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Diet Ginseng Slim Tea Review - 6 Things You Need to Know


It’s been a long journey, but I feel as though I’m now qualified to advise you on whether or not to use Diet Ginseng Slim Tea. We sorted through the potential side effects, ingredient list, customer service and scientific research. Reviews and comments in forums and online were also considered. Then, with the info in hand, we condensed and refined to give you the bottom line.

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What is Diet Ginseng Slim Tea?

To begin, Diet Ginseng Slim Tea is a cleansing product with Korean ginseng leaves, Chinese mallow and senna. These three are supposed to promote regularity and, possibly, increase bowel movements. You brew one bag in water and sweeten to taste, if desired. It is small and portable so no problem carrying in with you.

There’s no mention of the company that makes Diet Ginseng Slim Tea because there’s no official website. The only place we found it for sale was on Amazon. We like the price and cleansing is sometimes considered a good choice before starting a new diet, but read on…

Cramping – “Painful”

The first thing that caught our eye about Diet Ginseng Slim Tea side effects is that some users report irritating cramping. “There are quite a few cleansers on the market that cause pain like this,” says our Research Editor. “It’s likely associated with the senna. It is a stimulant laxative.”

“I do hate the cramping though. It definitely makes you go to the bathroom a couple of times,” was one experience.

Another person shared, “You will have some discomfort from the tea. (cramping) As most have said, be prepared to be near a toilet within 8 hours.”

Positive experiences also seemed to be part of the equation.

“No side effect such as abdominal pain or cramp,” said a user.

A customer also offered, “And no I didn’t get stomach cramps and I wasn’t running to the restroom.”

Weight-Loss – “Not Really”

Users attempting to lose weight while taking Diet Ginseng Slim Tea ingredients were rather disappointed in some cases.

As one dieter put it, “It had no effect on my weight what so ever.”

A user who did lose said, “Once the weight started to come off, I started making healthier choices.”

We’ve completed tons of research over the years and one common theme is that small things, like cramps, can stop the dieter from reaching long term goals. If Diet Ginseng Slim Tea causes side effects the user will turn to another product.

The Science – “Any Validity?”

There is no strong or clear connection between the ingredients in Diet Ginseng Slim Tea and weight-loss. Any changes on the scale will likely have to do with water loss or increased bowel movements. As soon as you stop drinking the supplement, the body will go back to storing the fluid and your old weight will return.

What Users Are Saying

"”I just love this tea it really works well as a detox tea. You really get fast results and it doesn’t cramp my stomach like the other teas I have tried.”"

"”I wouldn’t recommend it for long term weight loss because it simply makes you go to the bathroom a lot. It’s good for a end of the week cleanse but don’t expect a weight loss miracle.”"

"”It has a good flavor but doesn’t work. I used the first bag and did not drop even 1 pound. There cramps were horrible at the beginning to the point I would get nauseated because of the pain.”"

The Bottom Line – Does Diet Ginseng Slim Tea Work?

Have we already started to brew our first cup? Well, the ingredients were listed online and a few users reported a jump-start to weight-loss, but we are hesitant to recommend it to dieters. The formula is not proven to have any effect on your weight and there are reports of cramping – common when using senna.

If the time to lose weight is now, our suggestion is to skip a product like Diet Ginseng Slim Tea and choose a clinically tested formula that has dieters raving about results.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Dietspotlight Burn. All four ingredients have been scientifically tested, reviews are fantastic and cramping and stomach pain have not been reported.

Also, Dietspotlight Burn is available as a special trial offer because the makers are confident you’ll love the supplement.

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Diet Ginseng Slim Tea Review
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Diet Ginseng Slim Tea

What are the side effects of Diet Ginseng Slim Tea?

Possible Diet Ginseng Slim Tea side effects may include abdominal cramps, diarrhea, headache and nausea. This is based on the customer reviews posted online.

What are the ingredients in Diet Ginseng Slim Tea?

Diet Ginseng Slim Tea ingredients are senna leaf, Chinese mallow, and Korean ginseng leaves.

How do I know if Diet Ginseng Slim Tea is right for me?

Choosing the right product is the #1 question asked by DietSpotlight readers. We recommend trying any product before buying it and know that finding a product with a sample offer is near impossible - so we created our own product, Burn HD, with scientifically backed ingredients.

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Does Diet Ginseng Slim Tea work?

Well, Diet Ginseng Slim Tea does contain senna. This herb has been shown to irritate the intestinal wall, which causes bowel movements. It’s often found in over-the-counter treatments for constipation. However, it’s unlikely that this product will cause any long-term fat loss.

Think about substituting Diet Ginseng Slim Tea for a weight-loss product that contains clinically tested ingredients, like Dietspotlight Burn.

How much does Diet Ginseng Slim Tea cost?

According to Amazon, Diet Ginseng Slim Tea costs $14.95 (36 tea bags).

How should I use Diet Ginseng Slim Tea?

You simply add one tea bag to a cup of hot/boiling water. Allow it to steep for 5-10 minutes, and then drink. Diet Ginseng Slim Tea can be used at any time of the day.

Is there any caffeine in Diet Ginseng Slim Tea?

No, there is no caffeine in Diet Ginseng Slim Tea.

Does Diet Ginseng Slim Tea increase urination?

Yes, Diet Ginseng Slim Tea may cause an increase in urination. Some users have mentioned that it’s best not to drink this tea before bed.


Previous Diet Ginseng Slim Tea Review (Updated October 21, 2013):

What You Should Know

If you are not keen on taking diet pills, there are alternative products to consider for fat loss and weight management. Aside from the countless powders and liquids, there are also tea formulas that may help with weight reduction. So, if you like drinking tea on a daily basis, then some of these products may be beneficial to your weight loss goals. We are going to examine one diet tea in particular, which is Diet Ginseng Slim Tea. You can find it on distributor websites like Amazon for $12 (18 tea bags). It is advertised as a “special pure herbal tea.”


  • Korean Ginseng Leaves
  • Malva Verticellata (Chinese Mallow)
  • Cassia Angustifolia (Senna)

Product Features

Diet Ginseng Slim Tea is a 100 percent natural formula that is free of additives and artificial substances. It is touted as a dieter’s energy drink, and is claimed to help with weight loss. However, this tea does not contain any caffeine. It comes from the Republic of Korea, and is described as soothing and relaxing. Diet Ginseng Slim Tea is intended to be consumed at least once each day. You will likely experience more frequent bowel movements and urination when using this diet tea. There is no special diet plan or workout program mentioned with this product.

Only three ingredients are used in Diet Ginseng Slim Tea, and these are Korean Ginseng Leaves, Chinese Mallow, and Senna Leaves. The most noticeable ingredient is Senna Leaves, which essentially works like a laxative. Therefore you can expect this tea to make you have to use the bathroom more frequently. Some customers complained that Diet Ginseng Slim Tea caused severe abdominal cramping. As far as proven fat loss ingredients are concerned, there are none used in this diet tea.


  • This tea is 100 percent natural, and does not contain any additives.
  • Diet Ginseng Slim Tea may help you flush out toxins and impurities.


  • One customer complained of side effects from this herbal tea.
  • There are several similar weight loss teas available online as well.
  • This tea lacks proven ingredients for fat loss and appetite suppression.


If you do not like waking up in the middle of the night with abdominal cramping, then you may want to avoid products like Diet Ginseng Slim Tea. The Senna Leaves in this product will likely cause a laxative effect, and this can be uncomfortable. On a separate note, this diet tea does not contain any proven ingredients for fat reduction. The weight you lose when drinking this tea is basically just waste and water weight. Diet Ginseng Slim Tea is unlikely to help at all with long-term weight loss.

Summer Banks Dietspotlight Author
About the Author:

Summer Banks, Director of Content at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 weight-loss programs, pills, shakes and diet plans. Previously, she managed 15 supplement brands, worked with doctors specializing in weight loss and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University. full bio.

11 Diet Ginseng Slim Tea Reviews

  • I want to try it
    Lorena G. Adarme

    I’ve never been try the diet ginseng slim tea but I want to try it.

  • Blanche

    Hiii I started using ginseng slim special herbal tea today but their is no effect..it nearly 2hr now..how many should I drink per day and how long does it take to work?

    • Anna (Editor)

      Hi! For detailed product and usage instructions, please refer to the Diet Ginseng Slim Tea official website for more information.

  •  It really works !
    Ray Ray (Verified User)

    Wow i am impresed this tea realy works been using it for a month lost 15 pounds.

  • Exelent
    Annette Rivers (Verified User)

    I need to lose about40 p so I am trying Ginseng slim do you thank it will work for me?

    • Griselda

      This tea works really good. I’ve Alyways suffered from constipation but now that I drink this tea every night I feel great. I also take some diet pills called Citrus fit. And lost 15 pounds in 1 month.

  • kanitra

    I have brought the tea but i been kind of scared to take it because of the cramps do u cramp up all the time of what

    • Your Name

      Please how do I get ginseng slimming tea

      • Your Name

        about Diet Ginseng Slim Tea. You can find it in the Korean grocery store its only 2.99 and Amazon is about 20 bucks

        • Your Name

          Its also 3.00 at big bear grocery store

    • Your Name

      I am 45 years old and it does not cramp me at all. I bought it about a month ago, and just started using it yesterday. Although I continued to go to the bathroom, I felt so good at the end. I am drinking another cup today, but will start around 1:00 p.m. instead of 9:00 in the morning.