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By Summer Banks Jun 26, 2017

You’ve been fighting the same weight-loss battle for ages. You’re tired of the fight, so you want to know all the details you can before making a decision about Juice Plus+. Let’s find out if this one works? We decided to dive into the ingredients, side effects, clinical research and customer service. After reading through hundreds of dieter reviews, many in forums, we combined this information with the facts. Then, we condensed and refined to give you the bottom line.

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What is Juice Plus?

To begin with, Juice Plus is a complete nutrition supplement that combines 20 fruits and vegetables [1] into a dietary aid to support overall health and wellness. The product contains broccoli, garlic, [2] beet, apple, peach, and pineapple – to name a few. You take two daily with a meal. Both the bottle and pills are small enough to take on the go.

The Juice Plus company was founded in 1970, giving the manufacturer a long track record in the business. You can purchase products on the official website or through a distributor. We like that Juice Plus capsules and powder have been around for more than 40 years, and the BBB rating is good. There are some positive reviews but read on…

Price – “A Catch?”

Our first concern was Juice Plus cost. The price for a 30-day supply is not that bad, but you can only purchase the product in a four-month pack. That means spending more than $170 just to try the supplement. “Dieters need a chance to give it a try,” according to our Research Editor. “The company wants the buyer to invest a significant amount – making this one of the highest priced fruit and vegetable replacements [3] on the market.”

  • “If you are interested in wasting $500 annually on a placebo effect, go for it,” a buyer explains.
  • “You’re better off not using them at all considering they cost quite a bit for little or no benefit,” one dieter says.
  • We came across another review that claimed, “If you believe that you would benefit from supplements, then buy some at a reasonable price and without having to buy almost $200 (only 3 month) to get started.”
Juice Plus+ Customer Testimonials

Negative Customer Reviews of Juice Plus – “That’s An Issue”

The same negative experiences popped up time and again through reviews and forum posts. Customers do not see the weight-loss results they expected from Juice Plus capsules and powder. And some even felt positive reviews were the product of a placebo effect. “They claim to give you more energy and help with acne issues. Well it did neither,” according to one buyer.

  • “This product is terrible. Sticking to a strict healthy diet along with the shakes and Juice Plus Complete, I PUT ON weight,” another user explains.
  • A customer says, “I saw absolutely ZERO difference in my health or energy with Juice Plus.”

We’ve found in our research that negative aspects, like high price or poor customer support, can derail long-term success. If the Juice Plus diet does not work, as reported by buyers, that could be a complication.

The Science – “Valid?”

There is no scientific connection between a fruit and vegetable supplement and weight-loss. Juice Plus doesn’t even attempt to support claims. Clinical research is listed for some of the ingredients, but the studies pertain to overall health.[4] Science is at the heart of effectiveness. At DietSpotlight we look for published data. If that does not exist there could be a problem, especially when there are products out there proven to help dieters achieve success.

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Does Juice Plus Really Work?

Do we think you should rush out to start the Juice Plus diet? The company’s longevity is impressive, and the customer service department is supportive in answering questions about the product and ordering. Even with these positives, we are hesitant to recommend Juice Plus capsules or powder. The pricing is an issue as the buyer needs to invest in four months initially and the dieter response to the supplement is not exactly supportive.

If you want to lose more weight, we suggest you try a supplement that gives you what you’re looking for at a good price and ingredients with clinical support. Excellent customer service is also a positive. [5]

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is our called Dietspotlight Burn. There are four ingredients in the blend, all clinically-tested with results often found in publications such as The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Also, we’re so confident that you’ll love our supplement that we’re offering a Special Trial Offer, which is a good sign.

Previous Juice Plus+ Review (Updated February 10, 2014):

What You Should Know about Juice Plus

Juice Plus Products are fruit and vegetable supplement capsules. Unlike the name suggest it is not a juice or a drink like a Weight Loss Tea or something or Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60. They are offered on the market as an alternative way for people to meet the recommended daily allowance guidelines for fruits and vegetables. Vegetarian themed supplements are quite popular as shown by Livatone Plus. The proper intake of natural fruits and natural vegetables is generally believed to improve the chances of living healthy lives. We've research many different weight loss supplements reviews and scientists agree about the nutritional benefits of the tomato, cranberry, and piece of broccoli. (Check this out on their wikipedia page). These fruits and vegetables provide antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and more. However, there is no study to support the benefits of Juice Plus Products as a safe or effective supplier of the fruits and vegetables. The products claim to provide adequate amounts of the nutritional value of 17 different fruits, vegetables and grains in a single capsule form.

List Of Juice Plus Ingredients

Not available. What we could find we compiled into the Juice Plus Ingredients page.

Product Features

Juice Plus is a supplement that has a sales history. However there has been controversy over the effectiveness of their supplements and over the large amounts of corn sugar in the products. Because the benefits of fruits and vegetables in their natural form takes a long time to realize, a supplement offering the same benefits would also take time to realize. Clinical research is laid out on its official site. There have been no scientific studies to indicate the blend of the Juice Plus ingredients would have the same benefits as the natural products. It is hard to determine if Juice Plus weight loss is a viable outcome or not since there are no scientific studies to indicate either way. There are testimonials from users who believe the supplement helps them to feel better and improve their general health overall. Fiber based products, though usually laxatives like Nopalina Lipaza Plus, also help dieters feel better overall. However we should also mention Juice plus is expensive; pretty much some of the most expensive pills you can find, next to Amidren at $149.99. The Orchard Blend claims to provide seven fruits: apples, oranges, pineapple, cranberries, peaches, acerola cherries, and papaya. The Garden Blend claims to contain ten vegetables and grains which are: carrots, parsley, beets, kale, broccoli, cabbage, spinach, tomatoes, and barley and oat fibers. Among other products that serve the same purpose, Blue Star Nutraceuticals supplies amino acids, proteins and creatine all used to help burn fat.

Advantages of Juice Plus

  • Available online which is convenient.

Disadvantages of Juice Plus

  • Very expensive. More costly than comparable supplements.
  • Historical allegations of too much corn sugar being used in supplements.
  • No scientific evidence to back up the claims made by Juice Plus+, although it is known that more fruits and vegetables are good for the body.
  • Ingredient list is not available.


It is generally accepted that an increase in fruit and vegetable intake on a day to day basis will help improve overall health and wellness. There is no evidence Juice Plus weight loss comes as a result of taking the products provide the same benefits of natural intakes of fruits and vegetables. There is also no evidence that the supplement is harmful. In fact we like that the company has good BBB standing. Luckily there doesn't seem to be major FDA infractions like with Proslim Plus. There have been past allegations that the product contained too much cane sugar but because Juice Plus does not offer their ingredient list publicly it is unknown if they have changed their ingredients or not. Some people claim the amount of fruit and vegetable nutrients content is not high enough to provide benefits to people who use the product.

Juice Plus is a fruit and vegetable, superfood powder. There are three blends - Orchard, Garden and Vineyard. The formula combines 30 extracts and packs these into a capsule. There's also a Juice Plus Complete nutrition line that offer protein support. It is suggested you purchase the fruit, vegetable and berry options to use daily.

Juice Plus+ Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Serving Per Container: 60
Amount per Serving% DV
Fruit and Vegetable Juice Powder**
Citrus Bioflavonoids**
Natural Carotenoid Blend**
- Lutein**
- Beta Carotene**
- Lycopene**
- Astaxanthin**
- Zeaxanthin**
Natural Tocopherol Blend**
Natural Enzyme Blend**
Lactobacillus Acidophilus**
Folic Acid**

Other Ingredients: Gelatin, citrus pectin, calcium ascorbate

We delved into the Juice Plus ingredients in order to give you the information you want about Juice Plus weight loss.


Glucomannan is a sugar often used in medicines in the form of powders, capsules, and tablets. It has also been used as a thickening agent for foods.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

Glucomannan has been noted to help aid in various health problems, including constipation, blood sugar, cholesterol, diabetes, and weight loss.

Clinical Research

In a study punblished in the International Journal of Obesity, researchers noted that, “Results showed a significant mean weight loss (5.5 lbs) using glucomannan over an eight-week period.” [1] However, in a conflicting study published by the Journal of Obesity, researchers found that, “In summary, glucomannan supplements (3.99 g daily) were well tolerated but did not promote weight loss in overweight and moderately obese individuals consuming self-selected diets and maintaining usual physical activity patterns.”


Calcium is a mineral essential for your health. It can be found in your bones and teeth, as well as in various dairy products.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

Calcium can be used for treating osteoporosis, premenstrual syndrome, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heartburn, and more.

Clinical Research

A research study published in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism did not find positive results connecting weight-loss to calcium. In the articles, it says, “The results did not support the hypothesis that calcium supplementation at 1000 mg/d in conjunction with moderate dietary restriction has a beneficial effect on fat mass or weight loss over a 25-wk intervention. An effect of a magnitude such as to be of use in a moderate weight loss program was not seen.” [2]

Lactobacillus Acidophilus

Lactobacillus acidophilus is a “friendly” bacterium found in the digestive, urinary, and genital systems. This bacteria is essential for your health and does not cause disease.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

Lactobacillus acidophilus can be useful for treating diarrhea, digestion problems, urinary tract infections, yeast infections, common cold, skin disorders, and more.

Clinical Research

The effect of Lactobacillus acidophilus on weight-loss seems to be unclear. In a study published in Microbial Pathogenises, researchers state, “Different Lactobacillus species are associated different effects on weight change that are host-specific. Further studies are needed to clarify the role of Lactobacillus species in the human energy harvest and weight regulation.”

Ingredients are at the heart of any supplement. Dietspotlight Burn contains four that are clinically shown to help fight hunger, boost fat loss and spark metabolism.

Juice Plus is one of those products that we feel needs a little more attention, so we decided to take a deep dive into Juice Plus ingredients. The potential side effects and clinical research were a strong part of the equation. There are also hundreds of customer experiences at the heart of this one. Then, we refined the information to give you the bottom line.

What You Need to Know

First off, Juice Plus is a fruit and vegetable supplement that contains either 20 or 30 extracts, depending on the variety you choose. When you take two of the capsules each day, it is supposed to support overall health and wellness. This can be an important part of weight-loss. There’s no trouble taking this one anywhere.

The product, released by a company founded in 1970, definitely uses all-natural ingredients, a welcome positive. Distributors, the official website and other online retailers are available to take your order. We like that the business has been around for decades and there’s no doubt dieters need to eat more fruits and vegetables, but read on…

Ineffective for Weight-Loss

The first issue we found with Juice Plus ingredients was lack of weight-loss results. “When you are attempting to lose weight, you may turn to a product that supports overall health to give you that extra boost,” says our Research Editor. “With Juice Plus, there doesn’t seem to be any benefit from adding this one to your regimen.”

“This product is terrible. Sticking to a strict healthy diet along with juice plus shakes, I PUT ON weight,” says one buyer.

“I did not experience any extra energy (I was fairly full of energy to begin with) or weight loss (though 20 fewer pounds would have been a welcome result) or change in appetite,” offers a dieter.

“I was too gullible and when you are desperate to lose weight you try anything :(,” reports yet another user.

No Clinical Support?

We were unable to find any clinical support connecting the delivery system of Juice Plus ingredients with weight-loss. The first problem is the lack of sufficient data. According to the CDC, “Very few studies in the literature have investigated whether there is a direct relationship between eating fruits [and] vegetables and losing weight.”

Another bit of advice from the CDC says, “The water and fiber in fruits and vegetables will add volume to your dishes, so you can eat the same amount of food with fewer calories.” Without the bulk, there’s no positive effect.

With research under our belt, we feel confident that we’ve uncovered a connection between small things, like lack of results, and a cut in your chances of long-term success. If Juice Plus ingredients don’t give you a leg up with weight-loss, you may be better off adding fruits and vegetables to your diet.

The Science

At stated above, there is no clinical evidence connecting Juice Plus ingredients with weight-loss. There is proof that replacing high-calorie food with fruits and vegetables can help you lose more weight. This product does not offer the bulk or fiber you need to feel full. At DietSpotlight, we need science to make a decision about whether or not to suggest a product. In this case it’s just not there.

The Bottom Line

Juice Plus ingredients are no doubt healthy, so we wanted to learn more about a potential connection with weight-loss. We like that you get some of the benefits of fruits and vegetables, but we can’t recommend a product that doesn’t come with any clinical proof it can help shift the scale for the better. Plus, it concerns us that Juice Plus can be rather expensive.

If you’re ready to make that scale slide down, we suggest trying out a supplement that works with clinically proven ingredients.

Among the best supplements we’ve come across this year is Dietspotlight Burn. The proprietary blend of ingredients has been clinical researched and proven to help boost metabolism and increase fat loss. We didn’t find a single mention of harmful side effects – a great sign. We were able to find multiple reports of dieters seeing great results.

Plus, the company that’s behind Dietspotlight Burn is confident in the formula, so they’re offering a Special Trial Offer, which is a good sign.

Juice Plus+ Side Effects:

With many weight-loss supplements circling the market currently, products that claim to be free of any negatives sometimes aren’t. With every formula comes the potential for issues for its customers. Though Juice Plus side effects are not common, some users have experienced them.


A rash is a type of skin inflammation that is characterized by skin color changes, itching, and bumps. There are many different kinds of rashes, including eczema, granuloma annulare, lichen planus, pityriasis rosea, and more.

What causes a rash?

Rashes are commonly caused by mild allergies. It can also be a sign of other sicknesses, conditions, and diseases, though in many cases the cause is unknown.


Bloating is the swelling of the abdomen or general discomfort of the intestinal region. Often associated with gas, this symptom can be extremely uncomfortable for an individual. Many people suffer from temporary bloating, but it can sometimes be indicative of other issues, like stomach scarring.

What causes bloating?

According to WebMD, three common causes of bloating include overeating, eating fatty foods, and eating too fast. [1] In these cases, there is an obstruction in the stomach, impaired muscle function with digestion, or gas build up.


According to a definition provided by the Mayo Clinic, diarrhea is, “loose, watery stools that occur more frequently than usual.” [2] This symptom is usually met with frequent trips to the bathroom, abdominal pain, dehydration, and a larger amount of fecal matter leaving the body than usual.

What causes diarrhea?

Diarrhea is a common symptom, usually caused by medications, viruses, bacterial infections, fructose, artificial sweeteners, surgery, lactose intolerance, and other digestive issues. It is usually not a sign of more serious conditions if it stops after a short amount of time. However, excessive dehydration, severe pain, bloody stool, and a fever are all signs that one should go to the hospital immediately.

Excessive Gas

Gas is a very common symptom that can be quite unpleasant. It is normal for an individual to pass gas up to 20 times a day.

What causes excessive gas?

Gas is usually caused by bacteria breaking down foods in the colon. It can also be caused by swallowing air, food intolerance, constipation, excessive fiber intake, artificial additives, and other health conditions.

Juice Plus side effects are not guaranteed, but there have been reports of rash, bloating, diarrhea, and excessive gas. It is always the best idea to consult with your physician before taking any dietary supplement, especially if you’re taking prescription medications, are under 18, have a medical condition of any kind or are pregnant or nursing.



Juice plus is a capsule made with natural fruits and vegetables that is used to promote weight-loss. Side effects don’t always happen, but, we found some quotes from users who happened to experience them.


“Hard stomach, excessive bloating (looked pregnant), excessive gas, pain in stomach.”    Ri


“I notice my body temperature rises, pin & needles in hands. Sweaty hands, feeling dizzy.”    Paul


“I just developed a small bumpy, slightly itchy rash on my belly, and chest area.”    Dena


“However I have a terrible rash…And now some cramping which I have never had before.”    Cyn


“I have had severe stomach cramps with the shakes, feeling & being sick and regurgitating a disgusting taste.”    Dannielle


“5 minutes after drinking the shakes I would break into a cold sweat and throw it up. My belly was bloated and crampy, I had terrible gas and flatulence and my periods were now miserable.”    Annie


“I have not lost any weight got the bloated feeling and how have constant stomach pains with diarrhea.”    Patricia


“I have been on this for a month, not lost any weight just bloated and felt really ill, with tummy pains and diarrhea.”    Julia


“The last 2 wks have been having severe stomach pains and diarrhea.”    Viv


“I’ve started the capsules yesterday and had severe cramps all night.”    Zatun

If you’ve experienced some side effects with Juice Plus, you may want to switch things up and try a supplement like Dietspotlight Burn that’s packed with clinically tested ingredients.

Juice Plus+ Questions & Answers:

We sorted through hundreds of customer reviews as well as the official Juice Plus website to find the valuable information you’re looking for to create this helpful FAQ.

What are the side effects of Plus Juice?

Also known as Plus Juice, side effects may include insomnia, nausea, and diarrhea.

What is in Plus Juice?

Juice Plus ingredients are fruit and vegetable juice powder [1] from apple, cranberry, orange, beet, pineapple, acerola cherry, papaya, peach, date, prune, gelatin, citrus pectin, carotenoid blend, glucomannan, vitamins and enzymes.

What is the active ingredient in Juice Plus?

The active ingredient in Juice Plus is fruit/juice powder.

JP does it work?

Juice Plus has several published clinical studies in respected medical journals. However, these studies are not all related to weight-loss. For instance, one study looks at skin microcirculation, another looks at periodontal disease, [2] and still another looks at oxidative stress.

How much does a bottle of Juice Plus cost?

A bottle of Juice Plus costs $71.25 per month. Each contains 240 capsules.

How should I take Juice Plus?

Take two capsules every day with a meal and a glass of water. You should take two capsules of all three formulas a day – presumably one set with each meal of the day.


What do users like about Juice Plus?

Some customers liked how easy it is to include as part of your overall health and wellness routine.

What do users NOT like about Juice Plus?

A few users complained that it did not help them lose weight, and it was expensive.

Are Juice Plus ingredients gluten free?

Yes, Juice Plus ingredients are gluten free.

Does this product use GMO ingredients?

No, this product does not use GMO ingredients.

Who makes Plus Juice?

Jay Martin, the founder and CEO, makes Juice Plus.


We’re all about a product that’s supported by science and customer reviews. Dietspotlight Burn is one of those that sets the standard that other products have to live up to.

Juice Plus+ Scientific Abstracts:


In a report, mean eye macular pigment optical density rose to around 0.09 log units from baseline, and Snellen visual acuity had improved 5.4 letters for one group of participants and 3.5 letters in another. In this trial, visual abilities improved with lutein. Further trials with more participants are said to be needed to assess long-term effects of lutein. [1]

Beta Carotene

Studies had found individuals who ingest more carotenoids have a reduced risk of several chronic diseases. Intervention trials of beta-carotene suggest that supplements are little to no aid in the prevention of cardiovascular disease as well as cancers occurring in well-fed areas of the world, and could increase the risk of lung cancer for those who smoke. It was concluded that significant public health benefits from consumption of carotenoid-rich fruits and vegetables still holds true, but the pharmacological usage of supplemental BC (beta-carotene) with the hopes of preventing cardiovascular disease and lung disease is recommended. [2]


Glucomannan fiber or placebo was administered in 1-g doses (2 500mg capsules) with 8 ounces of water one hour before each meal. Results had shown a significant MWL (mean weight-loss) of 5.5 pounds when using glucomannan for eight weeks. Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol and Serum cholesterol were significantly reduced (21.7 and 15.0 mg/dl respectively) with no adverse reactions. [3]

In a trial containing 25 severely obese participants, the analysis of results showed that diet in addition to glucomannan had a more significant weight-loss when considering fat mass alone. Overall, there had been improvements in lipid status as well as carbohydrate tolerance. Because patients showed positive metabolic effects, as well as its marked ability to satiate participants, it was found that glucomannan supplements were efficacious in the long-term treatment of severe obesity. [4]

Lactobacillus Acidophilus

In a study aimed at evaluating the effects of Bifidobacterium longum BB536 and Lactobacillus acidophilus 145 on plasma lipids in adult women, 34 participants consumed fermented milk containing LA and BL. One group ingested 125 g 3 times a day for four weeks, while the second group consumed yogurt. Women taking the product with a baseline of 190 mg/dl total cholesterol had shown a significant reduction in LDL cholesterol. In conclusion, fermented milk with Lactobacillus acidophilus may help reduce LDL levels in hypercholesterolemic adult women. [5]


Papain possesses high proteolytic activity: 0.1, 0.5, and 1% papain solutions lowered weight of burnt crust in vitro as well as speeding up experimental burn healing in vivo. Within the proper clinical conditions, papain had a therapeutic factor in individuals with inflammatory disorders in the eyes, intestine, liver, and genitals. [6]

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  Terrible customer service
Kev (Verified User)

The diet itself is very good and works well.

Is gym necessary?

i am starting the boosters but not sure if i have to go to the gym to loose weight?


Any calorie deficit with exercise will help you lose weight.

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Katrina. According to the manufacturer, Juice Plus in combination with exercise may help increase weight loss results.

  Combining tablets with Juice Plus

Can i use juice plus whilst taking cholesterol and blood pressure tablets


It should be ok. But u may want to double check with your doctor. Let me know if i can help!


Lynn, Yes you can. I take amlodipine for HB and my doctor is wanting me to go off of them. Been taking HB pills for about 15 years. Only taking 1/2 pill now.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Lynn. Juice Plus should be okay to take in combination with your medication, but because every one can react differently, we always recommend to speak with your doctor first to make sure.

  Can you take this with vitamins?

Is it ok to take a multi-vitamin with juice plus fruit and veg capsules.


Hi lovely, if you’re taking juice plus premium capsules & eating a healthy balanced diet then you shouldn’t need another ‘multi vitamin tablet because the premium capsules contain whole foods & many are super foods & they contain plenty of vitamins & minerals which are sufficient for the body.
I personally take premium capsules, shakes & the odd booster alongside a healthy diet & I exercise daily for 20 minutes walking & jogging plus I do 3x 20-30 minutes home work out too 🙂
I also take an extra calcium vitamin & an extra omega 3 vitamin too.. as I’m dairy intolerant & I don’t always get my two portions of fish in every week..

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Lou, since Juice Plus contains many of the vitamins you would have in a normal ‘multi-vitamin’, it’s advised not to combine the two since you might end up intaking a higher dose of one particular vitamin. We recommend to consult with your physician to make sure.


i bought the shakes about a year ago and I had nothing to aim for so I didn’t use them! I was wondering if I could still use them? They are still in box


Hi lovely, I wouldn’t recommend it sorry.. the expiry date is there for a reason & the nutiritional value will be altered so it may be less safe to use & depending on what your goals are that product with it being out of date may no longer be viable or suitable for you xx


Call the company

Stephen (Editor)

Hello Beth. Anytime you use an expired product you run the risk of experiencing negative side effects. It’s best not to take any product once it has expired.


I haven’t started yet but l have placed an order for the capsules. Having read all the reviews, l am very concerned about any side effects. But I also am excited about the possible benefits it may have too. I will keep you all posted on my results. Take care xo

This is how you take it...

With boosters you only take one before your MAIN meal not every meal. Monday to Friday

jayde middleton

the juice plus website encourage you to eat healthy and exercise the products are enhancing your healthy lifestyle

jayde middleton

its helped me a lot. I love the product. my little boy is better my little girl is better my mum and sister are better and im better. none of us are on meds any more I think the products are absolutely amazing and now im doing nutrition at uni and the whole experience had benefited me and my family in so many ways

Mary Ann Moskal

I also have arthritis and am starting on a sample size to take the 3 Juice pLus capsules. I do get the nausea associated with these capsules and I have only taken the “red” pill for 3 mornings (with food and 16 oz. of water) and I’ve took the “green” capsule with a red capsule just yesterday morn. I will start the 3rd capsule tomorrow and that is only taking one of each in the morning.

I have yet to get up to the 2 of each in the morning (6 total)…. I have been having what looks like insect bite marks which are itchy on my legs appearing and my mid section. They just came up out of nowhere and I wonder if it’s because I have some reaction to these capsules.


You are experiencing detox and yes this can last a bit….the liver releases the toxins and you then feel the results: detox…
You can keep on going maybe lessen dose and then build back up …


Hello Mary Ann. You might be experiencing an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients in Juice Plus; make sure you consult with your doctor before continuing taking this product.


Will 100% help with energy levels and weight loss, I’ve been on it for 4 months now and feel that great I’m weaning myself off my anti depressants!


Hi Kim you seem to know a lot about the diet so u have any tips for me? I have just started the diet my brother did buy it for him and his wife to do but they stopped so he has given it all to me, I have the shakes, bars, soups, and tablets…. I have never found any diets work for me as I’m very bad at eating in the sense I only eat one meal a day and sometimes can snack on junk food, I know that I have to have a main meal at night but it’s that I’m most worried about as I don’t want to eat the wrong things

  Use common sense and it will work for you!
Linda (Verified User)

I have been taking juice plus for 5 months now and I love it. I can feel a huge difference in my energy level. I am 62 years old and work every day so energy is essential for me to function in my job. I am a financial professional and have some stress but juice plus has definitely made a difference. I found that starting out slowly is the key. Use common sense and it will work for you!


I have been on them for about a month. My reason to take them was to help my stress; i was told that this product can help regulate your period. i’m irregular due to my stress level; I’ve changed my diet, I’ve exercised.. etc. So i figured why not try these out to see if it will work.
My energy definitely changed and i was able to sleep better. I got my period on the week i usually and normally would get it; but for 3 weeks now i would have random bleeding.. I’ve tried to convince myself that its normal, maybe that my estrogen level is changing and regulating. But i am at that point where i am completely annoyed… Has anyone had this issue? Should i stop this?

Deb Vesala

Age dependent too if you are close to menopause a load of different symptoms can present themselves. Always good to check with your doctor though 🙂

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Caro. Many detox and vitamin products can have a side effect of irregular bleeding. Make sure to let you doctor know of the side effects you are experiencing before continuing to take this product.

Kristen Schachner

YES! I think this has been my problem all along. I have had abnormal uterine bleeding since starting JP. Last month I didn’t take it and had a normal period.


Hi Caro. Please make sure to consult with your physician immediately before continuing to take this product and let them know about the bleeding you’ve been experiencing.


hi, I’ve been on jp for 5 weeks, so far I have lost 1& 1/2 stone, I feel great!
Tried all the other diets & groups going and only lasted 1-3 weeks max!

With this, yes in the back of my mind I’m thinking it’s expensive, and ” only fruit & veg” but I would never have this amount of fruit or veg normally, and most that are in it I don’t like anyway so would never eat it!


You are not eating fruit and vegetables, you are taking a heavily priced multi vitamin.


No, its whole food

Kelly (Verified User)

i love it, my energy is amazing, I take both red n green in morning, great energy all day and into evening, sugar cravings have drastically reduced, I rodeo and am older so to have energy to work full time and ride 3 horses each night I couldn’t be more grateful. Amazing product!!!


I have been on juice plus for going on 4 years and have not have a cold or been sick ever since. I don’t know the details of what its doing but I know that its certainly doing something good. As far as weight loss and sleeping better I have not noticed anything but I am fairly active as is but I don’t take it for those reasons. Not getting sick is reason enough for me.


I have been using Juice Plus shakes for about a month now. I make Soya vanilla shakes with peanut butter or some strawberries for breakfast, and I will have a shake in the evening if i am still craving food. When i look at pictures from over a month ago the changes are there.

Helen ralph

But if you have diabetes .these shakes are here high in sugar.i tried them just a waste of money each month


I am going through similar thing at the moment the pain in MY smotach is unberable, its like a cramping stabbing pain but worse to the point I almost past out legs go shaky x

Devin Gray

Juice Plus does contain synthetic vitamins and minerals, to be clear. It’s not “just” concentrated fruits and vegetables. Check the labels and read the studies to confirm.

It’s fortified with Vitamin A, C, E, folic acid, and calcium carbonate. They add enzymes in the form of bromelain and papain. They also add probiotics.

So are you really paying for “just fruits and veggies”? No you are overpaying for a 1/4 of a multivitamin with cheap synthetic ingredients like folic acid and calcium carbonate


I took Juice Plus Tablets for about 3 years, I was told I would find a great difference after a couple of weeks and at first I found them good, had more energy, slept good, and a good recovery time after exercise. I kept taking them out of habit. But when I stopped (for financial reasons), I still had loads of energy, slept well. So I guess I just thought they were working.


Why after I take the supplements do I always feel hot?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi. You might be having an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients in Juice Plus. Please make sure to let your physician know about the side effects you’re experiencing.


I’m on JP and it does work my progress pictures are my own and they are not fake at all. I wouldn’t reccomend something if it didn’t work! A lot of vitamins have additives in them where as juice plus is pure fruit and veg.


I’ve just started the juice plus plan but I’m struggling to swallow the berry capsules.. I heard you can open them up and add them to a glass of water or my juice plus shake


That’s odd you can eat meat and other things but you can’t swallow small capsules with water , I find that odd


Yeah you can 🙂 does t matter how they are taken xx


Love it…


yes Becca, you can open up the capsules and empty the contents into you shake mixture and blend it.


Yes you can open the plastic shell and empty capsule contents into anything.

Maarametua Roi

I always opened mine and put it in my shakes because its hard to swallow


Yes u can mix it in shakes or smoothie in which u want


I have been taking the boosters for a few weeks I got ill when I first started taking it . I don’t feel ill anymore but I find it very hard to take it makes me heave a bit but I am sticking to it


Makes you have loose bowels and stomach pains


Your body is detoxing. It’s not made to make you loose weight but make lifestyle changes to make you healthy. It’s helped my family and our health.


C’mom people! Can’t we just eat nature fresh fruits instead of processed powders and capsules which taste just like gummy bears candy! I do not see any reason to pay such much money monthly for processed fruits products! Nowadays people are trying to sell you anything.


Actually JP is full of natural fresh handpicked fruit and veg they just turn them into a powder. Shop brought fresh fruit and veg are sprayed with pesticides!


They get their veg and fruit from the same suppliers as the supermarkets!! Their supply will have pesticides too but worse than that, they freeze dry the goodness out! Just eat fruit and veg normally!!!!!!!


Well I first started taking juice plus years ago and in the beginning I felt very tired lasted 2 weeks and then I really started having alot of good energy , I slept Better , I had alot of positive things to say , then I stopped taking them for about a year or two and my energy level was down again can’t sleep good again so decided to start them again and my energy is going back up again .


I have been on the Berry capsule for 3 weeks. I had no ailments or illnesses prior to taking this but generally I don’t consume the right amount of fruit everyday so thought what the hell. Since then, I have been bloated, lack energy, pee A LOT, ezcema bouts and trouble sleeping! I’m sure itll get better. Already spoke to my doctor


Hi I felt pretty much the same and was going to consider stopping until my son sent me through some info on how these things can happen. I have stayed with it and being almost 2 months now I’m starting to feel amazing ????


Is that cos you’ve made other food and lifestyle changes, I reckon so. Eat a well balanced diet and get in exercise too and you’ll feel even better and won’t be wasting your money

Your Nametracey

i bought both the tablets and the booster powders and i found that they made my pee smell really bad. I stopped taking them

Boyd Privett

Green juice recipes consist of several fresh green vegetables. Taking green juices every day can make some great changes to your life since the juice offers many health benefits such as increased energy, anti-inflammation, and a natural boost in immunity.


Just eat REAL dark green vegetables

  this is a lazy and expensive way to lose weight !
Jenna (Verified User)

I tried the juice plus berry capsules after being persuaded by a friend that they would help with my hair/nails/skin etc. I took them constantly for approximately 2 months and saw no difference. The food I eat has always been healthy, coming from a dance background but I feel that the way JP is sold is conning people into thinking its the product that has an effect on the body. My thoughts are that if you are promoting healthy eating alongside a product, the chances are that yes you will see effects and changes. Why?? Because you have changed your diet of course. I would like to see some JP reps try the healthy eating without the products to see what effect that would have.

One thing that also confuses me is that surely taking fruit and veg capsules would not only be for the vitamins but for the fibre too? However, it seems that these capsules only provide a minimal amount or none at all? The body needs fibre, and my worry is that some people who take these capsules, start to think ‘oh its okay, I’ve had my capsules so I don’t need my fruit and veg today’.

It also pains me when reps advertise that JP is not a diet. I’m sorry but if you are restricting what you are eating by replacing it with a shake then you are definitely on a diet. And from experience with friends who are on this, you will generally lose weight when you are on the shakes and then remain where you are unless you are taking part in exercise. Personally I think this is a lazy and expensive way to lose weight. Simply change what you eat to fresh healthy foods, exercise and look after yourself and the world is your oyster!!


I totally agree!

  It made no difference, waste of money !
Patricia (Verified User)

I wouldn’t rate it.. It made no difference.. Waste of money

  It's rubbish !
Trisha (Verified User)

It’s rubbish

Your NameSusan

I have noticed that juice plus sellers (of whom I know a few) always use this 5-9 servings per day of fruits and veggies being nearly impossible to consume as BIG sales pitch. Did you all know that a serving is 1/2 cup? Juice plus may be helpful for people who just dont eat fruits and veggies but it you eat 4 to 5 cups of fruits and veggies (organic ) a day then you dont need it. I find it very easy to eat that much . Of course I am mostly vegan.

My dinner salad alone is about 3 cups of all kinds of fresh veggies (which equals 6 servings !!! ). Not to count the stir fry veggies for dinner or something similar. The fruit at breakfast and the veggie juice drinks I make about 3-4 times a week. Personally, I would much rather rely on WHOLE foods then on some little capsule that is supposed to be whole foods. Don’t be lazy people!!! Just eat your whole foods! Food is medicine.


I only weigh 98 pounds and I was told to start with 4 a day with boatloads of water
This stuff gave me energy all right
So much so that I felt like I took an an amphetamine of some kind
Terrible tummy
Hands shaking
And the breath was horrible
After I stopped taking them for 2 days I still could taste them
I had no idea these were used to lose weight
That is the last thing I need to do
What a joke
Are these pills loaded with caffeine or something

Cameron (Editor)

Some products contain caffeine but it is not mentioned on their site. What was your original intent in taking these pills seeing as how you’re only 98 lbs? For general health purposes?

  For how long I will have rash !
Dena (Verified User)

How long will I have this rash if I continue taking Juice Plus capsules?

Candace (Editor)

Hi, Dena. It is uncertain how long exactly your rash may last. Dieters have reported having such rashes and it clearing up in possibly a few weeks time. please seek out your doctor’s advise on this matter. For the time being please take a break from this supplement.

  I developed allergy after taking this.
Cyn (Verified User)

I was so excited to start Juice Plus. I felt great with more energy! Helped metabolism! However I have a terrible rash! and I have never had an allergic reaction in my life! And now some cramping which I have never had before. Such a bummer 🙁
I was just trying it out and was not committed on there program 🙂


OMG I’m sitting here reading these peoples comments regarding Juice Plus, all I can say is…REALLY?! Look these Chewies and capsules are strictly fruits & vegetables that’s it. I came down with severe flu multiple times during the winter for the past 6 yrs, starting to supposed since starting Juice Plus last Dec. 2015 I have yet to be sick, I have so much Energy! I love Juice Plus, I can’t imagine being without it


You are so right! Kids in my class were getting Strep throat, teacher were, and some with terrible stomach viruses. Until I started taking this…I would have had all of it like clock work every school year. Not this time and it’s remarkable. I should have said yes four years ago when I first heard about it.


does anyone know if we can do the slimming world diet alongside taking juice plus boosters and shakes? I can’t stand the meal plans they have!

Candace (Editor)

It seems the Slimming World Diet to promotes a healthy lifestyle and proper diet; unless it requires you take more supplements it should be fine. Don’t forget to ask your doctor if Juice plus is agreeable to your body, Sophie.

Angela W

I’ve been taking the capsules for 2 weeks now and already feel better. Ive been fatigued with muscle aches and restless legs. I’d read that good nutrition is essential. I have smoothies and try and eat healthily but thought I could do with a boost. I totally understand that 4 months is necessary to feel the full benefits so am looking forward to feeling even better. I’ve had a phone call and emails from a rep who has been helpful. I would recommend this product.


Are any of the Juice + products known to react with/ reduce the effectiveness of the contraceptive pill as I have heard of other diets/detoxes doing this?


If you are suffering from diarrhoea during detox then it could affect the contraceptive pill

Stephen (Editor)

We’ve not encountered users experiencing issues with contraception and this product. Take the product to you doctor so that (s)he may advise you on your personal risk.


If you have any questions, you can contact customer service. There are no interactions with medications, because it is just juiced fruits and veggies in capsule form. It is not meant to be for weight loss, it is meant to give your body the nutrients it needs to thrive, because most people don’t get even close to the recommended servings of fruits and veggies a day. Many of the symptoms that people are claiming are detox symptoms. There are high levels of antioxidants in Juice Plus, and will detox your system.

The more toxic your body is, the worse the symptoms. This is another reason why they give you 4 months at a time. They want you to give it time to make changes in your system. There are too many testimonials to count of people that no longer need allergy meds, that no longer have skin issues, that have better cognitive function, etc. It’s not that Juice Plus is a cure, but it’s by taking the capsules, and eating healthy, the inflammation that is caused by toxins and the SAD diet, goes down, and allows the body to perform the way it should. Yes, the capsules are expensive, but if you shopped for every single one of the ingredients that are in the capsules, and juiced them every day, it would be far more money, and not even as close to the quality.

They go through a 4 step quality control process, testing for impurities and potency. The double blind, 3rd party, placebo studies prove their effectiveness. They are the most researched nutritional supplement on the market, all of which the company is more than transparent with.


Why do the reps constantly push it as a weight loss product, putting up the pictures of puerile who’ve lost six pounds in under a week and saying, this can be you.


I know!!! It’s even common sense to not believe that!!! I’m taking the capsules 3Rd month and shake 2nd month. I feel and look the same. I’m sorry, I expected better results tbh. I eat well, as I I have always been. I don’t need to loose wait, but I get bloated tummy, no changes there since I started jp. So when I see a collage of a bigger than me person that lost half of their belly after 1-2 weeks I just think it’s so sale related. Probably big waste of money. Will not buy it again.

  It's a lifestyle change product !

I personally have been using all 3 kinds of capsules, the shakes and the boosters for 1 year now. My children also take the kids chewables which i get free for them!
I have lost over 6 stone in this year and i have never felt healthier since i started. The meal plans are amazing, i am never hungry. i have also maintained my weight for 2 months now.
After reading a lot of the above comments can i just ask……
Did you all actually stick to the plan or did you think that if you take the products and just eat ‘normal’ foods that you will still lose weight.
Juice Plus is actually a lifestyle change and not a FAD DIET!!!!!
It has certainly changed my life and my families and i certainly will be taking it for the rest of my life!
Also, to the person who said that you can go into a shop and buy FRESH fruit and veg for less, let me see you try and when you can buy 30 different fruit, veg and berrys for under £1.98 per day then let me know about it please! 🙂

  Product just wasn't for me
Carly Reeves (Verified User)

Hi , I don’t feel any different after 4 weeks and my hair and skin is no different Also after telling my ref I was vegetarian would I be ok etc to find out after this time there is gelatine in the tablets advised the rep who wasn’t interested …. Tried to talk to some one else not interested …. Also felt very light headed after drinking lots of aster and having fruit


i have been having juice plus for about 1-2 months now and i have been feeling better eating better (craving salad) and this has extremely impacted my memory! i say you should try it


Your body requires whole plant food to be truly healthy and just a thought, you don’t always feel the effects of eating a salad or a piece of fruit, but that does not mean it is not helpful to your body. 😉 juice plus is a great way to get your fruit, vegetables, and berries in on a daily basis for the best overall health . Good luck with your health journey I hope it works out well for you. 🙂


Stick to your vegetarian diet it’ll be better than jp

Sharron sorsky

you can break the capsuels up if your vegetarian. 4 weeks is not enough time for this to work in your system . That is why the get you to buy 4 mths worth.
My daughter had problems as she had a gastric band.She has fouNd taking them her hair has grown. Before she had to buy extensions. Other people in my family have found the benifit of using them.


Can I use my juice plus past the bb date

Candace (Editor)

Best not to.


bloody hell Sharron, awful grammar for an undercover JuicePlus rep!!! Aweful!


Im sorry Alex, but your spelling isn’t any better! correction **Awful 🙂


i think of you notice Alex was taking the p@@s as he spelled awful correct the first time!
I am yet to try this product and I’m very jubious whether to or not?
Of corse I’m being fed the dream of being slim but I have many doubts about this product. Why can’t a normal healthy diet and exercise do the same??
What can anyone convince me with to make me think I should buy this expensive product?




ive just started on the capsules hoping to help with my borderline personality disorder. After been told my life will greatly improve by the distributor. However my mental health has got worse, I’m very emotional and low. I also feel like I have water infection and feel jittery. I’m now thinking I should stick to a healthy diet and my yoga practice x

  Anyone experiencing the same issue?
ken (Verified User)

I’m taking JP 4 weeks now and have not found much of a difference. The only thing that’s annoying me is the fact that I can’t sleep at night and very tired during the day which is effecting me very much at work. Is there anyone else with the same problem?


I found at first I had trouble sleeping so I took half the daily portion. I still received some positive benefits but was able to sleep.

Cameron (Editor)

Thanks for your story!!


I LOVE juice plus, I’m a nobody n not a rep, I’m 52 and have tried different vitamins over the years, I take two green cheeked and two red chewed first thing in am, I’m regular first time in my life with bowel movements, energy all day n evening, sleep amazing, my husband is taking now because he sees how good I feel. I was bucked off my horse and black bruises on my leg wouldn’t go away, when I started the juice plus it immediately started to disappear, truly amazing. Everybody’s body is different but my body loves it!! My daughter has Crohn’s disease and it is giving her life back, NOT A PLACEBO!!! Tell us your thoughts about Juice Plus+.


i too love juice plus in every way. I used the shakes first for 10 weeks lost loads of weight then took the premium capsules , I had so much more energy, my nails grew stronger and didn’t break like they used to. I sleep better , I wake not worrying about tackling every day. I’m regular now as didn’t used to go for up to 5 days at a time . Must be all the extra nutrients I’m putting into my body that’s all I can say. I will never stop taking them .


take them in the morning. The purple one has cacao in it which might act as an little caffeine. I had the same issue. Full disclose I just signed up to sell it so I can get the discount- it has done amazing things for my hair and nails and for my kids allergies. I am trying the shakes for the first time. Don’t know if I like them yet. Taste is ok. Trying to figure out how they fit into the 21 day fix program because I am allergic to the iodine in shakeolegy.


Juice Plus+.has not help my wife at all if enathing it made he spiw up whonting to sleep all the time .this product in not veg it a chemical compound so no one nos whot is in this thing’s rele and evareone is geting tolde that ther ok so whie when you put juice plus in the internet it tell you that whochdog has been whoching them and don’t have good thing to sae abawt it .To all you pepal out ther that is thinking to do juice plus .Do not do it cos you will be fed bull shit from juice plus cos thae dont now whot’s in them ther selvs


One thing I’ve notice about This Juice plus+ ,the moment ANYONE says something the Reps don’t like they pounce on you like tiger’s. Speaks volumes about the company.


WTH are you 3 years old? Have your mommy help you write this. Thanks though, you saved me some money.

Eliza Rofe

Fruit and veggies are in them, with no additives , chemicals and they are not synthetic. Great clean variety of F&V. Go back to school and learn how to write and spell then you may be able to learn that fruit and vegetables are good for you. Its about bridging the gap between how much fresh produce you eat and how much your body needs (7-13 serves a day NOT 3&5) Best of luck in the future, you need it


Guessing he a rep and how bloody rude!!! Why I left the company nothing but Crap and lies and duplicate old results as new ones to get sales ,

And I KNOW THIS FOR A FACT!!!! And are all so far fetched could not could not promote a product I believe to be full of shit


Friend. You should profreed your posts before sending. If your gping to dog a company at least give the impression that you are someone with a bit of knowledge and expertise in the area of health and nutrition.


I have no problem sleeping but wake up tired or get tired later during the day….have a sleep study done as you might have sleep apnea.


I have the same problem. I have taken for 4 months so far. No difference, and tired during the day. I’m just thinking if I pay $70+ a month for three of them, how many TRUE & FRESH fruits and veggies I can eat?


I was having this problem too not being able to sleep?


What time of day are you taking your capsules? Change to morning


Ken have you talked to your Rep about this?

  amazing product that worked for me
LTB (Verified User)

I think juice + is a fantastic product! It helped my sister and I lose quite a bit of weight and 4 inches off my waist! I had a shake in the morning, a healthy balanced meal in the afternoon and a shake at evening meal time. For the first week I suffered terrible headaches, but I think that was just my body getting used to having the vitamins and minerals it needed. After that terrible first week, it was great! I felt rejuvenated, I work in a school, so I’m constantly on the go, and I didn’t feel any fatigue at all. I’m currently pregnant, but after I’ve had my little cherub, I WILL be going back to juice +. I would recommend it to anyone. It’s an amazing product that worked for me.

Rebecca Parris

It is a brilliant product! I speak as I find and it is really helping my IBS and I hope in time when I’ve been taking it for longer it will help my immune system as I currently have an autoimmune problem and have to take immunosuppressants. I have met many people who have been helped in lots of different ways because of the OPTIMUM nutrition that it provides. Perhaps people should use a bit of common sense and try halving the amount they take to start with and see how their system reacts. Some people might be sensitive to changes especially people with gut problems. Just a friendly suggestion!

  having some issues
Dannielle (Verified User)

Unfotunately ive had to stop juiceplus. I have had severe stomach cramps with the shakes, feeling & being sick and regurgitating a disgusting taste. The doctor said something in it does not agree with my body. Can any one help to suggest what that might be? I’m gutted I loved my shakes in the morning but it is making me very poorly 🙁


The shakes do have soy in them, check to see if you have any intolerance to soy products.


Yes the shakes do have SOY in them as I considered taking them and have soy intolerance. Was advised not to by my juice plus rep as she confirmed she checked with head office and the shakes DO contain Soy. Hence me not trying the shakes


not sure if you Detoxed first. As the stomached pains are due to it flushing your system out. If you have been having lots of bad stuff and then you try the healthier food then the stomach pains are due to you not detoxing for two weeks before starting.


This is not true. i had done a detox right before getting the shakes. I also eat very healthy. We have fruit and veggies with every meal as well as home cooking 5-7 nights a week. A soy allergy or sensitivity will make you sick regardless of detoxing or what you eat. There is a ton of soy in those shakes!


If youre so health, why start JP!?


have you tried Arbonne Internationals Greens and/or their vegan no soy rice, pea, cranberry protein? I traded in my old shakes for these two products and have never looked back – no tummy aches, more energy and even my teenage boys ask for at least one shake a day!!


i was wondering if there was soy protein in your shake?


I to have had the same issues with shakes from fruit plus severe stomach cramps bloating and gas. Everyday was the same symptoms would occur around same time of the day. unable to use this product.


I have been exactly the same, been very ill for 3 days now. But no idea what is in it that’s causing this pain.


I took the shakes for 1 week and seriously upset my stomach. I stopped drinking them immediately but 2 weeks on I am still suffering from terrible cramping and wind type pains. I have been to the doctors and they said it must be the shakes but it is so bad. I think I must have a sensitive gut or something but it has knocked me for six!


I had a terrible reaction to the shakes. By the time 2 weeks had gone by, 5 minutes after drinking the shakes I would break into a cold sweat and throw it up. My belly was bloated and crampy, I had terrible gas and flatulence and my periods were now miserable. It was the worst experience ever. It created such an imbalance in my electrolytes and minerals from all of the flushing and vomiting thus causing a hormonal and potassium imbalance. The capsules sit very hard on my stomach as well and I have completely stopped taking them. Ultimately I found out I am slightly sensitive/allergic to soy and that is the reason for the nausea, vomiting and belly problems. Stop taking the shakes if you feel bad. The reps will tell you to try different things but your body knows best and what is good for one person may not be good for another.


What are you mixing them with? It might not be the complete itself which is affecting you, could be what you are using to mix them. I stick to alpro coconut milk as it’s what works for me x

  Need help with cramps
juls (Verified User)

I have been on JP for 2 months Now and have really bad menstrual cramps.The only thing diff. In my diet is JP..Severe period cramps last month and now this month..I heard someone else had this problem please get back to me. I don’t want to stop taking JP But its hard working with cramps this bad.Thanks.


I started taking jp on Monday, and I’m already having quite bad period cramps. Iv recently had a period, so I shouldn’t be coming on atal, but I started to bleed yesterday, im a little worried.. just wanna hear other people’s thought..


i started juice plus 2 weeks ago ,wasnt due a period but have been bleeding for last 2 weeks,must be these pills?.

Cameron (Editor)

Consult your doctor first. Your body is a complicated chemical system. When losing weight on supplements, you flood your system with different ingredients that affect your hormones; DHEA, progesterone, estrogen and other stress hormones. In a confusing twist it tricks your body into not menstruating, which could affect egg production. Visit your regular OB for a personalized assessment.


I had the same problem with severe menstrual cramps as well as extended menstration. My doctor had me stop taking JP to see if there was any difference. I went back to normal since stopping. Unfortunately it did not agree with my body.


There is oestrogen in soy and this is probably what’s causing menstrual problems.


Anyone with diabetes should be careful about how much fruit they eat anyway, because of the sugar in it.


Hi not sure if you Detox two weeks before starting JP
As you have to get rid of the Junk in your body . As juice plus cleans your system out


have you spoken to your mentor about your issues ? i will ask my rep and get back to you asap.

Stephen (Editor)

Hi, Juls. Please consult with your doctor to receive an accurate assessment of Juice Plus’ effect on you body’s chemistry.

  Would this help me lose weight?

Hi all!
I’m about to start the JP fruit and veg capsules for more energy etc. I was just wondering will it aid me in my effort to lose weight or tone up? I hope so as £37.75 a month seems a lot! What other benefits will I gain from it? I eat healthily so will contain with fruit and veg and go to the gym weekly-will it benefit me?
Thank you…

Rebecca Parris

Hi Hanna, the way I look at the cost of JP+ is that it is investment in my health. If you want to use JP+ to help you lose weight that is great. It is not designed as a weight loss product but the shakes are good meal replacements if you are on the move or don’t have time to eat a healthy lunch. The capsules contain 30 fruits, veggies and berries. However healthy you eat (I do) you won’t be able to consume that many different fruits, veggies and berries each day. It is in concentrated form with all the sugar and water gently removed at low temperatures. Losing weight is 80% what you eat and 20% exercise. Lots of people don’t really understand that but it is mostly about what you put in your mouth. Email me if you have more questions and if you’d like any useful links sent to you. If not, ask your distributor for more information. Good luck with it. It’s a great product which is helping my IBS and I’ve only been taking it for about 7-8 weeks. It takes 4 to 5 months to get to cellular level. I’ve met many people who it has helped – went to the conference in Birmingham this year and it was so inspiring. Good luck!


Never trust a jp rep. They get all their “medical” advice from a Group they are all members of. If they don’t know the answer they’ll discuss it in their group. I’ve even seen one (have screenshots) say it’ll help a dying kid with leukaemia. They don’t care as long as they get their commission.
Eat healthy, drink plenty water. Avoid meat and dairy and you’ll lose weight yourself. Jp is just a expensive vitamin.


Hey Hanna have you got a rep yet??x

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Hanna,
If you go to the gym and eat healthy while taking this supplement it should certainly help the process. Some other benefits we’ve heard from people taking juice plus is energy increase.


no no no i have had epilepsy all my life now at the age of 47 i have been on 2 of the capsules about 6 yrs never thought twice about taking it in the last 6 months on all 3 capsules on the shakes and the bars all the ingredients are all natural and i have heard jp has helped with yhe condition so don,t hesitate take them

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Vicky,
It is best to speak with your physician before you begin taking this product to make sure that’s it’s a good fit for you.

  Does it really work?
Rather remain anonymous

I am new to this A lady who et up a group for ppl with ME is a rep for Juice plus
I have sent off for the three lots of tabs as a trial and asked for a coupe of sample shakes before l buy them
Some people say that they are not great but others rave about them
All i want is facts really
I am told that if you cut our carbs and gluten and dairy you can lose weight too
Aware that slim fast is ok too
Any comments please


Please contact me for any information or support if you need it 🙂


I cut out gluten because of Celiac deiase. And now I have no leg cramps,no head aches,I lost 28lbs,ect I feel awesome


I want to be glutton free but don’t know what to eat I’ve cut out most carbs but I need more help with meal ideas is there a site I can go on to help me x

  Juice Plus+
Mike (Verified User)

Any undecided people reading this page, just have a good look at most of the comments here. It’s swimming with JP reps trying to get your money through sales, because that’s the number one thing that matters to them.

You can lose weight for much cheaper by simply buying fruit and vegetables and improving your diet. If you’re that desperate for supplements go to a shop like Boots and buy multi-vitamin tablets that contain the same ingredients as JP capsules for much, much cheaper.

There’s no “magic product” out there that makes you lose weight. It’s all down to your own willpower and making healthier lifestyle choices.


hi I am a distributor and undo highly recommend the product. I’m not saying this to get sales as I don’t know any of you so I wouldn’t approach you.
I take the capsules and the boosters. I am not taking the products to lose weight I am simply taking them to increase my energy levels and improve my immune system.
Since being on them ( since Christmas Eve 2015) I have noticed my energy levels increase and therefore I am not napping when my daughter naps during the day. She wakes about 3-5 times a night so I would get very tired. Since being in the products instead of napping I am doing things around the house, and I’m also working out. Not much but about 20-30 sit ups a day and 15-25 squats a day. I’ve not lost a lot of weight but I have toned up. So no juicePLUS hasn’t aided my weightloss and I wouldn’t ever claim it to have done that. But it has given me the energy I craved and needed to lose the weight myself. My rep has given me meal plans that I now share with my friends and family, therefor I’m eating much healthier. When you buy the products you don’t just buy the products, you gain meal plans, support and work out tips too. The people that don’t like these products nah claim I’m saying this simply to make money however I’ve only ever distributed it to people I know and they are all enjoying the products I’ve advised them to take. I’m learning more about the products each day. It’s because of how much I have enjoyed taking the products that I became a distributor.


I AGREE!!! I started taking the berry capsules and once I had bought them the rep never got back to me asking how I was getting on ect. I felt no different after taking them for a while.

  Would anyone help me?
Patti Broom

I have just chosen to start Juice plus today. I have so many health problems i wont go there in detail…I have asthma Arthritis, morbid obesity and ulcers due to bad circulation and cellulitis. I am 66 sedentary and immobile. I am just hoping because I already diet constantly but eat few vitamins and nutrients, any help would be good. I’m starting in earnest tomorrow. not hoping for a miracle but some change would be great.


Please let me know how you get on!

  Highly recommended product!
Jade (Verified User)

I am a certified Holistic Health Coach and have researched many products. Juice Plus was the cleanest and most balanced product I have found. It is Whole Food Plant Based Nutrition. The plant based protein is organic.
It helps me get the additional clean fruits and vegetables I need.
Many universities and companies have conducted their own independent double blind research. The research speaks for itself and supports Juice Plus’ claims. I have used this product for years and would recommend it…

Stephen (Editor)

No, if that is the way you feel you shouldn’t ignore it.


Jade you really need to look at USANA the company, the founder, and the products. This we’ll change your mind about juice plus. There is no beater company than USANA or product


It should not since its a whole food based product but ask your doctor to make sure. Would love yo help you out with juice ous journey!

  Juice Plus+
Jen (Verified User)

Hi – I was hoping someone could answer my question regarding the Juice Plus+ capsules. My son is 4. He has spastic quadraplegic cerebral palsy, and gets colds quite frequently. I just recently purchased the chewables for him, however, he choked (as he doesn’t chew very well) and now he is refusing to take them. So, I placed on order for the capsules… I was wondering what the dosage for the capsules is for a 4 year old (only 30lbs) on a daily basis? Thank you!


Hi Jen I give the dummies to my 18 month old. It has helped him tremendously. My 3 yr old refuses to eat them so I give him chocolate milk every morning with about 1/2 of each of the three pills. He drinks it right up and doesn’t even know. There are no safety seals on JP….If you take to many you will suffer a belly ache. You won’t be endangering him if you go a little over what the gummy comparison was….


Can’t you dissolve a capsule for him?

Stephen (Editor)

Likely if you chose.


I remember hearing 1 capsule a day of each kind for children. I would check other sources though to be sure.

Arnold (Editor)

Hi Jen! Because children are especially sensitive to drugs and supplements and because these products are usually targeted to people 18 years or older, you must have his pediatrician approve of this product

  I loved them and they helped me
Sarah (Verified User)

Hey ya last year I was on the juice plus shakes I loved them and they helped me loose weight I am now off the shakes now and I’m trying the capsules instead as I couldn’t afford both Imy now on my 4th day and I have to admit the 2nd day I was getting really bad cramps in my tummy and yesterday I had a lot of wind and must of gone to the toilet for a number 2 at least 5 times is that normal?????.

Stephen (Editor)

We’ve heard of some dieters frequently going to the restroom; the cases are mild and often pass. How are you doing now?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Liz,
We recommend for you to speak with your physician and have him approve what would be a good fit for you if you decide to take juice plus.


Hi Liz! I’d recommend the Premium Juice Plus capsules, as your system will need nutrients from all three blends, which will result in overall wellbeing and therefore better hair and hopefully an improvement in your fertility

  Any side effects for men?
Papa Smoky (Verified User)

Hi i have just purchased a 4 month supply of JP Green Capsules & Red Capsules. My motivation is not to lose weight, but to know I am taking my 5 a day as I struggle to eat fruit and veg most days. I would also like to increase my energy levels, Also is there any men out here who have had any effects to there libido? ie; has your libido increased? look forward to your replies.

  This is a wonderful product!
Frankie (Verified User)

I started taking jp about 15 years ago when living in Europe. It is an amazing product. At the time I was suffering from High BP, no energy and a lot more ailments. JP lowered my BP to normal, gives me great energy and vitality, my skin looks healthy and I have a general overall great feeling. I find this to be a wonderful product!


Hi – i started the shakes and capsules on Monday. Having a shake for breakfast and lots of fruit and nuts as a snack then a plain green salad for lunch, a shake for tea and then a heakthy meal for dinner. I’m also drinking 3 ltrs of water a day – no caffeine and haven’t cheated. Am I doing it right???


For the first 30 days of the JP shakes you replace two meals a day with them and you have one clean healthy meal… Completely up to you what order you have them in.. Plus two healthy snacks in between IF your still a bit peckish… 2-4 ltrs of water a day… Water is a crucial part to the juice plus diet as in helps flush put all the bad toxins in your body as the good ones from the caps and shakes flood there way in 🙂

Ella Roworth

Premium caps would say for you hun, i work for juice plus x if you need any help just contact me x


Hi I ve just started juice plus berry blend capsules 2 a day but not sure how there going to benefit me

Steph Law

Love it! Worth every penny & works

  Did not work for me
Nicola (Verified User)

Very expensive and had no effect at all on me and my kids won’t take the veg pastilles as they smell vile, total waste of a lot of money

  Juice Plus+
Pauline (Verified User)

I started taking JP around 3 weeks ago. I ally felt I had nothing to loose. I have a rare autoimmune disease called Achalasia and I had my esophagus removed in 2012. Since then I have struggled daily with nutrition as I can only eat small amounts and that is normally junk food. I took on the challenge and it was the best decision for me. I have very little energy and have many health issues since my operation. It’s hard to explain to someone who doesn’t know how it feels but believe me they made me feel the best I’ve felt in nearly £4 years. I did think it was expensive but then I calculated my purchases of junk food. That averaged on around £5 a day so it was a bonus for me. I then decided to become a distributor because I have many Achalasian Facebook friends who too struggle on a daily basis with swallowing food. This was not something I should keep to myself so I decided to be a distributor in the hope that if it makes 1 other person feel 10% better then that’s amazing. I take tiny small dozes because of how my digestive system is now so my capsules will probably last me a much longer time. If they continue to help me get some nutrition in my body then that’s a bonus.


Noooooo, I sent before I checked spelling,cops

  Why is it causing this?
Anonymous (Verified User)

Why do the products cause foul smelling flatulence ?


Love Juice Plus no stomach cramps or problems with digestion at all. Lost weight increased energy and inflammation and pain in my joints gone. Its been fab for me personally x


it is cleaning your body of toxins


I’ve been taking JP for 9 months and still have the gas

  Need to contact a representative
Susan goldstone

Iam trying to put a friend in contact with a representative in our area. Her grandson has eczema and I have heard good things about juice plus. We live in Huntingdon PA 16652. Are there any representatives in our area

Your Name DB

Tell us your thoughts about Juice Plus+. Susan – After taking it for 5 months it has done NOTHING to help my eczema.


I can be your friends rep. We have an amazing group! We make sure that get in contact with our customers.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Susan,
Juice Plus is targeted for people of 18 years or older so we recommend to speak with the person’s physician if they are under that age.


As said above jp can be shipped anywhere worldwide. My son also has very bad eczema and I give him juice plus shakes as a snack (not meal replacement) as he his only 1 so not yet old enough for the chewables. I have seen massive improvement in his skin and haven’t had to use his steroid cream as much. I have been a mentor and distributor for over a year and would be happy to help your friend is she wants to pop me an email x


I am also a rep for Juice Plus, it has helped me personally with my liver enzymes



as the products can be shipped all over the world you can use a representative for juice plus+ anywhere.

  Amazing company with amazing product
Sarah amy (Verified User)

Because I am a rep and have been doing the gold plan since October 2014 and I have lost 4st , this is amazing company with amazing products and can’t fault it one bit .

  Feel Free to Contact me For Information

If anyone needs any information about starting Juice plus, please feel free to contact me. I’ve been using the shakes for 2 years and have started taking the capsules today.
I will send you all the information you need, add you to support groups on face book for recipe ideas and be available for 1:1 support to help you get the most from the products.

Margaret Wilson

How do I detox first. Is it the capsuals first. Thank you


hi do i have to detox cart i start them.with healthy eating


Hi Kay! Please refer to the Juice Plus+ official website for detailed product instructions and information.

mags ellix

Have been on jp now for over a week I have diabetes high bp and fatigue. ..been told jp is fantastic to help controll it …..


Hi i started juice plus 2monrhs ago but the last 2wks have been having severe stomach pains and diareha could this be caused by the jp.


Viv email me! i’ll help you with this problem xx


Gill can you help me? I’ve got the same problem as Lori. Been on the premium capsules for one month now. Sissy


I’ve just started juice plus on Friday. Horrible stomach cramps and the feeling of dehydration, even tho I’m drinking 8-10 bottles of water. I have severe health issues including heart disease and IBS wondering if I should discontinue use just after 2 days. I would hate to have to to that after all the money I have invested into JP. Help!

cathal keon

Hey looking to try the shakes for a month and the berries. Shakes – oreo or choc orange if possible.

How do i go about ordering from Ireland – Dublin. Just for a month to see how it goes


Ore or choc Orange ?


Hey. I’m a distributor for juice plus and we can ship the products all over the world so when you order we can ship straight to ur home xx




Hi I just brought some juice plus off a lady and it’s juice plus complete shakes I’ve got chocolate and vanilla. Just wondering does this gain weight or loose weight?.

Many thanks :’)


Lose weight and tones you up xx


It only tones you up if you do physical activity… You can’t just drink the shakes and sit around all day then thinking why aren’t they working… Exercise at least 3 times a week and you would definitely see top results


I would like info on packages and costs thanks


Did someone contacted you about juice plus? Let me know and I can help you out!


I would like to buy the capsule s what is the cost

  Any help with the side effects?
jenny (Verified User)

I started taking the capsules about 6 weeks ago, not too loose weight but to improve overall diet. All fine at first then started getting severe stomach cramps and sickness. Altered the routine to no effect and have stopped taking them and symptoms gone. Not what you call a result but no advice given, I was wondering if it could be the plastic coating. Any one else any advice?


I’m on the berry capsules at first fantastic but then started getting bad tummy ache and bad wind so had to come of them them simtoms went away don’t know what I’m doing wrong rally wanted to take them been on them just over a week so what’s going on any advice please

Victoria (Editor)

HI Jenny,
If you think you may be getting the severe stomach pains due to juice plus then we highly advise for you to speak with your physician to see if the product or dosage is right for you.

  How to take the Product

I’m starting the juice plus diet tomorrow, what snacks can I have in between if I’m hungry, I like banana and muller light yoghurts as snacks normally are these ok? What about homemade soup?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Louise,
You want to see this as a life style change not a temporary diet so eat healthy snacks that you like and can see yourself continuing. There is no specific snacks you should or should not take.


I’m doing slimming world and just started on juice plus. Banana n mullahs light are free on slimming world . So yep totally fine


Hey Hun how is the juice plus shakes and the slimming world meal and snacks working out for you… I know it’s not the normal diet but my mum wants the shakes and to carry on with her slimming world food etc


Hi Louise, has anyone got back to you yet about this?


Plain rice cakes with tuna, humous with carrot or cucumber sticks

  Need product ingredients
lora (Verified User)

why is the Ingredient List for the Products not made public?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Lora,
you can find the ingredients on the official website. If you can’t find it on there feel free to call customer service and someone will be more than happy to assist you.

  Trying to get JP
sandra kersey (Verified User)

I’ve been trying to get jp & capsules,i’ve been in touch with to people that supplie that produce then hear no more from them ? They stop replying to my request or delete me ? Maybe i need someone nearer to my area that will be easier to contact,can u help with this request or i’ll try another alternative ? Many thanks sandra

Victoria (Editor)

HI Sandra,
You can go to the official website and order your four month product supply through there.


Go on fb and add Steph Nichols she wil help u


Hi Sandra hope you got a supplier for juice plus capsules if not then I am a distributor message me for details


Could someone email me to order please


Hi would you like to order through me xx


I ve just started the juice plus berry blend + capsules 2 a day but not sure how these are going to benefit me


Loads of people saying the product works why not just give it ago my missus is a juice plus rep and would be happy to help anyone who is having problems getting juiceplus look on facebook for Clare ThinkHealth Edwards or think health with Clare she will gladly give advice and take orders


I can help you!



Feel free to contact me for more information on J+



Hi Sandra you can email me!! Love to help!! So excited about what it has done for the people I know hat have tried it!! AMAAZING!!


I’m a juice plus rep and happy to help u

Zatun karim

Hi I’ve just started juice plus, I’ve been on the shakes for a week and haven’t lost weight yet. I’ve started the capsules yesterday and had severe cramps all night I’m not sure if that is normal or not as I haven’t read about other people with this symptom. I need advice pls. Thanks


Would you like to email me I van help

  So Disappointed Product
anom86 (Verified User)

I have been on juice plus for 2 weeks now. The first week was detox and I lost 6lbs, I thought amazing. Then I went on to shakes and have had no energy a cold and gained 4lb in a wEek- my tummy looks six months pregnant and is rock hard. I’m so dissapointed. I have not cheated the plan I paid far to much to not follow it. Feeling very frustrated.


What are you mixing your shakes with? Xx


Hazelnut milk, banana and chocolate JP is my favourite. (not too much banana as it will make the shake quite thick!)
Coconut milk & chocolate JP,
Raspberries, redcurrants, blackberries, cranberries with water and vanilla JP,
Rice milk, mango & vanilla JP,
You can also add things like kale, spinach, flax seeds, it’s very individual to your own personal taste.
Happy to help if you need any more help.

  Out of date
Holly Greenhalgh

I have juice Plus shakes and they’re out of date from 03/15 are they ok to drink?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Holly,
You will be risking becoming ill if you take this product after it’s expiration date and it may not be as effective.

  Question About Juice
Donna hill

I have some juice shakes but the date on them says 11/14 I are they still safe to use

Holly Greenhalgh

Did you find out whether they’re safe to drink I have out of dates ones also?

  Its meant to help, not solve all of your health problems.
Todd (Verified User)

Juice Plus never claims to be a diet or weight loss product. Perhaps peoples’ false expectations are leading to their own unhappiness with this product. I was skeptical when I decided to give this product a try. I am a healthy eater, watching my portions and trying to eat food that doesn’t come in a box or plastic wrap… I noticed an increase in alertness right away. I have also noticed improvements with the skin of all of my family members, who have psoriasis. We have only been using the product for four months but none of us has been sick during this time. I would suggest that someone who thinks this product alone will fix their poor lifestyle choices is heading for disappointment. Juice Plus is meant to help, not solve all of your health problems.

  procedure to diet

I’m not able to swallow the capsules without gagging so i was wondering if i can put my capsules in my daily shakes i have in the mornings? N.B. these aren’t JP shakes.


Yes you can add them into your shakes, yoghurt etc. Any other questions feel free to message me

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Candice,
You may crush the pills and take them in another form however, just be aware that there will be a difference in the release of the supplement.


You can open the capsules and have them in your shakes yes, Alternatively you could try the Adult chewable version?

  positive Thinking For me
Kathy (Verified User)

I am a proud newcomer to Juice Plus+. I have only been on the program for a little over a month and my energy level seems more consistent. My journey lies ahead. I look forward to more positive changes for me.

  Working Product For Me
Anonymous (Verified User)

I can honestly say that juice plus is working for me, I’ve got crohns desease, and have had to operations. In the past and juice plus Is working for me. The only way any body is going to find out is to try it yourself. Before taking juice plus I was forever going to the toilet, and getting no nutrience. But now I feel great and have energy. So don’t knock it until you try it.


I also have crohns and 2 previous operations and was so glad to see this as I have wanted to try it for sometime now. I am only going to replace one meal a day and build it up to see how I get on.

  Which is good for my hair?

Hi my I ask Witch ones would I have to take for my hair and how will it benefit my hair.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Sam,
Any of the capsules may benefit your hair because of the nutrients that they have in them but this product is made mostly for nutrition and help with weight loss.


I have been taking Juice Plus for 6 months now. But I am losing Alot of my hair I started noticing about 2 month’s ago. I am going to stop taking Juice Plus now to see if my hair stops falling out!

Devon (Editor)

Yes, also be sure to see your doctor for more help!

  Which is better?
Teri (Verified User)

I would like to know if the capsules and chews have the same exact things in them? I have MS and already take a handful of pills so I got the chews just making sure I am getting all the same benefits as the capsules??

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Teri,
No, not all the capsules contain the exact same ingredients. We recommend for you to speak with your physician before taking juice plus.

  Cancellation Procedure
Kathleen Fortun

I have signed on to Juice plus+ for four months – I have no intention of continuing after the four month on the basis it is expensive but want to try it. I have heard they continue to send and deduct money from your account even when you cancel – mine is due to end in June. What should I do now to prevent Juice plus+ from deducting money from my account.

Victoria (Editor)

HI Kathleen,
Sorry to hear about your experience. You can call customer service and cancel at any time. Let them know you do not wish to receive any more shipments of the product.


my friend is obsessed with JP and thinks it is the cure for everything! Even the flu! She has been coming down with a bad cold, so to ward it off, is taking FOUR of each capsule TWICE a day! This can’t be good for her surely? Could this cause any harm? And is there any benefit from taking more?


sorry, I didn’t think my reply had posted as I couldn’t see it on here, so I resent. But they’ve both popped up now!


She has been a JP rep for over a year. She doubles/triples/quadruples up if not we’ll or coming down with a cold. The other day it wasn’t 8 she took, it wasFIFTEEN in the morning and ANOTHER FIFTEEN in the evening! She does this a lot! Also has been breaking caps up into her year olds milk since he was a few weeks old. He suffers with bad upset tummy’s and ver bad nappy rash. She won’t accept that it’s possibly from
Giving him JP. Please tell me if this could be causing harm to either of them. Thank you


she has been on them for over a year. But doubles up, triples, quadruples, when she feels like she needs to. Also has been breaking the casuals into her one year olds milk since he was a few weeks old! He has terrible upset tummy’s which has resulted in terrible sore bottom. She won’t have it that it’s the JP CAPS. Surely he shouldn’t be having it at such a young age. It’s too much surely?

Stephen (Editor)

As we always say, it’s best that adults 18 over take these supplements.


She is a rep, and is obsessed. Thinks the more she takes the better chance she has of fighting flu etc off. Told her the body can only absorb what it needs. But tells me I’m wrong. This is what she posted on her JP page, and is doing this twice a day. Will try and send. She is taking EIGHTEEN in the morning and same in the afternoon!

Stephen (Editor)

Wow, Caroline that doesn’t sound good. Tel her she only takes two daily with a meal! Has she worked up to this dosage or did she immediately begin 8 tablets a day, assuming I understood you right?


Contact your credit card company with the date and specifics of when you emailed the company to stop your subscription including the monthly deductions.


Ask your supplying Distributor. Or contact customer services direct.. The contact details will be 9n the paperwork you received with your product.

Heidi Scheiderer

I am so sorry you feel that way about the product. I am not an avid shipper of the auto-ship, but if you contact the person you ordered it though, they can cancel and you will not get billed.

  Some Issues For Me

Hi I want too loose weight and my hairs falling out and I get spots what’s the best product for me ?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Anisah,
We recommend to take the shakes and the capsules if you want to lose weight and also bring in a lot of nutrients for your skin and/or hair.


The Juice Plus Compkete to aid weight loss and the Capsules to help with your skin


Hi. I have jp shakes that’s out of date a few mths. Are these still ok plse?


will we regain the weight once we stop using it?


If you follow clean eating and a healthy lifestyle you shouldn’t. It’s not about a diet it’s about lifestyle changes. I’ve been following for 16 weeks with time off plan and never gained anything!


I have cut down to one shake per day, at the moment I’m sustaining my weight loss. I’m starting the berry capsules today!

  research Studies on Website of Product

Have you researched thoroughly the JuicePlus product? I was on their website and they have over 30 scientific research studies from major Universities all over the world. They have a nutrition label not a supplement label, they are not a supplement. There is no cane sugar or corn in the capsules. It is scientifically proven to be bioavailable and works in body. It is of utmost importance for credibility that you write facts.


I agree


I agree!

  Some Side Issues
Mary (Verified User)

I am in my second month taking juice+ and not feeling well at all in fact was feeling better before I started, my biggest problem is not sleeping well at all, is that one of the side effects?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Mary,
The extra energy that you;re getting from the product may be what’s keeping you up for longer. You may want to try taking it a little earlier.


I’ve heard that they can actually give you energy, the garden blend in particular. Try taking it in the morning-if you’re not already. Also there can be a detox period as well. This can last a couple weeks. Hopefully you’re feeling better by now!


You body goes through a detox stage. Depending on how poluted your body was with toxins will tell you how long you will take to detox.


Hi! I have taken JP for many years and personally know that if I am going to take the greens, I have to do so in the morning. If you take the greens in the evening, they will keep you up. I hope this helps 🙂

  Procedure to Use

Can u loose weight using the juice plus shakes? If so can u tell me how it works


Hi Denise, testimonials say that Juice Plus shakes do help to loose weight. I will be starting my plan soon. I would advise you to meet a JP+ promoter/distributer because they know from experience what it did for them. if you need more information I can help you.

Heidi Scheiderer

Hi! I am a distributor for JP and I can give you the information you need to start our Transform 30 program.


Hi im thinking of starting next week. Ive had a stoke and stents in heart 2 years ago. Im on medication for heart blood pressure and cholestrol. Will this program be ok for me . Darren

  don't have negative side effects
Martha (Verified User)

First off juice plus is not marketed for weight loss so if you are looking for a weight loss supplement look elsewhere…..I started taking them three months ago and have no negative side effects. I also give them to my kids in the morning now too, and they don’t have negative side effects. Last month a major stomach virus hit our house everyone but me got sick it could be coincidence, however after everyone was better I started them on it too. Also I have chicken skin on the backs of my arms the other day I was wearing a tank top and husband commented on how my bumps were gone on the backs of my arms, still this could be coincidence. But since I have had this skin problem most of my life I am beginning to wonder. It’s a shame so many people have had such bad reactions I think if the product is used as intended it’s great. However we all different so nothing is one size fits all.

  very Good Product
Nikki (Verified User)

I started taking JP over a month ago. My body is very sensitive to everything and I have to say that I felt results (energy and a better nights rest) the same day I took them. I was diagnosed with IBS a couple of years ago and the doctor gave me a diet plan to follow which included upping my intake of veggies and certain fruits. Not a fan! When I learned about the JP product I decided to give it a go. I can now claim that I no longer have the IBS symptoms that I was suffering from before (cramping and bloating). I won’t claim to be cured, all I do know is that I don’t have to run to the bathroom after each meal. That was enough to make me a believer in the product. My daughter has also started taking the product for free, thanks to their plan and she feels more energized and focused.

Heidi Scheiderer

That is wonderful! I am glad you found the product.

  Some Side Effects
natasha (Verified User)

Since starting juice plus I have lost weight but have started devloping rashes and appear to have become allergic to my tattoos. Not sure what to do about it.


Depending on how long you have been on the product. You may be detoxing.. Which is good news

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Natasha,
If you believe you are getting serious side effects from the product then we recommend for you to stop taking it right away and speak with your physician before continuing again.

  Multi Vitamin Product
jill (Verified User)

I took these for about 3 months and just cancelled. My biggest problem with the product is they add vitamins to them. The positive studies that are conducted (by them)are mostly from the folate, lycopene and A and B that they add to the product. I would imagine a multivitamin would have about the same effect.


Greetings! Very helpful advice on this article! It is the little changes that make the biggest changes. Thanks a lot for sharing!

  ADDITION to a healthy lifestyle
Jeannine (Verified User)

Sounds like lots of conflicting stories. I’ll bite that because the composition of the food is so different, it takes awhile to clean the system. I’ll also buy that it doesn’t work for people. But I think you’re doing it wrong. Juice Plus+ is not, was never meant to replace anything. This is in ADDITION to a healthy lifestyle. Counting calories? It’ll work- for awhile- but then you’ll probably binge on something sweet. Multivitamins? Or even regular supplements- like the Vitamin B J+ lacks? Carefully researched, you can add those to your diet.
The biggest thing to remember is that this takes TIME. If you drop too much weight too fast, you’ll get sick (duh), and if you consume the product wrong, you’ll react adversely. So excuse me if I think those people complaining about a lack of results are impatient morons. Common sense dictates that God (or whatever you call the big man upstaires) will only help those who help themselves. Also: learn to MODERATE your diet. Just because, in large quantites, sweets are good neither for you or your waistline, does not mean you can’t have a little bit (honestly, four bites of something you can digest that you really like, sugary or not, will not kill you).

And for Christ’s sake, use autocorrect if nothing else. You look like angry, illiterate buffoons when people can barely read your comments, instead of adults diplomatically expressing their displeasure, which is what this comment board was meant for.

  Having Some Issues
Saldwal (Verified User)

I am a big fan of the J+ capsules. Have been taking them for 10+ yrs and never suck. Decided to try the shakes as I would like to lose 10 lbs. on them 10 days and now have bad abdominal cramping and mucous in stool. Anybody else have anything similar?


I’ve been on the Complete shakes for 2 weeks now. I haven’t had any problems nor side effects from drinking them. Except for some gas.


I was on the shakes a week and have the same,stomach pains were the worst.wouldnt recommend to anyone it’s not a healthy way to lose weight at all


That could be a result of cleansing the colon if you are off your usual food intake. Or maybe it’s something you are adding to make it palatable. Try using half a scoop to your cup of liquid of choice. I use rice or almond milk.


I have a deep separation and my doctor said before:I shouldn’t take loseweight tablet,I wanna know can I get this product?doesnt have side effect for me?

  Anyone else have odd blood test
Angie (Verified User)

about a month after taking this product I was very happy with the 12kg weight loss but had terrible pain in the abdomen and was diagnosed with diverticulitis. I stopped taking Juice Plus and eventually all pain was gone and I dont think I have diverticulitis after all, I wont know for sure until I have a colonoscopy. Today I got the results from a blood test I had while on this product. I have hyperthyroidism which means my thyroid is overactive……Mmm I wonder if this is just due to this product also??? Anyone else have odd blood test results??? My health has fully recovered since I stopped taking this product!!

Stephen (Editor)

What did your doctor say after administering the blood test? Did he/she confirm the pill you took were the likely culprit?

  Recommendation for Juice

I’m not on Jp I’m seriously over weight and have got some health issues ( diabetes heart trouble) carnt do the shakes what would you recommend

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Annette,
We recommend that you speak with your physician before taking this supplement to make sure that it is a right fit for you.


To Annette jp capsules would work wonders for you it will help you to lose the pounds ou want but also get you healthier on on the inside…im a distributor for jp if you would like more information please fee; free to ibox me on facebook (natalie singleton) or through my email x


NB. . The Juice Plus Capsules are not a weight loss product. Make sure you pass on correct information to potential customers Natalie

  Very Effective Product
Shaunda (Verified User)

There is a list of the ingredients places online and on the packaging. If you want to really know what’s in something most people take the time to find it, somewhere. I am not an avid user of juice plus, as I have only just started taking it a couple weeks ago, along with my family. The recommended time of changing any kind of food to notice a true difference is 4 months… In my opinion I say within 4 months, as I have already noticed a change in myself and my children! I am not trying to sell the product by any means I am just letting others know that I feel and see the difference. Whether it has so much of this and so much of that- even a little bit more of a fruit or veggie supplement is better than none at all, right? That’s the way I looked at it so on those days I take my son to a basketball game and rush to get the girls to gymnastics on the way home from all the normal hustle and rushing in a lot of peoples loves these days, I stop to grab a pizza for dinner. I usually try to have veggies with dinner but pizza is good alone but I feel guilty for not at least having my kids eat a fruit or veggie…. Now that we take the fruit and the veggie blend of juice plus I don’t feel so guilty for missing a fruit or veggie here and there. I love it! Coat isn’t too bad considering for every single adult you have on juice plus, you get a child’s full dose for free! So you get double the capsules OR gummies (which are rather tasty). One adult =child for free and it doesn’t matter if it is grandma who got it but wants to get the free for their grandchild. It’s a neat little set up and a win win for everyone!


How is it you get a child for free?i was never made aware of that when i signed up through my doctors office?


It’s part of the JP+ Children’s Health Study. For every adult that takes JP+ a child is sponsored and receives JP+ free.


I have just signed up for juice plus how do I get it free for a child is there a link I can follow? Thank you

  Very Good Product Refereed by My Sister
carlton (Verified User)

I have just started juice plus because my sister recommend it , and because I am a hgv driver I wasn’t taking all the vitamins I needed , so this juice plus has every thing I need and more and also will help me lose a lot of weight so if there are other hgv drivers out there get on it dudes and I will look forward to seeing your results


Hi their i have started juice plus over a month ago have lost a stone and feel fantastic was sceptical to start but glad i stuck at it

  Really Good Product
Lisa Ramsey (Verified User)

Can I just say that this does sound like a really good idea, considering what we DO and DONT eat today with our busy lives, unhealthy foods like Kentucky,big mac and McDonalds being the usual option for many people in today’s society. I’m so happy for those that have had good results from JP so there’s obviously some nutritious value in it which is what our bodies so desperately need. The only issue I have is that all the it has been scientifically proven also that our fruit and vegetables of today DO NOT contain all the VITIMINS and MINERALS that they used to many many years ago. Even organic ones don’t today! This is because the soil we grow them in, no matter where in the world, is depleted. The goodness is not in the soil, therefore not in the fruit and veg, and therefore not in our bodies! It’s not in the soil because the extensive growth of people we need to feed results in over farming, acid rain etc. our body comprises of 95 per cent minerals. We are in desperate need of these minerals. So although JP I think is a good idea, they are missing out that fact that the full goodness is not in the fruit and veg. That’s why I take SIZZLING MINERALS and recommend those because that’s what’s missing in the fruit and veg. Check this video out to understand what I’m talking about. And yes they help with ALL the health issues mentioned on here, with many testimonials to prove it plus they are cheaper with an option of them becoming FREE to you every month. You can email me or ask any questions regarding this 100 per cent natural product.

  Very Effective Product
Deborah (Verified User)

This product has given me my life back. I had suffered a breakdown 3 years ago and thought I would never recover – since taking Juice Plus, my energy is returning – I am off Blood pressure meds and everything is better. Also my husband had taken up juicing after his heart attack but it was about $200 per month for organic veggies and very time consuming – he has switched to Juice Plus for $71 a month for the 3 different blends – his cholesterol has come down and he is feeling much better. This product has 33 independent medical studies – double blind and placebo taken into account. It’s endorsed by many doctors. Also my young adult son is taking it and has not been sick at all this semester. Also he is craving healthy food which before he ate alot of junk.

  incorrect Information in the Review

Slightly concerned about the incorrect information displayed in the Editor’s review. In particular “no scientific evidence” – the Editor clearly hasn’t had access to the 31 peer reviewed studies that support the effectiveness of Juice Plus as a wholefood supplement.


Exactly my thoughts, thanks for sharing, I personally have read some of the research and I can not believe the Editor;s review, it lacks the right information. I am on Juice Plus and also have seen the difference it has made on people around me!

  Difference between two products
Shana (Verified User)

I’m in the UK. I’ve been on the shakes since Feb this year and have so much more energy and am slowly losing weight. I might try the capsules now but don’t know the difference in benefits between the veggie blend and the fruit blend. Can someone who has preferably tried them tell me please! Thanks.

Rebecca Mcwilliam

Hi Shana, the fruit and veg blend are taken together, I have been taking juiceplus for seven months and now share the products myself as I have seen improvements in my energy levels, its helped my acne, my hair and nails are stronger and I all round feel a lot more alert and I am more concious of my health. I can send you an email with more in-depth information in if you like?


Please can u email me on how many capsules I take a day please I have just ordered my first order of fruit veg and the vine


Hi Rebecca I’m thinking of starting the juice plus but I’ve got a few health issues what would you recommend ?


Hi Annette, I have only just seen your reply, if you still need some information and advice drop me an email x

  Procedure to use

How much is it please and how does it work thankuou

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Victoria,
You can only buy a four month supply at a time which comes out to over $200.


Fab product – Victoria send me an email for more informaion on product

  Distributor of This Product

I have lots of info as I’m a distributor I personal started using it to manage my eczema and it has calmed it down so much I have less break outs with spots any questions please

  The Product helped Me Alot
Wflores (Verified User)

Jp helped w my immune system, no more migraines, less allergies, less colds, eliminated my asthma, my kids don’t use breathing machines anymore. We all crave healthier foods and it is not our ago nation. I don’t sell it but should!! My kids stepmother started my kids w this product and after 6 mos there was a huge difference! They’ve been on it for 15 years now. My son teaches cardiobootcamp and is fitness trainer and always recommends it!


The ingredients are all listed on the website. It is misleading people to think juice plus is hiding them by saying it’s not available.
Also, there is a ton of research out there of how it works… please add the ingredients list to your page. It IS available. And NO there is no corn syrup


I see no ingredients listed just general 30 fruits and or vegetables dried and put in capsule. need to list exact and portions.


Hey Hun! I have that information if you want it just email me!!xx


Exactly my problem. I have friends who use and supply JP! However I have multiple health problems and am on warfarin due to heart problems therefore I’m limited at what I can and can’t have because of the vitamin K in fruits and veg. I am only allowed a certain amount of fruit and veg high in vitamin K therefore need to know exact quantities. The amount of times I’ve had arguments with JP+ promoters over this issue as they don’t realise that by promoting this as healthy can infect be the opposite particularly for thise on blood thinners. Everything needs to be clearly labelled in quantities, vitamins and actual fruit and veg and what is and isn’t contained in the product. Without this information on the bottles, JP+ promoters and JP+ themselves could be causing more harm than good to certain individuals.

Remember promoters you are not all nutritionists or doctors! Thes juice plus are NOT suitable to everyone, please bear this in mind when you are selling this product.

   All I have to say is try it

When I was looking for added whole food nutrition I cam upon Juice Plus .. Actually what got me interested was the 50 + independent studies from some world accredited companies .. That had no stake in the Juice Plus Product! I felt confident in those studies to try the product! The price works out to 3.35 per day & kids get their free for 4 years… My other supplement company never did that … I have actually saved money by being on Juice Plus! I have been taking Juice plus for 22 months I have not had a cold, a flu, a migraine headache in that time… All I have to say is try it .. See for yourself what whole food fruits & veggies with do to help your body…

  Please may I share this

Wow… I am a franchise for juice plus and reading this testimonial gave me goosebumps … Please may I share this? You are truly inspirational x



  Juice Plus+
Pamela (Verified User)

I am actually quite shocked after reading some of the comments on here about the JP Products. When I saw my first post about the weight loss and health benefits I must admit I thought – yeah right, must be some sort of a catch. But I pondered for a few weeks and took the plunge to order. I started on the shakes. For me personally this was very hard as I don’t tolerate dairy very well – in fact for most of my life I have gagged at the thought of drinking milk. Whilst waiting for my order to arrive I started the detox – lost 7lbs in 2 weeks! Was very happy with that! My shakes arrived and after experimenting with fruit, veg, etc… I soon had my favourite blends. I can now say that I lost a total of 17lbs on the shake plan (1stone 3 lbs).
I love my fitness but had hit a wall with weightloss – it just didn’t want to budge! But now I am very happy with my weight and a year on – I am still the weight I want to be!
Once I felt I had achieved my goal I moved onto the capsules. After doing lots of research I ordered my berry capsules and then moved up to the premium capsules. My asthma, eczema, skin and nails have all improved by 100%. I actually ran out of my capsules and kept forgetting to re order….. it was only then I realised the exact benefits I get from them. I felt very sluggish, tired and had no energy at all!
9 months of being on the plan I became a rep and I absolutely love it.
So my question to you all with bad experiences is – did you get the right support from your rep?
The support is vital to keep you engaged, motivated and educated with the plans.
If you want to contact me please do as I would love to turn the negatives into positives!!


I have been taking it for 6 and a half months. It hasn’t helped my arthritis at all.

   is a poor eater

anybody taken jp with cystic fibrosis been thinking about getting them for my son he suffers terrible constipation due to his illness and is a poor eater

Rebecca Mcwilliam

This is a bit late now, but I was wondering if you spoke to anyone about juice plus and got the information you need?

   use your product

I want to use your product for weight loss.S I need more details


I’d be happy to share more about the products with you and give you my own personal story! Best if luck x

Missy Choate


Missy Chiate

Juice Plus is whole food nutrition comprised of up to 32 fruits, vegetables and berries in a gummy or capsule. It has numerous scientufic studies and the amazing results have been published in professional medical journals worldwide. There is significant proof that is improves your immune system, fights cardio vascular disease, and much much more. I have my entire family taking it and we have never felt better and haven’t been in over s year since stat starting.

  migraines have stopped

Don’t know why this says that the ingredient list isn’t available. JuicePlus is very open about what is in their products. I second what Emily said. Since taking it, my migraines have stopped.

  shake mix

Does jp shake mix have a diuretic in it?

   I get the run around

Why won’t anyone tell me where all of the fruits and vegetables used to make juice plus are grown? What countries do they come from? Are they organic? How do I know what pesticides are used on the fruits and vegetables used in juice plus? If it’s so great why don’t they tell people this information? Every time I ask about this I get the run around.

Laura-Jill Goldwyn

The Juice Plus Company employs many family owned forms to grow their fruits and vegetables. They are able then to visit and maintain high quality standards which are actually higher than “organic”. No pesticides are used and they ago through a 6 step process of washing before going on to the next step. They have large scale juicing equipment on or near the farms to capture the vine ripened fruits and vegetables at their freshest. From there they are sent to wherever the drying equipment is housed which is the next step in the proprietary process. Then they are put in capsules and packaged.
I saw a couple videos on YouTube about how it’s made and also one about meeting the farmers. I’m sure you can find them on YouTube too. Most people who become distributors do so because they themselves have become a product of the product and had significant positive changes. I too, have my own amazing story of recovery and general health improvement that inspired me to tell people I knew about this great stuff I was taking called Juice Plus. The rest, as they say, is history. The company also provides on-going education and a Dr on call to answer any specific questions. I’d be happy to discuss it further.

  It takes a healthy life change
Jan (Verified User)

If a Juice Plus rep tells you or you read into Juice Plus being a weight loss pill, this is incorrect. It is simply, quite simply, a way to add fruits n veggies, without fructose, into your diet. Where have you ever read on any major medical website that artificial supplements are the key? Nowhere! What they do tell you is how eating more fruits and veggies daily are key. But you have to step up to the plate and add exercise, drop sugar, among other things. Folks, nothing good happens fast. It takes months for your cells to adjust and start working better. This is why JP starts you with 4 mo min. I’ve been taking it for years and at over 50, have the blood of a 17 year old. And NO meds. It takes more than a pill. It takes a healthy life change. Juice Plus will help you get there! Key word….help.

  I absolutely love it
Pamela Horne (Verified User)

I am actually quite shocked after reading some of the comments on here about the JP Products. When I saw my first post about the weight loss and health benefits I must admit I thought – yeah right, must be some sort of a catch. But I pondered for a few weeks and took the plunge to order. I started on the shakes. For me personally this was very hard as I don’t tolerate dairy very well – in fact for most of my life I have gagged at the thought of drinking milk. Whilst waiting for my order to arrive I started the detox – lost 7lbs in 2 weeks! Was very happy with that! My shakes arrived and after experimenting with fruit, veg, etc… I soon had my favourite blends. I can now say that I lost a total of 17lbs on the shake plan (1stone 3 lbs).
I love my fitness but had hit a wall with weightloss – it just didn’t want to budge! But now I am very happy with my weight and a year on – I am still the weight I want to be!
Once I felt I had achieved my goal I moved onto the capsules. After doing lots of research I ordered my berry capsules and then moved up to the premium capsules. My asthma, eczema, skin and nails have all improved by 100%. I actually ran out of my capsules and kept forgetting to re order….. it was only then I realised the exact benefits I get from them. I felt very sluggish, tired and had no energy at all!
9 months of being on the plan I became a rep and I absolutely love it.
So my question to you all with bad experiences is – did you get the right support from your rep?
The support is vital to keep you engaged, motivated and educated with the plans.
If you want to contact me please do as I would love to turn the negatives into positives!!

John Graeme (Verified User)

Its a little early after only a week but I have noticed a big difference. I feel energised and have seen a big immediate impact any work. I haven’t had any problems sleeping but I don’t take anything after lunch so I believe the benefits see me through the day. I have also been drinking a lot more water and watching what I eat so if you embrace it you should see the results. I will come back I a months time and let’s you know my thoughts. I have an excellent supplier named Matt who is fully supportive

  Rash like small hives
roisin magee (Verified User)

Hi I have been on vanilla juice plus shakes for almost two weeks and I have come out in a rash like small hives can you help or give me some advice please

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Roisin,
If you believe you’re breaking out or having an allergic reaction to juice plus, we recommend that you speak with your physician before continuing.


If you are eating fruit and vegetables i’m sure you’d feel the same
if you stopped taking it. Stop taking fruit and vegetables and I couldn’t say the same…its not a replacement you say?? Not even close.

The Truth (Verified User)

I tried taking juice plus for 2 months. It gave me severe heasdaches. Glorifed ginseng, thats were the energy comes from. What ARE the exact ingredients!?….No one knows…except that they seem to need to add tons of vitamin A and C to it…


I use to get head aches but I took gluten out of my diet lost about 30lbs and also on juice plus I feel great maybe u should take out gluten from diet..I had leg cramps ect from eating gluten

Laura-Jill Goldwyn

Juice Plus Garden Blend*
Serving Size = 2 capsules (1.5 g)
Amount per Serving
Amt% RDI
Vitamin A
(β-carotene)7000 IU140%
Vitamin C42 mg70%
Vitamin E24 IU80%
Folate0.28 mg70%
Calcium41 mg4%
Iron0.36 mg2%

Vegetable juice powder and pulp from carrots, parsley, beets, kale, broccoli, cabbage, spinach, and tomato; gelatin, lipase, amylase, protease, cellulase, beet fiber, barley bran, oat bran, cabbage fiber, glucomannan, plant cellulose, dried plant fiber, Lactobacillus acidophilus, vegetable-derived magnesium stearate, anthocyanins, allicin, lycopene, polyphenol catechins, Dunaliella salina (algae), and indole carbinols.

Juice Plus Orchard Blend*
Serving Size = 2 capsules (1.5 g)
Amount per Serving
Amt% RDI
Vitamin A
(β-carotene)5,500 IU110%
Vitamin C192 mg320%
Vitamin E21 IU70%
Folate0.14 mg35%
Calcium20 mg2%
Iron0.36 mg2%

Fruit juice powder and pulp from apple, orange, pineapple, cranberry, peach, acerola cherry, and papaya; gelatin, bromelain, papain, lipase, amylase, protease, and cellulase; apple pectin, citrus pectin, date fiber, prune powder, glucomannan, citrus bioflavenoids, dried plant fiber, Lactobacillus acidophilus, vegetable-derived magnesium stearate, anthocyanins, polyphenol catechins, Dunaliella salina (algae), and insole carbinols.

Susan (Verified User)

Can I take aspirin immediately after taking the juice plus capsules?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Susan,
You should be able to take aspirin without any side effects while using this product.


can taking the juice plus vegetables make you tired

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Carol,
No, it should not make you tired. In fact, it will give you energy so you may not want to take it too late in the day.

Laura-Jill Goldwyn

No, taking JP should have the opposite effect. The Garden Blend is the energy booster and some find that taking it at dinner actually keeps them up at night. I take mine in the morning and after a lifetime of chronic insomnia, I finally sleep naturally and wake up well rested. That was the first change I noticed after starting on Juice Plus.

  try it properly you will love it.
Weeza (Verified User)

I’ve read all the reviews and felt I had to tell you my story. I suffer from IBS, Arthritis, Asthma and Depression, I was at an all time low last year having got glandular fever and a vitamin D deficiency (I don’t know how as I eat fresh, cook from scratch, garden, walk my dogs all year round & don’t use sun block) I felt awful, my nails were flaking, my hair thin and getting thinner, I was slightly over weight, tired and spotty. For the first month I couldn’t see any benefit, the second I noticed small differences but thought I was looking for them so discounted them, by the third month I had to admit that for the first time in months I felt great, my nails were long and strong, my hair was thicker, my skin was good, I didn’t hurt and realised I hadn’t used my blue inhaler for weeks. I was so pleased with the results I bought into the product, I don’t sell to anyone and I go through the process with my customers but I do advise them that if they want to live on processed food JP won’t help, it is a lifestyle choice not a diet and works hand in hand with fresh healthy produce a diet loaded in sugar, processed carbs or fat alongside will make you feel ill (I know as I’m human and have lapsed). I can honestly say that Juice Plus has Improved mine and my friends and family’s quality of life but like anything you have to put in what you want out. If you’ve had difficulties please contact me and I will try to assist you. I always give potential clients a two week trial of the product because it is expensive but if you try it properly you will love it.

  if anyone else has experienced bad bloating?
Sam (Verified User)

I’ve been drinking the jp shakes for a week but I’ve been suffering really bad bloating. My husband has been drinking the shakes but he has been fine. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this?


It’s gluten not the shakes


The shakes contain carrageenan. Although the carrageenan that is approved for foods is not a carcinogen as some people claim, it has been known to cause bloating and gut sensitivities in some people. Carrageenan is also found in most alternative milks as well. I would try making it with water if you are using any those things.


I suffer with ibs & everything I try the jp shakes I get diarrhoea. I’m now doing the diet plan without the shakes and have lost 1 stone up to now.


yes I started bloating for about 3 weeks. I thought I was the only one feeling this way


Does it have Whey in it….that was my cause. I’m now on an awesome vegetarian shake…and weight is coming off. Message me.


Considering ordering the products this Friday, 11/7/14. Now I’m waffling. Would you send info. on vegetarian shake?

Rebecca Mcwilliam

Hi, Vanilla, did you get the info you need? there is also now a vegan group on facebook, which provides advice support and lots of healthy clean vegan recipes.

Laura-Jill Goldwyn

Juice Plus products are Vegan and Gluten Free.


I have had severe bloating and pain, spoke to my agent who said this was was unusual, due to the stomach pain i have decided to give up on juice plus. I asked for a months test but they sent me all the tins now i have to pay over a hundred pounds for something i can’t use

Rachel Tolley

Bloating and gas is normal when you first try out any product. It means it is cleaning out your toxins from your body.


What a crock. “Cleaning out the toxins” – I am pretty sure that is the job of the liver….

Laura-Jill Goldwyn

You can send back any unused “tins” for a refund.


No. It is great, effective nutrition. The shake is delicious. Check out the clinical research at powerfueljuiceplus(dot)com.


Yes I have been the same and feel as though I am gaining weight instead of losing it…feels like water retention despite going to the toilet alot throughout the day

  jp are threatening legal action against me to pay 52 pound cos my jp rep is saying, I never gave her the tins, I have no proof what can I do?
louise (Verified User)

I started to take juice plus but it just wasnt for me so my jp rep lives 5 mins away so she said return the 5 unopenedt tins back to her an pay the second instalment of 26 an it will automatically be cancelled now jp are threatening legal action against me to pay 52 pound cos my jp rep is saying I never gave her the tins I have no proof wat can I do plesse help having sleepless nights here

  I am epileptic and would like to know if this diet is safe or will have any effects on my health?

I am epileptic and would like to know if this diet is safe or will have any effects on my health? Thanks

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Susan,
You should be able this product without any side effects but you should speak with your physician to make sure.


Its fine hun u can have JP xx

Jan Oliver

Hi Vicki, I am epileptic also and have been taking Juice Plus for several months. I have found no adverse effects from taking the JP pills, they haven’t caused any bad side effects or interactions with the large amounts of epileptic medication I take. I have found the following benefits, I have more energy, I have less headaches following seizures, I feel healthy because I am taking my 5 a day. I would not hesitate in recommending you to take JP, my only advice would be to check it is okay for you to start with your neurologist.


Juice Plus+ has 30 clinical studies showing it helps a wide range of human health. See powerfueljuiceplus(dot)com. You can email Dr. Madera at Juice Plus about this specific question. 800.347.6350

  I love it and too my surprise
kirsty (Verified User)

iv been taking juice plus on the gold plan for 6 weeks and lost just over a stone I love it and too my surprise I had a blood test the other day and was diagnosed with a under active thyroid explains why no other diet ever worked I don’t know how or why but juice plus really works even if got a under active thyroid and no I’m not on the thyroid medication yet so that ain’t reason Iv lost the weight they really work I suffered from no energy and not been able to sleep due to restless leg I have more energy and my restless leg don’t keep me up half as much don’t get me wrong still have off days but nothing like before I’m not a rep Iv had offers to be a rep but I won’t I’m taking them to help me and they are doing exactly as they claim hope this helps anyone who’s skeptical

  Will JPlus thin the blood or thicken it?

will JPlus thin the blood or thicken it ?

  How do I fix this?
Miranda Seib (Verified User)

I’ve been taking Juice Plus for 7 months now. I had really bad acne on my back. The first 5 months mostly all of the back acne disappeared. For the past 2 months all of my back acne has come back and I haven’t changed my juice plus amounts or stopped taking them. Does anyone know why this is happening or what I can do to fix this?

  If you are taking cumadine and metformin will this affect your levels?

wondering if you are taking cumadine and metformin will this affect your levels.


My son and I took Juice Plus for over three years and in that time, hes Metformin was increased 3 times. He stopped taking JP about 6 weeks ago and his blood sugar readings have dropped by 3 or more points each day…..

  Are there side effects of taking this product?

I would like to know if there are said afax taking this product. please respond truthfully.


Never had any negative side effects.

Victoria (Editor)

HI Darrel,
Everyone’s results will vary as well as any side effects. We have heard of some cramping and stomach pain complaints but it has not been confirmed that juice plus is what caused it.


I bought some of this because a friend was pushing me to do it for a long time. But you know what? I regret it, AND they overcharged me for 3 months. I put this on a credit card I never use, and it came to me a surprise I’d still been getting charged long after I finished paying for my order.

I didn’t feel any different after the time i was taking these supplements, and they’re customer support takes AGES to hear back from.

I would avoid this company like the plague.


Nick, you are an anomaly.


I’m still learning from you, as I’m trying to reach my goals. I certainly love reading all that is posted on your website.Keep the posts coming. I enjoyed it!

corburt erilio

Well I truly enjoyed studying it. This post offered by you is very effective for correct planning.


I had all the same symptoms, my friend was selling them and told me that I could only put in a huge order.. they don’t even do samples?? but she gave me one of hers and I was extremely bloated gassy and Ill! I had to go and lie down it was horrendous!

  Should juice plus be used in place of prenatal vitamins?
Viv Barne

Should juice plus be used in place of prenatal vitamins?


a friend of mine took JP in her 3rd pregnancy instead of prenatals, and said it was the healthiest pregnancy of all.call the company and ask and talk to your doctor.

Victoria (Editor)

HI Viv,
No. We do not recommend to use juice plus instead of prenatal vitamins.

  I have been taking it for many years and I feel better than ever.
Josephine Rocska (Verified User)

You mentioned Juice Plus there is no proof and science study, there is several studies if you need proof and science back up, call the office and you will get your informaion. I have been taking it for many years and I feel better than ever.

  Facing side effects.
Bob (Verified User)

I took the fruit, vegetable, and berry capsules for a couple weeks. I got terrible bloating, so I discontinued fruit plus. That was a couple of weeks ago and I still have the bloating issue. I’m now going to make an appt with a gastroenterologist.


I drink water constantly throughout the day, this has not helped with the pain or bloating or costipation, my stomach is so swollen i cant fit into my clothes, this is just after a week of the shakes


I felt the same way in till I took out gluten from my diet. Because I have Celiac deiase


try drinking water

Melinda Green

Juice Plus is a dehydrated food product meaning all fluid has been depleted for packaging and consumption. Therefore you MUST drink water to restore the normal food consistency. Otherwise you will likely experience bloating and constipation.

  Loved the product.
lucy (Verified User)

Bs. Juice plus is an amazing whole food nutrition supplement. I hate when people make up stories. I read so much about juice plus. I started taking it. My doctor had me on high blood pressure medicine. My blood pressure went back to normal after taking juice plus. Im so happy it did because I was seriously losing my eyesight.

  Loved the product.
dan (Verified User)

If anyone wants Juice PLus+ Visit HDAllshouseJuicePlus.com and place your order. It has helped me tremndously. I was hit by a car when i was 9 and I I am 36 now. I have delt with more arthritis then the average 70 year old(or so says my doctor) Juice plus has definitly given me a new lease on life. I’m not saying I am perfect now but alot better then i was. Thanks to Juice Plus+ Again Visit HDAllshouseJuicePlus.com

  Loved the product.
Roberta (Verified User)

Has anyone compared Juice Plus to the IT WORKS Greens? I would like to see a comparison? I currently the Greens and haven’t had anything to compare it to.


Greens contain soy protein isolate: which is processed and a bad form of soy protein, … and herbs that people cannot take if they are pregnant. JP is safe for everyone kids, pregnant ladies, patients, …everyone! Great stuff!


I would like to know as well – the IT WORKS greens make a lot of claims that Juice Plus doesn’t so I’m currious if there is a difference

Mary B

How can you compare? Greens are isolated…but Juiceplus has many colors, not just greens!!

  Is there any refund policy?
Joyce Berg (Verified User)

What if any is the return policy? I received the shake mix and an order of juice plus “gummies” about 10 days ago and it made me sick for almost 3 days. Can it be returned? thank you, Joyce


Joyce at first any juicing or juice plus can make you sick if you start detoxifying from it.

Victoria (Editor)

HI Joyce,
You may return the product if you see you’re dissatisfied by it within the first month.

Mary B

There is of course a time restraint on a return. Did you speak to anyone? That said, you shoudl have started slowly and worked up a bit until your system could get use to it. You do detox and that of course can be a little discerning.


I tried to return, they will not cancel you, still trying to get it cleared up 3 months later

  Loved the product.
Lori Ann cammllarie (Verified User)

There are 25 independent, peer reviewed, placebo controlled gold standard research studies published in professional medical journals….and anyone who understands the process of conducting real research know that the results are what they are, NSA the maker of juice plus has no control over the results, and the results are significant that over 8000 healthcare professionals recommend to their patients, including Dr. Sears and his son Dr. Jim Sears from the Doctors show to name only two….Juice Plus is the most researched nutritional product on the market in the world! You can read all this research on my website if you want too, it will take days to go through it, but it’s there….www.loriannjuiceplus.com

  Would be happy to provide information
Joanne (Verified User)

Before I started my 4 year old daughter on juice plus I fully researched it and found there are several scientific placebo based studies on it. These studies have a gold rating and support the claims of improved health and wellbeing. The chews improved my very poorly daughters health so much I now take them myself and we have just signed up for the next year as part of the child’s health study so I get her chews for free. The products themselves have a full list of ingredients on the back of them. If anyone would like more information about the product I will happily give it to them as for me it’s been life changing.


I was wondering if children can also drink the shakes as I have been told that they can


About 2 years ago I was at a metabolic disorder conference and have spoken with multiple adults that have tried Juice plus and they claim they felt a lot better after being on it. This was not promoted as a weight loss supplement, it is a vitamin, etc supplement. I’m not sure why you all are upset that you aren’t losing weight on it THERE IS NO PILL that works miracles for weight loss. Everyone that I’ve spoken with is using it help replenish vitamins, etc. in the body b/c many of us are on the go and not always able to get all the nutrients we need on a daily basis. If you want to lose weight, put down the fake foods, eat healthy and more natural foods and walk a little. Regarding the return policy YOU have 30 days to return no questions asked and yes you can return even if you did open it. Have a great day and may you get your daily nutrients that you need! By the way worry about our foods that are being shipped to another country and packed their and then brought back…..THAT MY FRIENDS IS NASTY!!!

  I can help you
C. Landry

I can help you if you need


  New distributor

Did you find a new Distributor? I sent this before, can’t tell if it was rec’d.

  Do your research first
Darlene Klaholz (Verified User)

I am a fairly new distributor for Juice Plus but I know for a fact it is the most researched product of it’s kind. there are over 20 published peer review studies from major universities available for anyone to read. There is no corn syrup on the ingredients. Juice Plus is just pure fruits and vegetables with no additives. Web MD is putting out false information about Juice Plus and should do a more thorough research and show the truth about Juice Plus.

Chris Also

But isn’t Juice Plus yet another quick fix, another short cut? I’m amazed how JP people will say these things about other products that are so similar! Eat the whole fruits and veggies, and don’t take veggie pills!


I started taking Juice Plus and found that it increased my desire to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. I started being able to tolerate fresh fruits and vegetables that I really couldn’t eat before. It changed the way my body reacted to veggies and helped to improve my eating patterns.

  Where can I buy this?
Mary Ellen Duncan (Verified User)

I live in San Antonio, Texas. I have been taking JP for many years. I think it is the best product ever. My distributer passed away 2 weeks ago and I don’t know who sells it here. Does anyone know someone that sells it here?


Hi Mary,

I live in San Antonio, and would be happy to help you with Juice Plus+ if you have not found anyone 😉



Mary Ellen, you can order Juice Plus at powerfueljuiceplus(dot)com and click “Buy.” God bless and best of health.

Mary B

Hope you found someone by now. If not, let me know if I can asisst you.

  Is this good for my condition?

Can those who have Candida take all of the products? They won’t aggravate the condition?


those with candida can take juiceplus with no aggravation just candida termination!


Hi Iv started taking jp capsules how long does it take too work and when u see a difference got a month supply only on my first day thanx xx

Victoria (Editor)

HI Dora,
There should not be any negative side effects but you should verify with your doctor just in case.

  Your body will absorbed this.
Byron C (Verified User)

never you’ll get bloated because your stomach no even need digest it, will be absorbed.

  Get your facts straight
rosie (Verified User)

Never does Juice plus suggest thatyou should replace or even think that$ capsules will take the place of your fruits and vegetable-itis to be added to your diet-hint SUPPLEMENT-and you area also wrong about the Research-It is the #1 Researched whole food product on the market today-And WRONG about the sugar-it is all natural-no added high fructose sugar- You could at least Get your facts straight_

  Need to know carb contents
gale munkelwitz

I have just started taking JP 2 weeks ago, I need to know the carb contents, any Ideas? I am diabetic


My blood sugar and cholesterol went up and I used juice plus for 3 months. When i took my lab exam, all back to normal. There is no sugar from the juice, it’s all phytonutrients of the fruits.


There is less than one gram of carb per two capsules of the Orchard and Garden blends, and less than half a gram of carb per two Vineyard capsules. If you are diabetic, these are the BEST – won’t spike your blood sugar, but gives you the nutrients of 15 fruits and veggies without the carb. In the experience of several people I know personally, these help level the blood sugar. My cousin was having morning BG levels of 250-275, and after just two weeks of taking Juice Plus (all three blends), her morning BG was 112. She didn’t change her diet at all during that time. She was, needless to say, pleased with that. Give it a try; if you don’t like it, they’ll refund your money (within a certain amt. of time, of course – 3 mos.? 6 mos.? Sorry – can’t remember).

  Have more energy and feeling better
Danna Kincaid (Verified User)

I have had Crohn’s disease since 2000. I started taking JP over four months ago and my last colonoscopy showed me to be in complete and total remission. I have more energy, maintain my weight better and feel better in general since I started JP. So it cost a little more, the benefits far outweight the cost.

  This product is a food not vitamins
Tammy Lamason (Verified User)

We have been taking JP as a family for over 9 years and won’t be a day without it! You cannot negate Gold Standard Scientific Research…almost 20 published studies done on JP to date. There is no other whole food supplement on the market that can claim what JP can claim as far as what it does for the body. The ingredients list IS on the bottles…its fruits and veggies:) I have never gone to my produce guy and asked him for the ingredients list on the apple I am about to purchase…it’s an apple. Also, Juice Plus does not contain corn syrup…not sure why they posted that? Juice Plus capsules as a product is NSF certified (not just the plant where JP is made..the product itself)…highest level of scrutiny it can get…not easy to get NSF certification. It’s food not a vitamin. End of story:)

  Thank God, enjoy new lifestyle
Johnny (Verified User)

My wife was diagnoised with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 2005. Dr. wanted her to take a shot every other day that she said may/may not work. Neighbors, whose son had fought a stage 4 brain tumor 12 years earlier (strong going strong today), introduced us to Juice Plus. 6 yrs later no signs of MS progrssion and no medications. So we Thank God, enjoy new lifestyle, and Take Juice Plus!!!

  Product works
Bob Franczak (Verified User)

Product works, I was given some from my sister for my arthritis after several surgeries an constant pain I get relief with these pills.

  any records of this causing bloating?
joan brinsfield

any records of this causing bloating?


I find drinking lots of water to assist the detox process along reduce symptoms.


Yes, juiceplus will cause bloating. It is cleansing your body at a cellular level and detoxing your colon daily. You can also have headaches, bodyaches, runny noses and excessive sweating for up to 30-90 day, depending how toxic your body is. If it is excessive just take half required amount until you are comfortable…then take one of each daily and two of each next day until following month you can take full dose. I hope you feel as great as I do! Kim

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Joan,
You should not be feeling bloating while taking juice plus but it is important to note that results and effects vary with every person.

Byron C

Your body is going to absorb it not even digest it so you would not feel bloated,happiness is what your going to feel.

  Juice Plus is great
Polly Hall (Verified User)

My Husband was diagnosed with sorosis of the liver and the day we heard it my friend had some juice plus pills and sent them home with me. it took 6 days for him to start feeling better. when the biopsey was back it showed no sorosis…he does have something wrong with his liver…just dont know what yer. but he feels better and we give God and juice plus the credit.

Russell McDaniel

You can’t give God and juice+ the credit. It’s one or the other and you should thank God.


Since God made Juice Plus, why not credit both?

debbi walton

Amen to that! There are thousands of naturally occuring phytochemicals in fruits and veg and Juice Plus+ just makes it easier to consume lots of fruits and veg everyday. We have been taking it for 9 years and LOVE it.

  Juice Plus is great
Shirley Casale (Verified User)

Juice Plus is great and I have been taking it for five yeaers now . I am not taking any prescription drugs and I am 71 years old .

  I have to say this information is wrong

I have to say this information is wrong because if you go to the web site for nsa you can see all the science behind juiceplus. It has over 14 different studies done and more in the upcoming year being released.

Helen Stolz

You should contact Dr Tom Brewer at 702-372-8413. He has a PhD in Chemistry. He did a scientific analysis of Juice Plus for SNA and the results were not good. SNA chose not to use his results because the product would have suffered. I used Juice Plus years ago and had great resulsts. About six months ago I started using it again and did not feel I was receiving any benefits. Interestingly I have since been told that they changed their formula and it is not the same combination and is not as good a product. I trust Dr Brewer totally and no longer use Juice Plus.

Mary B

I have been on Juiceplus for 13 years and got off nearly completely by accident. My routines were altered somewhat and am now back on. I totally disagree that the research is not valid…look at the places who have done it! As for me, I have seen a huge improvement once again by getting back on and staying on! I can not begin to tell you the number of others who also have seen amazing benefits! Then agian, we are all different. Blessings on your journey!


Was this test for NSA or SNA?

  I need to cancel my juice plus shipments?
nancy mede

I need to cancel my juice plus shipments. How do I go about doing that? My Dr. needs me to go off all products at this point. I am having a mad recation to something. Please advise asap.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Nancy,
Sorry to hear about your negative experience. You may call customer service and cancel at any time. A customer representative will be happy to assist you.