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Cellucor Super HD Review - Does This Weight Loss Supplement Really Work? Are lack of clinical research and side effects deal breakers?

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

cellucor-super-hd-product-imageWe’ve heard all kinds of buzz regarding Cellucor Super HD, so we took the time to create an in-depth review, examining the side effects, ingredients, scientific research and customer-service quality. Also, we focused on hundreds of customer reviews and user responses from around the web. At this point we summed up the data we found to give you the information you need.

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What You Need To Know

Cellucor Super HD is available online for $69.99 (120 capsules). This supplement is claimed to promote appetite control, increase the metabolism of fat, provide high-powered energy and encourage fat reduction. You simply take one capsule in the morning and one capsule in the mid-afternoon (always with 8-12 ounces of water). This diet formula contains the following; Niacin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Caffeine Anhydrous, N-Acetyl-Tyrosine, Toothed Clubmoss, Cyanocobalamin, Methycobalamin, Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate, Rauwolfia Extract, Evodiamine, Red Pepper Fruit, Yohimbine Extract, Pausinystalia, Dandelion Root, Amia Fruit, Rhodiola Rosea Root, Chinese Mistletoe Stem, Tuber Fleece Flower Root and Camellia Sinensis Leaf.

Cellucor Super HD was released back in 2013 and is available on the official website. Also, there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee posted on the website, and plenty of customer feedback is found online, but read on…

Lack of Clinical Research

According to our research editor, “Even though Cellucor Super HD is boasted as a powerful weight loss formula, there is no documented scientific research presented on the official website or anywhere online to support this claim.”

One user said, “I experienced no real benefit from Super HD; no additional energy or focus, no thermogenic symptoms, and certainly no additional weight loss.”

“Not a fan of this stuff at all. It just doesn’t work. More likely than not just a loaded caffeine pill with fairy dusted ingredients,” said another.

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Serious Side Effects

There are many customer complaints about side effects, which is something that should not be overlooked. One dieter stated, “This stuff made me feel like my heart was gonna explode and made me sick!!!!! No way! Never again!!!! WASTE OF

Another complained, “Headaches, vomiting and feeling like crap since I took this. I have taken other similar products before so I know what to expect, but this product has something that has made me sick.”

According to our extensive research, if there is a certain part of a weight loss pill or diet program that’s especially bothersome (a painful/difficult exercise routine, pills that cause side effects, no clinical research) the likelihood of real weight loss success is minimal. In other words, if Cellucor Super HD does cause side effects in a lot of people, this could be a major problem.

The Science

Sadly there is no scientific research presented on the official website to support Cellucor Super HD. For us at DietSpotlight, it’s imperative to see published clinical research regarding the supplement and its ingredients in order for us to support the diet product. No clinical studies equals a red flag.

The Bottom Line

While Cellucor Super HD does contain an interesting ingredient blend, we would not recommend this product for serious weight reduction. Not only is there a lack of scientific research, but this supplement seems to cause some serious side effects as well. Moreover, many dieters complained that this product is ineffective.

If you really want to slim down and rock your best body, we suggest you select a dietary supplement that is backed by solid clinical trial research and does not cause any harsh side effects.

Among the most impressive weight loss products we’ve spotted in 2015 is Leptigen. This supplement uses a unique blend of four proven ingredients that have been shown in documented clinical studies to help encourage fat loss and increase metabolism. We can’t pinpoint any complaints regarding harmful side effects and user reviews posted online indicate dieters are seeing good results.

Also, the makers of Leptigen are so confident in their product they’re offering a special trial offer, which is a good sign.

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Previous Cellucor Super HD Review (Updated April 17, 2014):

What You Should Know

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Cellucor Super HD is a huge release for the Cellucor company. Several news companies announced the release, as if the product was somehow going to change the face of the weight loss supplement industry. There are more than 60 reviews on GNC where we found the supplement prominently listed. That is a step in the right direction, especially when the average review is 4.8 out of 5 stars. We’ll have to take a look at the ingredient list because the $70 price tag is asking quite a lot of the average dieter.

List of Ingredients

  • Niacin
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
Super HD Nootropic & CNS Support Blend:
  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine
  • Toothed Clubmoss
Super HD ThermoSculpting Blend:
  • Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract
  • Tuber Fleece Flower Root Extract
  • Chinese Mistletoe Stem
  • Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract
  • Amla Fruit Extract
  • Dandelion Root Extract
  • Pausinystalia
  • Yohimbine Extract
  • Red Pepper Fruit
  • Evodiamine
  • Rauwolfia Extract
B Vitamin Blend:
  • Niacinamide
  • Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate
  • Cyanocobalamin
  • Methylcobalamin
  • CoEnzyme B12

Product Features

Cellucor is a big company and what better way to get dieters to use a product than to send out trial bottles and ask the users to review the supplement. There are even multiple reviews of the same product by one person. The ingredient list will tell if this supplement is all the reviews claim it to be. Caffeine anhydrous is the big stimulant in the formula – no surprise. There is just 160 mg of caffeine, but the dieter takes the supplement twice a day so that ups the total caffeine intake to 320 mg. That is less, by half, than some other fat burners. We still think it is too much, but some dieters can easily handle this much caffeine. Watch your caffeine intake from other sources to reduce the risk of jitters and crash. Toothed Clubmoss is clinically proven to lessen symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease when test subjects took 400 mcg of the supplement per day. This supplement contains 2,500 mcg. We did not find studies on the effects of taking this supplement on a healthy brain. Camellia sinensis leaf (green tea), Tuber fleece flower (Polygnum multiforum) and Chinese mistletoe extract are combined in a proprietary blend. The blend in Cellucor Super HD has just 253 mg. That is not enough green tea to boost metabolism. Tuber fleece is associated with laxative effects and Chinese mistletoe is used as an alternative cancer treatment. These ingredients are not the end-all the reviewers describe. In the remaining ingredients there are no spectacular finds. Dandelion root is a diuretic and will cause the dieter to urinate more often. There is no potassium in the supplement to replace what is lost during increased urination.

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  • Great product reviews.
  • A complete list of ingredients is available online for Cellucor Super HD.


  • The ingredient list does not support the product reviews.
  • There is a laxative and diuretic in the formula.


We are not fond of companies using laxatives and diuretics in weight loss supplements, but we are even less fond of people leaving reviews after receiving a trial bottle of a supplement. If Cellucor Super HD was sent out to overweight dieters we don’t think the real end result would be a positive review from a lean man who exercises daily and maintained his healthy 170 pounds while taking the supplement.
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  • 1

    I failed a drug test, they said I had meth and mdma in my system (I don’t do drugs). This is the only diet pill I have been taking. Also this does not suppress your appetite, I would take this pill and I was still eating everything and more. I would not suggest anyone to take this unless you want to feel jittery and hungry.


  • 2

    i was taking super hd and showed up positive on a drug test for speed why did this happen?


  • 3

    I started using Super HD in 2014. great workouts. increased energy. good weight loss.
    Then the formula changed in 2015! Rubbish. no energy. doesn’t suppress appetite. no weight loss. .rubbish. save your money


  • 4

    It does work well on appetite and energy. I want to be sure that the only diuretic and laxative is natural as described as from flower and natural sources. Please assure me there are no chemicals or generally considered artificial things added.


  • 5

    I took this approx two years ago. Ill give credit where it is due. It works. Best workouts ive ever had in the gym came from this. I went from 265-270 to 230 lbs in three and a half months. Good dieting helped alot too. Im no stranger to caffeine by any means, this stuff was potent to the point i couldnt sleep. I became a very irritable and angry individual while taking this. I dont know why or how but i did. Im looking now for a more natural way to lose weight and maintain some muscle. This is just an fyi if this has happened to anyone else feel free o let me know.


  • 6

    This is my first time using Super HD cellucor I am wanting to lose 25 pounds I’m at 128 . I need help was this product worth buying or just waste of money . Did anyone get any positive results using this product ?


  • 7

    will H D cause you to fail a drug test? also how long will it stay in your body after you stop taking it?


  • 8

    Can super HD cause a false positive drug test for methamphetamine?


  • 9

    Does super HD cause positive drug test?


  • 10
    j schmitz

    what is the best diet paired with Super HD?


    zack m

    the cellucor product with ketones in it similar to this one should be paired with it


    Your Name

    I suggest u take this in empty and for working out energy only
    Does nothing to suppress my appetite. .However very addictive.


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