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Mannatech is a science-based supplement company that sells “real” products. There are six supplements in the weight loss category of Mannatech. Some clinical studies have been completed on the supplements, but the small note at the bottom of the page tells us the company paid for some of the studies. When Mannatech writes the check for a study, the results mean nothing. Outside, third-party studies published in peer-review journals are the only ones that matter and those are hard to find. Most supplement companies are willing to forego research for a chance to sell more products with creative descriptions and outrageous promises.

The weight loss products sold by Mannatech include Accelerator 3, AmbroStart, Empact, FiberSlim, GlylcoSlim and OsoLean.

List of Ingredients

International Company specializing in health, weight, fitness and wellbeing supplements.

Product Features

None of the supplements sold by Mannatech appear to have green tea or caffeine. These are the two most important weight loss ingredients for dieters because they are proven in human clinical trials to increase metabolism and weight loss. We like the idea of using other ingredients, but the base needs to be made with proven fat burners and Mannatech does not do that.

The “loss” supplements are nothing more than multivitamins and fiber supplements. Mannatech even uses fructose, or fruit sugar, as an energy booster. As dieters know, eating sugar causes sugar cravings and weight gain. Dieters don’t want to take a weight loss supplement and then feel hungry.

Mannatech lacks what the more popular manufacturers have – proof. There are no testimonials, before and after photos or clinical studies (not paid for by the company.) There is a bit of science behind some of the supplements, but that is not enough to increase weight loss or sell the product to a dieter looking for a strong, proven fat burner.

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  • Ingredients for all the supplements are available online.
  • Lower prices are available or “associates.”


  • Products are much more expensive than other companies.
  • Some of the studies are funded by Mannatech.
  • The website is difficult to navigate and there is very little information on the supplements.
  • No testimonials or before and after photos.


We are not sold on Mannatech Science. The team may understand how to formulate a new product, but the science is just not there unless you count the studies funded by Mannatech. We need third-party studies with weight loss and that is not what Mannatech offers. Dieters should look for green tea and chromium as these ingredients are proven to positively impact weight loss and appetite. Mannatech offers no supplements with green tea.

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