’s Top 50 Fitness Blogs

At, we’ve read hundreds of blogs and websites discussing fitness. We get over 25,000 visitors every day, and readers are always emailing us with their blogs, and with sites they think we’ll like. Out of all of the fitness blogs we’ve checked out, these 50 are the ones we keep coming back to for exercise advice and tips. Some are entertaining, some are serious, and some are inspirational. If you’ve got a blog you think should be on here, drop us a line. Happy reading!

Blog Name

A Fit and Spicy Life
Arthur DeVany’s Evolutionary Fitness
Baby Bump Fitness
Be Fit With Biray
Black Fitness Blog
Certifiably Fit
Confessions of a Fitness Diva
Cranky Fitness
Dancing Through Life
Danielle’s Daily Fitness Journal 2010
Elemental Fitness Lab
Eric Cressey
Evidence-Based Fitness
Female Fitness and Nutrition Scientist
Fit and Female
Fit Chick in the City
Fit Family
Fit for Wellness
Fitness & Health With Dr. Gabe Mirkin
Gymnastic Bodies
Kettlebell Planet
Melinda’s Fitness Blog
Naturally Intense NYC Personal training High Intensity Training Blog
Nerd Fitness
Personal Euphoria
Running and Rambling
Running Circles Around the Turtles
Running Diva Mom
Running is Funny
Running Through Life
Serious Strength & The Slow Burn Fitness Revolution
Steve’s Club
Straight to the Bar
Strength and Physique
The Nate Green Experience
Trying Fitness
Zen to Fitness

It’s great to see what readers have to say about different health and fitness products that they’ve tried. The Dr. Bernstein Diet is a supervised nutrition plan that has firmly divided our readers—some love it, and some say it’s an overpriced scam. Users also have a lot to say about the Bodybugg, which is an exercise tracking aid featured on The Biggest Loser. Some diets, like As Slim As Possible promote health benefits first, and weight loss second. Hoodithin is a good example of a hoodia-based diet aid. This is a popular genre of diet product that claims to suppress the appetite. Another fad diet pill ingredient is acai, and a good example of a product looking to capture the buzz surrounding the acai berry is Acai Berry Ultimate.

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