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Dr Cohen Review - Does This Diet Work?

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By Summer Banks Apr 10, 2017

Dr. Cohen’s diet plan has been making news and we wanted to learn more about it. The results look impressive so we researched the plan and scoured reviews to put together all you need to know about the diet.

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What is Dr. Cohen?

Dr. Cohen developed this diet plan while working with patients who were suffering with infertility issues. Over the course of three years of study, he found a correlation between blood test results and the ability to help patients lose weight rapidly, thereby improving their fertility. As the leader of the Wits Medical School Infertility Program, his work was internationally recognized. Since developing his diet, Dr. Cohen claims to have helped patients from around the world, by giving them the resources they need to successfully lose weight by stabilizing their hormone levels and metabolism.

The product is designed to promote rapid weight and fat loss. The program is tailored to the individual dieter based on their lab results, but read on…

Lab Tests

The key feature of Dr. Cohen’s 1st Personal Diet, is the initial lab work that is required for each patient’s dietary guidelines to be created. In addition to the cost incurred by the patient, who must go to their own physician and request the required labs, the program also costs $249 for the first 12 weeks of diet plans and personalized support. It is a benefit that the plan allows patients to use local facilities to acquire the blood work.

However, according to our research editor, “It may be difficult for some patients to find doctors who are willing to order labs for which they have no direct need.”

The Dr. Cohen Diet Plan

Each diet plan is specifically tailored to the individual patient, so no two plans will be identical. After the lab results are evaluated, patients are sent a list of foods that they must eat. While there is no calorie counting in this plan, the food choices may be restrictive. Additionally, the overall daily caloric intake is extremely restrictive and may be difficult for many individuals to abide by.

The Science

Dr. Cohen’s 1st Personal Diet utilizes the tried and true method of caloric restriction, with a twist. While there are many testimonials of rapid and extreme weight loss by people who have tried the plan, very little science is provided to support the claim that the choices made based on the lab results are intrinsically linked to the weight loss. It is well documented, however, that severely restricting caloric intake will result in weight loss.

The Bottom Line- Does Dr. Cohen Work?

Is Dr. Cohen’s 1st Personal Diet the next best thing for weight loss? It has the potential to work for people who area able to follow the restrictive guidelines they are provided. However, the plan does not encourage exercise and there is no scientific evidence provided that justifies the cost of the plan.

Additionally, there is only minimal support for the dieters. If it was easy for people to lose weight by restricting the amount of food they consume, diets would not be a growth market. Some dieters may want to consider a dietary supplement in conjunction with this program if they decide to use it.

One of the best products we’ve seen is Leptigen. The ingredients utilized in this product have been scientifically proven to aide in weight loss. After extensive research, we were unable to find negative consumer reviews of the product, suggesting satisfied clients.

The makers of Leptigen are are so confident in the efficacy of their product they are offering new customers a special trial offer, which has tempted many of our readers.

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What You Should Know About Dr. Cohen

Dr Cohen's 1st Personal Diet was created by Dr. R Cohen, a medical doctor specializing in cardiology and obstetrics and gynecology. The doctor took part in an obesity program while working with test tube babies and completed 3 years of study on obesity. The results of the study was the Dr. Cohen Diet.


The Dr Cohen's 1st Personal Diet is a weight loss program that customizes the diet program for each person.

Product Features

Dr Cohen's 1st Personal Diet is based upon the blood test results of the dieter. There is a four step process to start the program. The first step is to complete blood testing at a local blood lab. The second step is to have the blood tested for sugar levels, liver panels and liver function, among other series. The third step is to send those test results to the 1st Personal Diet Center. The fourth step is to begin the prescribed weight loss program.

Dr. Cohen's 1st Personal Diet weighs heavily on the results of the blood test for the prescription of a personalized diet. There is no scientific evidence listed on the website supporting the use of blood testing in weight loss.

The website offers testimonials from users of the diet. The testimonials offer before and after photos of the diet followers. The weight loss amounts claimed by the users range from small amounts to huge amounts. Some users claim to have nearly 200 pounds in a year.

Dr. Cohen's 1st Personal Diet tells patients not to exercise if they currently do not have a daily exercise program in place.

There is not contact information listed on the main website. The people wishing to follow the diet are redirected to local clinics for further information. Dr. Cohen's 1st Personal Diet costs $249 for 12 weeks of support and a personalized diet. The patient will have to pay for blood tests directly to the lab.

Dr. Cohen Advantages

  • Personal support can help boost weight loss.
  • There are testimonials on the website.

Dr. Cohen Disadvantages

  • The cost of the blood tests plus the diet program is high.
  • There are no studies supporting diets based on blood test results.
  • The testimonials support weight loss of more than 2 pounds per week.
  • There is no contact information on the site.
  • Some users claimed having difficulty during the first weeks of the program.

Dr. Cohen Conclusion

Dr. Cohen's 1st Personal Diet is a weight loss program tailored to each individual based upon blood test results. There is no scientific evidence supporting the use of blood tests as a basis for weight loss. The program does not support exercise and the users sometimes have trouble with the eating program during the first few weeks. At this time we cannot support a program that offers results outside of the healthy range. A fat burner and appetite suppressant can help a dieter maintain a healthy weight loss with the addition of good foods and exercise.

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Rating: 2.8. From 36 votes.
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Dr Cohen Review

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YSuzanneour Name

I am 67 and did this diet 5 years ago have put back on 7 kilos can I follow the program again

Nice to hear from you Suzanne. Glad the program worked for you. Since time has gone by, it’s best if you check with your doctor first. Have a great day!


i live in Sandton – where is the closest clinic to me?


I have just recently lost 42.5kgs on Dr. Cohen’s Diet and I feel wonderful. It took me 9 months and I found it a very easy diet to follow. I never felt hungry even though the food portions are small and I never got cravings. Once your seratonin and insulin levels are balanced (which takes about 7 days) you start losing weight quite quickly and any cravings and hunger pangs will stop. I recommend this weight loss program to anyone as I have been overweight during the last 33 years and this was the only diet that helped me and I’ve tried many before this one.

Pam Jordaan

I was on Dr Cohens eating plan when I was 60 years old. Very successful. I am now 65 and have glomerular nephritis. can I follow the eating plan again?

Hi Pam! Please make sure to consult with your physician before starting a new weight-loss program or product.

tshedi mphasane

This is the one and the best life stly.diet have ever seen . but it is difficult to find the reliable consultants in Gauteng especially south of johannesburg.

Your Name

There is one by Riverlea


I didn’t do the reeding program the first time and now I am doing my diet again as I feel I have put on 3kg so can I do the refeeding program now? I originally did this diet 3 years ago and have maintained my weight up till now.

Savy naicker

Need to join again


It works great! But support from the Roodepoort(Medgate) Vynnessa is really bad! Where else can i get my blood tested and my results?


Good day, can someone please assist me with a Dr Cohen Clinic in or near Centurion, South Africa. I can’t get hold of the one in Roodepoort, Pretoria West or in Pretoria East. Thank you

Devon (Editor)

You can either visit their official site for location information or call (011) 053 7389 for closer offices.

Your Name

Cohen left SA under a cloud


I lost 20kg on this diet in 4 months. I must add that I could not have done it without Marian who for some reason is not working for them anymore. She was amazing in keeping me motivated. A woman who had a passion for what she was doing. This diet is amazing, but for people like me I would’nt recommend it to anyone who does’nt have a great consultant.
Port Elizabeth South Africa


Hai i am kanthi klo 65 .i whont lost. 10 kio pls help

lalika sharma

hi i heard about Dr.cohen from one of my friend and have seen the results also.Surprised to see the results. My husband is 125kg,and having High BP and dibetic too. We are residing in india, how we acn start the program.. worried about his weight alot, but he hardly gets time for dieting as he is into travelling..
please reply back.

Regards, Lalika


Hi i’ve just started the diet 2weeks ago.so far so good im loosing weight & i’ve got a lot of energy.

Lameez Sampson

Hi, I was diagnosed 8 months ago wth pcos, for 5 years I’m struggling with severe weight gain, i tried different diets but no luck. At the age of 35 i’m obese @ 124.5 kg @ the moment . . . please assist

Yasaar Abrahams

I am 35 years old, struggled with being over-weight for many years. I’ve tried so many different diets that I almost gave up. One day a friend & I were talking about how she was losing weight as well as her friend who’d also lost 40kgs. I suddenly felt like there was a glimmer of hope for me. They were on the Dr. Cohen diet. This is how my journey began in Oct 2015. I went for the bloods & for the first consultation. Weighed in at 115,6kg. Today, I have shed 17kg and still working profusely to shed at least another 17 more. It was the best decision I ever made! I look good, feel great and am getting so many compliments. I just feel so motivated and have all the faith that Dr. Cohen along with my consultant Fazida Watson, will help me reach my goal. Just go to the website and find a consultant near you.


I have 3 weeks to go, have lost 36 kilos in 5 1/2 months. Will NEVER recommend this diet to anyone unless you do it through correspondence and YOU tell THEM what your goal weight will be, they use a method even more ridiculous than BMI. I have had ENDLESS drama from my agent since day one even though I’ve done everything expected of me. She’s even said I need to seek professional help. So what should have been a really exciting time of my life has now become the most stressful. Rather use TLC WEIGHTLOSS, very similar, much better PR.


I have lost almost 30kg on dr cohens since feb this year. That is in spite of the most inept admin I have ever come across. The head office WILL NOT answer any queries personally, complaints get forwarded to the agent in the area, even if the complaint is ABOUT the agent! I will recommend the plan ANY day but only through correspondence. My agent, when I got angry for not getting an answer regarding my blood tests, said I need professional help. They are more interested in their bank accounts than actually helping you reach your target weight.


will the diet work if i avoid the blood test and i just follow the diet given to someone else?


No. You may not be suitable for this program. Everyone who goes on the program is assessed to ensure the program is suitable to you.

I would not use someone else’s program. If your friend is going to give you their program, they are breaching copyright and can get into trouble also.

Why would you put yourself at any health risks? Attend an information session in your country and find out about the program and of course if you are medically suitable.



I’m on the Cohen diet and need to loose another 9 kg before end June. What can I drink extra to loose the weight faster?


i am a Cohen chef. I am now base in San Diego from Hawaii and Manila.I prepare meals for clients. Drink as many liquid (h20) and try exercise if your body can cope up (like running or cycling by sweating it out). Take your multivitamins in order to sustain your energy. If you feel exhausted, stop your activity. if you feel you can sustain, go for it! All my clients have 100% success rate in achieving their weight goal. Good luck! Chef Josh

Your Name

do they have it in san diego?

Jennifer Yap

My friends in the Phillipines recommended me Dr Cohen programme but do you have it in Malaysia? Do I have to be on supplements?

Your Name

Malaysia office closed. But u can join online program. I join Cohen b4 n I rejoin recently.


Take a good multi vitamin, preferably natural products.