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Metagenics is a supplement company that sells a huge list of natural alternative therapies. The majority of the supplements are aimed at one health condition or another like blood sugar control and cardiovascular health. Under the blood glucose control, there is reference to healthy body composition, which some dieters could take as weight loss or healthy weight maintenance. With products like Slentiva for hunger relief, there is some weight loss support, but it is hidden among other health descriptions.

List of Ingredients

Metagenics Slentiva: Potato Protein, Malitol Syrup, Salted Butter, Cocoa and Natural Chocolate Flavor.

Product Features

While there are no products that directly mention weight loss, there is a Medical Food category associated with Metabolic Syndrome. Metabolic Syndrome is a precursor to diabetes often brought on by obesity. The products in this line include bars, supplements and shake powders. Each bar contains 190 calories and 5 grams of fiber. Sugar is an ingredient, which we cannot understand if the product is supposed to steer the dieter clear of blood glucose related symptoms.

Slentiva, an appetite suppressing candy, tastes like chocolate and packs a mere 15 calories per chew. The suggested dose is one chew per day, 30 minutes before the largest meal – typically dinner. The potato protein is supposed to help the user feel fuller and thus eat less. The supplement contains 300 mg of potato protein providing 5% or 15 mg of proteinase inhibitor. Studies linking this proteinase to appetite suppression involved 30 mg of proteinase inhibitor taking twice a day. Slentiva does not contain sufficient proteinase to suppress appetite.

Products sold by Metagenics are only available from practitioners. There are no prices listed on the official website, but there is a search engine so users can find a local practitioner. Local practitioners may not be available for all dieters, which could mean product availability is limited. Practitioner based sales could also mean product prices vary widely.

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  • Some supplements could help improve overall health.


  • Practitioners are required to purchase supplements.
  • No prices are listed online.
  • Metagenics does not offer a specific weight loss supplement that we could find.


Metagenics concentrates on overall health and not weight loss. For this purpose, the company offers many great supplements. If a dieter wants overall body support, Metagenics could be a viable option, but a local practitioner would need to be located and one may not be available in all areas. Proven weight loss supplements are available online through trusted retailers that are more focused on calorie burn, fat loss and appetite suppression. These supplements may be a better option because ingredients have been tested for weight loss benefits and included in appropriate amounts to support weight loss.

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  • 1
    Dr don plance

    I have been doing sports med for nearly all pro types and colleges as well as younger and older weekend athletes. I do vector and injury risk Evals, modify also based on familial and genetics.
    As I do this more I find that of all the protein mixes I use, yours has bar far exceede and is now after 36 of this work, am going to select yours as my number one. Next week I will be giving a one time 6 oz mixture of ur protein and my addition based on other dxs. Please contact my office. I would certainly appreciate any discount for office use and coupons for my pts


  • 2

    I have the acute phase product. I recently has a shoulder repair surgery. Is this the correct product for optimal healing of soft tissue? Also, where is the raw pancreas harvested from ? Thank u


  • 3

    I was on the Metagenics weight loss clinical trial that evaluated their hops extract. I lost 40 lbs during the study. As part of the study, I discovered that I have genes that make it difficult for me to lose weight. BTW, Metagenics offers a diet, supplements, and support programs that made this diet successful for me. The chemistry of the diet was perfect for my body to lose weight.



    How long were you on this diet for and how did you not gain afterwards?


  • 4
    jean murrey

    why can we only buy the shake in packets of about 17 costing a lot of money. I would like to be able to buy one of each flavour and then choose which I prefer. But I have to buy the whole packet of


    tina murrey

    My doctor prescribed Metagenics medical foods for me to lose weight. I was on a program which included Ultra Meal twice a day. I lost 10 pounds in 2 months. So, I think it’s a great product


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