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The Food Nutrition Board has recommended that Americans consume at least 38 grams of dietary fiber each day for men and 25 grams for women. However, it is said that Americans only consume about half of the recommended daily amounts of fiber. Most of the fiber in our diets comes from plant sources and has been proven to play an important role in normal bowel function. Desirable sources of soluble fiber include oats, fruits, vegetables, dried peas, and beans as well as legumes. Insoluble fiber does not get digested by the intestines and increases the rapid transit of food out of the body which promotes regularity and softens stools. It has been reported that many people take fiber additives to aid in weight loss. Diets that are high in fiber have been said to improve the body’s ability to rid the body of waste thus shortening the length of time that food remains in the body thus possibly promoting weight loss.

List of Ingredients

The active ingredient found in Benefiber is Wheat Dextrin. Wheat Dextrin is a natural soluble fiber which is marketed as a gluten-free product due its low levels of gluten, only 10 ppm of gluten is found in Wheat Dextrin.

Product Features

Each serving of Benefiber is said to contain 3 grams of fiber. Benefiber comes in several forms such as chewables, caplets and powders, including the new berry flavored powder which contains calcium. The regular powdered form of the supplement is marketed as “sugar free” and taste free” and can be virtually added to any food or drink and promises not to change the taste, texture, or consistency. In fact, the official Benefiber website contains a list of recipes which contain Benefiber in its list of ingredients. There are soups, sauces, and dips, salads, main dishes, desserts, and snacks as well as smoothie drinks. In addition, Benefiber promises not to have the normal “gritty” texture found in many over the counter fiber supplements. The official website even posts tips on how to increase your daily intake of fiber through adding certain types of foods to your diet.

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  • Each serving of Benefiber adds 3 grams of needed fiber to your diet.
  • Benefiber is all natural and contains no potentially harmful ingredients.


  • Some reported side effects associated with taking Benefiber include flatulence, gastrointestinal pain, discomfort, diarrhea, nausea, stomach upset, as well as stomach pressure resulting in a “full” feeling.
  • Benefiber does not promote thermogenisis within the body to aid in weight loss.
  • Benefiber does not contain a fat burner in its ingredients.


Most of the processed food that Americans consume has been virtually stripped of any fiber and nutritional content and dietary fiber has been shown to play a role in the body’s ability to regulate its digestive system to a more “normal” function which helps the body to “move” food through the digestive tract at a faster rate. This may in fact aid in weight loss however a diet rich in foods that contain high levels of fiber are a much better source. However it must be said that Benefiber may give the same desired results without the extra calories.

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67 User Reviews about Benefiber

  • 1

    I’ve always had such an irregular digestive system, so I’ve started trying to use benefiber in attempt to regulate it. However, since I’ve started using it I haven’t had a single bowl movement, and I’ve gained almost a pound a day. Any ideas??


  • 2

    It does not work at all for me, I am constipate since i’m a child due to stress at home. I took cascara sagrada for years, it was fantastik for me, now my favorite brand discontinue it, and the other brand do not work, do you a suggestion for me ?


  • 3
    Breanna Adams

    Haven’t tried it yet but I have a question. How long after using the benefiber to go packets will you be able to make a bowel movement?
    Thank you !


  • 4

    the first time I used this it worked wonderful and I had a nice bowl movement the very next day it has not worked since and I am using the correct amount maybe I need more but I don’t know if I can take more and nobody answers questions on this stupid website so what is the point of it it has not worked since the very first time I took it which was weeks ago and the last I keep trying don’t know why though worthless


  • 5
    Cheryl Copley

    My husband had a hip operation, he was told to have Benefiber. It is now 3 months since he

    started on Benefiber, he has put on so much weight and his stomach is very bloated, he isn’t over eating. Can Benefiber make you put on weight. Thank you


  • 6

    I would like to start taking Benefiber. I have Divaticular and having problems with conbstipation. Please could you let me know how many teaspoons I should take a day. Thank you


  • 7

    the only problem i have with this product that i can’t put in cold liquids without it clumping up. when i put it on my hot food no problem with clumping. just wished i could add it to my diet free soda.


  • 8

    Does Benefiber have little black specks in it? It works great for me. I tried Medimusal and it got to thick, plus it seemed to constipate me.


  • 9
    bj lachance

    how many are safe to take daily-drink packs


  • 10
    Bruce Mancinelli

    Does Benefiber contain calcium?


  • 11

    I was more than satisfied with the Berry powdered product until it was discontinued and pulled off the shelves. Not clear on what’s going on at the manufacturing plant that is having the problem. Ive worked over 30 years in top manufacturing jobs and if thee are problems on the line you have your Quality Control Team walk the assembly line until all the issues are resolved.


  • 12
    nan gross

    is there potassium in benefiber?


  • 13

    So glad that Benefiber is back on the market, found it at COSTCO. Are you going to make the small tube size packages, they are great for traveling.


    Juanita Campbell

    Is Benefiber made in USA if not where?


  • 14

    I have battled with IBS for most of my life, I struggled with flatuelnce and stomach cramps with days of constipation accompanied by body odour and skin breakout followed by dihorrea and mucous- and blood-stained stools. I have been using Benefiber for a week and a half now as my final hope before consulting a gastroenterologist and have definately noticed a difference. I have a bowel movement everyday and the stomach cramps have subsided. It is very easy to take, I add it to my coffee 2-3 times a day. I will definately recommend this product to anyone struggling with IBS!!


  • 15
    linda humphries

    why can benefibre not be purchased anymore!!!!!??????


    J Kunkle

    Why isn’t Benefiber not on the shelf anymore?


    Tom Cat

    I bought a bottle of Benefiber at my local Kroger Store today so it is still selling but you just have to look around and maybe ask the pharmisist at your local store pharmacy or at Walgreens if there is one in your area.


  • 16
    Fran Watts

    I have been taking Benefiber for yrs….It is the best thing I have ever used. 1/2-1 teas. every morning. Now I am unable to find it anywhere but online. is there not a Pharmacy that carries it, if not Why? Consumers have the right to know if there is something wrong with the product and why it was pulled. Please respond ASAP. A loyal consumer.


  • 17

    I have two children 9-1/2 and 11-1/2 that have very big bowel movements that sometime concern me with bowel movement problems in the future causing maybe Hymoroids. Would benefibre be good for them so they can get more fibre into their diets and maybe losen up their bowel movements?


  • 18

    How long can I use benefiber after it expires?


  • 19

    just started taking benefiber powder does it take a while to get your body regular.? I take 1 teas. lunch 1 teas. dinner. (I have ibs I go from too much.stool to horrible consitpation. I hope this helps.


  • 20
    Audrey Jenkins

    Why is Benefibre unavailable in Canada and Walgreens.


  • 21

    Can someone please tell me why I can’t find Benefiber in any of the pharmacies or stores such as Walmart? I have found it only on Amazon and EBay at exaggerated prices. I have GI issues and this is really the only thing that works for me. What has happened? Can someone tell me where I can some to stock up on?


  • 22
    John Gidusko

    Question: Why is Benefiber not recommended with carbonated drinks? I bought it because I wanted to use it with tonic water (carbonated) — and that’s the way I used it my first use until I saw that it was not reommended.

    I hate it when companies say that something is not recommended without saying WHY!

    The reason why — some on the internet say it’s not soluble in carbonated drinks (not true), some say it foams (true, but who cares?) — there are reasons many consumers would accept.

    Why not TELL consumers why it’s not recommended… I fear a medical problem but the maker keeps silent on the reason. Does anyone really know? Maker NOVARTIS is hard to contact and ask.

    John Gidusko



    I’m assuming that they mean sodas, which are full of high fructose corn syrup and other toxins, because it could cause the diarrhea and upset stomach symptoms of benefiber to be worse. Hence why you aren’t supposed to drink pop when you are sick. Tonic water should be fine as it does not contain any of these chemicals.


    Your Name

    their website says because it many not dissolve, and may foam, thats all.


  • 23
    Anne McDonald

    Benefiber is a wonderful product. It promotes good health and eating habits. It keeps a person regular and that helps to promote a healthier lifestyle.


  • 24



  • 25

    i have been taking benefiber for two weeks now and feel better than i have in 6 mos;no more bloated stomach and helps with digestion,this stuff is wonderful


  • 26

    I bought a container of BeneFiber with Calcium. I have been advised by my doctor that extra calcium is beneficial. When I read the label, I learned in very fine print, that it also contains potassium, a fact that is not found on the primary label. Potassium is very dangerous for me. Why doesn’t BeneFiber state its presence directly on the primary label?


  • 27

    can benefiber help with constapation?


  • 28

    question what is the exct composition of benefiber?
    it seems highly technologically prepared consequently processed
    it gives me heartburns from the first spoon?? please support


  • 29
    Peggy Stanny

    we have a two year old granddaugher who is having problems with regular bowel movements. Is Benefiber safe for her to take and if so, how much should she be taking and how often?
    Thank you
    Peggy Stanny


  • 30
    Joe Rausch

    My daughter is allergic to Metamucil- would she be allergic to Benefiber since it is also a by-product of wheat?


  • 31
    laura d

    Is there any data about Benefiber affecting nutrition because the food moves through your system faster and has less time to be absorbed? A lot of people welcome weightloss. I don’t… so I wonder if Benefiber is not good choice for me.


  • 32

    I woant to know why it says use within 6 months of being opened.



    It doesn’t have any preservatives.


  • 33

    I started Benefiber today and do not feel well…bloated and a bit nauseated. Will this pass?


  • 34
    Stephen M. Harding

    Hi, how are you today? Can I take Benefiber with either V8Juice or with Orange Juice. I always just thought that you can take it with water for hemroids, does anyone know if it’s o.k. to take it with juice or not?
    Thank you, and have a great day now.



    Hi! You can take benefiber with any juices, tea, coffee etc… Don’t take it with soft drinks…



    why wou;d u do that there is no taste at all in a glass of water. You would not even know it was in the water if you yourself diden’t mix it.Take it in water a full glass. og makes gas. Good Luck I love IT due to noooo taste!!


  • 35

    From Anna,

    To Whom It May Concern, How long does it take Benefiber to work once I take it?




    I noticed rapid results. It was working 8 hours after I took it.






    its not a laxative lol it takes a little while


    I took the first dose right before bedtime and the next morning shortly after breakfast I needed to use the restroom. no cramping or Diahrreah. Just right.


  • 36

    can benefiber be taken if you have high blood pressure.thanks



    I have high bp and take benefiber w/no problems


  • 37

    Does Benefiber reduce your bad cholesterol level?



    my moms heart doctor just prescribed her benefiber today instead of increasing her cholestrol meds so I assume it works


  • 38

    Does benefiber bulk/swell up in stomach?


  • 39
    Paul Wilmot

    I have been diagnosed with Carcinoid cancer with severe diahrea. My colon Dr recomended Benefibre as a “bulking agent”. Have been taking it for 3 days& symptoms are worse. Your coments please



    It would be better if you just took 100% psyllium husks that you can purchase at a health food store. Mixed with about 6-8 oz of 100% juice it is great tasting and you don’t have any additional ingredients to possibly cause problems.


    Michael Stevens


    First of all, my sincere condolences to the other posters on this IBS discussion board.

    I feel so fortunate that my regularity problems are always temporary and can be blamed on my own bad behavior. When I socialize, I drink vodka. Vodka is TERRIBLE on the bowels. Either a roller coaster or like driving 80 mph with the emergency brake on. When I suddenly stop going out and drinking is when my problems start. That, and I’ve been eating a lot of cheese lately. Yesterday it was unbearable. When a person is bloated in the MORNING, that makes for a terribly painful and unattractive day. On the way home after work I stopped at the drugstore and bought Benefiber and Gas-X. (The cashier looked very sympathetic.) I’d never used fiber before and didn’t know what to expect. I bought the kind that can be mixed with food or drink. The dose was a tablespoon. I decided to double it AND take a dose of Gas-X because of what I’d read on this discussion board. Afterward I laid down on the sofa … WAITING. What was going to happen? Would I bloat up even more and get stretch marks? Would I have a violent gas attack? Would my neighbors think I’d taken up the tuba? Would I blow out the windows? I was even more worried about the next morning. Would I need an episiotomy? What if my timing was off? I take public transportation – what if I had an emergency during my morning commute?

    Well I am happy to say everything came out fine and this morning I feel like a new person! A weight has been LIFTED!





    i just bought some benefiber because i found out i have high blood pressure and someone told me i need a high in fiber diet is benefiber a fiber supp.? i dont want a bloated tummy or a laxative?? ohh im confused.

  • 40
    A. Wallenhorst

    Can Benefiber cause an uncontrolled gush of a geletin type substance?


    A. McKweon

    No. Only love causes an uncontrolled gush of a gelatin type substance.



    hahahaha :)



    that was hysterical



    Too funny!

  • 41
    Robert T. Smith

    Can daily medication and
    Benefiber be taked at the same time????



    can it be taken at the same time as other meds??


    ruth e. lakes

    ….is it o.k. to take benefiber at the same time I take my daily medications?



    Can a child take to much benefiber?



    I’ve been taking Benefiber since the summer now I believe & I’m only 14. I take max 2 pills a day and have never experienced any side effects. On the casing it says: Adults & Children over 12 years, 1-3 tablets max 5 times daily. Children 6 to 12 years: .5-1.5 tablets max 5 times daily. Children under 6 should consult a doctor. Hope this helps!