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Slim Tea Review - Does This Herbal Tea Really Work? Are unpleasant taste and no weight-loss results deal breakers?

Editor's Review: 3.0 / 5.0
Slim Tea Review

In my never-ending quest to find the best diet product, this week I reviewed Slim Tea. We actually dug deep and took an in-depth look, closely examining the ingredients, side effects, customer service and clinical studies. Plus, we focused on hundreds of dieter responses from all over the internet. At last, we summarized the facts and feedback we found to give you the info you need.

EDITOR'S TIP: Combine Slim Tea with a proven fat burner such as Leptigen for better results.

What is Slim Tea?

To begin with, Slim Tea is a “special blend” that claims to calm and slim the body. Although it’s mainly marketed at women, it can be used by men as well. It contains the natural ingredients senna, mallow, licorice, panax ginseng and eleuthero root. These herbs are supposed to work together to help flush out the colon, aid with digestion, cleanse the body of harmful toxins and assist with weight-loss. It is simply made with hot or cold water and it can be consumed after meals or before bedtime. It works best if used daily. No sugar, chemicals or colors are used.

Slim Tea has been available since 1984 and it contains natural ingredients. There are some positive comments posted online and a balanced diet plan is included with your purchase, but read on…

Unpleasant Taste – “Something to Consider?”

First, there is an issue with Slim Tea taste. “There are quite a few customer complaints about the flavor of Slim Tea. Naturally this is concerning because if you can’t drink the product regularly, it’s unlikely to produce any real results,” says our Research Editor.

According to one customer, “Not at all what I expected and didn’t do anything for dieting and I didn’t like the taste. I will not buy it again.”

Another user said, “This tea tastes horrendous and smells terrible as well!”

We like the fact that there are two sides to the story. Taste is good for some users.

“The taste is wonderful!,” was one comment.

Others agreed, “It has a mellow smooth flavor and definitely better tasting than the average supermarket tea.”

Weight-Loss Results – “Nothing Solid”

We could not pinpoint any real proof that Slim Tea actually aids with weight-loss. One customer commented, “Lies, it comes with DIET plan and you eat very little. Does not work.”

“Definitely does not help with weight loss. Give me a break,” said another user.

The company does want users to lose weight when drinking Slim Tea, “A healthy diet plan is included in each box.”

The extensive research we’ve done has shown if there is a specific part of a weight-loss product that is bothersome (a painful/difficult exercise routine, unpleasant taste, no real results) the odds of long-term success are not good. Therefore, if Slim Tea isn’t what the customer expected, why wouldn’t the dieter switch it out for a weight-loss product that’s clinically tested and shown to work?

The Science – “Solid?”

At DietSpotlight, we really prefer to see documented clinical studies that support the weight-loss product and the ingredients it uses. However, we could not find any real science to back up Slim Tea. Unfortunately this is a red flag, especially when you take to heart the fact that supplements are available today with formulas that DO work. And, they are available at affordable prices.

The Bottom Line – Does Slim Tea Work?

So, should you run out and buy Slim Tea? Well, we like Slim Tea’s longevity as a product and some positive comments we saw about it online. Then again, we have some issues with this diet tea because it’s not backed by any real science. Also, we’re concerned about the lack of real weight-loss results and less-than-savory taste.

If you’d like to get rid of more excess weight, we encourage you to go with a diet product that is backed by scientific studies, uses safe ingredients and is supported by numerous amazing customer testimonials.

Among the best products we’ve seen in 2016 is one called Leptigen. This product uses four key ingredients, which have been clinically tested and shown to help increase fat loss and kick-start metabolism. User comments posted online show people are seeing excellent results. These are all the things we think dieters need to look for in a solid weight-loss supplement.

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We also found that Leptigen is available with fast, reliable worldwide shipping. No matter where you are – the UK, Canada, Nigeria, or others, simply head on over to the order page and choose your country from the drop-down menu – it’s really that simple! What’s stopping you from learning more about this popular supplement?

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How Does Slim Tea Compare?

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What You Should Know

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Slim Tea ("genuine slimming tea bags") or "Wu Yi Tea" is a weight reduction product that aims to assist users with losing unwanted fat. This diet supplement is sold on the official My Slim Tea website. The website claims it to be a "Truly Amazing Fat Burning Tea." Slim Tea is manufactured by QFL Nutritional Products. This diet product is sold with a "100 percent risk free 30-day money-back guarantee." Wu Yi Tea has been featured in a few magazines like "O" and "Rachael Ray," and is endorsed/used by Oprah, which has brought a lot of attention to the modest weight loss method.

There are customer testimonials posted on the official website. This herbal tea from China is stated to assist with fat burning, relieve tiredness, boost the immune system, raise energy levels, curb appetite, aid with food digestion and lower blood pressure. An study conducted by Japan's University of Tokushima School of Medicine claims that individuals drinking Slim Tea had "157 percent better fat burning results" than others who drank green tea. Essentially Slim Tea appears to be marketed toward women who are measurably overweight. There doesn't appear to be significant company background information provided on the official Slim Tea website. A price for Wu Yi Tea is not mentioned on the official website, however, you can acquire a free box of Slim Tea if you pay $4.95 for shipping and handling. No primary active ingredient is noted for Slim Tea.

List of Ingredients

Not available on the official website.

Product Features

Wu Yi Tea or Slim Tea is basically an herbal tea that claims to assist with weight loss. While there is no key active ingredient addressed for this tea supplement on the official website, Slim Tea is claimed to assist with fat burning, relieve tiredness, boost the immune system, raise energy levels, curb appetite, aid with food digestion and lower blood pressure. Although Slim Tea appears to be geared more toward women, it may be suitable for men as well. This diet supplement is available via the official website, and customer testimonials are provided there.

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  • Slim Tea can be easily and conveniently purchased from the official manufacturer's website.
  • Slim Tea is stated to assist with tiredness, food digestion, blood pressure and weight loss.
  • Slim Tea is offered with a 100% risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • There are no noted active ingredients highlighted on the official Slim Tea website.
  • There doesn't appear to be any significant company background information provided on the official website.
  • Some ingredients found in Slim Tea may not be suitable for some individuals.
  • A full product ingredient list for Slim Tea is not offered on the official website.
  • The official My Slim Tea website comes across as a massive ad or infomercial and offers very little clinical product information.


Although Slim Tea is unique in some respects, the idea of an herbal tea dramatically reducing body fat may raise a few eyebrows. On the bright side, Slim Tea is offered with a 100% risk free, 30-day money-back guarantee. However, there's really no information offered on the company's background. From what the website says, this tea comes from China and will potentially assist with weight loss, but it's probably a good idea to get more background information on Slim Tea or consult a physician prior to using this tea product. Slim Tea is unlikely to have any negative health effects and, especially if you enjoy tea, you can do worse. However, if we would probably look for a more dedicated weight loss diet supplement to drop some significant excess weight.

Slim Tea Questions & Answers:

We narrowed down hundreds of user reviews about Slim Tea and condensed them into this helpful FAQ.

What are the side effects of Slim Tea?

Slim Tea side effects mentioned by customers may include jitteriness, nausea, upset stomach, headaches and irregular bowel movements.

What are the ingredients in Slim Tea?

Slim Tea ingredients include oolong tea, caffeine, polyphenols, epigalocatechingalte and catechins.

Does Slim Tea work?

There are studies showing oolong tea could possibly increase metabolic rate, but there’s no solid science proving Slim Tea works.

Dieters wanting to lose those extra pounds may want to think about what they want out of a supplement like Slim Tea and consider a product like Leptigen, which contains some clinically-tested ingredients.

How much does Slim Tea cost?

Slim Tea costs $57 for a 60-day supply of the capsules. Two months of the supplement is $97 and four months is $161. Slim Tea bags run $49.99 for a 30-count, $79.95 for 60 and $129.95 for 120.

How should I use Slim Tea?

You should use one Slim Tea bag, once per day. If you’re taking the capsules, take two a day.

Can I take Slim Tea if I have a health condition?

Women who are pregnant or nursing, those with health conditions, anyone taking prescription medications or under 18 years of age should seek the advice of a healthcare professional before using any weight-loss supplement, including Slim Tea.

What do users like about Slim Tea?

We found that users liked how easy Slim Tea was to make.

What do users NOT like about Slim Tea?

Slim Tea side effects and the high price were some of the things users didn’t like.

How do I contact the Slim Tea customer service department?

You can contact the Slim Tea customer service department by writing letters to Slim Tea 174 WaterColor Way Suite 103 PMB 206 Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459, calling a representative at 1-855-343-8832 or by connecting through the feedback form.

How much caffeine is in Slim Tea?

Each serving of Slim Tea contains 22.7mg of caffeine.

If I’m using Slim Tea capsules, how much water should I drink?

If you’re using Slim Tea capsules, you should drink a minimum of eight ounces of water with the pill and an additional six glasses throughout the day.

Does Slim Tea come with a guarantee?

Slim Tea comes with a 60-day guarantee.

Do you know of any special deals or discounts on Slim Tea?

There are specials and discounts on Slim Tea, when you purchase a multiple-month supply and when you sign up for the loyalty program. However, our readers going wild over the past few months taking advantage of Leptigen’s Special Trial Offer, which is merely the cost of shipping and handling. Click here to give it a go.

62 User Reviews About Slim Tea

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  • 1

    after drinking it my body start to inch


  • 2

    i really don’t think the tea makes you loose weight i think it really just purges you.
    the side effects to me is the surprise. My friends and I all drink the tea but it works at different times for each of us… so you need to figure out your rhythm… cuz when it hits for he cleasning to happen! its just like AA described. and yes there is a feeling like someone kicking you in your stomach!
    so clean out yes but… weight loss only maybe!


  • 3

    Hi,is it only taken before bedtime and how long does it take for its effectiveness to work.


    Cameron (Editor)

    You can take it at other times of the day but after meals. It will set to work cleaning out your colon but this has an indirect and subtle effect on weight loss, so some dieters take longer to experience results.


  • 4

    i need the slim tea but i don’t really know how to get it, please how can i get it??


    Stephen (Editor)

    It’s especially tricky because it is no longer available on its official website nor retailers.


  • 5
    Leila Baxter

    Be very careful! As I am replying I am on my way to the hospital. I must be honest. I put 2 bags in about 1/2 a cup of H20. While moving my bowel blood was leaking with clots. I am still bleeding. The blood is bright red. I don’t know what’s going in my colon. Can anyone tell me please?


  • 6

    This tea, which I found in my grandmothers cupboard, caught my attention because I wanted to lose weight. Having the name, Slim-Mate, on the box, made it a no brainer to drink. I thought it was like any other tea, so I didn’t read the warning on the box. After taking this tea for 9 days, I have gone to the bathroom as high as 10 times in 1 day, but thought it was because I was smoking cigarettes more frequently and; boy, was I wrong. This morning I was looking at the box and it said do not take if you start to have diarrhea, so I started to do research on it because I was beyond diarrhea — like I was really shitting out everything in my body to the point where my stool looks like; well, I don’t even know what the hell it looks like. This tea literally makes you shit out your insides. I’m typing this as I’m in my bed getting ready to sleep, but I can tell it is trying to develop more shit, right now, but I don’t have anything left to shit. My asshole is turned inside out — literally — and burning. I stopped taking it today and started drinking my regular black tea. Keep in mind I diet very well . During weight training, the more I lifted, the more my workout was interrupted and had to go to the washroom. It feels like an apocalypse in my asshole and, just like ballerina tea, will start eff’ed up stool Armageddon. I would still recommend because my goal weight was 165 and I got down from 185 to 166.6lbs — keep in mind I train intensively and 3 times a day. If it is not my insides I see in my toilet right now, then I don’t know what that shit is — pun intended. #MakeItStop #MyLifeIsInDanger #MyTummyAches



    This is hilarious! I literally cried laughing so hard lolol. I drank slimming tea today for the first time 4 tea bags, 2 and 2. Omgoodness I am in your shoes right now!! Here it is 4am and I was woken to run to the bathroom. I was go ogling if this is normal.



    It is best to use one tea bag instead of 2. One in the morning and one at night. Taking 2 does not make sense to me, it can be dangerous


  • 7
    bentung drammeh

    what is the side effect?


    Arnold (Editor)

    Hi Bentung. We don’t often come across users discussing negative side effects. Be cautious and ask your doctor.


  • 8

    Hi all Iam using prevention why i say this because after i drink this tea cramps and lose stomack so i want to know if this tea is not going to put me trouble of getting pregnant


    Devon (Editor)

    Hello Tintswalo, We didn’t come across anything that would interfere with future pregnancy, but to be sure consult your doctor.


  • 9

    Easy slim tea… I want to loose 20 kg… Is it work or its fake… any side effect.. plsss suggest me..


  • 10

    I brought the raspberry slim tea from Ross and to me its like a laxative in a cup. It does not curb my appetite and sometimes I can wake up feeling very hungry after drinking the tea the night before which is unusual for me. now this team does cleanse you but the bowel movements are not very pleasant. the website states that BM are supposed to be soothing with the raspberry theme they are no such thing



    I took just one bag with hot water and it really cleaned me out but it also caused terrible cramps. Is that normal? I’m wondering if it’s safe to continue taking it.


    Stephen (Editor)

    That could be as a result of your body acclimating to the formula and the thorough cleaning. If they persist without relief, please see your doctor.


  • 11

    Please where can I get the slim tea to buy?


    Your Name

    From amazon


  • 12

    I am almost 15 and bought it.. Is it OK to use? I figures I could handle it


  • 13
    Lei Adams

    This tea helps tremendously. I only drink it when I am feeling really bloated and full. I drink it before I got to bed. I also bought mines from Ross. The acai berry is delicious. I would recommend this to anybody.


  • 14

    When do I drink new slim tea effect? Before a meal or after?



    I use the Hyleys slim tea and have for almost a year. Make sure you drink it at night before you go to bed. Trust me, you will gain the effects about 20-30 mins after you wake up in the moring 🙂



    I just started trying the HYLEYS slim tea… Do you see a difference in your body weight. im just looking to lose my tummy fat.


  • 15
    ugo best

    My thought of slim tea is majored to slim my tummy. Can it be possible.


  • 16

    I wnt to know d slim tea and flat tommy dat are very gud


  • 17

    Pls i heard slim tea as side effect,what are d effect.Which product of slimming tea is the best because it seem the one am using is not working.


  • 18

    I’m 17, almost 18 and I have trouble losing weight, can I use it, or is it only marketed especially for adults only? please help!! I already bought it, I just need to know if I can use it it, or am I too young?


    Your Name

    Your not to young , I started going on diets and stuff wen I was 16 you just have to make sure it’s worth the diet and it’s a product recommended and that will work, bc their is items that won’t really work and well actually make you gain weight. But I wouldn’t know for this item. But tbh I’m 19 now and I do regret going on diets with drinks bc once you stop drinking it you gain all the weight, once you start drinking a product you have to take care of yourself. I went from herbalife to this other thing and I was doing great I lost 50 pounds in a year or less but I gained 20 in months bc I stopped taking care of myself. I say you just work out everyday and eat a good meal and no junk food. Good luck !


  • 19
    Dorothy Britton

    well, it helps me too loose weight. can you tell me where I can find some slim line tea in china town.


  • 20

    I think it’s great, use it all the time. Why is it not good for the elderly?


  • 21

    Hi, can this tea make you have chest pain or discomfort ?


  • 22

    I’ve tried it for a few days and it seems to be helping me detox somewhat. I haven’t noticed a huge difference otherwise.


  • 23

    I find the tea very good I have more energy I’ve lost 2 kg in 3 weeks my arthritis and inflammation has eased nearly ggone love the taste and I mixIit with lipton fruit tea.


  • 24

    I tried it for the first time at 8am. Its 10am and still have the runs n cramps..yuck!! It was probably because I ate an egg and banana after. Instructions do say drink it before going to bed. Ill keep an update. I read LOTS of great things about this tea.


  • 25

    makes u poop


  • 26

    You’re not supposed to drink more then one cup. Its best to take it before bed too, usually dietary teas are used as laxative aswell. Its kinda like a detox for your body


    Your Name

    I should’ve read this post before I drank it


  • 27

    I got severe diarhea from just 2 cups of this tea



    definitely helps with constipation or a bloated gut feeling.


    Hazel G. Snowden

    You drank too much. You should have read the package that clearly states to steep it with 8 oz of boiling water before bedtime. I like it and see results. Got my first package from Ross. They never have it when I return, so I went to the website to order it in Atwo different flavors.


  • 28
    Sheila Haouchine

    I have been searching on the internet for months for Twinstar Slim Tea Regular Strength by TwinPeak Products. It is the most effective tea that I have tried that will flatten my stomach. Do you know where I can purchase the product? I only have unhealthy fat in my stomach – the rest of my body is lean. Please respond.

    Sheila Haouchine


    Your Name

    I just found this at Burrlington for $2.99/box


  • 29
    Eric Robert

    hi everyone my sister has a large belly due eating unbalanced diet and now her appearance is changing not quite good i see how would you help?


  • 30

    is this slim tea realiy works i am 130 kg i need to loose wait suggest me



    If you want to lose weight you need to eat a healthy diet and a lot of exercise. You can not lose weight from drinking a magical tea. The tea might help slightly but the BIGGEST help will be your diet.


  • 31

    Where, can I find Slim Tea. Here In Wichita, KS. I Keep looking in every, store that I can think of. But, I can’t find it nowhere.??
    Can anybody help me? Please. && Thank-you. 🙂



    I find Sim tea in the No Frills Grocery Chain (Canada). It works because every time I drink it, I go number 2 quickly and feel great



    I found mine in a asian grocery store, I just started drinking the tea, but I dont know yet if it works, i have noticed that it has helped my appetite



    thats where ive seen the green tea but didnt buy i will tho the next day



    I found mines @ ROSS dress for less….



    I found mine at Ross too….lol I hope it works. Has it worked for you, or did you quit drinking it. It does make you poop.



    I just purchase this tea at Ross department store in GA for only $2.99. Am going to try it tonight. Also the cashiier says it really good and she has being taking it for over a year now.



    You can purchase online at Amazon or Ross department stores. You have to follow the instruction. When in 7/10 days you should had lost some inches. You lose inches before you exactly lose pounds.drink plenty of water add lots of fiber, vegetables and fruits to your diet. exercise 10mins a day walk, run ETC. I hope this help good luck


    Your Name

    99 cent store had it



    I get it from fruit and veg shop



    HI Tintswalo ,please advise which tea did you get from fruits & veg ?am in Johannesburg


  • 32

    how do i no it works



    I’m 93kg and would like to loose weight about 30kgs.is it real?will i loose 30kgs?


    kamau Christopher from Kenya

    lm 128kgs i want to lose 40 kgs.how long will i take this tea and is it possible


    Your Name

    Don’t know yet I just started


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