Updated: 01/13/2018

Ayds Review - 6 Things You Need to Know


If you want the bottom line on Ayds, give me just two minutes of your time. Our in-depth review focused on ingredients, side effects, scientific research and customer service quality. Furthermore, hundreds of customer comments and reviews were scrutinized. Then, we summarized and condensed to give you the info you need.

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What You Need To Know About Ayds

First off, Ayds ingredients include phenylpropanolamine and benzocaine. It promotes weight-loss by suppressing appetite. The recommended serving was one candy bar per day. One of the benefits was that it was available in a variety of flavors.

Ayds was first marketed in the late 1970’s as a “reducing plan” candy; basically an appetite suppressant. The company behind it is the Campana Company’’; which was founded in 1927. The product is no longer sold online. We do like that it was relatively inexpensive and that we found a few natural ingredients, but read on…

Ayds Ineffectiveness – “Losing Weight?”

The first negative wasn’t Ayds side effects; it was the ineffectiveness of the ingredients. “This was promoted as one of the best ways to lose weight in the late 70’s and early 80’s,” said our Research Editor. “Unfortunately, not everyone noticed results.”

One user commented, “I remember those. They really had one giant flaw – they didn’t work.”

According to another individual, “My grandma tried those – they didn’t work.”

While some users didn’t have any success while using Ayds, others did notice some changes. “Used this in back in the day. I did lose some weight,” stated a user.

User Complaints – “Another Concern?”

We found several customer complaints online relating to Ayds ingredients. mentioned, “I tried them once or twice. They tasted odd.”

“As soon as I was able to buy them, it wasn’t available anymore,” commented a consumer.

While some customers complained about Ayds, others didn’t have the same things to say. “They were always affordable and easy to find,” said another user.

“Tasted more like candy than a “diet” pill,” mentioned another.

We’ve done the research and have found that any particular part of a supplement thought of as concerning, such as negative comments posted by customers, long-term success could be limited. So, if dieters have not so good things to say about Ayds, this could lead to bigger concerns.

Any Actual Science Behind Ayds?

The key ingredient used in Ayds, phenylpropanolamine, has been shown to work as a decongestant. While the other is used as a pain reliever. While both are proven effective, there’s no connection to this profile and weight-loss. Published clinical research is critical to us at DietSpotlight. Without the evidence a product works, we become skeptical.

What Users Are Saying

"”I tried it to curb the munchies and it WORKED!!!! I mean if something can do that its a wonderful thing lol. For the price I say give it a go.”"

"”They mostly did as advertised, which is to change poor eating habits like overeating. It puts a pleasantly different taste in your mouth which signals the end of a meal. The problem is you have to want to stop eating. If you don’t actively try to change your poor eating habits it just doesn’t work.”"

"”They are ok, but they don’t keep you from wanting anything. The taste is good and that’s about it.”"

The Bottom Line – Does Ayds Work?

So here it is: our final thoughts on Ayds. Well, we like that we found some positive customer comments and that it seemed reasonably priced, but the lack of research connecting this formula to weight-loss leaves us hesitant about suggesting this one. We’re also hesitant about it because customers are complaining about it not working.

Weight-loss is a journey and you need the right supplement that’ll help you reach your goals. You need one containing ingredients proven to work and backed by positive customer comments.

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Ayds Review
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What are the side effects of Ayds?

We didn’t see reports of Ayds side effects, but it’s hard to say since the product has clearly been discontinued.

What are the ingredients in Ayds?

We are not clear on all of the Ayds ingredients, but we do know the main ingredient was benzocaine, which helped numb the taste buds.

How do I know if Ayds is right for me?

Choosing the right product is the #1 question asked by DietSpotlight readers. We recommend trying any product before buying it and know that finding a product with a sample offer is near impossible - so we created our own product, Burn HD, with scientifically backed ingredients.

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Does Ayds work?

The numbing ingredient in the formula was shown to help people eat less.

How much does Ayds cost?

The exact price is unknown, but back when the candy was popular in the 70s and 80s, it was reasonably priced, according to the information we were able to find.

What is Ayds’s BBB rating?

This company does not have a BBB rating.

How should I take Ayds?

Break off a piece of the candy and eat it.

Does Ayds come with a guarantee?

No, since the product is no longer available, if you find it, it’s not going to be backed by a guarantee.

If you’re looking for a weight-loss supplement that’s clinically tested and is currently avaliable, you may want to consider Dietspotlight Burn.

Ayds Ingredients

Ayds Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 bar
Serving Per Container: 24 oz
Amount per Serving% DV

Other Ingredients: None

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Previous Ayds Review (Updated February 7, 2014):

Ayds - What You Should Know

Ayds was a candy bar that enjoyed immense success in the US during the early 1970's and early 1980's. Ayds was a different type of candy bar as it was in fact, according to the manufacturers, an appetite suppressing candy bar. However with the emergence of AIDs in the 1980s, the company that manufactured the Ayds candy bar became the target of criticism and mockery and the candy bar became the centre of controversy. The reason being that the name of the candy bar, when pronounced, resembled phonetically the word, 'Aids.' The consequence was a decrease in the sales of Ayds bars, and in 1988 the candy bar was renamed, 'Diet Ayds' in the US and Aydslim in the United Kingdom. However the slump in sales continued despite the change in name and it was eventually withdrawn from the market. Recently, vintage Ayds commercials have enjoyed a resurgence in internet popularity.

Ingredients in Ayds

The main active ingredient in the Ayds candy bar was Benzocaine.

Product Features

Before the controversy of the 1980's that had an unintentionally disastrous effect on this weight loss candy bar, the Ayds bar enjoyed enormous success. It was available in a number of flavours such a Chocolate, Chocolate Mint, Butter Scotch, Caramel and Peanut Butter. The main active ingredient in Ayds was Benzocaine. Benzocaine is, in fact, a local anaesthetic that provides topical pain relief. As a result of the anaesthetic's effect on the taste buds it was said to have appetite suppressing properties. It was available for sale in drug stores and it was directed to be eaten just before a meal. A number of weight loss websites mention this candy bar and there are some nostalgic musings on a number of comment pages of these websites from those who remember the bar and who used to buy it. Old television commercials for the Ayds Candy bar are also enjoying a resurgence on the web. One can only wonder if Ayds bars would still be popular (or even legal!) today if they had picked another name back in the 70's.

Advantages of Ayds

  • Ayds candy bars were reasonably priced.
  • Apparently they had a pleasant taste.
  • Benzocaine which was one of the major active ingredients in Ayds, and is known to have appetite suppressing qualities.

Disadvantages of Ayds

  • The Ayds candy bar is no longer available for sale.
  • We do not have any proof that it did actually procure weight loss.
  • There is no proof that it was actually superior to other weight loss products on the market today.
  • The name of the bar phonetically resembled the word "Aids" and a number of people found this in bad taste, even if it was unintentional.

Conclusion About Ayds

Of course, even if you would like to give the Ayds bar a try this will not be possible as it is no longer for sale. It seems, however, that many women who actually used this bar are lamenting the fact that it was withdrawn from the market. A sign perhaps that many prefer simple weight loss products such as an appetite suppressing candy bar rather than the range of complicated weight loss programs and diets on the market today.
Summer Banks Dietspotlight Author
About the Author:

Summer Banks, Director of Content at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 weight-loss programs, pills, shakes and diet plans. Previously, she managed 15 supplement brands, worked with doctors specializing in weight loss and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University. full bio.

90 Ayds Reviews

  • ramata Holston

    Where can I find this adys candy

    • Summer (Editor)

      Ramata – We get this question about Ayds diet candy all the time. We’ve searched high and low and it looks like Ayds candy is no longer available for purchase. Sorry.

  • Want to get the product
    Brooks Burnett

    I remember this diet candy. Is it possible to get some in Alabama?

  • Alice

    I think the “active ingredient” that actually worked was the instructions: Have a cup of hot liquid an hour (I think it was an hour) before the meal.

  • latricia richoux

    I loss over 50 lbs with the ayds diet candy 1 with a hot cup of coffee and I would no longer be hungry

  • Mary

    where can I fine this candy adds at. What store

  • Bonnie

    My Mom used these from like early seventies up til she passed away in ’75 from unrelated causes, I remember me and my friend used to sneak and eat them all the time, but I also remember that she did lose weight with these, maybe those were the ingredients but for some reason and somehow, they worked. Other women in neighborhood used them with success as well, you’re saying it was the water and not the Ayds but it had to be more than that, whether mind over matter or what, it worked, I knew too many women where I grew up that used them and they worked, where I lived back then consisted of at least twenty small close knit communities and we all knew each other, very small area, and many women used them up through there, I never knew anyone who used them that didn’t have some amount of success. I had been going to use them and as stated by someone else above had found out that they were no longer being marketed, sadly. It’s stupid to pull them just because of the aids virus. Wonder if there is someway to try to get them into production again, that is with the original recipes and not some weird revamped product that’s no good. But seriously, wonder if there is a way to get them back?

    • Pat

      I used the AYDS candy in the 70’s and lost weight, approximately 55 pounds

  • Rebel

    I bought Ayds candy and loved them so much I ate the whole box in two days. They didn’t work for me, lol.

  • Mike H

    My Mom used to buy these in the 70s. We kids would frequently snatch them. ;^) (When Mom was on a diet, everyone was on a diet. These were the only candy in the house!)
    Say what you will about the ingredients, but if you read the instructions, you were to eat the candy while drinking a hot cup of water before a meal. It was mostly the hot water that made people feel full. We don’t really need candy for that. (But they were pretty good!)

  • Your Name

    I used the chocolate flavored chews in the 70s and loved it because it really worked for me. I’ve gained a few pounds now in my 70s and wish they were still on the market. It was the only diet help that ever worked for me. I wish they woul bring back the product.

  • sandy difiore Name

    I used ayds loved them lost weight carmel was the best wish they still were on the market

  • lorraine decellYour Name

    I used Ayds until they were taken off the market.Lost a lot of weight. would love to buy them again.Wish i could find them again

  • Karen Radcliff

    I Loved It!!!! I wish so much, they would put it back on the market!!!!!

  • Marjorie Neal-Austin

    I used Ayds candies when I was a teen and they worked, I kept the pounds off, now since I am older I would like to use them again and see if it still work which it probably will, the flavor I did enjoy.

  • Janna

    I used these in mid-morning with coffee at work or at lunch to curb my appetite, and wow did they work!!! Bring back the caramel!!!!

  • ojp

    My mom bought these when I was a little kid. I made the mistake to eat a half a box one day and well lets just say I spent a lot of time in the rest room. They tasted good and I thought they were candy.

  •  The cookies were great !
    Bob the Builder (Verified User)

    My mother used them. The cookies were great. It’s not made any more. The same effect can be had by rinsing your mouth with Chloraseptic or sucking on a sugar free lozenge.

    • Devon (Editor)

      Very interesting, Bob!

      • Your Name

        I really would like to pit this back on the market it really work it better than any diet u eat one drink warm water u dont be hungy i love this it keep me weight off .me for year

        • Stephen (Editor)

          Thanks for your review. This was a rare case where a product was pulled from the market simply because of its name.

        • Your Namejudy

          My sister and I lost over 20 lbs. Each with the Carmel Ayds..We drank a cup of hot water with one or two each meal..Best diet we ever lost weight on
          Way Better then Weight Watchers

  •  I wish I could find it !!!
    sandra slade (Verified User)

    after having 2 babies in 2 separate pregnancies in 1 year and 3 months I gained alot of weight. I got the candy, followed the directions,eating 1 with a hot cup of tea or what ever you want that is hot, no dieting or exercise in 3 months I lost 28 lbs. I wish I could find it to buy. No side affects. This was in 191972.

    Tammy Feb 15, 2016 (Verified User)

    This is the best product on the market for weight loss. All I had to do is take two candy Ayds with a hot cup (8oz.)water twice a day and exercise 30 minutes a day also. I lost over 60 pounds. This was in the 70’s and 80’s. I stop to have my babies. Once I was sure of not having any more babies I wanted to lose my weight again. Went to the drug store to buy. No longer on the market because of the name and the virus out break. I would love to come across this wonderful product again. WONDERFUL PRODUCT

  •  It worked for me
    Tammy (Verified User)

    It worked for me. How can I find it again? It was safe I ate 2 Ayds squares with 8 ozs. of hot water 30 minutes before meals twice a day. Meal would be what ever I wanted in which was portion sized and worked out 30 minutes before going to work in the mornings. I lost over 60 pounds. I stop using this producefor a while. I was having my babies. Once I decided not to have any more I wanted to lose my weight again. By that time it was taken off the shelf. The aids virus had broke out and that was the last I saw this wonderful product.

    • Cameron (Editor)

      Sorry, Tammy it is no longer available.

  •  I lost 45 lbs
    Paula (Verified User)

    I used them during summer vacation between 9th & 10th grade. I lost 45 lbs. and I wish they would be sold again today.

  • Would like to get this again
    Judith Conner (Verified User)

    I too used the supplement in the 70’s lost 35 lbs. would love to see it back or equal replacement!

  •  Love the product
    moonlightlady339 (Verified User)

    I also bought and used the AYDS reducing plan candies and lost weight. I loved them. It is a shame that the unintentional name caused a problem. They were great appretite suppressants. And the candies tasted good, which is important in suppressing the appetite. Some company should be reading this and GET ON IT and remanufacture those amazing chewies. You are wasting time and losing money everyday you wait because people WILL buy them.

  • Where can I buy this?
    Lori Hager (Verified User)

    where can I buy the Ayds appetite suppressant ? I had really good luck losing weight with this.

  • Here is the product description
    Your Name

    Actually you are half right. It has been so long memory gets a little fuzzy some times. They came in a rectangular not square box a little bigger than a box bank checks would come in. They were wax paper wrapped just like a bullion cube is wrapped but those bullion cubes are what come wrapped in a foil backed paper not the Ayds. My mom used to get them for my older sister in the mid to late 70’s.

  •  It worked great for me
    Bonnie (Verified User)

    omg soooo bummed they don’t sell it anymore! It worked great for me, any chance it will come back?

  •  It works without side effects !
    Ellie Curry (Verified User)

    I LOVE, LOVE the Ayds product. After giving birth to my first child, I needed to lose weight, a lot of weight! I lost the 45 lbs I gained during my pregnancy plus another 20 lbs. I am so bumbed this product was taken off the market. The product is reasonably priced, and it really works without any side effects. Wish it would come back on the market!!!

  •  I lost weight with Ayds. Bring back
    Butch Peterson (Verified User)

    I was over weight for sports… I lost weight with Ayds I ate meals and exercised. Got into sports and kept my box of Ayds close by. BRING IT BACK Maybe we could get in touch with Slim Fast another excellent product. All they need is the formula and we will be back in business.

  •  I lost 51 pounds.
    JEAN CROSSON (Verified User)

    I used them along with a good diet. I lost from 183 lbs to 132 lbs. Im so sorry that they arent available Can you bring them back

  •  I would love to see this again
    Helen Allen (Verified User)

    I would love to see this again

    • Anita Ferrara

      This was the only supplement that helped my husband and myself curb our appetites. With the same formula of the original nothing beats this product. Can you bring it back?

      • Your Name

        i used Ayds caramels in the 70’s and again in the 80’s and was able to take off 20lbs using one candy with coffee in the AM and PM. I’m disappointed that it is no longer made as I need to lose some weight again.

  •  best product for weight loss
    Lisa (Verified User)

    By far the best product for weight loss EVER!!! I WOULD BUY THIS PRODUCT AGAIN 1000X OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!!

  •  This product worked for me.
    CF (Verified User)

    Usedbitnin the 70s and 80s and felt like it worked.

  •  There is no Benzocaine in Ayds
    banshee (Verified User)

    As far as I know there was no Benzocaine in Ayds, at least not in the early 70s when I was using them. I really doubt the veracity of that claim. I think the active ingredient was plain old sugar.

    • Inman

      I use the caramels ( ayds)with a cup of coffee, it worked for me. I lista 35 pounds in a month. With diet , and exercise. That was in the 60s. I want them back!

  •  I would recommend it to all
    banshee (Verified User)

    Ayds weren’t candy bars. They were individually wrapped bite-sized fudgelike chocolate candies that you took with a glass of warm or hot water, about 45 minutes before a meal. They weren’t miracle-workers but they did take the edge off my appetite without any side effects. If they were still around, I would definitely buy them.

    • Your Name

      Yes! I used Ayds candies in high school and lost 30 lbs in 4 months!

  •  I loved this product!!
    Sandy (Verified User)

    I loved this product. I was very effective for me. If it would ever come out again I would recommend it to all my friends. Please bring it back!!

  •  Please bring Ayds candy with original formula
    Jacki (Verified User)

    Please help bring Ayds candy back .I hate being overweight. And it “Does ” wirk for me, It did!!!Mm. IT DIES WORK PLEASE BRING IT BACK . .WITH ORIGNAL FORMULA…PLEASE !!!!!

  •  Please help bring Ayds candy back
    Jacki (Verified User)

    Please help bring Ayds candy back .I hate being overweight. And it “Does ” wirk for me, It did!!!

  •  Best diet pill ever.
    sarah kindersley

    best diet pill ever. wish i could buy some again.

    • Delores matthewd

      I do to

      • Delores matthews

        It worked for me back then good it worked

  • jackie jackels

    My Motherused Ayds………it WAS NOT a candy bar! They were caramel shapes. Little squares.

  •  keep the weight off
    Barbara DeDen (Verified User)

    My best friend from high school took this back in the early 1970’s and it worked for her and she was able to keep the weight off.

  • It worked for me
    cherie carlson

    PLEASE BRING IT BACK. It worked for me. (I was afraid the disease would scare buyers.) Sorry that happened.
    I hope you get enough requests to bring it back as it was originally, not with any changes.
    Thx, CC

  • I was super fat then

    I remember taking this candy by accident when I was still in high-school. I was super fat then. I love candies especially caramel and chocolate flavored. I saw a box of this inside our refrigerator. I ate them all. When my elder sister learned about this, she laughed a lot and told me what this candy can do. Believe it or not, from waist line of 34 to 22 inches after 6 months. I wish this will be available again.

  • .it really worked for me.
    Theda McDaniel (Verified User)

    I used it during the 1960’s and lost 50lb, I wish I could get the written diet plan that was in the box. It was a seven day plan,and how much you should eat at a meal.it really worked for me.

  •  I lost a lot of weight
    Julie Grant (Verified User)

    Hi I took the Aydscandy I lost a lot of weight . Many people wondered where the Aydscandy went. I had my daughter in 79 I was heavy after her birth, my husband and I followed the instructions an walked we lost much weight. We are now 25 ,30 years older. We would like to find ayds agian thank you l

  • excellent health except

    Took ayds after each of my 3 children in the 70’s. They work. I have been trying to find an equivalent but, nothing. Bring them back. I miss them and need them. That was 40 years ago and I am in excellent health except an extra 20 lbs. They work, bring them back.

  •   lot of weight
    Dianna (Verified User)

    Back in 1974-1975 I used ayds to help me lose a lot of weight. It really worked for me better than anything else I have used since. Sure wish they would come back soon. I could sure use them now. Ayds sure did make losing weight a lot easier.

  •   This was a great product.
    Maria (Verified User)

    Used this product back in the 70’s and lost over 100lbs. within 9 months. Would take them with a hot cup of tea every morning. Wish I could buy them again since I am now over 50 and is very hard to loose weight. This was a great product.

  • it worked very well for me.
    Susan (Verified User)

    I wish the product was still available. Used as directed, it worked very well for me.

  •  I would love to purchase some of the products again.
    Gwen Murphy (Verified User)

    I purchased Ayds caramel back in the 1970’s and it truly suppressed my appetite I remember losing around 20 lbs of post pregnancy baby weight. I would love to purchase some of the products again.

  •  I wish they would bring Aydes back.
    PAM (Verified User)

    I used the little square caramel Aydes candies in the 70s and 80s and loved them. I would relax with one and a cup of coffee or water just before a meal and not only lost weight but they helped me to maintain my weight as well. I wish they would bring Aydes back but with the same ingredients. I have not been able to find a product that contains benzocaine and I strongly believe that is what made this product so successful.

  • I will be the first to buy them.

    I as many others here, wish you would bring back the ayds candies. I used them & was able to control my weight.along with exercise, they were really great to lose the extra pounds. please let me know if you consider a new name for them. I will be the first to buy them.

  •  Ayds Candie did work great.
    kay knudtson (Verified User)

    I used Aydes candie lost weight also I liked the chocolet ment chewes two of them and a cup water or coffee worked great no side effects and knocked out those hunger pains I walked a lot and the weight droped off they did work great!

  •  I vote someone brings it back.

    so why not bring the ayds candy back I really wouldnt care if it was the same name I know it worked because my mother used it and she stayed a size 5. I vote someone brings it back…..

  •  There old product in 80's was amazing.

    I also used the Ayds diet program, back in the 80’s. Really liked them, I realize that they quit making them because of the name, but couldn’t they bring them back using a different name. Wish they would.

  • Can I still buy Ayds?
    Katia Ruby (Verified User)

    Can I still buy them? They worked for me big time!!

  • Questions about the ingredients of the product

    If the main ingredient was benzocaine wouldn’t your mouth be numb as you chewed them. Which was not the case.

    • Delilah

      Back in 1976 , my mother used the Ayds candy to lose weight…and boy did she !!! It is a shame we can not get this product anymore….or something comparable.

  •  Good product with reasonable price
    Chris (Verified User)

    Ayds was NOT a candy bar. Ayds appetite supressants were small individually wrapped candies the size of a caramel. They absolutely worked and if I could find them again or if someone would offer them for sale I would buy them without hesitation. Good product, reasonably priced and worked perfectly.

  •  Any similar product?
    betty (Verified User)

    I had great success with Ayds also….Anyone know of anything similar to try..

  • Looking for the product
    F. Despain

    I used the diet and found it a good one.
    Does anyone know what the diet was? I am looking for it.

  •  Hoping to use the product again
    Wanda (Verified User)

    I also used Ayds back in the 70’s. I lost a lot of weight with the product. Wish they would come back on the market.

  •  it really worked.
    liz (Verified User)

    i used the ayds candy bar in the 1970s and lost weight. I have been looking for it everywhere. now that i got online and looked for it i know what happened. i just wish it was still on the market. it really worked.

  •  ayds was delicous
    carol johnson (Verified User)

    ayds was delicous. It also helped me to lose weight. Please bring them back.

  •  Suppress my appetite
    Peggy (Verified User)

    I, too, miss the AYDS squares. They really did suppress my appetite. And I don’t understand why they can’t just come back on the market with a different name. Bet it’d make some company a whole lot of money.

  • Product

    please bring back the aydes candy.I dont care what u name the product.I just know it works.

  •  Ayds during the 70's was an amazing weight loss supplement.
    Barbara Caldwell (Verified User)

    Ayds during the 70’s was an amazing weight loss supplement. I lost weight easily and was able to maintain my weight. Getting older I’ve gained a few pounds and wish Ayds were around to help!!

  •  I liked the Ayds candy
    Christine McGreevy (Verified User)

    I liked the Ayds candy so much that I became addicted and couldn’t stop eating them. As a result I gained weight.

    • Your Name

      I, too, loved the taste of Ayds – so much so that I devoured them. I can’t remember whether or not I lost any weight though. I wish someone would hunt up the original recipe and manufacture them again. I would buy them – and try, this time, to take them as they were meant to be taken.

  •  I lost weight with AYDS
    Diana Monday (Verified User)

    I too would like to see AYDS candy brought back. I lost weight with AYDS – the product really worked. I am not trying “Satisfy” by Quick Trim but it’s not as good as AYDS.

  •  I used Ayds candy, it works
    Gladys (Verified User)

    I used Ayds candy, it taught me HOW to eat right and I lost the weight, AND kept it off

  •  Liked it before but now no results.
    Karen (Verified User)

    Ayds Best Stuff for Weight Loss, Too Bad, I lost 50 lbs with it back in the 70’s and now I am back to that weight loss need and can’t find anything that works. I have wondered what happen to it. Moved south and thought it was only available in the north.

  • Worked for my mom

    My mom used Ayds candies to help supress her appitite when she worked. I used to sneak them from her purse myself as a teenager. I loved the carmel ones. I would like to see them come back under a different name too. I think if there were more nutrients in them as well it could be marketed as a supplement like the calcium chews are. they could even help overweight children.

    • Lisa

      Aydes candy did indeed control my weight in HS. I bet a lot of kids today would not be obese if that product was on the market. It definitely worked.Simply to use, good taste just change the name and bring it back please!

    • Jules

      I did the same thing Gayle. Wish they were around today!

    • Your Name

      i also lost weight eaten the ayds diet candy…went from 190 to 105 in less then 3 months …wish they would bring them back just change the name a bit

  •  I would love to have them available again
    nancy (Verified User)

    Ayds was around before Aids which has no relationship. People should not be offended of the name. I would like to see Ayds candy product come back I had lost 50lbs with them and then it helped me to maintain the weight loss. I would love to have them available again. Bring them back if not under the same name so nobody gets offended. Thanks

  •  Really help me lose weight
    Rml (Verified User)

    I used Ayds back in the 70’s and it really help me lose weight. I wish they still had it. It was the best thing for me

    • kinlee

      My mom used these and she says the same thing….best supplement she ever used…I came across this looking to see if I could find the active ingredient and find a similar product.