch gurgling, pain, and a horrible headache. I’m embarrased to go to class or leave my apartment, the other two will not be eaten =[

Just passing by

My 11-year old developed reflux as a result of H1N1 last year. He has chest pains because of it during reflux flare-ups (he has asthma too). When he eats Activia in addition to taking his meds, his chest pains have decreased. I have heard from other reflux sufferers that Activia helps them feel better too.


At one time I actually liked Jamie Lee Curtis but after your inane commercials I wouldn’t see her if she appeared in my driveway. Yogurt is disgusting at best but to see someone praising it with a mouthful is enough to knock a maggot off a gut wagon!


That is the best comment I have ever seen on any website,
I feel ill after eating this crap. Peter, UK.


After two weeks of eating Activia I experienced stomach pain. I thought I had an ulcer. Turns out it was just gas. Once I took an anti-gas med (simethicone) pain went away.

Just a reply

Taken from Yoplait’s site:

You may be lactose intolerant if you have cramps, bloating, gas or diarrhea after you eat dairy foods. These symptoms occur when your body isn’t making enough lactase. This could be the problem as well.