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Get Lean In 12 Lean For Life Bootcamp Review- Does This Weight-Loss Program Actually Work?

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By Summer Banks Jun 29, 2017

I paused before I hit the “publish” button on this one, because my conclusion was a bit of a shocker. We really dug deep and came up with an in-depth review, investigating the side effects, ingredients, scientific research and overall customer-service quality. We additionally sorted through countless user comments and remarks from all over the internet. Lastly, we summed up all of the facts and feedback we found to give you the bottom line.

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What is Get Lean In 12 For Life Bootcamp?

First of all, Get Lean In 12 Lean For Life Bootcamp ingredients include a diet plan, workout tips, fat loss secrets and helpful videos. This is actually an online program that lasts for 26 weeks. You begin by ordering the CD, which allows you to get the first two weeks for free. After these two weeks are up, you’re charged the full amount for the boot camp. This program is supposed to help you get in shape, reach your weight-loss goals and stay fit for the long term. You will learn how to eat carbohydrates to increase fat burning, and exercise for only 12 minutes, which is said to burn off more fat than one hour of traditional cardio.

We are not sure when Get Lean In 12 Lean For Life Bootcamp first emerged. However, this program has been around since at least 2011. It includes meal plans to assist with dieting and a food tracker and bonus downloads. Also, the videos help you with correct workout form and exercise sessions, but read on…

Negative User Reviews – “Something to Consider?”

One concern we have is the negative user reviews. “We found a number of discouraging dieter comments posted online for the Get Lean In 12 Lean For Life Bootcamp. Naturally this is something that should not be overlooked,” commented our Research Editor.

One customer stated, “This Get Lean In 12 Lean For Life Bootcamp is a joke. The advice is basic. I could have done this on my own. Don’t waste your time.”

But, a different person had this to say, “Not bad. However, it’s pretty routine stuff. Like many other weight-loss programs I’ve seen.”

Another posted, “Just started this. I am hoping for fast results. We’ll see how it goes.”

No Price – “Another Concern”

Another drawback is the lack of an official price for the Get Lean In 12 Lean For Life Bootcamp. One person reported, “The website does not clarify what the actual price is. This is very concerning. It could be hundreds of dollars after the first two weeks are up. Not going to risk it. No thanks.”

Then again, a different dieter commented, “It’s an okay program, but nothing unique. If you diet and exercise, you can get the same effect on your own.”

“Healthy eating and regular exercise. No Get Lean In 12 Lean For Life Bootcamp side effects to worry about. It worked for me,” revealed another individual.

According to our research, if there is a certain aspect of a diet program or weight-loss system that is very burdensome (negative user reviews, no price, unpleasant taste) the odds of long-term success are not very promising. Therefore, if the Get Lean In 12 Lean For Life Bootcamp does in fact cause a long list of discouraging dieter comments, this could be a real problem.

The Science – “Is Any Provided?”

Unfortunately we did not find any published studies that pertain to the Get Lean In 12 Lean For Life Bootcamp. This is too bad, because we at DietSpotlight like to see some documented research that supports the weight-loss program we’re reviewing. Needless to say, diet and exercise can help you with weight reduction. But, we would like to see a little more evidence to back up this boot camp’s marketing claims.

The Bottom Line – Does Get Lean In 12 Lean For Life Bootcamp Work?

So, should you whip out your credit card and get started with the Get Lean In 12 Lean For Life Bootcamp? Well, first off, we appreciate that this weight-loss program involves both diet and exercise. It’s also nice to see that people of all ages and body types can get involved. However, we have some reservations about this method because it’s not supported by any documented studies. Also, we’re concerned about the negative customer comments posted online. Not to mention the lack of a price tag.

If you’d really like to get started shedding excess fat, then we advise you to choose a diet program or product that is backed by solid research, is easy to purchase online and use anywhere, and is supported by plenty of user testimonials.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Dietspotlight Burn. It contains a combination of four unique ingredients, which have demonstrated in documented clinical research to help speed up fat loss and spark metabolism. Moreover, we can’t find any negative user feedback at all, and customer comments online reveal people are seeing solid results.

The makers of Dietspotlight Burn are so excited about their product they’re offering a Special Trial Offer, which is very reassuring.

Previous Get Lean In 12 Lean For Life Bootcamp Review (Updated April 25, 2011):

What You Should Know

The Get Lean in 12 Lean for Life Bootcamp is a website. The website offers subscribers a 26 week long boot camp designed to help them lose weight, get in shape, and keep it off over the long term. We will take a closer look at this program and what it offers to determine how well it may work to help you reach your weight loss goals.

List of Ingredients

Not applicable.

Product Features

The Get Lean in 12 Lean for Life Bootcamp offers a diet plan and a two phase exercise routine. The first two weeks of the program lay the foundation to help you learn what you need to get started, and the third week actually starts the diet plan. The first two weeks teach you about things such as: how to eat your carbs to promote fat loss and stop plateaus, why cardio workouts may be preventing you from losing fat, as well as how you can lose more fat in 12 minutes than in a half hour of cardio. The site features videos with plenty of fat loss secrets. Every week you on on the program, you will go through several different videos to help you reach your goals. You must follow the diet program exactly, but are given a tracker and meal plans to help you keep track of what you eat and when. To get access to the trial, you must order a CD, which gives you two weeks free. If you do not cancel within the two weeks, you are automatically billed for six months for continued access to the videos, meal plans, and tools. Exercise is the biggest part of the program.


  • The Get Lean in 12 Lean for Life Bootcamp gives you weekly plans for 26 weeks, or six months.
  • This provides something new each week, so you won't get bored.


  • The Get Lean in 12 Lean for Life Bootcamp requires you to order a CD, which is difficult to order due to the excessive copy on the website.
  • There is no word about how much the full six months costs.
  • There is no money back guarantee.
  • You must hold yourself accountable to follow the program exactly for results.
  • If you don't do the exercise correctly, you may not get the results as fast as you'd like.


The Get Lean in 12 Lean for Life Bootcamp has a good foundation, but there are many flaws to the program. Instead of pouring your money into something like this, we recommend you follow a balanced diet, regular exercise routine and use a clinically proven weight loss supplement as part of your daily regimen.
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Rating: 3.8. From 5 votes.
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