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Danish Diet Review - Does This Weight-Loss Plan Work? Are food restrictions and lack of proven results deal breakers?

By Summer Banks | Published: 07/02/2016
Danish Diet Review

My love of diet products is bested only by my passion for reviewing them 🙂 We took one of our in-depth looks at the Danish Diet, closely scrutinizing the ingredients, side effects, level of customer service and clinical research. Furthermore, we examined plenty of user comments posted online. At this point we summarized and compressed all of the information we found to give you the bottom line.

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What is the Danish Diet?

First off, the Danish Diet is also known as the Royal Danish Hospital and Copenhagen plans. This weight-loss method basically involves a strict 13-day menu. Within this time, you can potentially drop up to 22 pounds, according to the literature provided. However, you are expected to avoid alcohol, heavy sugars, grains and even fruits. You can intake lettuce, lean beef, coffee, eggs and spinach. You will reduce your daily caloric intake to about 600, which is not enough to provide all of the nutrition you need, according to research.

It’s unclear when the Danish Diet first emerged, but both women and men can try this plan. Foods that are high in fat and cholesterol are cut out and you must drink plenty of water daily, but read on…

Food Restrictions – “What Will I Eat?”

The first problem dieters may face with the Danish Diet ingredients is that there are too few foods allowed on the plan. According to our Research Editor, “Some people will not be able to handle the strict menu. After all, you can basically just drink tea, coffee and water for liquids. Not to mention, the daily calorie intake is so low, some people may experience side hunger and a decrease in energy.”

One dieter stated, “Too many food restrictions…can’t have ham, no alcohol, no sugar at all!”

“This diet plan is not good for vegans! The protein sources are wrong!,” said another user.

Results – “None to Speak Of”

We could not find any real clinical studies to support the Danish Diet and that’s something that’s not lost on dieters. One said, “This diet did not help me with weight-loss at all. Just made me real frustrated.”

Another person commented, “Not a good diet plan for me! No thanks.”

Our research has revealed that if there is a certain aspect of a diet program that is especially annoying or concerning (a painful/difficult exercise routine, lack of real research, too many food restrictions) the likelihood of lasting success is minimal. Therefore if the Danish Diet is too strict, dieters may switch the plan out for a supplement that’s clinically tested.

The Science – “Any Real Proof?”

Here at DietSpotlight, we like to see some published clinical research that supports the diet program or pill we’re examining. However, we did not locate any proof to back the Danish Diet method. While most people already know that reducing your daily calorie intake will lead to weight-loss, this is not unique to this option. There’s also no connection with the plan and an increase in metabolism or fat loss. That’s what the dieter is really looking for, right?

The Bottom Line – Does the Danish Diet Work?

Well now, does this one offer anything new for dieters? It’s not a secret that reducing your daily caloric intake helps you lose weight. Most people are aware of this. Basically, this is what the Danish Diet relies on. However, when you consider the restriction with this plan, we have reservations about giving the green light. Plus, this is not good for the long run because it only lasts for 13 days. So, you’re very likely to gain once you go back to a regular diet.

If you’d like to see more drastic weight-loss results and a trimmer figure, we encourage you to try out a diet program that supplies enough calories and nutrition to keep you healthy, while helping you lose weight. You can pair that plan with a clinically tested supplement with solid customer support.

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About the Author: Summer Banks

Summer has researched over 5000 products in the past 10 years. She has years of nursing training, experience as a manager responsible for 15 supplement brands, and completed coursework on Food and Nutrition from Stanford University. full bio.

How Does Danish Diet Compare?

Previous Danish Diet Review (Updated September 23, 2014):

What You Should Know

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The Danish Diet claims to help users lose ten to twenty pounds in just thirteen days. They do state that the amount of weight lost will depend on the individual and how much weight the individuals body needs to lose. The Danish Diet must be followed precisely or it probably will not work and this diet is extremely strict. The diet plan was designed to help increase the metabolism and they claim that this boost in metabolism can last up to two years regardless of how the user eats once they are done with the diet.

Product Features

The Danish Diet helps users plan their meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Users can have absolutely no snacks and must drink plenty of water. Some days users are able to eat a portion of beef steak with a salad and other days users must only have a glass of water as one of their meals. There will be days where users are eating three meals and then there will be days where users are eating a meal and then two liquid meals consisting of coffee or tea and water. This strict diet is supposed to help users eat foods that burn calories upon ingestion as well as some extra calories.

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  • The Danish Diet's meal plan is posted online in its entirety.
  • The actual diet is free users will have to pay for their groceries though.


  • The creator of the Danish Diet is not disclosed.
  • No research or clinical studies have been conducted on this diet.
  • The Danish Diet requires users to adhere to strict guidelines and lifestyle changes.
  • Absolutely no substitutions or compromises can be made with this diet.
  • The Danish Diet is not a good match for vegetarians and vegans.
  • This is only a short-term diet.
  • The typical breakfast on the Danish Diet is a simple cup of tea or coffee with one sugar cube.
  • The website contains several typos and errors.


The Danish Diet doesn't really stand out from the rest of the weight loss and weight management diet programs today. The Danish Diet may not be for everyone because there are no supplements included with any proven fat burners or appetite suppressants in them so those seeking a diet in which supplements are used that have the ability to suppress the appetite and burn fat may want to research other programs with products that are intended for appetite suppression and fat burning. Those seeking weight loss should also develop a healthy diet and exercise program that works for them because then they are more likely to stick to it. Users will need to assess their health and fitness goals and decide if using the Danish Diet is right for them.

Danish Diet Questions & Answers:

We examined hundreds of user comments about the Danish Diet and made this helpful FAQ.

What are the side effects of the Danish Diet?

Danish Diet side effects, as reported by customers, include nausea, dehydration, irregular bowel movement, stomach pains and diarrhea.

What are the ingredients in the Danish Diet?

Danish Diet ingredients include lettuce and spinach, lean meat, yogurt, eggs and coffee.

Does the Danish Diet work?

There’s no published clinical research proving the Danish Diet will help you lose weight. Taking a look at the program, there’s a possibility of weight-loss because of the calorie restrictions, but this isn’t proven.

Consuming a small amount of calories on the Danish Diet is a way to drop the pounds, but consider a supplement like Leptigen, which contains some clinically-tested ingredients, shown to work and doesn’t require strict food guidelines.

How much does the Danish Diet cost?

The cost of Danish Diet is simply the price of menu items. If you currently have those items in your pantry, there’s no additional cost.

How should I follow the Danish Diet?

You should follow the Danish Diet for 13 days. There’s information stating that after completing the program, you shouldn’t use for another two years.

Can I take the Danish Diet if I have a health condition?

Women who are pregnant or nursing, those with health conditions, anyone taking prescription medications or under 18 years of age should contact a healthcare professional prior to following a diet plan of any kind, including the Danish Diet.

What do users like about the Danish Diet?

Some users like the small amounts of weight while following the Danish Diet.

What do users NOT like about the Danish Diet?

We found that some users didn’t like the food restriction on the Danish Diet.

How do I contact the Danish Diet customer service department?

There’s no way to contact the Danish Diet customer service department, considering the information is readily available online.

Can I substitute foods on the Danish Diet?

No, you can’t substitute foods on the Danish Diet. According to the plan, you have to follow each step exactly as directed.

Will I need to exercise on the Danish Diet?

No, you don’t need to exercise on the Danish Diet. Looking at the caloric intake, there’s a chance you won’t consume enough calories to support adding fitness.

Does the Danish Diet come with a guarantee?

There’s no guarantee with the Danish Diet.

Do you know of any special deals or discounts on the Danish Diet?

There are no deals or discounts on the Danish Diet. However, our readers have been buzzing around the past few months taking advantage of Leptigen’s Special Trial Offer, which is merely the cost of shipping and handling. Click here to give it a go.

94 User Reviews About Danish Diet

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  • 1

    I am on day 9 of the diet. I am 50 years old, 5feet 7 inches tall nd started out at 155 pounds. At the end of 8 days I am down 9.4 pounds with 5 days left. My ultimate goal is 15 pounds total. I have not cheated in any way and I am thrilled to death withto results. I will use this diet again of nended. Just keep in mind it’s only for 13 daya.


  • 2

    Im on day 10….My wait was 92kg now have only droped to 88kg which means i have only lost 4kg. Ive been following it and have not cheated…my worry is i want to loose more..at least 10kg more. Please advise.


    Devon (Editor)

    On average it takes around a month to see results and sometimes longer, depending on your goals. over a month for desired results. Be sure to include regular exercise in your regimen.


  • 3

    am on day 4 and am feeling great.when am hungry i drink lots of water .


  • 4

    I finished this diet last Sunday. I lost 5.5 kg and I feel great. It was a struggle, but 13 days aren’t forever and results show.


  • 5

    This diet is very unhealthy too many eggs there is not a balanced diet here. Sensible eating is the only diet. All the green and everything colorful and you will loose weight. Stay away fro the Danish diet. You will only lose and gain weight in an up and down cycle.


  • 6

    Hey guys! I want to ask you if it is allowed to drink more than one coffe during the day?


    Cameron (Editor)

    Moderate your intake but their shouldn’t be an issue, Diana.


  • 7

    I am on this diet few weeks now with some adjustments… I do eat (with moderation) on weekends. I am a spin instructor so I do need carbs for energy…and I have them…on weekend days. The first week was tough…I was very week and hungry but now after loosing about 12 pounds (my goal) I kind of got use to it and do not feel the hunger that much and I am not that week anymore. The biggest change I’ve noticed, beside weight loss, is the muscle definition.. Finally my hard work of working out everyday paid off! I do look buffed but not huge…just lean muscle showing. I LOVE IT! I get lots of complements so I guess it is not only me that noticed the change. I tried few diets to loose the last 10 pounds but this one really worked FOR ME! Remember, everybody is different, it might not be the one for you but you could sure try it!


  • 8

    Hi… I would like to go for this diet ..I ‘ve never eaten beef or pork in my life … Could I substitute them with any other meat


  • 9

    i would like to know if i can still smokie on this diet


    Stephen (Editor)

    Any diet would be greatly improve upon after having stopped smoking, leading to better fitness health.


  • 10

    can you take pain killers? It’s effecting a diet?


    Stephen (Editor)

    Ask your doctor if these pills will conflict with this diet though you shouldn’t experience major issues.


  • 11

    I lost about 15 kg in about 2 years ( 3 times on this diet in 2 years ) . The last time I was on this diet I was 62 kg and lost 7 kg ( that was few years back). I exercised daily and never ate the celery nor drank the tea. I had coffee every single morning and it worked . I guess it depends on your metabolism. A friend of mine lost 9 kg in 13 days therefore it’s a diet which actually works especially if your blood group is o +.
    I managed to keep my weight for few years , now back to 62 kg . Planning to start it again on Sunday


  • 12

    I have 15 kg extra in my wg
    I like to try this diet bet I have low tiroed
    Please tell me it will help me to loose the extra 15 kg or no???


    Stephen (Editor)

    While we do like that the diet promotes a healthy lifestyle, we have reservations about the food restrictions and the lack of results from users.


  • 13

    This diet works. I’m 55 did it March 2014 and lost 15 lbs in the 13 days . Continues with a low carb high protein Plus fruit and veg , the odd glass of wine, in other words “sensible” and by June had lost 26lbs. Kept it off till Dec put back on 8lbs. Doing the 13 day again now Jan 2016 , on day 8 and have lost 10lbs. It’s the only plan that’s ever worked for me, but you MUST have a partner as it’s very difficult. We followed the stricter plan, not the “as much as you like” one that’s sometimes posted , don’t see how that can be successful. I may stop this at day 10 as I truly don’t want to lose too much, it can be done, we drink lemon with boiling water during the day if you’re cold, no sweetener. Good Luck.


  • 14

    I have tried this diet twice already, first time i lost around 5 kgs that’s it. it did not increase my metabolism for 2 years as they claim, but i was able to maintain my weight and gain a little more. On my second time, i lost around 4 kgs on the first 5 days then around day 6 i crashed and fell off the stairs, i had no energy and was completely drained. I could not move too much and was too lazy. i couldn’t take care of my kids or focus on work in the morning so i stopped it. Going in for the third time now, children are off and work is not as crazy!!! wish me luck!



    I also started on the 4th. Still going on. Day 8 tomorrow


    Your Namekany

    Today was my second day so far I’m good.


  • 15

    This is my second time on this diet. First time I lost 10 Kgs. Now, the 4th Day I already lost 2.5kg. Its a good one for me…


  • 16

    day 5 i had full orange with salt…on day six now must i continue or have i ruined everything


  • 17

    I started today, and I’m really looking forward to it. I have tried it several times and got good results, but I used to skip things I didn’t like and replace them too. Thanks to this blog I won’t make the same mistake this time since it’s critical to do it exactly as it goes.
    Do you get better results if you combine this diet with exercise?
    I want to make sure I get the best of it since I’m desperately in need to lose weight.



    Hello Zoraida, do you have an exact Danish diet menu …there so many variations on the web…txxxx


  • 18
    Your Name

    I drank a diet drink on the 6th day. I have not cheated at all otherwise. I still want to continue as I’ve lost 8 pounds so far. Can I still continue?


  • 19

    I am on 4th day of this diet. And this day is so hard. I feel lighter but very hungry..Many times wanted to give up but, cant do this as i really want to loose wait. This diet makes u apreciate each food. Never thougt in my life that i will be so happy to eat an apple or drink orange juice.
    Tmw i am having fish cant wait! Good luck to everyone and lets be strong. After i loose wait going to gym and do the rest.


  • 20

    Hey! Well, now I know I can’t substitute anything but how about skipping it? I mean, I reaaaally couldn’t bring myself to eat the whole two eggs, so I just ate one and I don’t really like meat that much (but im not vegan or anything) so opted to fill myself with more salad. Is that bad? And how about cucumbers? Can I add some cucumbers to the salad?
    Well, however, thank you!


  • 21

    been on this for 11 days 6 kilos off feel great, has any one else done exercise while on this, i did a 15 mile bike ride last night and no change in loss.


  • 22
    Liana Bober

    Clear, concise, to the point


  • 23

    Hi everyone!
    I have a short an important question. Is there any problem if I cannot eat 400gr of spinach? I absolutely hate it and I do want to replace it with something else but I dont have any idea.
    For example, today I forced myself to eat 200gr of spinach but with so much effort..Thanks


  • 24

    Hi! A lot of you have been saying that this diet is bad for you body?! Does it damage your body? Does it have the yoyo effect?
    Right now I’m on a diet that is heathy and easy to follow…Day 1~Vegetables; Day 2~ Fruits; Day 3~ Vegetables and Fruis; Day 4~ Bananas and milk; Day 5~ Vegetables and Rice; Day 6~ Fruits and Rice; Day 7~ Vegetables, Fruits and Rice.
    Right now I’m on my third day and I sticked to the diet.Ater I finish I’m planny on doing the Danush diet, as it seems a lot easier (has meat and eggs) Is it bad if I start it? (Right now I weight 56Kg at 160….but I want to go back to my past self 45Kg)


    Your Name

    Is this diet that you are talking about is gm diet


  • 25

    Is there any thing could replace the yogurt?


  • 26
    Anna Scicluna

    Is the Danish Diet good for diabetics???


  • 27

    I’m on day 8, so in 7 days I’ve lost 5 kg. My weight was 61 kg, now it is 56. I need more! I need to lose 4 more kg. I really have to!


  • 28
    Ashleigh Mcgough

    Nice post. I was checking constantly this blog and I am impressed! Very helpful information specially the last part 🙂 I care for such information much. I was seeking this particular information for a very long time. Thank you and best of luck.


  • 29

    I’ve attempted this diet three times now (each within 6 months of one another as it is an extreme diet) the first time I caved in on day 5 due to hunger, the second time I completed the whole 13 days and I’m now a year later attempting it again as my old eating habits kicked in. A few ground rules:

    Stick to the diet EXACTLY and don’t deviate
    Must drink AT LEAST 2 litres of water a day – it sounds a lot but I got into the habit of drinking a small glass of water on the hour every hour and that pretty much saved the hunger for me
    Don’t exercise at all – you will faint as I did!
    Eat breakfast before 9am, lunch before 2pm and dinner before 6pm
    Set your goal and know its only going to last 13 days, not forever
    Don’t attempt it again within a year – this diet has been untested, theres no obvious author and the effects it puts on your body and metabolism can be dangerous
    Don’t attempt if you are pregnant, teenager or child
    TAKE MULTIVITAMINS – it will replenish the minerals and vitamins that this diet is lacking

    I was a waist size 32 for many years but then went up to a 36, after this diet I dropped back to size 32! In two weeks, I lost about 9kg, my six pack started to show again and side ribs. My weight stayed around the same for a while but bad eating has put me back unto size 34 waist, my goal this time round is to complete the diet as before and then use it as a springboard for my permanent healthy eating lifestyle. I am writing a Day 14-28 schedule myself which takes this diet but introduces small amounts of dairy back into the diet, healthy nuts, more fruit, whilst still keeping carbs to a minimum, wish me luck!

    Not for the faint hearted, and not a permanent solution, but effective in losing weight very quickly over a short time



    * Thats waist size 32 UK sized for your information!



    Thanks for the tips. not one websites mentions all that.. i didnt know we were allowed to take suppliments 🙂 yaay for centrum 🙂


  • 30

    Can you smoke whilst being on this diet?


  • 31

    I am trying this diet now, it doesnt say whether you can cook the steak with garlic or any other condiments ?


  • 32

    there are so many versions of this diet out there and although most variations are minor, eg. spinach/brocoli.. etc. there is one fundamental difference that is very worrying. one one version it is stipulated that you HAVE TO put the lump of sugar in your coffee and nothing else, and then on other versions it says NO SUGAR allowed at all. Can anyone comment on this please? thank you,


    Your Name

    No sugar at all .u can use sweetner .


  • 33
    rafia imran

    as i live in a country where processed foods are limited .wht alternate can i take for chicken ham.plz reply me soon as im eager to do danish diet



    You can replace ham with chicken. Cod fish with any available chicken in market.

    Celery with Broccoli

    its very good plan and have results. I am on 6th day and feelings are on top.

    good luck


  • 34

    allergy to eggs..wot can i substitute


  • 35
    Nelson Tanti

    I have a question… Can Celery be replaced by lettuce? , or do i just eat nothing? … thanks 😀



    Ways the alternative for cerely? I really don’t like it


  • 36

    I have just started this diet I am on day 3. Weighed myself and I have lost only 2 pounds. I am not happy with this will I lose more in the next week?


  • 37

    I tried this diet 4 month ago, and I lost 5 pounds in total, from 125 to 120. now I am trying again, but for some reason it’s not work as good as last time, now it’s day 7, I only lost 1 pound. I heard this diet only can do once a year, is this the reason it’s not work on me on 2nd time, which is 4 months later. if so, what’s the reason?



    Theresa, You are supposed to do the diet once every two years or there is health risks. The reason you are not loosing because you are supposed to take a break. The diet also allows you to loose only the amount of weight you are supposed to loose, therefore maybe you should re-evaluate the amount you want to loose. Maybe this is the weight you should be in order to stay healthy.


  • 38

    this diet is very effective,today is my 3rd dayon this diet. i want to know that may i replace celery with other vegetable, because i do not like it.



    You shouldnt replace it, as it is negative calories vegi.


  • 39

    hi everyone. i’m thinking of starting this diet on the 26 of this month.. any advice will be appreciate…thanks


  • 40

    I’ve been on the diet for 10 days now and have lost 12kgs/26.5lbs. 3 days to go! I’ve stuck to the diet religiously, and haven’t struggled at all. No hunger, nothing. Bare in mind, I weighed 115kgs/234lbs when I started. I’m going to start weight watchers straight afterwards and start jogging again. This diet has motivated me sooo much. I just hope that I don’t put the weight back on afterwards like everyone is saying I will.


    Jenny Fort

    Hi I have a couple of questions for this diet. How thick was the ham? How many slices of ham is 250 gram? How many slices of roast beef is 200g? Thank you!






    great results! do u take sugar with the coffee ?


  • 41

    Hi pipo ,am on day 7 and only lost 3.5kgs,i also ate sugar free gum,and today i had coffee instead of tea,should i continue?


  • 42

    Everyone’s talking about how many pounds or kg’s they’ve lost with this diet, but can everyone please share how many cm’s or sizes they’ve dropped???


  • 43

    Hi, Guys.. can some1 please help me with the vegan version of this diet.. since i cant eat beef or ham or fish 🙁 please suggest replacements..



    This is NOT a diet for vegetarians or vegans. Nothing can be replaced or changed for something else


  • 44

    I ate around 25gms of cheese on the fourth day because one version of the diet said I should eat 250 gms while another version has cottage cheese on day eleven. Am confused with the variations. Will this effect my weight loss?Also I have lost only one and half kgs in three days.Am I losing enough?


  • 45
    maryam Dadkhah

    yes … im doing it and i just completed day 2. i’m afraid to weight myself coz i don wanna be discouraged by comparing my weight loss with others incase i didn’t lose any. the hardest thing about this diet is the fact that i have to cook 2 meals a day sometimes n when i’m outside with friends i don trust the resturant’s way of cooking for my diet.. so in this 2 days i had my dinner very late at night ( thats what i normally never do) so now although im really tired i trying to stay awake atleast 2 more hours.
    i also replaced Ham with lamb thigh meat since pork is forbidden in kuwait. that’s why i’m afraid my results won’t be the same.


  • 46

    Hey people.I started the diet on Monday.It is trully challenging!!!The hardest thing i’ve done in a while.i’m on day 3:)so far it hasn’t been that bad.Haven’t felt really hungry.Though been really tempted to break twice and all i’m thinking about is some ice cream.I’ve enjoyed the steak.I feel like its affecting my breath though?Is anyone else currently doing this?we could give each other moral support?


  • 47

    is it importannt to eat all the boiles eggs can i replace them or omitt them ?


  • 48

    i save my spoon of sugar for my yogurt and mix my oj and yogurt. i don’t like plain yogurt.


  • 49

    I need to know what i can replace the ham with .


  • 50

    I’ve only lost 4kg in the first week. Do you suddenly drop more in the second week?



    4kg is almost 9lbs you’re doing great!


  • 51

    i dont do yogurd and tell me something can i put any spice on the steak ect?Can i still smoke? so what can i use in place of the yogurd? also what on toast and is this white or brown bread/ Help!!! as i need to loose alot of 13lb


  • 52

    I am on Day 4 of the diet and going strong. I am not going to lie this diet is a real test of self control, however i am seeing results,8 pounds so far! most days are not that bad but today i feel light headed and hungry with nothing to look forward to but oj and cottage cheese! Good luck to those who try this diet!



    how is it going or how did it go?


  • 53

    When they say you need to eat a celery, would that be just one stick or the whole celery bunch like you would buy in the shops?


  • 54

    I dont like ham. can i replace it or skip it completely?



    No you cant eat everything


  • 55

    I just completed the diet and lost 8 pounds, how long can I wait to repeat it



    2 yrs


  • 56

    My ex husband and i both tried this diet and we both lost weight, however i lost more then he did at 20 pounds and him only 18. I am not a coffee drinker so i did tea instead. and i dont like tomatoes so left those out completely instead of replacing them. EVERYTHING else was the same and it worked. its 2 weeks but when you are done you can’t just go back to what you did before as this is a “retraining”.. ONLY try this if you have the time. Good luck to all who try this diet.



    I skipped the tomato on the first day do you think it will effect my diet and should i quit?


  • 57
    I tried this!

    I loved this diet, it helped me lose 15 pounds over the 13 days, and then I continued to lose another 10-15 pounds over that summer! I recommend it to anyone who has the time and discipline to follow it



    did you feel lightheaded at all or like you were going to pass out?
    i want to start this diet but i feel like with such a low calorie intake i would feel very faint and energy-less



    Did you continue with the diet or just eat healthy. I’ve lost 4.5 so far after just 2 days into my 2nd week. i feel great. But I also want to lose a bit more. So do i continue the diet or just stick to eating healthy, which I normally do. My weight gain was due to menopause, so i’m very happy to have been able to shed those few kilos


  • 58
    Ian Borg

    What can I eat instead of spinach? Is lettuce ok?



    Ian,when I followed this diet in Kenya, we substituted spinach with organic Kale which is now readily available at waitrose. It worked just as well.



    i eat broccli not spinich i hate spinich. this is the second time om on this diet day three lost nine lbs


  • 59

    i want to know whether there is another substitue for taking vegetables as i have never eaten vegetables my whole life. so i was wondering instead of taking vegetables, could there be anything elsee?? thank you:)



    out of curiousity, WHY?


  • 60
    michele kinney

    what is celeriac?
    i am trying to follow this “danish diet “


    E Yates

    Celeriac is celery root asopposed to celery stick available from sainsbury


  • 61
    Paul Kelly

    Can any dressing be put on the salads required? Sometimes it says lemon juice and oil, but sometimes it just says “lettuce salad” and dressing is not mentioned.


  • 62
    Killarney Jones

    Can hertial hernia medication be taken while on the Danish metabolism diet?



    no, you have to have to be in good health for this diet. No injuries or illnesses.


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