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Body for Life is a weight loss program that involves diet supplements, an online community, nutrition information on eating healthy and exercise information. Unlike many other dietary supplements, Body for Life incorporates more than just a simple pill. You can basically register online for the “challenge.” This appears to be free of charge. Once you register, you’re challenged to meet certain goals. The official website states that you’ll see a “12-week transformation.” They encourage dieters to take before and after photos, eat healthy, exercise and keep track of their results. Once the 12 weeks are up, users mail in a completed packet of their results to be entered in the challenge.

At the completion of a Body for Life challenge, there are two winners. These individuals are granted $25,000 dollar cash prizes. Body for Life appears to be affiliated with EAS Myoplex diet and health supplements. The official Body for Life website endorses and encourages the use of their products. Naturally many individuals that choose to take the “Body for Life challenge” will begin taking EAS supplements. These range from meal supplements, to protein bars, to low-carb shakes, to nutritional drinks. There are success stories offered on the official Body for Life website. Since this weight loss program does not technically require a purchase, there is no money-back/satisfaction guarantee. No free trial samples of EAS supplements appear to be offered via the Body for Life website. Overall, Body for Life aims to assist men and women with fat reduction, increased muscle mass, toning and overall strength training.

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Body for Life is essentially a weight reduction program that endeavors to help women and men with fat loss, toning, lean muscle gain and general health. The Body for Life program incorporates fitness plans, healthy diets, weight loss supplements, online assistance and peer encouragement. Dietary supplements that are encouraged through Body for Life are EAS Myoplex products. There doesn’t appear to be any real clinical evidence presented on the official website to support Body for Life. The only fees for this weight loss program appear to be the cost of the EAS supplements should the user choose to buy them.

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  • The Body for Life system is easily and conveniently accessible online.
  • There are success stories for Body for Life offered on the official website.
  • The Body for Life challenge winners are granted $25,000 dollars.


  • There doesn’t appear to be any real clinical evidence provided on the official website to support the overall effectiveness of the Body for Life program.
  • Body for Life requires a more drastic lifestyle change in comparison to many other weight loss products currently available.
  • Some of the diet supplements encouraged on the Body for Life website may not be suitable for some individuals.
  • There are no free trial samples of any weight loss supplements offered through the Body for Life website.


Overall, the Body for Life weight loss program is rather interesting and unique. Not many diet and exercise systems are offered free of charge. However, dieters should remember that EAS Myoplex supplements are heavily encouraged on the official website. Unfortunately these will not be considered inexpensive to all users. In the end, it’s nice to see a weight reduction plan that doesn’t cost a fortune to take advantage of, but it would still be nice to see some substantial clinical research provided on the official website, along with some free trial samples of EAS Myoplex dietary supplements. Ultimately, it seems like this program will come down to an individual’s willpower and how good they are at following diet and exercise routines in general.

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    Scott Gordon

    First it is not just a weight loss program. It is a change of life for a lot of people to include me who has always been the skinny guy, it has helped me gain weight and muscle. It is also a very positive self esteem program, it helps set goals and reach them and is actually pretty easy to follow. It also trumps P90X in a lot of way’s, and no DVD to watch. Plus 84 days compared to 90 and the longest work out is under a hour, not a hour and half every day.


  • 2
    TJ Bowman

    My wife and I both completed a BFL challenge in 2000. Both of us were quite successful. I lost 27lbs of fat in 12 weeks. One piece of advice, don’t pay much attention to the scales – it’s body fat you want to lose – not just a number on a scale. Use calipers or get a professional to check your BF every few weeks. We used a few of the supplements offered and some seemed to help and others didn’t.



    Just finished 1st wk on Body for life. Lost 4pounds. Had free day yesterday. Weighed today & gained 3 pounds. Why??



    You gained water weight from your free day. When you return to the BFL diet, that weight drops quickly, in a day or two, and you continue to lose weight.



    I have to share my facts. I weighed 280lbs, stuck with BFL and completed 84 days, my life style changed, turned around and completed another 84 days, and then completed another 84 days. I now weigh 175lbs, life is great, thanks Bill Phillips



    Yeh i lost 6 pounds at the end of week 1 and had a treat day and have put 5 pounds back on (I think it’s the shift of water weight as Kamilla says). What i had done was took a picture of my front back and sides the day before i started week 1 and then again on the morning of my first treat day. I couldn’t believe the difference! Nothing dramatic but i could clearly see the love handles had been trimmed ever so slightly! Try not to be so focussed on weight loss and more on body shape – that’s what you want right? If i finished the program with a face like brad pitt and abs like Jesus but still weighed the same…i’d be pretty chuffed :)


  • 3
    Cheryl Rasmussen

    Body for Life definitely works! I did it in 2002 and was a challenge champion! I am on day 9 of my new challenge and know from experience that the results I seek will be there at the end of 12 weeks. Remember that once the 12 weeks are over, you have created new habits that can carry you through a lifetime of health and fitness.


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  • 5

    I definitely agree with Jo and Su. It’s a great program and it works!! I don’t call it a “drastic lifestyle change” at all. There is a structured exercise program and you eat 6 meals a day, a protein and a complex carb. Planning is all it really takes to be successful. You don’t even need a gym membership! I have a weight bench, free weights, good runners and a great shopping list!! The option of having a “free day” as well allows you to still enjoy the food that you love one day a week. Knowing that I can go out for dinner with friends or enjoy my favorite sweets once a week keeps me focussed the other 6 days and I don’t get off track. I’m 10 weeks in and I’ve seen my best results the last 3 weeks. I had 40 lbs to lose and I’m down 34, I’ve gained about 7 lbs of muscle and my body fat has gone from 28% to 16%. Can’t wait to see what the last two weeks bring!!!! :))


  • 6

    The body for life program is a great program to get healthy and re-claim your life. While on this program I consistantly lost 24-30 lbs each challenge. I also felt like I had twice the energy that I had before.


  • 7

    Body for Life is common sense eating, nothing drastic or “out there”. You don’t need the supplements, just eat like the book says and you will lose weight and be healthier than ever, guaranteed! Both my husband and I did it and it worked! It takes planning ahead and that is it.



    Do you see weight difference right away or not. I have been training for two weeks now and I have followed the plan without the supplemens but have not lost any weight. Thank you. I have only 10 pounds to loose does that make a difference. Thank you again


    Lorna Breetzke

    Hi, I have also just started, this is my 3rd week and although I do feel my clothes a bit looser, my weight has hardly dropped. I also have only 10 pounds to lose. I just wanted to know if you completed the 12 weeks and how you got on?


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