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Mini Thins were the biggest weight loss supplement on the market just a decade ago. From truckers to moms, everyone stopped by the local convenience store for a $5 bottle of Mini Thins. There are only two ingredients in the original formula – ephedra and caffeine. Dieters report losing tons of weight, without even trying, and having days of energy after taking Mini Thins. Despite the FDA ban of ephedra for use in diet supplements, many people still search the Internet for Mini Thins for weight loss and energy.

List of Ingredients


  • Ephedra – 25 mg
  • Caffeine – 50 mg

Product Features

The immortal ephedra is the main ingredient in original Mini Thins. The formula contained the maximum amount of ephedra used at the time – 25 mg. Ephedra is a proven weight loss ingredient, but the dangerous side effects and addictive nature of the ingredient forced the FDA to place ephedra on a controlled substance list. Ephedra was also associated with the manufacturing of illegal street drugs, which could have been part of the reason the supplement was banned.

Caffeine is also on the ingredient list for Mini Thins, but not for added energy. Caffeine is combined with ephedra to prolong the fat burning effects. When taken alone, ephedra tends to peak and fizzle out much faster than a dieter would like. With caffeine in the mix, the ephedra benefits last longer. Traditional Mini Thins included just 50 mg of caffeine, though there are some reports of another variety of the supplement that contained 100 mg of caffeine.

Today, Mini Thins are not available in the original form. The company behind the supplement attempted to replace the ephedra with synephrine, also a dangerous ingredient, but Mini Thin popularity soon fizzled. You can still find the supplement in some convenience stores, but the formula is not the original one that took the world by storm and the price is much higher today that it was just a few short years ago.

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  • Original Mini Thins worked to reduce appetite and increase weight loss.
  • There are reports of dieters losing 100 pounds or more taking Mini Thins.


  • The formula was addictive.
  • Contains ephedra, now an illegal ingredient.
  • May have caused negative side effects, including supplement induced anorexia.


Mini Thins were just one of the popular ephedra supplements available when ephedra was legal. The reason Mini Thins were so popular was the cost. Anyone could stop by a convenience store and grab a bottle for just $5. Many stores ran out of stock within a day of receiving new inventory, especially in high traffic areas where truckers stopped to refuel.

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    chuck elvetici

    can i get the ephedra at trucker stops stil?


  • 2

    i use to take the ones $5 per bottle i loved those and i could breath better .i hate how fDA takes the good and claimes people getting addictive .so for that reason make it illegal .every thing in life can be addictive so r they taking that next?


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