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Usana Essentials Multivitamin Review - 16 Things You Need to Know

I’m here to cut through the noise and get you the bottom line on Usana Essentials Multivitamin. We’ll turn our attention toward the ingredients, side effects, scientific research and customer service quality. Under our radar will be hundreds of consumer comments and reviews. Then, we’ll refine and summarize to give you the info you need.

Usana Essentials Multivitamin can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is Usana Essentials Multivitamin?

USANA Essentials Multivitamin is a multivitamin featuring mega antioxidants and chelated minerals.

Though it was originally marketed under this name, the product is no longer available on the official website and is currently sold under the name Cellsentials, which is a bundle of two products – Core Minerals, and Vita Antioxidant. According to the official website’s blog, these are USANA’s flagship nutritional supplement.

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How Did USANA Essentials Multivitamin Start?

USANA is a direct sales company that sells a variety of health and wellness and personal care products, including multiple vitamins and other health supplements.

It was founded in 1992, by Dr. Myron Wentz. Since then, it has grown to have representatives in 18 international markets. It has received numerous awards and accolades since its founding.

About Usana Health Sciences MLM

Usana Health Sciences is a company that sells high quality health supplements and products. Founded by Myron Wentz, the goal of the company is to foster health and wellness and guide community members to increase their quality of life.

Instead of distributing through retail, the company takes a multi-level marketing approach to distributing their merchandise. In addition to purchasing products from associates, customers are able to directly buy from the Usana Health Sciences website.

What is MLM?

Multi-level marketing is a model that requires associates to be recruited in order distribute the products. Their inventory is not available to retailers but can be purchased directly from Usana or from a well-informed associate. Through mlm marketing, associates can deal directly with customers and address concerns.

Usana Health Science and Network Marketing

Usana is part of the Direct Selling Association, an organization that ensures the ethical manufacturing and disbursement of products. Through this, the company keeps with ethical guidelines to guarantee the quality of their merchandise and method of their distribution.

In order to begin selling with Usana, interested individuals can start by discussing opportunities with an Usana Associate or by filling out a small questionnaire on the Usana website. Once this is submitted, Usana can help you find an associate to help guide you to start selling.

Individuals who join the Usana direct selling team will benefit in work-life balance and control of their own income. As a part of the Usana team, members are able to start-up with minimal cost to them. They will build their wealth without worrying about the overhead and continuing costs.

USANA Essentials Multivitamin ingredients

Usana Essentials Multivitamin Customer Testimonials

USANA Essentials Multivitamin Ingredients and Claims

USANA Essentials Multivitamin Claims

In addition to various vitamins, the Vita Antioxidant product contains:

Incelligence Complex

This contains alpha-lipoic acid (ALA), green tea extract, hesperidin, and resveratrol.

ALA is a compound that’s involved in energy metabolism. It reduces oxidation by increasing antioxidant enzymes, according to Examine.com.

Green tea is high in polyphenol antioxidants. It’s also high in catechins and caffeine, which can help with weight loss, studies in the International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders, The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, and the Journal of Medicinal Food. Hesperidin is a plant chemical known as a bioflavonoid.

Resveratrol is also a source of polyphenols. It’s commonly found in the skin of red grapes, but can be found in other nuts and berries, too.


This is a vitamin-like substance found in many plants and animals. It’s produced in the human body.

Sometimes called vitamin b8 or dambrose, inositol is found in various animals and plants. It’s essentially a vitamin-like substance that can also be created in a laboratory. This component is commonly found in dietary supplements.

Clinical Research

There does not appear to be a direct link between inositol and weight-loss. However, according to PubMed.gov, “Inositol 6 g daily was given in a crossover-double-blind manner for five days before the fifth or sixth ECT to a series of twelve patients, without effect.

Body mass index, body weight, waist circumference had reduced significantly within all groups without the waist-hip rate modification. Weight-loss had relied greatly upon the addition of metformin to the diet. Fat mass was also reduced in the diet + metformin + inositol group as well.

There needs to be further investigation in order to confirm metformin and myoinositol’s effects on the improvement of body composition, based on a study in the journal Minerva Ginecologica.

Olive Extract

Olive extract basically comes from the fruit and seeds of olives, which grow on a tree found in regions like Africa, Argentina, California, China and the Arabian Peninsula. This extract or oil is commonly used for cooking, but is also found in numerous supplements. It’s said to have a number of health benefits.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Sometimes olive extract is used in supplements to help with regularity.

Choline Bitartrate

Choline bitartrate is similar to B vitamins. It is found in foods like eggs, nuts, liver, beans, wheat germ, beef, spinach and peas.

What is it Supposed to Do?

It’s found in a number of health supplements. It’s often said to improve athletic performance and boost mental clarity.

Clinical Research

This substance has not been tied to weight-loss.

Sports players were given choline one week prior to a competition. The results had displayed a significant difference in pre and post-competition measurements of leptin, urine choline and malondialdehyde, and free plasma choline levels. Body mass had been reduced in post-competition as well.

CoEnzyme Q10

This is an antioxidant your body produces naturally. Your cells use it for growth and maintenance. Natural levels decline with age, according to information provided on the Mayo Clinic website.

Turmeric Extract

This extract of a spice helps increase the antioxidant capacity of the body, according to AEMB.USANA Essentials Multivitamin ingredients - turmeric


This is a carotenoid vitamin, related to beta-carotene and vitamin A. It is considered an eye vitamin because it helps with eye health, as per information in Nutrients


This is a naturally occurring chemical that gives fruits and vegetables a red color. It’s most abundant in tomatoes and tomato products but is also found in watermelons, pink grapefruits, apricots, and pink guavas.

Alpha lipoic acid

According to a study in the American Journal of Medicine, “alpha-lipoic acid 1800 mg/d led to a modest weight loss.”

Green tea

According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, “Green tea has thermogenic properties and promotes fat oxidation beyond that explained by its caffeine content per se. The green tea extract may play a role in the control of body composition via sympathetic activation of thermogenesis, fat oxidation, or both.”

And another study published in Obesity showed, “In summary, this trial clarified that the continuous ingestion of catechins, especially in high amounts, reduces body fat in women and men without the need for any lifestyle changes.”

USANA Essentials Multivitamin ingredients - Resveratrol


According to a study published in Life SciencesResveratrol has been shown to modulate the metabolism of lipids, and to inhibit the oxidation of low-density lipoproteins and the aggregation of platelets.

“However, the bioavailability and metabolic pathways must be known before drawing any conclusions on the benefits of dietary resveratrol to health.

The Core Minerals product contains ingredients such as calcium, zinc, copper, selenium, chromium, manganese, and more.

Does USANA Essentials Multivitamin Work?

Given that your body needs these vitamins and minerals to be healthy, there’s plenty of reason to believe it would work. But, the formula itself hasn’t been studied or tested.

Though it contains clinically-tested ingredients, the doses may not be high enough to get the results studies of the individual ingredients show.

Benefits & Results

USANA Essentials Multivitamin Benefits and Results

The USANA Cellsentials pack provides all the vitamins and minerals you need to maintain a healthy dietary intake.

These, of course, should not replace a healthy diet, as nutrients are always better directly from the source.

These are not magic pills, so if this is the only change in the routine you make, you may not see any real results at all.

USANA Essentials Multivitamin benefits

Details on USANA Essentials Multivitamin and Weight Loss

The vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in this formula are no doubt good for your overall health. However, because of the limited amount of weight loss ingredients, it’s reasonable to think it may not provide the level of results you’d see from an appetite suppressant or fat burner.


How to Take USANA Essentials Multivitamin

Adults are advised to take two tablets of both the US Vita Antioxidant and US Core Minerals twice a day, preferably with food. Each bottle comes with 112 tablets, so it last four weeks – or 28 days, just shy of a month.

Side Effects

Potential USANA Essentials Multivitamin Side Effects

If you experience anything, stop taking it and talk to your doctor.

USANA Essentials Multivitamin Product Warnings

There are no product warnings, as this is just a multivitamin with minerals and antioxidants.

 USANA Essentials Multivitamin lawsuits


Any USANA Essentials Multivitamin Lawsuits?

USANA has been sued in the past, and are currently subject to a lawsuit. In 2007, independent distributors banned together to file a class-action lawsuit against the company for fraud and deception.

In March 2017, RM Law announced a lawsuit against USANA, this time on behalf of shareholders who purchased stock in the company between March 14, 2014, and February 13, 2017.

The suit claims USANA made false and misleading statements after acquiring a Chinese based company, BabyCare.

The suit also claims USANA “failed to disclose material adverse facts about the Company’s business, operations, and prospects.

Specifically, Defendants made false and/or misleading statements and/or failed to disclose that: (i) the Company’s BabyCare subsidiary had engaged in improper reimbursement practices in China; (ii) these practices constituted violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (“FCPA”); (iii) as such, the Company’s China revenues were in part the product of unlawful conduct and unlikely to be sustainable; (iv) the foregoing conduct, when it became known, was likely to subject the Company to significant regulatory scrutiny; and (v) as a result of the foregoing, USANA’s public statements were materially false and misleading at all relevant times.”

There is no word on the outcome of this lawsuit, as it’s likely still in litigation since shareholders had until April 2017 to join the suit. (Herald Extra, PR NewswirePomerantz Law Firm)

USANA Essentials Multivitamin Alternatives

There are several multivitamins on the market today that would work as an alternative to this product.

One, in particular, is the Vitacost Synergy Multivitamin. It contains green tea extract, grape skin and seed extract, lutein, Zeaxanthin, Bioperine (for enhancing bioavailability) and more.

While not all of the ingredients are the same – it is very similar, and much more affordable.)


USANA Essentials Multivitamin Pricing Information

Each 28-day supply costs $59.35. If you’re ordering this product, you can expect to pay up to $50 in shipping, depending on your location and the shipping method you choose.

You can choose between UPS Surepost, which will arrive in three to nine business days, some USPS shipping options, and UPS 2-Day shipping.

If you’re close to West Valley City, Utah where the corporate office is located, you can opt to pick up your package there and save on shipping costs.

Ordering additional products may allow your order to reach a minimum threshold required for free shipping.

When you place your order, you’re given the option to enter sponsor information so a certain independent sales representative can get credit for your order.

If you don’t know the sponsor ID, you can look it up by name, or you can say you heard of the company from another source such as a friend or search engine.

You also have the option to sign up for auto order, which allows you get an automatically recurring order shipped to your door every four or eight weeks.

You’ll save 10% on all orders if you opt to order this way. You must contact customer service to set up an auto order.

Is USANA Essentials Multivitamin Supported by a Money-Back Guarantee?

Customers who order directly from any official USANA website have a 100% 30-day money-back guarantee on their initial order. Products can be returned and exchanged, replaced, or refunded, minus shipping costs. Preferred customers who return merchandise equal to or exceeding $100 are voluntarily canceling their preferred customer account.

The product must be in a resalable condition – so it cannot be opened or used. You must call and request a return merchandise authorization number (RMA) for the return, credit, or exchange.

After the initial order, associates may return USANA products purchased within the past 365 days for a refund of 90% of the purchase price, minus any shipping, handling, and delivery charges, as long as the merchandise is in a resalable condition unless otherwise required by law.

Returns resulting in refunds more than $100 may result in termination of distributorship. Products must be at least three or more months away from expiration to be eligible for return.

What if I Want to Sell USANA Products?

You’ll have to join the company as a sales representative. Their website advertises seven ways to earn income with the company.

You’ll earn profits on the difference between the preferred price and the retail price. You’ll earn weekly commissions of up to 20% form your sales, as well as the sales volume of your team.

You’ll also be rewarded with various incentives, such as luxury travel, prizes, and even cash.

As you advance, you can qualify for things like a lifetime matching bonus, an elite bonus, and a leadership bonus.

You’ll also get a Celavive product bonus, earning 25% bonus of the tax-exclusive sales price for all Celavive products sold to personally sponsored Preferred Customers on their initial order of Celavive products.

What Users Are Saying

“Consistent user of all things USANA! If you’re looking for an everyday multi vitamin start with these! Worth the $!”

“Yes. They are good based on my experience. But they are expensive.”

“As a high performance dancer, this product really can’t be missed at home, I began to see results in the mornings, It doesn’t make it difficult for me getting up like before, I feel more energetic, well-being and my body appreciates it.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on Usana Essentials Multivitamin

Usana Essentials Multivitamin is a dietary supplement beneficial to some users. We also like the trustworthiness of the company. However, some science shows a limited benefit to multivitamins.

Weight management should include a vitamin. It should also consist of a healthy diet, exercise and the newest technology to keep you on track.

Among the best products we’ve seen is Noom. The product consists of human coaching, nutritionist and doctor support, a clinically proven method of helping you lose weight, and food and exercise tracking – along with much more. This is the last weight-loss program you’ll need, according to Noom

Also, the team behind Noom are offering a free trial as a sign of confidence in their program.

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Usana Essentials Multivitamin Review
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Usana Essentials Multivitamin

What are the side effects of Usana?

Usana Essentials Multivitamin side effects reported by some customers include heartburn, headache, upset stomach, gassiness and bloating.

What is in Usana Essentials Multivitamin?

Usana Essentials Multivitamin ingredients include minerals, inositol, choline bitartrate, n-acetyl l-cysteine, alpha lipoic acid, coenzyme Q10, turmeric extract, lutein, lycopene, chromium and b-vitamins, among others.

What is the active ingredient in Usana Essentials Multivitamin?

The active ingredient in Usana is a combination of mega antioxidant and chelated mineral.

Does Usana Essentials Multivitamin work?

There’s information about the benefits of adding vitamins to a diet plan and the company also provide some research, but there are no studies proving Usana Essentials Multivitamin will help dieters lose weight.

How much does a bottle of Usana Essentials Multivitamin cost?

A bottle of Usana Essentials Multivitamin costs $54.95 for a 30-day supply.

Where can I buy Usana Essentials Multivitamin?

Usana Essentials Multivitamin can be purchased using their Official Site.

How do you take Usana Essentials Multivitamin?

You take one pack of Usana Essentials Multivitamin per day.

Who makes Usana Essentials Multivitamin?

The makers of Usana Essentials Multivitamin is Usana Health Sciences.

Does Usana Essentials Multivitamin come with a guarantee?

There’s no mention of a guarantee with Usana.

What are the benefits of taking Usana Essentials?

Some of the claimed benefits of Usana Essentials, or Usana CellSentials, include better sleep, increased daily stamina, healthier skin, regulated bowel movements, and an increased metabolism.

Why Usana Essentials are separated?

According to Usana, the seperate pills allow for better combinations and potency in terms of the vitamins you need.

Why is my urine yellow after taking Usana Essentials?

Excess riboflavin, or vitamin B12, can cause your pee to become neon yellow. Since Usana Essentials contains a high amount of this vitamin, this may be a side effect. However, it this is persistent, it is best to seek the advice of a medical professional.

32 Usana Essentials Multivitamin Reviews

  • Usana Essentials Multivitamin

    Mam ano pong product sa usana ang mairerekumenda nyo sa stroke patient

    • mimi

      my dad is an 8th timer sroke patient.. we gave him essentials as a supplement together with his maintenance meds..it really helped him improve and now we continuously see good results.

    • Omnt

      coquinone po is very good post stroke. My father had stroke too.

    • Mark Anthony

      Cellcentials and coquinone, pede sabayn ng hepasil if mdaming maintenance ang iniinom ng patient.

  • So far so good
    synjewel (Verified Purchase)

    I’m happy so far

    • Your Name

      hello angie! how to order po?

      • Dannie

        Hi! If your still intrested about the product I can refer you to someone who can tell you more about the products.

    • maryjeane

      What the side effects of essential for ashtma my daughter is taken essential and prof c may problima xa sikmura ok po b n tuloy p nya pag inum nskit dw po mga para nya at braso nanghihina dw xa she take 2tab essential and 1prof c for2xaday

      • marlon

        Hi maryjean

        Add po kyo Active Calcium para s acidic..

      • Charm

        hello maryjeane! 🙂 just make 4pairs of essentials per day and 2 tabs of proflavanol and 2 tabs for active calcium 🙂

        • ECO

          4pairs?!? Hindi po ba 2 pairs lang (2×2 = 4)

      • Airdam

        Hi Maryjeane. Please consult your daughter physician first immediately.

    • maryjeane

      What the side effects of essential for ashtma

  • Usana Essentials Multivitamin
    Jared (Verified Purchase)

    Basically, What we all need to know is that fact Usana Essentials can be effective to some or not. I’ve been research about the product for a period of 6 months. It is best to make a placid investigation before taking any supplements. We’ve known nothing about the long-term effects of the medicines. Besides, all who are making their maintenance of the essentials are just part of taking its risk. If it improves your health therefore it is indeed effective.

  • NO Side Effect

    F gusto po natin malaman f safe (NO Side Effect) ang Gamot/ Food Supplements/ Nutrients ang tiniTAKE natin, pwede natin eVERIFY sa PPD(Philippine Pharmaceutical Directory), even drugs prescribe by Doctor…

  • Wants a product for my kid

    Gud day ma’am. Halos isang taon na Hindi nakakaamoy ng kahit ano ang anak ko. Among food supplements po ng USANA ang pwede niyang itake?

  • Suggest a product for my child

    Hello po madam. Madam ano pong product ng USANA ang pwedeng inumin ng anak ko kc parang nasira na ang sense of smell niya. D siya nakakaamoy ng husto.

    • Sam

      Ilang taon na po anak mo madam? If 12 and above na, You can start with essentials. Its the flagship product of USANA. Nandyan na po lahat ng vitamins and minerals na kailangan ng katawan to boost your health and immune systen. USANA products are not meant to cure illness nor diseases but helps your body obtains maximum health. Then let the miracle of our body heals itself.

    • angelo

      use the USANA USSAnimals the vitamins for kid. below 12 years old.

  • Usana is sincerely the best
    John Magtoto (Verified Purchase)

    Usana is sincerely the best and the company that changed my life for the best! Usana also improved not just my health but the whole me. Happy and blessed to be part company more than health and wealth!

  • Your Name

    I’ve taken this usana essentials and biomega I’ve noticed a changed in my body I have a hemoroid problem and poor bowel movement this essentials really work for me now my bowel regulates and my hemoroid was in healing process right now..I’m not a dealer of this product I’m only a user first before you complain try the product first and see it to yourself.

    • Random guy

      Some of the people’s posts here in this page have tried the product and some of them have experiened bad side effects and are complaining.

  • It changed my life !
    Jerry Alivio (Verified Purchase)

    I must be honest Usana change my life. I feel and confident every time I go to work I’m tireless now unlike before.

  • Usana Essentials Multivitamin
    Bhevs (Verified Purchase)

    Hi, my friend gave me usana essentials and advice me to take 2 tablets. 1 from color blue and 1 from green bottle. I take it right after ng dinner ko bago lang. Then prang my vomiting at kunting hilo tapos sumuka po ako ng tubig. Aftr that meju naantok na ako at pagod katawan ko. Should i continue it or hndi na? Para ibalik ko nalang at d bayaran. Kasi 2 gives to pay naman daw for me. Pls reply asap. Im.worried. Thank. U.

    • gary

      hi bhevs, ano kinain mo? baka dahil doon. kung nabasa mo yung mga nasa taas na comments may healing effect ang product. kasi matagal na nilalason sa kinakain, pollution, unhealthy living/habits, etc. yung katawan mo kaya kailangan nya mag detox. supplement po ang essentials at wala pong side effect yan kaya kung may nararamdaman ka na kakaiba, hingi kana ng tulong sa doctor pero for sure hindi dahil sa essentials yun 🙂

  • Usana has the best products
    Joey (Verified Purchase)

    Usana has the best supplements in the world, it has been rated 5 Gold stars in the Comparative to Nutritional Supplements book written by Lyle MacWilliam, (you can buy it at National Bookstore). that is just one of the scientific research that you can look for, there are many more research that tests that Usana has the best products in the world!. to God be the glory!

  • It fixed my menstrual period
    Joanna (Verified Purchase)

    My period was regulated by Usana Essentials

    • Anonymous

      Usana definitely changed my life and my family…for the better.

      My dad is 89 and never seen him happy as he is now…glad to know this company and able to share Dr Wentz vision …true health. Love life and live it to the fullest.

      My advise, if you have health issues…try a good 3 months. Focus on your healing and not your complaints. Best wishes.

      • Cad

        Is it true that taking usana essentials can give us a lighter skin or whitens skin? Some says the side effect of taking usana essentials is it whitens skin.

        • Adrian (Editor)

          Hello. All users are different and can experience different side effects; please make sure to consult with your physician before taking this product.

        • dex

          if your liver is healthy it will naturally produce glutathione, Good thing there are some usana products that may help your liver to detoxify

          • Fredrick

            True, and to intensify it, detox product such as Hepasil can detox your liver po