Updated: 10/17/2017
By Summer Banks Sep 18, 2017

They say it right on their website: “There’s a Hydroxycut for everyone.”

This is great news! But before I find the one for me, I want to know:

Do they back their claims with science?

Here’s the deal: Hydroxycut does not mince words when it comes to scientific research. They happily point you in the direction of handfuls of clinical studies carried out on their key ingredients. They provide charts, summaries and even links to the full studies.

Did that blow you away?

Then you’ll REALLY want to read these 5 things we discovered about Hydroxycut.

Prepare yourself…

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What is Hydroxycut?

To begin with, Hydroxycut is a fat burner, or thermogenic, for men and women. The ingredients are:

  • Robusta Coffee or Green Coffee Bean [1]
  • Papaya
  • Blackberry
  • Saffron
  • Caffeine

Hydroxycut also contains maqui and amla.

This one is taken once or twice daily. It claims to boost metabolism and endurance [2], increase energy levels and assist with weight-loss. These claims are common in the diet industry, but we’re happy to say there’s some substance to them this time.

Other Hydroxycut products include Hydroxycut Titanium, Hydroxycut Super Elite, Hydroxycut Ultra, Hydroxycut HD, Hydroxycut Platinum, Hydroxycut Appetite Control and Hydroxycut Hardcore.

Hydroxycut is owned by Canada-based supplement manufacturer Iovate Health Sciences Inc. The supplements are sold at local retailers and through the official website. There are some natural ingredients used, though it’s still a good idea for them to be tested for purity [3] and it’s nice to see that some positive customer testimonials are available, but read on…

Hydroxycut Ingredients – “Side Effects, Not Really!”

The first issue with Hydroxycut ingredients was the connection to mild side effects [4]. “Science has done an incredible job researching stimulants, which are hugely popular, and natural ingredients commonly used in the supplement industry,” said our Research Editor.

One customer who experienced Hydroxycut side effects said, “I had a slight headache. Took one less per day and it went away.” [5]

We wanted to see a more well-rounded picture, so we found Hydroxycut consumer reviews that didn’t mention adverse reactions.

One stated, “The scale has gone down a little since starting the pills and I haven’t experienced any side effects.”

Hydroxycut Customer Testimonials

Effectiveness – “People are Losing Weight”

According to some reviews on Hydroxycut, the lack of results was concerning. But, we found that some users didn’t follow the recommendations of the company relating to proper use.

“Didn’t lose any weight, but I’ve only been taking it for a week,” commented a dieter. [6]

There are reviews on both sides of the debate.

“On day 5 of taking this pill and have seen an increase in my energy level a decrease in my appetite,” said a customer who noticed Hydroxycut results. [7]

“It is now about 11 days later. I have no side effects, and I’ve started to fit better into my clothes,” reported another.

Our research into Hydroxycut ingredients has revealed that science and customer reviews are an important contributing factor regarding your chances of long-term success. With Hydroxycut there are people who’ve successfully lost weight and have seen substantial results, similar to Phentaslim. Peer-reviewed journals have completed double-blind studies [8] on some of the ingredients used in this formula and, just like reviews, there are positives out there.

The Science – “We Found the Research”

Hydroxycut emphasizes the effectiveness of their diet products on the company website. There’s even clinical research using humans, similar to Lipozene. [9] What we found was that the studies involved a small number of participants and provided mixed results, which appears to be the case across all studies, according to a “systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised clinical trials” on green coffee bean extract [10]. The ingredient list does contain caffeine, which has been shown to boost metabolic rate. We at DietSpotlight look for solid science to use throughout the review process. We’re pleased to see that Hydroxycut decided to put the evidence out there for dieters.

Also: read our Burn HD Weight-Loss Kit review »Hydroxycut Ingredients

The Bottom Line – How Does Hydroxycut Work?

We did the research, so what are our final thoughts on Hydroxycut results? We certainly appreciate that the company has been around for more than a decade and that it contains a few natural herbs. There’s also solid science backing key ingredients of the formula. The only issue we’ve found was that some users didn’t follow the directions and expected results, without allowing the supplement time to work. [11].

If you want to boost your results, we suggest a supplement containing ingredients backed by science and supported by positive customer comments.

Another of the best products we’ve seen this year is our supplement Dietspotlight Burn. The four ingredients have been clinically-tested on humans, with results showing they can help boost your metabolism, fight that hunger and improve fat loss. There are dieter reviews all over the internet talking about amazing weight loss.

Also, they have so much confidence in the supplement; they’re offering customers a Special Trial Offer.

Previous Hydroxycut Review (Updated October 15, 2014):

Hydroxycut - What You Should Know

Hydroxicut is a "weight loss formula" that comes in a capsule form. Hydroxycut products, like Hydroxycut SX-7 claim to curb the user's hunger, while increasing metabolism and assisting with weight-loss. Hydroxycut aims to boost energy levels and maintain the dieter's blood sugar. Similar products that we've noticed on other fat burner reviews claim to boost energy levels are Metabolife Ultra and Dexaprine. As with many diet plans, supplements and programs, the user is supposed to maintain a healthy diet and fitness regimen while taking Hydroxycut to lose excess body fat. Some examples of Diet programs are Military Diet and Ketosis Diet, which when programs are combined with these type of fat burning products they could increase the success. Their official site gives insight on how it works. The user should ideally drop up to three times more weight and burn more calories than he/she would have with proper eating and exercise alone. Hydroxicut is claimed to be the "number one selling" weight loss drug in the USA, and is also marketed in 70 other countries across the globe. The official Hydroxycut website offers a four-step research program that can be downloaded to reveal the research that was done with Hydroxycut in the past. This diet product is endorsed by doctors like Jon Marshall and Nick Evans, who've both used the product themselves. All ingredients found in Hydroxycut are said to be listed on the product container, and were also made in North America. The official website states that numerous celebrities, models, athletes and others take advantage of Hydroxycut.

List of Hydroxycut Ingredients

A few key ingredients listed in Hydroxycut are green coffee bean, Garcinia Cambogia (an Indian herb that normalizes blood sugar) and Gymnema Sylvestre (herb from the Southern India rainforests that aims to promote normal blood sugar). Another product with similar claims of being fat loss supplement is Phenadrine. In addition, Hydroxycut contains caffeine, which has been known to help prevent type 2 diabetes, heart health and protecting the liver. No full list of all ingredients is given. See Hydroxycut Ingredients for more information.

Product Features

Hydroxycut is a diet pill assisting with the weight loss process by boosting metabolic rate, burning calories, increasing energy levels, maintaining blood sugar and curbing hunger cravings. The primary active components found in Hydroxcut are Gymnema Sylvestre, Garcinia Cambogia and green tea extract. (View more info on their wikipedia page). Some fat burning products similar to Hydroxycut are Lipo 6 and Lipodrene. The key ingredients in Hydrocut aim to normalize blood sugar and boost metabolism to burn calories. It's meant to be taken orally with eight ounces of water one hour prior to eating. A one-month supply costs $49.95 and contains 60 caplets.

Advantages of Hydroxycut

  • Hydroxicut can be easily purchased in most drugstores and superstores.
  • The Hydroxycut website offers ample information concerning the product.
  • Hydroxycut results may include decreased appetite.

Disadvantages of Hydroxycut

  • There are some less expensive alternatives to Hydroxycut.
  • Hydroxycut results don't occur for everyone.


Needless to say, there are a vast number of options at your disposal these days when it comes to diet pills containing natural herbs. Hydroxycut is by no means the most difficult to acquire. If you'd prefer a diet plan that involves the simplicity of a pill taken two to three times daily, Hydroxycut may be an option to consider. If you are committed to living a healthy lifestyle in order to facilitate weight loss, you owe it to yourself to explore the range of supplement pills available today.

Hydroxy cut is one of the more popular names in the weight-loss industry. The original (Pro-Clinical) formula contains quite the caffeine punch, but it's not the strongest stimulant in the line.

Hydroxycut Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 2 Rapid Release Caplets
Serving Per Container: 30
Amount per Serving% DV
Weight-Loss Plus Matrix**
- Robusta Coffee Extract**
- Papaya Fruit**
- Blackberry Fruit**
- Saffron Extract**
- Caffeine Anhydrous200mg*
- Maqui Berry**
- Amla Extract**

Other Ingredients: None

We dug deep into the Hydroxicut ingredients to give you the details you need. We want you to know – does Hydroxycut really work?


Caffeine is a central nervous system (CNS) stimulant found in coffee, tea, soda, and energy drinks. It’s also included in a number of weight-loss supplements, and is available in pill form without other ingredients.

What is it Supposed to Do?

According to WebMD, caffeine is most often used to improve mental alertness, but has other uses, as well. In the case of weight-loss supplements, it can be used in very high doses to replace illegal stimulants.

Clinical Research

According to Medline Plus, caffeine “can make you more alert and give you a boost of energy.” [1]

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is a red pepper, or a chili pepper. It is commonly used in cuisine to add heat and flavor to dishes.

What is it Supposed to Do?

According to WebMD, cayenne pepper “may help burn calories and curb appetite, especially in people who aren’t used to eating it.”

Clinical Research

According to a study published in Physiology & Behavior, “The appetite responses were different between those who liked red pepper and those who did not, suggesting that when the stimulus is unfamiliar it has a greater effect.” Study results indicate that once a person becomes used to spicy food, the effect wears off, but further study is needed to determine when the effect stops working. The study showed those who ate a half a teaspoon of the pepper either before or mixed with their meal burned 10 more calories over a four hour period than those who did not, so the results are small.

Yohimbe Extract

Yombimbe is a tree native to Nigeria, Cameroon, and the Congo. Its bark is used for medicinal purposes. The tree may be endangered as a result of overharvesting.

What is it Supposed to Do?

According to the University of Michigan, it is supposed to help weight-loss by boosting metabolism, suppressing the appetite, and increasing fat burning through stimulation of the nervous system.

Clinical Research

Research on yohimbe and weight-loss is limited. However, a systematic review of multiple supplements published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition revealed that yohimbe, along with various other supplements marketed to dieters don’t have convincing data to support them. “None of the reviewed dietary supplements can be recommended for over-the-counter use.” [2] Other supplements included in this review were garcinia cambogia, yerba mate, pyruvate, and glucomannan.


L-Theanine, also known as theanine, is an amino acid [a building block of protein] found in green tea. Its chemical structure is similar to glutamate, a naturally occurring amino acid that helps the body transmit nerve impulses to the brain.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Theanine had been used for treating “anxiety, high blood pressure, for preventing Alzhimer’s disease, and for making cancer drugs more effective.” That’s not to say science supports these claims.

Clinical Research

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, theanine may be effective for treating some metabolic disorders (genetic in nature). There’s no strong connection to weight-loss or athletic performance.

You don’t need a ton of ingredients to effectively boost metabolism or cut appetite. Take Dietspotlight Burn into consideration. There are just four ingredients and science is there to support them all.

Hydroxycut Scientific Abstracts:

Robusta Coffee Extract

Clinical trials have examined the effects of Robusta coffee extract (green tea extract) on weight-loss and all of them have been in poor quality. There had been a conducted meta-analysis of three studies where overweight volunteers received 180 or 200 mg/day GCE for 4 to 12 weeks. It had been concluded that GCE has a moderate but substantial effect on body weight (MWL of 2.47 kg greater than placebo). [1]

Saffron Extract

In controlled trials, a large effect size was discovered for saffron supplementation versus placebo in treatment for depressive symptoms (M ES = 1.62, P < 0.001). This has revealed that saffron had significantly lowered depression symptoms when in comparison to the placebo. There wasn’t much of a difference between saffron supplementation and antidepressant groups (M ES = -0.15) which led researchers to believe that both treatments were similar in the reduction of depression symptoms. It is concluded that larger trials with long-term follow-ups are required before any concrete conclusions can be made on the treatment for depressive symptoms. [2]

Caffeine Anhydrous

Trials conducted on 54 resistance-trained males who completed strength testing of 1RM (one-rep max) and RTF (repetitions to fatigue) at 80% of one-rep max for leg press and bench press. Volunteers then finished five 10-second cycle ergometer sprints with a minute of rest between. After 48 hours, participants had ingested a beverage with caffeine anhydrous (300mg; yielding 3 to 5 mg/kg bodyweight), acute coffee (8.9 g; 303 mg caffeine), or the placebo (PLA; 3.8 g). Leg press one-rep max had improved more by acute coffee than caffeine anhydrous (p = .04), but not placebo (p = .99). Bench press 1RM, bench press RTF, or leg press RTF significant interaction (p > .05) had not been observed. Neither the acute coffee nor the caffeine anhydrous improved strength more than the placebo. It was concluded that coffee and caffeine anhydrous might be a suitable pre-exercise sources of caffeine for high-intensity workouts. [3]

Amla Extract

Preclinical studies have exhibited that amla extract contains analgesic, antipyretic, antiatherogenic, antitussive, gastroprotective, cardioprotective, adaptogenic, antianemia, wound healing, antihypercholesterolemic, antiatherosclerotic, antidiarrheal, nephroprotective, hepatoprotective, and neuroprotective properties. Experimental studies have also pointed out that amla and some of its phytochemicals also harness possess antineoplastic effects. In additional reports, amla was said to contain chemomodulatory, radiomodulatory, anti-inflammatory, chemopreventive effects, antioxidant, free radical scavenging, antimutagenic and immunomodulatory activities, which are properties that are useful in treating and in the prevention of cancer. [4]

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Summer Banks, Director of Content at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 weight-loss programs, pills, shakes and diet plans. Previously, she managed 15 supplement brands, worked with doctors specializing in weight loss and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University. full bio.

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What are the side effects of Hydroxcut?

Hydroxycut side effects, based on some user comments, include a mild headache and/or jitters.

What is in Hydroxycut?

Hydroxycut ingredients are coffea canephora robusta, papaya, blackberry, saffron extract and HydroxyBoost. HydroxyBoost supplies 200mg of caffeine.

How do I know if Hydroxycut is right for me?

Choosing the right product is the #1 question asked by DietSpotlight readers. We recommend trying any product before buying it and know that finding a product with a sample offer is near impossible - so we created our own product, Burn HD, with scientifically backed ingredients.

Click here to get your sample of our powerful fat burner today.

Is Hydroxycut good for weight loss?

Research shows caffeine can boost metabolism and energy. Caffeine is an ingredient in Hydroxycut.

Is Hydroxycut Max for Women really different?

No ingredients in Hydroxycut Max for Women are gender-specific.

How much is a bottle of Hydroxycut?

A bottle of Hydroxycut costs around $20. The price may be higher or lower depending on the retailer.

How do you take Hydroxycut?

You take two capsules of Hydroxycut twice daily. To assess tolerance, you may want to start out with one capsule, twice daily.

Can you take Hydroxycut and drink coffee?

The company recommends not using Hydroxycut with other sources of caffeine.

Why was Hydroxycut recalled?

Hydroxycut recalled 14 products after the Food and Drug Administration received reports of potentially harmful side effects.

Why is Hydroxycut banned?

Hydroxycut is not banned. Years ago ephedra, which is now banned for use in weight-loss products, was used in the Hydroxycut ingredients.

If customers are sensitive to caffeine, a caffeine-free option might help. Dietspotlight Burn offers that option.

248 Hydroxycut Reviews

  • Trying to loose 30lbs

    i’m 24 and i have some baby weight to loose i’ve been dropping weight just not as fast as i would like, does this stuff really work? i just want to be dropping about 5.lb a week if possible. nothing too drastic i’m just trying to loose 20-30 pounds.

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Cherri. Yes, Hydroxycut products have definitely worked for some people, but there are also plenty of people who’d say the opposite.

      We’ve like to give you specific information – what Hydroxycut product are you looking into?

    • Tom Burkart

      One pound a week is more realistic.

  • jonathan palmer

    I am an active person lookin for more energy and to lose 40 to 50 pounds. Already lost 15 pounds can hydroxycut help me speed things up?

    • Summer (Editor)

      Hi Jonathon. Congratulations on losing 15 pounds! There’s caffeine in many Hydroxycut products and caffeine does increase energy for some people. In regards to losing weight, there are people who’ve successfully lost weight and have seen substantial results, those who didn’t follow the recommendations haven’t.

      If the caffeine content seems like too much, you might want to consider alternative products with less caffeine, similar to Dietspotlight Burn.

  • Any side effects for my age?

    I am 16 years old – can I take hydroxycut?

    • Victoria (Editor)

      Hydroxycut, and all weight loss supplements, are designed for people 18 and older. Supplements are not typically tested on anyone younger.

  • Expiration date
    Maddie (Verified User)

    Is it ok to use if past expired date ?

    • Victoria (Editor)

      Hi Maddie. Products are not intended to be used past their expiration date, there’s no guarantee it will be safe and effective.

  • Boricua

    i am 58, and healthy, work out 50 minutes on treadmill 3-4 days a week and 15 minutes on a treadclimber. Is this safe to take at my age?

    • Andrew (Editor)

      Hi. Excellent job on your workout regimen. As you get older, there are warnings against taking stimulants, like many of the Hydroxycut products.

      Your medical condition is best understood by your doctor – so stop by with a list of the ingredients to see what he has to say.

  • Mariela

    Hi I have about 20 pounds of extra baby weight. I haven’t been able to loose anymore. I want to know the truth if this really works because I’m trying to get rid of this baby fat before getting pregnant again.

    • Montana (Editor)

      Hello Mariela! There are studies and reviews showing that some of the active ingredients promote weight-loss. Nevertheless, keep in mind that all users are different and can experience different weight-loss results. Also, there are tons of Hydroxycut products out there. Which one are you thinking about trying? We can give you more information on that specific product.

      A weight-loss product users have recently been raving about is Dietspotlight Burn, you might want to check that one out!

  • Your Name

    How many pills a day am I suppose to take to be clear?

    • Christina (Editor)

      This will change from one product to the next. For instance:

      Hydroxycut Pro Clinical – up to 2 capsules twice daily
      Hydroxycut Caffeine Free – up to 4 capsules daily

      The majority follow the Hydroxycut Pro Clinical guidelines of up to 2 capsules twice daily.

    • Your Name

      Read the bottle it tells you .I also have a question reading the comment you have made on people’s questions why do you have to be so rude?

  • Using with other products

    Can I take this AND relacore together?

    • Victoria (Editor)

      If both Relacore and Hydroxycut have caffeine or other stimulants then it may not be the best idea to take them together, depending on your sensitivity to caffeine.

      It would also depend on which Hydroxycut you’re wanting to try.

      If you compare the ingredients side by side, there doesn’t appear to by anything to worry about in terms of interactions, but only your doctor can give you true medical advice.

  • Liver interactions
    patricia rios

    I am trying the hydroxycut pills for weight loss, is there any liver side effects?
    Thank you

    • Summer (Editor)

      Patricia, medications and supplements are processed by the liver – even Tylenol. If you are concerned about liver health, we believe it is always the best idea to check with your doctor if you have medical questions.

  • Vegan or vegetarian

    I had purchased hydroxycut non stimulant 100 caps.from a website..Just wanted to know whether its a vegetarian product or non-veg.product as I am a vegetarian.

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hello. We didn’t find anything on the official website, but we did find mention of “veggie capsules” in a number of product descriptions.

  • Determined
    Wendy (Verified User)

    Hi. I’m a very active “2017” yr old as my job requires. I’ve just started the hydroxycut max for women and have yet to see any negative, adverse side effects or any kind of reactions. I have, however, noticed an increase in energy. Which, at my age, is a God send. I’ve gone from a 3000 cal diet to 1500 cal diet…most of which, was a large intake of sodas (i have quit cold turkey) as I don’t get to sit and eat a meal or snack like most. I have started an exercise regimen of about 40 mins of cardio daily. super excited to see the end results…wish me luck! 😁

  • Where can I order it?
    ononye casandra nwamaka

    Can I purchase it from nigeria?

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hello Ononye. It doesn’t look like Hydroxycut ships to Nigeria.

  • Usage of this Product

    so just want to know how come it says to not mix fruit or juice with hydroxycut? What harm can happen if I’m only using fruits that help burn belly fat just as well as helping me loss weight

    • Victoria (Editor)

      We’ve never heard that you’re not supposed to mix fruit or juice with Hydroxycut products.

  •  usage of The Product
    Li (Verified User)

    I kind of have an idea on how hydroxycut really works in terms of whether it is safe, why it is working out not and why some side effect occurs. First off, we all have different body types so we all react differently when using hydroxycut. Normal male bodies can adapt easily than female bodies. I’m talking when using hydroxycut and you’re supposed to cut down on meals. It’s like forcing the body to use just the necessary amount of energy. I, male, experienced headaches for two days when I first started eating less whereas my sister’s lasted for almost 5 days before we both felt like we weren’t getting hungry more often. Secondly, these pills are not magic erasers that will just remove the fat in your body. What it does is it gives you the energy from normal food without eating the food. It’s like taking hydroxycut before eating a big Mac is the same as just eating a big Mac. It’s not going to make you lose weight magically. Lastly, these pills should only be taken if you know what you are doing. Does not really take a physician to know how to count calories or know your limit. They are literally coffee pills nothing else

  • Im still hungry
    Cher (Verified User)

    Why does hydroxycut not suppress my appetite? I’m just always hungry.

    • Anna (Editor)

      Hey Cher. Whether it is a supplement or a prescription medication, there’s no guarantee any product will work for anyone. Supplement companies aim to combine ingredients that will work for as many people as possible.

      Which Hydroxycut did you try?

  • It caused lump in throat?
    Hydroxy Question (Verified User)

    I feel like I have a lump/ball in my throat after taking Hydroxycut – Is this normal? It’s a constant pressure in my throat!!!

    • Your Nameallie

      You arent drinking enough water.

    • Sammy (Editor)

      Hi! It sounds like you’re not drinking enough when you take the capsule. Try drinking something thicker before you take it and take it with a thick liquid too. This should help.

  •  Tmg (Verified User)

    Does the new product next generation have bloating side effects? I have actually experienced weight gain 8-10 pounds and bloating in the abdominal area and chest. Furthermore, I have not experience the same intensity as the previous product.

    • Samantha

      I have had the same experience! I started taking Hydroxycut Hardcore and lost 3 lbs in a blink. I stopped taking it after a week and gained 8 lbs in 8 days and am very bloated. Now I am a 21 year old woman, and have other ‘things’ going on which cause bloat, but I haven’t err experienced bloating like this. I also lost a lot of tone and it quickly became soft squishy skin.

    • Sammy (Editor)

      Hi! If you’re talking about Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen the issue could be with the caffeine. Caffeine works as a diuretic – it forces fluid out of your body. When fluid levels are low your digestive system has issues. This can cause gas, bloating and constipation.

      Is it the Hardcore version you’re taking?

  • Getting headache when not taking the pills
    Niki (Verified User)

    My question is I forgot to take the pills yesterday because it was a crazy day and I have a massive headache? I took them this morning like I always do and my headache seems to be going away? Is this normal?

    (I got the hydroxcut idea from a best friend. she lost 40bls!)

    Only been taking hydroxycut max for women for maybe two weeks? I have really seen a change in my energy level. I am naturally a lazy person, and this kicks my butt into gear. I am almost 30bls over weight and my fiance is returning from deployment. So it’s important I lose this weight. I workout about 6 to 5 days a week (cardio, going to curves now :D, and some at home yoga).

    • Summer (Editor)

      Hi Niki. Sometimes after using caffeine for a while the body gets used to the stimulant. When you don’t use it that can cause a headache. If you’re concerned it’s best to talk to your doctor.

  • Ely

    Hi, i just started taking these pills but i only do one in the morning and 2 at dinner time. Ive been feeling very depressed and am not sure if its the pills or maybe something else?

    • Anna (Editor)

      Hi. There are some ingredients used in weight loss supplements, like PEA and other mood-altering substances, that can affect mood.

      Please seek help from a friend, family member or your physician if you’re still feeling depressed.

      You can call 1-800-273-8255 if you need someone to talk to right now.

    • liziuzayani

      hello I just started taking hydroxycut I took a pill bout 30 mins ago. right now I feel really light headed and I also feel depressed I know for a fact its from the pill because this is not normal for me. so I believe you the pills are making you depressed because it had the same affect on me. never again will I take another one.

      • Robin Kirkland

        I been really hard to get along with scent I been taking Hydroxycut. Been crying and snapping at people for no reason. Not sure if it’s a side effect. Been taking them for a month

  • dawn

    I have been taking hydroxycut for a couple weeks and have not lost a pound. I get over 10,000 steps a day and dont eat bad. I am an active person. I am about 25 pounds more than I should be. What am I doing wrong? I dont have side effects and I do feel good and little more energized.

    • Anna (Editor)

      Hey Dawn. There are several factors that could be coming into play. Here are some things to consider:

      • How many calories are you really taking in? Track intake for a few days to see.
      • Are you actively walking or strolling?
      • What is your current BMI? Maybe your body likes the current weight because it’s healthy.
      • If there’s anything we can do, give us a call. We work with dieters all the time with meal plans and weight loss inspiration.

  • I think the drops are awesome
    Pammie (Verified User)

    My husband uses the Hydroxycut drops, fruit punch flavored. He loves them. He doesn’t have any of the side effects that you guys are complaining of. This is a guy who hates taking Tylenol because he doesn’t like drugs but he loves the drops. He has lost 10 lbs in about a month. He says Hydroxycut drops curb his appetite so he doesn’t eat as much as he used to. And because he lost those 10lbs he has kicked into a healthier lifestyle. He no longer eats fast food, drinks sodas, or junk food. He works out for 20 minutes every day and has picked up jogging.

    I think the drops are awesome. Specifically for the people who can’t drink water because they don’t like it, like him. This has turned his life around. I have tried it myself and I do not experience the side effects like you guys have. I have tried the pills too and nothing. No heart racing, nausea, or anything and I’m very sensitive to meds. I fall asleep with tylenol. I have changed my eating habits so I was losing weight already but the drops boosted my weight loss.

    I’m giving this 3 stars because it’s not specifically for the drops but Hydroxycut nonetheless.

    • TSmithmom

      This is good to know. I just purchased the drops because I feel that this would work better for me and I drink lots of water everyday. Thanks for your comments, this makes me very hopeful. Please do let me know what your results are.

  • Freddie Brown

    I didn’t get the results that I was expecting. I have taken HYDROXYCUT HD WEIGHT LOSS 60S for 60 days. I work out 5 time a week as well as right the bike (outside) for 6 to 7 miles three time a week.

  • patricia K

    I read through the comments and it’s obvious many react different to Hydroxycut pill. I purchased this today and took 1 pill. I feel no different.
    The side effects with the liver bothers me. I will research further and get myself to the gym as well.
    I’m watching my carbs. That has always worked for me.
    I will post back in a week or so..

    • Summer (Editor)

      We’d love to hear how things are going Patricia? Can you give us an update?

  • Suzy

    Hey, gang, I was checking out the hydroxycut diet and workout reviews. Their diet is okay. Probably too carb heavy for me. The exercise workout gives frankly false information. Specifically, the workout seemingly makes the claim that walking for 20 min is the equivalent of 10,000. If so, that is one helluva’ fast walk. Assuming roughly 2000 steps to a mile (a mile isn’t 5,280 feet), to get 10,000 steps in 20 min means that person is running 5 miles in 20 min, or rocking out a 4-min mile. If you can do that already, you don’t need hydroxycut. Assuming the average 3.5mph walking speed, it will take the average walker 1.25 hours, or 75 min, to track 5 miles or 10,000. Nothing wrong w being optimistic, just be truthful. Cheers.

  • Luciane

    Today is my fifth day. The anxiety of overeating was gone right away seems like it. Is hard to believe that I gain over 45 pounds in the past 3-5 years. The most difficult thing for me is the first month of a new life challenge. I went thru a divorce, lost a Beautiful sister and a six figure job in 2013. Crazy. Why can I lost the unwanted weight?? Yes I can! I want to. I am worthy.
    My eating plan is:
    2eggs and 1 small potato for breakfast
    3 1/2 onces of protein (chicken beef fish) with a nice size salad for lunch
    1 zero calories Greek yogurt for dinner(preferred before 7pm)
    2 fruits thru the day and few fiber crackers
    YOGA AT HOME AND 40 min walk 5 days a week.
    PS: The most challenging thing for me is that I was out of the country and now dealing with jet-leg etc
    I try to eat a small organic apple if I wake up in the middle of the night. Happy 2017 everyone!

  • Your Name

    I took the hydroxycut hardcore elite I was about 147 plus pounds and now I’m 132, I did not exercise due to my back injury but i did went on a diet..no cards etc etc, this stuff works!

    • ABeth

      How long did it take you to drop the weight?

    • Diamond

      How long did it take ?

    • Summer (Editor)

      How are things going? We’d love to hear from you.

  • Stephen

    Quite frankly, with regular exercise, it seems to be working great for me. I am not really feeling like I have less of an appetite though. I feel as if the boost allows you to burn more calories during exercise and during rest…Been on the treadmill every night though. 30 minutes or 300 calories – whichever comes first. Hope this helps and encourages someone 🙂

  • Margo

    Been taking Hydroxycut for about 3 months – have lost 15 pounds up to this date. The only side effects that I have had is getting hot and sweaty -notice this only after taking the Hydroxy – but that only lasts for about 20 minutes then I am fine after that. I take Hydroxy at 6:30 a.m. and again at 2:00 p.m. – both times, hot and sweaty..then recover and am fine. I will keep taking unless I notice some ill effects mentioned by others.

    • Glenn (Editor)

      Hi Margo! Good job on your success.

  • Steve

    If your drinking gingerale it has to be Diet.I have been using hydroxy cut for a moth I weighed 245 and height 6 foot2 I lost 45lbs in one month with no exercising.Good luck steve

  • Stephen

    Hello, I am a 47 year old man height 6 foot 2 I used to weigh in at 245lbs .I have used Hydroxycut hard core.I have taken Hydroxycut for one month,1 capsule first day and two capsules every day for a month.The total weight that I lost in a month without going to any gym or working out just taking Hydroxycut is an amazing 45lbs.I have found my body has stripped its self of fat and it is not water weight.Thanks steve

  • Julia

    I never had any side effects

    • Summer (Editor)

      That’s exactly what dieters are looking for.

  • Student Athlete in College
    Jamarcus Blackwood

    I am a student athlete who eats right and swims and weight lifts about 15 hours a week yet I still have stubborn belly fat. Can Hydroxycut prove to cut down that fat and around the waistline?

  • Julia

    I started hydroxycut weighing 252. I now weigh 115. I loved this product
    But you do have to diet and especially exercise .but of it wasn’t for this product I wouldn’t of lost weight. I tried all of the other one’s and they didn’t work.

    • Jess

      how long did it take u to loose the weight? what were u exercise and dieting routines?

  •  Accutane
    James Harding

    Can i take this medicine while on accutane? (acne medicine)

  • Your Name

    WW does not work for everyone. I’ve tried at least three different WW plans over the years and followed them exactly. Gained every time. Found the reason eventually: too many carbs in their plans for me. I lose when I consume high amounts of veggies and fruits, moderate to low amounts of meat (red meat very limited), and low amounts of carbs (no sugar, grains must be whole). And be reasonable with fats; whatever the RDA is would be fine but choose healthy fat like olive oil. (Also, I personally eliminate all artificial sweeteners as well since these items seem to be hard on my body.) Diets like this are paleo (I cook though), Mediterranean (skip the tons of pasta), Dr Fuhrman’s plan (great recipes), Dr Sandra Cabot’s plan (great recipes)…you get the idea. And my energy is solid and steady. My pill is only a multi vitamin or other supplements as recommended (taking a probiotic from my doc for a rumbly tummy thing).

    Plan your meals. Do it a week at a time. Then shop for what you need. Aside from the stray can of beans (love garbanzos in salad) or bag of nuts, most of my shopping is in the fresh food areas around the perimeter or at the local farmer’s market. Grow your own if you can; tomatoes are easy and so tasty fresh off the vine. Herbs are also great additions to nearly anything and some love to grow on a windowsill. Yes, there are plenty of easy and quick meals that are healthy. Make Google work for you.

    Exercise: do a whole lot of whatever is fun; bike, swim, hike, roller skate, dance, etc. for 30 minutes every day weather permitting, of course; (I’ve had to outrun a few thunderstorms on my bike LOL) and if weather is uncooperative, do something active indoors. Last, pick up those dumbbells; might as well have great looking muscles; there’s many great books out there and loads of info online. I’m not retired or any sort of stay-at-home person. I work long hours and have the commute from H*ll (60 min on a good day–one way). I find time to take care of me so I can take care of those I love.

    Keep records. It’s fun to see how much progress you are making, what recipe you liked, or perhaps spot a pattern when things are going exceptionally well. (hey, lost 3 llbs that week and it didn’t seem like work.) Maybe make side notes of when life throws a curve ball (didn’t lose anything cause the flu had me for 2 weeks or had to care for sick mom for a week). Records help you remember what happened; memory is an odd thing at times. Your record book can be a plain notebook or fancier bound book with blank pages. (I like the fancier ones since I keep them and look it all over from time to time.)

    Those are my secrets. Not hard or fancy. I mess up sometimes when life happens and I have to get back to my own advice. The real secret is keep trying.

  •  pre--workout or premeal??
    Gaya Rodrigo (Verified User)

    hi today i started to use hydroxycut hardcore elite and i have a question. label saying this have to take 3o min. before two major meals. my question is this, im do workout everyday at the evening 7pm. so is it ok to take tablets as the label says (3o min. before two major meals) or is it best to take first dosage before the breakfast and take the nxt dosage before 30 min to start my workout (6.30) ? normally i go to sleep around 10.30 or 11 pm

    • Victoria (Editor)

      Hello Gaya, if the label states that it would need to be taken before major meals, it would not be best to take just to work out or without anything in your stomach.

  •  Had no results with weight loss !
    DW (Verified User)

    Have not had any results with weight loss…was on day 3 and broke out in red hot rash on knuckles and top of feet and two spots on forearms had to take benadryl

  •  Made me extremely tired!
    Diana (Verified User)

    since I’ve been off it, it has also made me extremely tired, I wake up every morning around 10ish, I have a massive headache and I have to drink coffee and aspirin to make it go away.

    • Diana

      its been more than a week since I’ve been off of it. I’ve been taking Benadryl and zytrec everyday. I still have them on me but most have gone away but you can still see pink spots everywhere on me its just not as flared up anymore but it still itches everywhere. I am seeing my doctor next week

    • Suze Mae

      I have had the exact same experience only no headaches. I’ve been so tired it seems like all I have the energy to do is go to work come home and sleep until it’s time to go to work again. For some reason I stopped taking the pill I must have gotten busy and didn’t realize it. A few days later I’m EXTREMELY EXHAUSTED and can’t figure out why. I forced myself out of bed and decided to go run a few errands. I remind myself that it’s been a week since I last took the pill. I take 3 and BOOM I have more energy than I have had all week long. It is definitely the pill that cause my lack of enery and constant sleepiness.

  • Breakouts are back again !

    I’ve already seen my doctor and I was advised to take Zyrtec and Benedadryl. I have no other allergies to food or anythjng. It’s been a week since I went off of them, and the breakouts are still all over my body, back and legs.

  • Danirla fernanda belen

    I want to take this but the gym instructor said that i need to have an excessive exercise ciz if not it may cause palpitation

    • Summer (Editor)

      Hi Danirla. When you take a product like Hydroxycut, the caffeine can cause jitters and a feeling of flutters in your chest. Exercise increases heart rate too.

      Too much caffeine or too much exercise – both can cause “palpitations” in some people.

      We’re not sure the instructor is 100% accurate in that statement.

  •  I'm up for 2 days with no sleep after taking this !
    Simonne (Verified User)

    Well, it works as far as making me not want to eat. However after I take it I’m up for 2 days with no sleep.

    • Your Name

      it makes me more hungry

      • Summer (Editor)

        That is definitely not what you’re looking for when you want to lose weight.

    • Irian

      me too Simonne, I’ve been taking it for a week now with no exercise. I only went to the gym twice and that’s it. I stopped taking it since I work graveyard and like you been up for 2 days in a row. But I’m going to drink those pills again 😉

  • Paul

    I’ve been taking the hydroxycut black for a week along with diet and exercise and have lost about 10lbs no side effects

  •  Not recommended !
    Marsha (Verified User)

    This is my third day of taking Hydroxycut and I am already having a bad reaction. My symptoms are a little bit different than others. The first day I noticed that I was feeling after taking the second dose around 2:00 I noticed that I had a feeling of coming down around 6:00. I did’nt think anything about it at the time. On day 2 after taking the product at 8:30am I had to take a nap around 11:00am. Then after taking the 2nd dose at 2:00 again around 6:00pm I had that feeling of coming down again. This time I had to take another nap (around 4hrs). Then I went back to bed at 11:30pm and slept another 5 hours. I also had night sweats. I’m do not recommend this product to anyone.

  • syra

    Been taking Hydroxicut since a week and feel a little bloated and a couple of pounds heavier. Has anybody else experienced weight gain? Am I just imagining it? Please respond. Not sure if I should continue with this. Other than that no side effects. .

    • Devon (Editor)

      Anyone have similar experiences?

    • Your Name

      I used it for 2 weeks and stop because i was gaining weight . I’ve used it in the past and lost weight with eating right and exercising. I notice in 2012 I tried it and was gaining weight . They changed formula because it’s not working . I’m really mad

  • Kimberlee

    I Take The Mix Drink. Iv Seen Amazing Results But I Sometimes Feel Sick To My Stomic . Idk Why Maybe Not Eating anuff

  •   I would never reccomend this product
    Heather (Verified User)

    I took the recommended dose of hydroxycut max for women for a month along with a healthy diet and exercise routine. I lost 3 lbs, which I attribute to the diet and exercise, not the pills. I felt very tired, only had 3 to 4 hours of sleep every night, I was not motivated to work out and I often felt nauseous. I have not purchased the product since then and I continue to lose weight with my new healthy lifestyle. I would never reccomend this product to anyone. There are healthier ways to boost your metabolism and loose weight.

  •  Never again
    Jennifer (Verified User)

    I only took it 3 days. Started making me feel weird. Now 3 days off and I’m going through terrible withdrawals from it. Never again!

    • Jessica

      I’m so sorry for u

  • Sheila

    I tried it and it didn’t work!

  • I'm still not sure

    I read all the reviews I’m still not sure about taking pills or not , can anyone tell me best diet plan so I can take pills with best diet plan so may be it help me loosing some weight

  •  It's working fine, lost 7 pounds!
    darius (Verified User)

    ive been taking hydroxycut for about a month now and i think its working fine! ive lost about 7 pounds so far and have a whole lot of energy throughout the day , i did experience nausea on the first day but my body got accoustmed to it. THIS PILL WILL NOT WORK FOR YOU IF YOU DONT WORK FOR IT! along with any supplement , in order to get results you have to eat right, exercise daily, and sleep well. i advise taking a pill in the morning before breakfast , and one before lunch. so it can wear off at bedtime.

  •  This seems to be working !
    Kim (Verified User)

    Used it for a month and a half, no side effects and I have lost 4 lbs……So far so good. I walk daily and drink lots of water I am sure that helps. I have been trying to lose ten lbs. for a few years…..This seems to be working.

    • shirley

      month and half and only lost 4 lb, lol and u put this mess in your system good diet and exercise u should lose 2lbs per week. lol

  •  Lost 22 pounds !
    Kelley (Verified User)

    I have been taking this product since April 10th 2016. I have lost 22 pounds.

  •  Not recommended !
    Smith (Verified User)

    i wish I read this before I took the hydroxycut pills, as soon as I started them I have felt sick, my body would get hot, I had mood swings and hair loss I am not going to take the pills anymore and wouldn’t recomend this to anyone

  • I like the product
    shiree (Verified User)

    Ok i want to know is it normal to PEE alot? I like the product itself I don’t get jitters or anything just pee alot!

    • Your Name


  • Before work out

    Hi can i take this product hydroxycut pro clinical before work out.

  •  My second day & I love it !!
    bex (Verified User)

    Hey guys! This is my second day taking hydroxy cut hardcore, (one pill a day) and I LOVE it
    I’m a athletic build 5 foot 6 105 pounds all muscle
    After my daughter was born I noticed I was always tired and started lacking on going to the gym.
    I have way more energy and no side effects besides being moderately thirsty. Which I can’t argue with because I’m terrible at drinking water so this has helped amazingly.
    I would recommend it to anyone!
    With the people who complain your not losing weight, news flash there’s no magic pill out there. You’re going to have to put some effort into it. Little sweat never killed anyone!

    • ~C

      @Bex, while sharing your straight-forward opinion/experience is appreciated the rest not so much. You are clearly in great shape & that is wonderful ? I to was after all 3 of my children but that’s been 15 yrs…this isn’t so much marketed for energy but for weight lose which for many, is hard enough without hearing from the rocking bod” a little sweat never hurt anyone”….
      I happen to be very sensitive to caffeine all of a sudden in the last few years and can honestly say that just a half a tablet actually gives me chest discomfort. I’m not obese or a couch potatoe just need to shed a few and i can’t recommend this to anyone in good conscience. Especially considering the track record of health issues they have been sued for in the past. Be kind to one another & yourselves♡

  •  Hydroxycut
    sassyone (Verified User)

    2bottles down and I have gained weight and even cut out all carbs and soda.

    • Danielle

      I agree with what you said . I have also tried this product and cut down on processed foods and carbs and I did not lose any weight !! This product is a joke and does not work . I even tried it again to give it a second chance and again no results , I actually gained weight instead of losing weight !!

      • Ursula

        I did exactly the same and also gave it a second chance with no results.

  •  Not good experience so far
    Sylvia M. (Verified User)

    …I was nauseous at first, as well. It’s only been a week. Even to the point where I couldn’t drink water if I was thirty! I would feel too full after that! I really felt sick before bed! I was only taking 2 (of the drink packs) a day, but had to cut down to 1 cause I was up ALL night, EVERY NIGHT!

  •  Felt like but don't see it
    Tiereney Brown (Verified User)

    Hey im taking hydroxycut for the first time and I’m 22 years old and I feel like I’ve lost some weight but I don’t see it and I eat the food that I don’t suppose to be eating like fast food but I also haven’t been excersizing but I have been taking the hydroxycut pills and I feel like I have lost some weight but I really don’t see it and I just wish I could really see it and I really wanna loose my weight

    • Your Name

      umm your eating fast food and not excerising expecting to lose weight? clearly not the brightest bulb in the bunch…

    • someone

      in order to see any kind of results you’ll need to cut off the junk food and start being healthy. You wont lose weight EVER if your eating junk and sitting on your ass all day

  •  Able to see results with some issues
    lessly (Verified User)

    I love hydroxycut I don’t eat absolutely nothing only cranberry j take 5 pills a day the only thing that I don’t like is that I can’t sleep I’m up all night I already see results and its bearly my 2nd day

    • Tiereney Brown

      Wow that’s really great lessley

      • CE

        No Ms Brown that’s not really GREAT. That’s no way to lose weight. Five pills and cranberry juice!!!!!!!!!

    • Your Name

      That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. You’re destroying your liver, straining your heart etc. Eat some food! Common sense people!

  • How long this will wear off?
    Krystle (Verified User)

    I have been using Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite 110C for awhile now and it is now causing high anxiety and fast heart rate, so I’m going to stop taking it. How long does it take to get out of the system? How long will it take for the side effects to wear off?

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Krystle. All users are different, it just depends on your diet and liquid intake after you stop taking the product. It’s best that you do not take anything with caffeine for a couple of days as well, since that may prolong the fast heart rate feeling.

    • liz

      i take it to and my heaart rate accelerates and i get shaky and have to move it usually takes about an hour and a half and i crash i havnt stopped yet but i probably will because i cant smell food without feeling like inm going to throw up.

      • Care

        You need to have something in your stomach to prevent shakeness

  • Going to try today !

    I am going to trying them today so let see.

  • Age Restriction for this Product

    Hey, hydroxycut people Brandon Leonard Robinson, I live in Alachua, FLorida, I am American black. I go to Santa Fe High school. I got a question do I have to be at least 16 or 18 years old.

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Brandon. Please consult with your physician to make sure that you can take Hydroxycut.

    • Your Name


  •  Refund Criteria of This Prodcut
    spiro vella (Verified User)

    I have been taking hydroxycut for two weeks and am experiencing high levels of anxiety. I have stopped taking it and would like to know if I can return what’s left. Thank you

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hello. Please refer to the Hydroxycut official website to contact their customer service about your order.

    • Your Name

      Yes send them to me plez

  • Tell me Reviews As per My Bodysize

    Hey everybody. I am 18. 5’4 height. weighing about 140 lbs a year and a half after having my first child. I am wanting to know if anyone around my size and weight could tell me their reviews of taking hydroxycut max for women. I’d greatly appreciate it.

    • Your Name

      I’m the same size and just started taking it!! I will let you know my results! 🙂

    • Brandi

      I have been taking the non stimulant version for about a week now and have lost 2 lbs.
      I ate healthy and exercised regularly before taking the pill but wasn’t losing weight. I decided to try hydroxy to see if it could give me a little boost and it seems to have.
      I’m going to the bathroom a little more often but other than that I haven’t had any other negative side effects. I feel pretty normal.

  • Your Name

    does the gummies hydroxycut really works?

  •  Satisfied with The Product
    Daisy (Verified User)

    Ive used Hydroxycut before with excellent results. I decided to use it again while also cutting carbs and sugar. It does supress my appetite but it kind of makes me not want to eat all together. It also makes me poop a lot! I usually have to go within 20 minutes of taking it. However, im already dow. Almost 10 lbs in a week, and thats with minimal excercise other than what i do at work. Overall satisfied with this product.

    • Krystal

      Can i ask which one you are taking?

    • Your Name

      I took the appetite control drink.I had dieareia within 1 hour.I have had this for hours.

      • Your Name

        is it detox

    • Your Name

      That is not true at all. I used to weigh 285 lbs and in the first week of my diet I lost about 9 – 10 lbs

  • Lola

    Please some one answer me wondering if it’s okay to have one fruit snack while taking the Hydroxycut hardcore elite??? Or will that lower it’s effect??

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Lola. Some fruits and juices are not recommended while taking Hydroxycut. For detailed product use instructions please refer to the official Hydroycut website.

  • Leigh H

    Did you experience increase water retention with the product and swelling high bp.

    • Vineeta

      Hey, I got swelling in my hands on second day of its use and then third day I got swelling all over my face….. And also it caused water retention…. What to do now….. 🙁

  • significantly affect

    My sister is taking me to but the gummy version of this tomorrow, so I’m reviewing the product a bunch. It says “not intended for those under 18. I’m 14. Im about 5″1 and I weigh 124.3…. I feel super chubby and I’m so scared to take this medicine. Someone please respond and help me figure this out. I lose weight super easily but I also gain weight easily… Should I take this? I want to, but I just don’t know if it will significantly affect me in a dramatically negative way. Help??

    • Rachel

      Also, I saw something that said it would give me depression… I’m a naturally hyper/optimistic person. My said sister has depression, though. I don’t know if I’m prone to it.

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Rachel. Hydroxycut is not intended for men/women under the age of 18.

  • hydroxycut drops
    Alexis (Verified User)

    I started drinking the hydroxycut drops for flavoring water, because I really don’t like the plain water. I feel absolutely great, it helps me to be hungry all the time and the only sucky thing is that I work at a sit down job all day, and thats when my laziness kicks in.. But it is helping boost my energy to where I walk around the office and just make any excuse to move around . love it

  • Jas

    Im 4’9 weighing 170 pounds, I am very overweight for my height . And I am 17 years of age I am wondering if its okay to take hydroxycut caffeine free would it be okay becaus I have a lot of weight on me .

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hello. The majority of the Hydroxycut product line is not intended for anyone under the age of 18. Please consult with your doctor before taking any weight-loss product.

  • I take hydroxycut
    Rachel Anguiano

    Can I take hydroxycut and still (ONLY) breastfeed at night?

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Rachel. You may want to consult with your physician before taking any weight-loss product.

    • Your Name

      really? what do you think?

    • Your Name

      Never take ANY pill that is not directed by your doctor while breast feeding!!!! Everything you ingest goes to your breast milk. Also, breast feeding in itself burns calories so you should be eating healthy and losing weight without taking anything!! Please don’t do that to your baby 🙁

  • 39 pounds literally
    Morgan Farantino

    i m hoping your reach your goal
    friend has in my life she lost:
    1x (one pill first day to ensure it is ok/safe)
    lost within 1st day?
    2 pds.almost.

    by day 4 to 5?
    4 pounds.she was happy.
    39 pounds literally with better eating plan/hydro.fish chicken all baked,
    encompassing her cereal,at times,1L to 2 Liter water,per day,yep.
    first 14 days,then slowed down some,then pick right back up on wk.3
    lost again altogether within 3 months overall? this year 39 pounds
    still having room for a sweet snak 3x a week yep.amazing,it do work
    for some body types,i m happy 4 her,so good luck to you all.
    from morgan farantino.

  • side affects

    If I don’t have any side effects is it still working?

    • Victoria (Editor)

      Hi Nancy, all users are different and can experience different results.

  • instructions before my first use and took 2 pills

    So I didn’t read instructions before my first use and took 2 pills in one day is this bad?

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Alice, you may want to contact your physician if you’re experiencing side effects.

  • good idea.

    It states that you should be 18 years old to take this product. And asthma, I don’t think it would be a good idea. You could talk to a physician. He might have a healthier alternative.

  •  Ate right and exercised
    caryl (Verified User)

    Wish I could say this helped me with weight loss and extra energy. Did nothing took it like it prescribed; ate right and exercised.

  •  Exercise and taking
    nallely garza

    If I feel jittery after exercise and taking one capsule a day of hydroxycut what I am doing wrong? Or should I be Taki g this?

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Nallely. You may want to consult with your doctor if your side effects continue.

  •  Hydroxycut is the best !
    Ali (Verified User)

    I have lost 15 pounds so far!!! I have tried three other types of weight loss supplements and achieved 0 results from them. Hydroxycut is the best, I literally didn’t change my diet at all. Just took the pills.

  • I used hydroxy
    Ani (Verified User)

    I used hydroxy cut hardcore before it use to give me a lots of energy, I use to workout a lot n lost 20kgs r more in 45 days,after two yrs I again gained too much of weight now I am taking hydroxycut but am not feeling any energy I had a tonsils surgery a yr bak can any1 tell me the reason plz

  • trial period or trial offer
    Richard Miller

    U have never used this but would like to try it do you ofer a trial period or trial offer?

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Richard. Please refer to the Hydroxycut official website for ordering inquiries.

  • David

    I am taking the Hydroxycut SX7 right now. I found out that if I take them no later than 4 – 5 pm I have no problems sleeping at night. Any time after that it keeps me awake. I am very sensitive to most diuretic, but these seem to work well for me. I take one in the morning before breakfast and try to have the other one before lunch (around 1 pm or 2pm). Hope this helps!!!! Good luck!!!

  • How long does the energy

    How long does the energy last with one pill after I take it?

    • Cameron (Editor)

      Ideally, the pills bestow energy for the duration of the day you take it until you take your next dosage the day after, Bobby.

  •  Hydroxycut
    Jon (Verified User)

    I have been taking Hydroxycut for he past 2 weeks and have lost over 15lbs. Due to the ingredients, you obviously cant just take the pill and do nothing physically. There will never be a miracle drug, where you can just take it, sit on the couch and eat potato chips and lose weight.lol If you take it with the mindset of it being a supplement not a wonder drug, you will take full advantage of this product. I’m 5’10 and around 250lbs now!

  •  I want to try Hydroxycut.

    Im 18 years old and I want to try Hydroxycut. Ive tried everything, I walk/jog 3 miles a day, I cut my food intake in half, and got rid of everything but water and ive not gained or lost weight. I want to see if this will help.

  •  I love this stuff.
    Laura (Verified User)

    I don’t think most folks are taking hydroxycut the correct way. YOU can’t just take the pill. YOU need to exercise and change your diet. I love this stuff. Curbes my appetite, gives me more energy to workout even harder and longer and for those that say you are constipated….ha ha I believe you need to get off sugary drinks and drink water. I can tell a difference if I go a day without taking this stuff as I’m not as energized and I only workout for a hour a day. But when I’m taking it I workout about 2-3 hours a day. There’s no magic pill! You have to change what you eat and drink and be more active.

    • jasmine

      hi I jusr bought hydroxycut caffeine free & I’m not sure how to take it , say take before 3 main meals what exactly does that mean , before you breakfast lunch & dinner ?

      • Christina (Editor)

        Hi Jasmine. Please refer to the official hydroxycut website for detailed product use instructions.

  •  I am going to stop using it i am very scared.
    Your Name (Verified User)

    i am going to stop using it i am very scared i dont know what to do.

  • 1 lb of muscle is equivalent to 1 lb of fat.

    Muscle didn’t weigh more than fat. 1 lb of muscle is equivalent to 1 lb of fat. However, muscle is more dense.

    • Anonymous

      if you put 5 pounds of muscle beside 5 pounds of fat..fat will look like its more..only because they differ in DENSITY.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with Jen!!

  •  So far, I am pleased and I lost 6 pounds already.
    anonymous (Verified User)

    I started using five days ago and I lost 6 pounds already. I didn’t make too many changes. I just switched from soda to water and play 30 minutes of just dance every day. I have not changed much of my diet other than drinking more water. So far, I am pleased

    • miya noear

      how old are you?

  • How are you suppose to lose weight if you can't use the bathroom!!

    I’ve tried the pills & it caused constipation & now I’m trying the gummies & the same thing. How are you suppose to lose weight if you can’t use the bathroom!! #2

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Lisa. Consult with your physician if you’re experiencing side effects.

    • R.R.

      i felt a little chest discomfort too the 1st 15 mins took it, but later i felt good, and it gave me alot of energy.

      my regular walk was rea easy

    • Vickie

      Regarding constipation, lots of vegies and fruits are optimal BUT as we get older and we don’t eat as well as we should or exercise, what is the very best success is one stool softener (little red capsules sold at Wal-Mart for $4.00 approx. for 100 tablets)once or twice a week (or as needed) and a tbsp. (at least) of Metamucil daily or as needed. Don’t think it is an old person medicine. You don’t want all that waste hardening and lining your colon. Get it out and once you know how the product works for you, you may need it only once a week, or every other day, etc. You’ll see the results and will know how to proceed.

  •  Hydroxycut worked for me.
    Duane (Verified User)

    Just started using Hydroxycut yesterday. I love the energy boost. I am drinking tons of water with this product and I feel great. Only taking one per day and it seems to curve my appetite as well. Taking one a day for me is enough. It is too potent for me to risk my liver or a heart attack. Also, I won’t take it on weekends to give my system a break. The main thing is sticking to the strict diet and working out like a beast!

    • Mari

      I do the same, I only take one before lunch and curves my appetite and it seems to help with energy. Have been taking for two weeks, one one a day. Have Not lost weight not even 1 pound but its very hard for me to loose weight. I walk for one hour 2-3 times a week. Breakfast is coffee, lunch a piece of chicken/fish with veggies and dinner is fruit. Snack is sometimes a few peanuts.
      Yeah don’t eat much and have always had hard time loosing. I’m 5’2 weigh 132lbs

  •  Loved the product.
    K Dawg (Verified User)

    I’m trying hydroxycut with a moderate exercise routine that i shove in my daily schedule (pushups at work, lifts watching tv) to see how it works. It sounds like if it gives you energy, you can turn that into some muscle mass gain, which increases your metabolism. (Literally having muscle burns energy & fat.)

    Hydroxycut is what bodybuilders call a “Thermo” – it boosts your body temperature, metabolism, heart rate, etc. causing you to burn more calories. I guess some of the other ingredients maybe work as an appetite suppresent too.

    I’m also trying rasberry ketone.

  •  Facing side effects.
    mightymouse (Verified User)

    ive been taking these hydroxy gummies, have not had sucess in following instructions, am hungry its got sugar in it and still trying to find a quanity that may work, its caused nausea and my throat burns a bit i feel it burns calories not sure of weight loss just yet, black carrot was a bit off but now i like taste like a lollie, im not sure this will work for me, will keep you updated it is a detoxer.

  • Can loose weight with it?

    Nervous about starting hydroxycut. I do not consume much caffeine and wonder which formula to begin. Reading reviews, the max sounds to strong but the caffeine free weak. I am 145 trying to lose 10-15lbs. I’ve already made changes to my diet as of several months ago and have been working out 6 days/week (45min) for the past two weeks. Any helpful suggestions from users?

  •  Loved the product.
    Griselda (Verified User)

    Started taking hydroxycut on March/18/2013 weighted 125 …Now I weight 120 by exercising and eating healthy … Hydroxycut really works Love this product.

  •  Loved the product.
    Ylie (Verified User)

    I have only been using hydroxycut for a couple of days. I have loads of energy…. But I cannot sleep. I don’t feel tired… Ever. It has done nothing to decrease my appetite- in fact I think it made it increase. While eating 30 minutes after taking it- I can feel slight pangs of nausea but definitely no extra feeling of fullness. I feel my body s metabolizing food faster- but it makes me hungry. Lost 3 lbs in a few days…. Going to try to stick to it for a month before judging it

  • Does it work?

    has anyone tried the Hydroxycut Gummies. does it work?

    • Anonymous

      I’m taking the gummies, and at first everything started out great. I lost 7 lbs in a week and a half. Now into week two I have gained 3 of the 7 lbs back, and I haven’t did anything different. That’s how I found this website because I wanted to know is this a common issue. I wouldn’t recommend them knowing what I know now.

  •  Loved the product.
    kort (Verified User)

    I’ve been on Hydroxycut for 2 weeks I don’t exercise and I’m a fairly active person I have a job that requires me to lift heavy boxes and walk all day long I’ve lost 6 pounds

  •  Every body will react differently with it.
    MP (Verified User)

    Everybody is different. Your body is unique and therefore might not react the same way to products. Some will loose, some will gain, some will have negative effects and some will have positive effects. It is not that the product doesn’t work, its your body that just does not go well with the product. This product could be recommend to anyone to try it out and if your body reacts in a positive way to it then thumbs up for you. If it doesn’t work well then move on and try something else.

  • Half dosage a day will work?

    if i take half the dosage, which is one pill three times a day, will it still work? because taking two pills three times a day makes me feel dizzy…

    • no name

      i’ve been taking this dosage for about a week and haven’t seen any changes… it DOES NOT curb my appetite, make me jittery, or anything crazy. I am afraid to take 2 pills 3x a day because I am a petite person already just wanting to lose 10-15 lbs

  •  hell ya!! lol
    jenn (Verified User)

    hell ya!! lol

    • Anonymous

      I agree!!!!!

  •  Highly recommended product
    Rebecca (Verified User)

    I take a Hydroxycut pill in the morning, about an hour before I work for it to initiate. I love it. It gives me a boost of energy instantly. I compared one day of working out with out it to a day with it. If I don’t take it, I usually have a harder time running longer on the treadmill. But once I actually take hydroxycut, I have the ability to run 15 minutes or longer and faster on the treadmill with no problem. And I can continue to walk on it for the other 15. I lost 10-12 pounds in 3 weeks(: I definitely recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a quick boost of energy for their exercises.

    • darius

      same here i take it the exact same way and ive lost about 8 pounds!

  •  Will update later
    jen (Verified User)

    well i just started taking hydroxycut today we will see how it goes im pretty sensitive to pills i will le you know!!!!

  • Any effects when you stop using this?
    Ciprian (Verified User)


    I joyned gym for the last 1 month and i go daily for exercise. If i use for a while like 2 months Hydroxycut hardcore pro series and lets say after this 2 months i stop and still continue the gym for like few months more and stop. What will happen to my body it will gain weight because i used few months back Hydroxycut?

    Thank you.

  • Want to know what is that product?

    im around the same weight and am looking for a diet pill, I’m 18 and this new college routine is starting to fill my small frame, in a bad way. i don’t have time for exercise, but have moderately active days walking around campus.
    anyone know what she was talking about?
    bslim kickstarter?
    i looked it up and found slim kickstarter..

  • matt

    started using hydroxycut zero plus weight loss and started losing alot of hair is this a side affect can anyone help

    • Veronica

      Hi Matt. Please make sure to consult with your physician if you are experiencing this side effect.

  •  Pls help!!
    Jazz (Verified User)

    Hey I’m 19 and I really can’t swallow pills. Is it okay if I open the pill and take the powder inside of it with water? Also I’m weighing 56 and want to reduce it to 48. With proper workout and diet control along with taking hydroxy, in how much time I’ll be able to achieve my goal?

  • Clint

    How much caffeine is in Hydroxycut?

  • Sara

    Is Hydroxycut approved by the FDA?

  • Joe

    What is the main ingredient in Hydroxycut?

  • Trying everything I can

    Everyone who is saying that people who use or want to use pills are really ignorant. Not everyone loses weight easily. I work out 7 days a week sometimes twice a day. I am in the military so our workouts are hardcore. I watch what I eat, and am still overweight according to army standards. So when my career is on the line, I’m going to try everything I can.

  •  No side effects
    anonymous (Verified User)

    I have many medical issues and arthrtis the kind that it is not good to exercise with because I sprain my hand just brushing my teeth. So i’m taking this because I want to loose weight badly and there are no side effects if you get caffenine free hydroxy cut!

    • Anonymous

      I have arthritis as well and my knees hurt something awful. I am starting tomorrow and I pray I don’t suffer any side effects.

  • Is hydroxycut for me?

    i just need to loose weight from my mid- section and tone legs and arm, is hydroxycut for me?

    • Stephanie

      you are correct about spot reduction…however you can spot tone which will LOOK as though you reduced that area

    • Victoria (Editor)

      Hello. All users are different and can experience different weight-loss results.

  • Lisa

    Why are you on a diet pill website if you think people are fat/lazy? People with low self esteem don’t need you added criticism

  •  Reduced fat with Hydroxycut

    I can lose weight easily and chose hydroxycut for its claim to reduce body fat. well I gained 6 lbs and never gain when I am trying to lose before-ever.

  • Rebecca

    So do you take 1 pill in the AM and 1 in PM? You said 45 minutes before meals, so when did you take them in regards to meals?
    I’m very hesitant on trying these after reading the bad reviews.

    • Adrian (Editor)

      Hi Rebecca! For detailed product and usage instructions, please refer to the Hydroxycut official website for more information.

  •  Dosage to Use The Product
    Pj (Verified User)

    I have been taking the product for a few days. I am 21, 5 ft tall and started taking the Hydroxycut drops before meals like it said. I took it mainly for energy. I have kept in shape except I have gained sooo much water weight in just my chest. Will that even out? And is the drops safe to take? I reduce calorie intake

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi PJ. All dieters have different weight loss results. If you continue to have these effects, please consult with your physician before continuing to take Hydroxycut.

  •  Energy boosting supplement
    Anonymous (Verified User)

    I am currently taking hydroxycut while maintaining a 5 day lifting regiment and running 3 miles every other day with a decent eating habit coupled with multi-vitamins. Hydroxycut did give me an extra boost in energy during my lifts and running, but I do feel a little wired. I have noticed some weight drop, but I lift very intense and heavy. Ill keep posting results

  • Effects on my urine test
    mary (Verified User)

    will this product show up in a urine test as i’ve been taking this now for 2 weeks and got called for a interview and need to take a urine test i am worried that it will show positive from this product

    • Christina

      I can’t wait to try it really wanna try it I drink lots of water and work out everyday I wanna loose wait be new years cause me and fiancee r gunna be celebrating to and I wanna blow his mind

  • Wants to know more about side effects
    sad for my frirnd

    My friend had a Lao band surgery last Ye sometime gained weight now taking hydroxycut n becoming very ill from the side effects is it because of the surgery r the side effects for the pills period?

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hello. Your friend might be having side effects from hydroxycut. Please advise him to consult with his doctor.

  •  Depressed feeling after quitting
    Angela (Verified User)

    I liked the gummies while i was taking them. Had more energy and suppressed apetite but once i cut down i became lethargic like coming off of a drug high. Been lasting a couple of weeks now. Im tired all the time.

  •  Different people, different results
    lisa (Verified User)

    so I tried hydroxycut but I craved food all day long and put on 3lbs of the weight that I lost by hard work.so I stopped taking instantly well in 24 hrs lost 1lbs and I started using he restroom regularly something I couldnt do on the pill,also it made me really upset it was like having pms all the time and I couldnt sleep, the sad part is exercise and diet was working I lost 10 pounds in 2months, but now I am working on getting that supid pills weight off.I think for somepeople it will work and others well nope it works in reverse.

  •  See positive results quickly
    ashley (Verified User)

    I lost about 30 pounds in 3 weeks last summer from hydroxycut, but you DO have to exercise and eat healthy too! If you stick to a great diet and work out 4-5 times a week at least, than you will start to see results, and you’ll see results quickly.

  •  It works but don't eat too much
    Erika (Verified User)

    I have been using Hydroxycut for the last 3 days and i must say it works.. I was 156 when I started a couple of days ago and I now weigh 150. I do have ahard time falling asleep and have noticed that I haven’t really been regular when visiting the John. I am eating every 2hrs and I am speed walking 4miles a day.. so if anyone is trying to loose those pounds you gotta change your diet. Eat low cal food and dont fill your self up.

    • vee

      does hydroxycut makes yuh loose baby fat???

  •  Product helped a lot
    frog (Verified User)

    I am taking it and will tell you it works. Took it 4 years ago and was in great shape had a 2 pack and then got married and gained weight. Eating right and the pill have helped. It has given me what I wanted couldn’t lose weight with just the gym. In the 3rd week and have lost 4 pounds. How ever only lost that much cause have gained musle mass have pictures to watch my progress.

  • j

    why are you on a weight loss pill website complaining about people using weight loss products- I mean….really??? Do something productive for yourself!

  • it's easy to lose weight naturally
    anonymous (Verified User)

    Yeah it’s easy to lose weight naturally if you have a great metabolism and a super sting will power. However, most humans do not have either. It’s not just that we are lazy. I live a busy lifestyle and am a full time nurse working swing shifts. You try living my life and then tell me how easy it is to lose weight without any supplements.

    • Smom!

      Thank you. Im a single mom, I work full time and go to school. I dont have time to spend hours at the gym. I eat healthy and try to exercise as much as possible but the weight is still not comming off. I have very little energy do to the fact that I am working my butt off to support my child. To each his own. I like the energy it gives me and also its a great appetite suppressant.

      • I_used_to_be_fat

        The simple way to increase your metabolism is to eat small frequent meals. Eat 4 or 5 meals a day with 3 hours gap on each meals. These meals does not have to be cooked meals. It can easily be raw vegetabled and some nuts or fruit. Do not eat 4 hours prior to bed time.

    • lola

      I’m so tired of hearing people saying that people who take diet pills r lazy. News flash Dumbos, sum ppl don’t shed pounds like others. Everybody is different. I have taken hydroxcut but it’s my first day n I’ve heard that it really works with dieting n exercising. It gives me the energy I need to work out. I feel good already so try it out for yourself and always listen to your body. If your body saying no then don’t continue but if your body’s feeling good then use it. Stop listening to others n try it for yourself.

  •  lot of energy and I like it
    Dewey (Verified User)

    IV been using it for two weeks and its giving me a lot of energy and I like it I haven’t always been big either I got out of school and work became more important then working out so I’m trying to get back in shape hoping for the best!

  • I lost weight breast feeding and pumping like crazy

    I did nothing and I lost weight breast feeding and pumping like crazy

  •  Gained weight with it.
    vanessa (Verified User)

    I have been using hydroxycut for about 2 weeks with no exercise and have gained weight . I started out at 163 and now up to 168 .

    • ...

      Well duh you are SUPPOSE to exercise.

      • Anonymous

        LOL. If your diet is filled with doughnuts and Mountain Dew or something of equivalence it is not Hydroxy Cut causing weight gain.

        • Anonymous

          Mmmm doughnuts

    • x

      you answered the question yourself you dint exercise

    • Niki

      You have to excise and burn calories. I was at about the same weight as you. I’ve lost some weight, but I just started like 2 weeks ago. I have changed my diet and I exercise 5-6 days a week. You have to want to lose the weight. Not sit around like a couch potato.

    • Spammie

      Hydroxycut Drops cut my husband’s appetite in half and his weight loss because of that motivated him to start working out. Now he is eating healthy and working out everyday. Still dropping the lbs.

  • ditto
    audri jayne


  • i'm going to try hydroxycut advantage.
    audri jayne

    i’m going to try hydroxycut advantage. i’ll let you know if it works.

    • Kaleigh

      Did it work ? I just started .

    • alicia wimer

      i started hydroxycut about a week ago. so far..i can feel my leg and stomach muscles tighten 24/7…and my appetite has pretty much been cut into thirds.i can only eat one meal a day..cuz im not that hungry anymore.i had my second child 10 months ago..weighing at 162 in labor..now only 148 🙁 but i have more energy…i dont use my car..and been walking everywhere pushing my 10 month old and 3 year old everywhere. i hope to god this works. ive tried everything else. now..for me though…zantrex did NOT work one bit..no energy..actually gave me rapid heart beat and sickness..hydroxycut..ive had no bad symptoms.its been four years ive been trying to lose at LEAST 20lbs. please pray for me..im doing the best i can. good luck to all of you as well.

      • Anonymous

        in 4 years you have not been able to lose 20 lbs, come on that’s ridiculus, start working out and eating healthy, dont take fatburners and expect it to melt the lbs away, and prayers are definetly not going to make you skinny

        • Summer (Editor)

          Hi Anonymous – sometimes it’s not that easy for someone to lose those extra 20 pounds. That’s why products like Dietspotlight Burn are out there to help you achieve your goals.

      • Your NameGloria

        I have to agree with this. I stop eating meat (except fish), bread, and sugar. I run/walk 5-6 miles every morning around 8:oo am. I go to bed at about 9:30-10:00 pm, so I am tired and get the most out of my sleep, instead of over sleeping or resting(very important I have learned). I take two Hydroxcuts at 6 am, 12 pm, and 5 or 6 pm, to spread out the dosage. I only drink water or lemon water when I go out. I eat raw veggies or stir fry with shrimp or a side of talipia. I have lost 12 lbs in the month of August (2016). I weighed 205 lbs forever and now is 193.4 lbs, until I eat then I am 196 until i digest, pass food, or wake in the morning, then I’m back at 193. I am so happy because these would never work for me drinking carbonated drinks, bread, and meats such as chicken, pork, or beef. I also eat rice or sushi a lot. For the most part I jog until my shins hurt, then walk the rest. I dropped coffee and tea because I had a knack to over sweeten. I was also boarder line diabetic and am not now. I made the decision to lose weight after our July vacation because I was looking fat in my swim suit bottoms. I tend to be a little big below the waist: hips and thighs. I even notice I walk better in high heel that I have not been able to wear in years. Many people think you can still eat and not exercise, but take a diet pill and still lose weight, no you have to lose and let loose some time and foods to achieve these goals. Cause I really do miss candy and sweet tea.