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Lipodrene is a dietary supplement that’s manufactured by a company known as NutraSource LLC. This company has been around since 2003. NutraSource claims to provide “quality natural health products” to consumers worldwide. This company additionally aims to employ the best scientific technology currently available at the lowest prices possible. With Lipodrene, customers are guaranteed their money back within 90 days after the purchase, but you must at least test the diet product for 30 days. Lipodrene is sold in tablet form and retails on-line for $39.95 per 100-tablet container.

The “pharmaceutical grade” diet supplement Lipodrene is claimed to target excess body fat in the following areas; thighs, abs, hips and buttocks. Essentially Lipodrene claims to burn fat, while curbing hunger, boosting energy and regulating appetite. This dietary supplement is also a natural diuretic. A primary active ingredient found in Lipodrene is Ephedra (25 mg per tablet). The creators of Lipodrene claim that this supplement works to inhibit the release of specific enzymes, which control the fat storage process. Furthermore, Lipodrene stimulates cellular energy and aims to affect individual fat cells, hence releasing negative fatty acids from the body. Essentially the Lipodrene supplement addresses “lipolysis,” which is also known as the release of fat from individual fat cells. Lipodrene can be ordered via the official website. This diet product is geared toward men and women of all sizes, and can be used regardless of the amount of weight you’re attempting to lose.

List of Ingredients

The main active ingredient is Ephedra. Other ingredients found in Lipodrene are as follows: Sida Cordifolia Extract (leaves) (supplying 25mg) ?Citrus Aurantium 10% (fruit)?U.S.P. Caffeine 100mg?5-Hydroxytrptophan?5-Methoxytryptamine?Green Tea Extract (leaves)?Cassia Nomame (whole plant)?Hoodia 12:1 Extract (Cactus)?Yohimbe 8% Extact (bark) and?Naringen (fruit).

Product Features

Basically the Lipodrene diet supplement is aimed at any and all individuals considering a weight loss program or diet pill. Lipodrene incorporates an active component known as Ephedra (25 mg per tablet). The goal of this supplement is to stimulate cellular energy and draw out unwanted fat from the hips, buttocks, thighs and abdominal area. Lipodrene comes in tablet form to be taken orally each day and is marketed toward men and women of varying weights. This product is sold on the official website.

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  • The official NutraSource website offers Lipodrene for sale online.
  • A 100% satisfaction guarantee is offered on the website pertaining to a 90-day money-back guarantee.
  • Lipodrene is geared toward a wide variety of dieters.
  • Lipodrene comes in an easy-to-take tablet form.


  • There are no product studies or other clinical data offered to support the notion of Lipodrene working effectively for you.
  • Some users may be allergic to certain ingredients found in Lipodrene.
  • Consumer testimonials are absent from the official website that sells Lipodrene.
  • The NutraSource company that develops Lipodrene has not been around long (founded in 2003).
  • Lipodrene does not appear to be approved or endorsed by any specific physicians or scientists.


Choosing the right diet program or dietary supplement can be rather difficult considering all the options on the market these days. In regards to Lipodrene, it’s nice to see a money-back guarantee on the official website and some decent information on what the diet pill contains. However, the fact that Lipodrene offers no consumer testimonials, significant clinical comparisons, nor long-term experience in the diet supplement industry may raise a few eyebrows. Some dieters may demand a product that comes from a more experienced manufacturing lab.

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22 User Reviews about Lipodrene

  • 1

    Its like meth in legal pill form, I haven’t been eating right definitely can not sleep, I got weird dark orange urine bad headaches very aggressive behavior and agitated,up and down with energy, not very good for me


  • 2
    miss jagon

    I took two lipodrene today for the first time at 8am now it is 1pm still feel jittery and a little nausea, how long does it take to ware off, alittl scare to continue


    Your Name

    Same thong I took 2 around 1pm its 709pm and still jittery and find myself nibbling my tounge


    Your Name

    Take only one…my first time I took 2 as well and I felt like I was going to pass out, but one does it…lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks


  • 3
    Carol Boyd

    I just started lipodrene 660 mg today. And wow!!!! I took 2 capsules and it was a little too much, and at lunch time I took 1. I haven’t had much of a appetite today, and I have had energy too. So far so good.


  • 4

    Lipodrene is a great product, but there are different formulas. The one that works is the one WITH Ephedra and DMAA. Your local stores do not carry this formula (GNC, Kroeger etc). I buy Lipodrene with Ephedra and DMAA online. They have it in stock all the time for $35.99 (Cheapest I’ve found with both ingredients) and ship it out to me in a couple days. I’m telling you this so you don’t get fooled and buy the weaker formula. You will not be happy. Let me know what you think if you have tried both formulas



    Where did you buy it with the DMAA? or what online store?


  • 5
    Brian Crow

    my wife has been takeing Liprodrene for two days and has already expeienced bleeding bowells ,she has only taken them in the morning one at a time ,(ONE AT BREAKFAST ,AND ONE AFTER LUNCH ), IS THIS NORMAL ,OR SHOULD SHE STOP?


  • 6

    I m a coffee drinker I was told to stop drinking coffee with the lipodrene is that a true statement


  • 7

    is there anyone over the age of 55 taking this pill? If so, do you have any side effects? What are the side effects? I have read a few comments where nausea can be intense. Is this a good pill to take for those over 55? I have a bottle and have not used it yet because I am a bit apprehensive at this time. Any suggestions?


  • 8

    I’ve taken these pills for awhile now, and like alot of reviews have mentioned they can totally mess with your stomach until you’re use to them. I forced myself past the nausea and the jitters and now that my body has adjusted they just give me straight energy and curbs appetite like crazy. I won’t make any fantastic claims of weight loss, but I took these in conjunction with Green coffee bean extract and in a 8 month cycle with proper diet and exercise 3 days a week I lost 96lbs of pure fat. Is it a magic pill? No. Does it help you reach your goal? Definitely.


  • 9

    The first day I started taking lipodrene y felt nausea and without much energy I took three that day. The second day I took two after breakfast and felt extreme nausea and headache after lunch I took the other one and after an hour or so I threw up. I have been living a nightmare with these pills should I continue taking them?


    Your Name

    I take one in morning and one after lunch two pills at a time is rough
    These pills really give energy and control sweet tooth


  • 10

    I recommend it to anyone I take 2 a day and my first 2days of starting then I lost 7lbs


  • 11

    I take these guys due to them being one of the few pills that have Ephedra in them. I unfortunately have very high tolerance toward other stimulants such as caffeine.


  • 12
    Lisa Ammirato-Timpanaro

    I love it I lost 13 lbs. in 9 days I started going to the gym 5 times a week and changed my eating habits. I ride the bike 12-16 miles at the gym and I would recommend this to anyone who is trying to change their lifestyle and weight.


  • 13

    Where will I get this product in Mumbai (India)


  • 14

    Started taking these yesterday. At first I loved them because they really did make me not want food, but this morning, I took one and threw up less than an hour later. I don’t know if I’ll keep taking them.



    Do you still take them


  • 15

    Im on lipodrene It has been prtty awesome Ive lost a few pounds the first week. totally curbs your appetite and it makes me want to go out and do things. Working out in the gym longer and harder i would reccomend this it takes a few days for your body to get immune to it… but this product does work 4sure!!!


  • 16

    I have taken this and love it have lost 86 pounds on it and I have to force myself to eat!!!!



    how long were you on these to loose 86 pounds?