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Insanity isn’t your grandmother’s exercise routine. There’s been all sorts of discussion about this program, so we created an in-depth review, examining the moves, side effects, level of customer service and scientific studies. Furthermore, we took the time to sort through hundreds of dieter comments and experiences found online. At this point we summarized the information we found to give you the facts you need.

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INSANITY is a fitness program started by Shaun T. This workout technique is a full body exercise that does not require any aid of gym or equipment. The program is based on the fitness regimen of “max interval training.” As the name suggests, it is a highly intensive workout which requires a person to do rigorous exercise for a short time and take rest for a little longer.

INSANITY’s definition in psychology is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. But this interpretation by Albert Einstein is wrong. INSANITY can rightly be defined in abnormal psychology as a mental condition subjected to uncontrollable impulsive behavior.

More than its definition, our concern is the INSANITY workout and everything related to it.

Being in good health and decent shape is imperative. This is one of the main reasons why people opt for such a challenging workout. There is no need for weights in this program as the exercises depend on your own body’s resistance.

How Did INSANITY Start?

The brain behind INSANITY is an American fitness trainer Shaun T. In the year, 1998, Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon launched the Beachbody fitness company. At that time, these two were searching for new fitness workout home videos. It was then, Shaun T, who submitted his demo which later on became “INSANITY.” This workout program was released in the year 2009. [1]

Insanity Customer Testimonials


INSANITY promises its users that it will get them in the best shape of their life. Beachbody claims that one can burn up to 1,000 calories per hour by following this workout program. On an average, these workouts are 30 to 86 minutes long.

Keep reading to know everything you need to know about this fitness program.


It is not suitable for beginners. INSANITY is a pure cardio workout and is highly intense. This is only for those who are already in good shape and are willing to go extra miles to be in an even better shape. As per Dr. Melinda Ratini, “this is a serious workout designed for people, who are already fit.”

She further adds it is not suitable for the fitness newbie. The exercise involves rigorous body movement which increases chances of physical injury. It is essential to know the correct form and technique for each INSANITY schedule to prevent injury. It is critical to understand what you’re doing and listen to your body. It is incredibly intense, so prepare yourself to give your very best before you start this program.

Therefore, one must keep in mind that such a high-intensity interval training program is not for everyone. [2]

INSANITY Benefits and Results

Surely, you must be wondering, how exactly does this intensive health program work? What are the various benefits INSANITY has to offer? To begin with, by following the workouts shown in INSANITY videos, you can help build strength and tone the muscles of your entire body. Various workouts within the INSANITY schedules focus on toning the upper-body and lower-body muscles. There are a few workouts-integrated exercises that emphasize your core and abdominals.

Here, you do not need to work out with extra equipment. By involving your body with intense physical movement and just using your body weight, you will get a toned body. But as I mentioned earlier, chances of injury is quite high for the beginners. INSANITY can also help you lose body fat. This will accentuate your muscles and give your body a toned look.

This workout can be considered as a healthy alternative to strength training with weights. [3]

Details on INSANITY and Weight Loss

As per the INSANITY videos, it is pure cardio. As cardio is an integral part of any weight loss plan, a set of workouts as intense as INSANITY can surely help you achieve your weight loss target. If you do strength exercises, then it is quite likely to retain lean muscle mass in the weight loss process. This, in turn, would help your body burn calories a lot more quickly.

According to Steve Edwards of Beachbody, who is the maker of the INSANITY videos, during the initial weeks of an intense exercise program, it is quite likely for your body to release more of the stress hormone known as cortisol. This will result in water retention. As a result, you may find yourself experiencing a bit of weight gain due to this increased water weight. He concludes by affirming that there is no reason to worry about it as it will subside eventually.

INSANITY workouts can stimulate your appetite due to the reason for being intense. It is recommended to create an INSANITY calendar or a food journal. This way you can keep an account and be aware of what and how much you are eating. Conversely, by staying away from food or starving yourself to lose weight quickly while on the INSANITY plan can hurt your body. [4] [5]

Potential INSANITY Side Effects

Along with weight loss, loss of blood sugar, blood pressure, and also bad LDL cholesterol can be considered as potential INSANITY side effects. The most significant risk involved in this program is with the wrong form, the chances of ACL injury are incredibly high. This is already eight times more prevalent in women compared to men.

Any INSANITY Lawsuits?

Unlike other extreme fitness programs, INSANITY has been lucky to not land in any legal lawsuits. However, this exercise can be crucial for your knees and bone density. Similar extreme workouts like P90x or CrossFit have a history of lawsuits.

INSANITY Alternatives

INSANITY alternatives might include Rushfit, Super Hero Fat Loss, 666 bodyweight home workout, P90X, and Zuzka. Even though INSANITY 30-day and the 60-day workouts are trending, many people are looking for the alternatives. INSANITY price on Amazon is $144.80 which is one of the main reasons why people are opting for cheaper alternatives.

How Does INSANITY Work?

As you have read earlier, INSANITY is a fitness program which promises body transformation with its 60-day workout consisting of various forms of interval training. Each of the workouts included in the INSANITY schedule comprises of upper body resistance, cardio, and plyometrics. According to the reports of National Institutes of Health’s MedlinePlus, a proper nutrition filled with protein is of utmost importance for overall health and athletic performance.  Here the question arises – what is the role of protein in this fitness program? MedlinePlus suggests that protein is a potent element for muscle growth and repair of body tissues. [6]

How to Schedule INSANITY Calendar?

The INSANITY workout calendar consists of the exercises that are to be performed in the workout schedule. The user needs to decide which programs they want. It can be either 30-day or a 60-day program. The best way to use this calendar is by working with a thick tip marker and “X” every day as you progress.

Are INSANITY Workout Videos Available Online?

This fitness program does not require you to go to the gym or do weights. Similarly, it is not necessary to have the DVD of this workout regimen. INSANITY workout videos are readily available online. Beachbody offers easy access to all their fitness programs online.

How do INSANITY Max 30 Works?

INSANITY Max 30 is a whole body workout, consisting of interval training, plyometrics, cardio, and body weight resistance training. This workout can be done in half the time of a typical INSANITY workout which means just 30 minutes. However, don’t forget that this one too takes 60 days. The program involves alternate cardio and strength days. Since it comprises of a total body workout, this would require one to hit every muscle in the body.

Begin with five minutes and continue pushing yourself till you reach your limit. On the first day, exercise for a minimum of five minutes. The next day, you go up to six minutes. This would continue throughout the 60-day period. Keep building your stamina until you can work out for whole 30 minutes. In this workout, you can integrate squat kick, burpee lunge, and tuck extension. [7]

What to Include in INSANITY Schedule?

In the INSANITY schedule, include a detailed exercise regimen with a day-to-day fitness plan. Spare one day to give rest to your body. The intense fitness program, consisting of various rigorous workout routines, will change from month one to month two. During the first month, indulge your body with pure cardio sessions that would work out the entire body. Each of these workouts would last for about 30 minutes. [8]

What is INSANITY Symptoms Test?

The workout begins with a Fit Test to make you realize where you are. The same test would be repeated in week three. This way you can compare your results.

What are the Common INSANITY Reviews?

INSANITY is tagged as the hardest workout to be ever put on DVD. It is an extremely demanding and high-density workout. Caution is the key here. Just one posture goes wrong during the exercise, and it will undoubtedly result in a severe physical injury. It is not meant for the beginner. [9]

What is the Science Behind INSANITY?

The INSANITY workout is good, but it surely is not as high as the ads profess it to be. Is there any such thing as a perfect workout? Is there a single ideal workout with a perfect blend of the best weight training, plyometrics, flexibility, and endurance exercises? Do you know a workout with the precise number of sets and repetitions? Is there a workout that tells the athlete exactly how much weight to work with? The answer is simple – “No.”

The fact remains unchanged. There is no perfect workout plan devised till now. Verily, the company behind the creation of INSANITY workout, the Beachbody Corporation, would not agree with this fact. Even though their marketing strategies sparkle with glowing testimonials and equally impressive transformation stories where they claim this workout is, “Everything you need to get in the best shape of your life.” Nonetheless, my research analysis fails to agree with them.

Can INSANITY Melt Felt?

The answer is both “Yes” and “No.” Don’t be fooled – it is merely a High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) program. Your body is not aware of the difference between an H.I.I.T workout on the treadmill and a much-hyped INSANITY video. Physiologically in both the cases, you are bound to have the same result. If on the one hand, you are doing an intense workout for shorter periods of time followed by a low-intensity training program or total rest and on the other hand, you are performing pure cardio; you are bound to have the same result in both cases.

This entails that INSANITY is good, but it is not revolutionary. [10]

How Long Does it Take to Get INSANITY Results?

INSANITY follows the 60-day workout program. Research confirms that a plateau appears only after about three weeks. It follows three weeks of intense activity followed by a week of recovery. After completing the recovery week, this program moves up one level to make sure you keep seeing the results you desire. INSANITY 60-day program rewards the user with maximum benefits.

Many people do not stick to just one cycle but opt to repeat it two, three or more times. [11]

How to Get INSANITY for Free?

One of the biggest downers of INSANITY workout is that it is quite heavy on the wallet. The Beachbody website has set its price for $39.95 + shipping and handling. The price must not be an issue for those who know how to use search engines because these workout videos are also available online for free on various websites.

How Many Calories Can a Person Burn During the INSANITY Workout?

High-intensity interval training or H.I.I.T workout like INSANITY can help a person burn up to 160 calories in 10 minutes. This rule applies to an average-weight individual. Performance of a steady, intense cardio can help burn 318 calories in 40 minutes for a person whose weight is 150 pounds. And during the recovery days, a person can burn 255 calories in 50 minutes. [4]

What are the Risks of Buying INSANITY Workout Online?

According to a renowned research analyst, Cindy Walters, one must be extremely cautious while purchasing the INSANITY workout program online. The internet is infested with a vast number of different websites, offering the same program online. Surprisingly enough, many are even selling it at a much cheaper rate. This makes it a little difficult to choose the right source. One must be completely aware of the fake products or the apparent scam, resulting in the purchase of the product at a discounted price. The only secure and risk-free platform to purchase would be its official website. As a research analyst, it is the foremost duty to warn the consumers on a daily basis to be extremely careful with their online purchases.

Buying the product from its official website will not only ensure a person get hold of the latest up-to-date version of the official program but also assure the user with a full money back guarantee.  [12]

What Users Are Saying

“”It was hard at first but now its getting easier (I’m able to survive the workout more) and I’ve almost completed my first month.””

“”Definitely very challenging! Might not be fit for fitness beginners as some of the moves are explosive.””

“”I have no doubt that if you follow this program it will work, but the hard part is actually following it.””

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The Insanity program has received good reviews from people who have been interested in toning their bodies, rather than in actually losing weight. For those who are extremely dedicated to following the fitness program, it is likely that it would indeed be effective in strengthening and toning the body of one who was already at or close to their ideal weight. However, this product is not really appropriate for someone who is moderately to severely overweight because the program requires a great deal of physicality that is not possible for someone who has been primarily sedentary previously.

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What is the Insanity workout?

You work as hard as you can for 3 minute intervals with 30 seconds of rest between each of the 10 workouts. It can help you burn up to 1,000 calories per hour.

How long do you do the Insanity workout each day?

Depending on how long it takes to prepare (getting water or a towel), the first month lasts between 35 and 45 minutes. The second month takes about 55 to 60 minutes.

How do I know if Insanity is right for me?

Choosing the right product is the #1 question asked by DietSpotlight readers. We recommend trying any product before buying it and know that finding a product with a sample offer is near impossible - so we created our own product, Burn HD, with scientifically backed ingredients.

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Is the insanity workout good?

Using your own body weight as resistance in the comfort of your home, this max interval training can help you burn up to 1,000 calories in an hour.

How much is the Insanity workout?

The DVD Workout costs $139.80, on sale for $92.85 with free shipping, a savings of $46.95.

What is the most difficult Insanity workout?

Going from easiest to hardest, these are the workouts: Cardio Recovery, Fit Test, Core Cardio & Balance, Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs, Plyometric Cardio Circuit, Cardio Power & Resistance, Max Cardio Conditioning, Max Interval Plyo.

Who created the Insanity workout?

Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon from Beachbody LLC are the founders.

Which one is better p90x or Insanity?

P90X is designed to help you lose weight and inches, but is primarily weight training. Insanity contains more cardio which targets weight loss directly.

What is insanity max 30?

Created by Shaun T., the Max: 30 workout is not a short version of the Insanity workouts. It is a 60 day fitness program divided into two months of different sets of workouts.

Is insanity as hard as p90x?

Insanity is much harder than P90X, and is harder than running eight miles. it works all the leg muscles, not just the ones you use for running.

Is insanity max 30 really HIIT?

The original Insanity workout is more like a HIIT program. Max 30 does not have intervals, instead you keep challenging yourself. You can purchase Portion Fix to use with Insanity, but there is no bundle option.

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10 Insanity Reviews

  •  Use protein and ceratine with it.
    scott (Verified User)

    Is it wise to use protein and creatine suppliments while using the insanity program?

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hi Scott. Please refer to the insanity official website for more information on recommended supplements.

  • Is this for Elementary or High School kids?
    Cynthia Williams

    Is this for Elementary or High School kids? Can it be used without the consent of a doctor?

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hi Cynthia. Please refer to the insanity official website for more information to find out the minimum age recommendation.

  •  Hated the product.
    Tex (Verified User)

    Terrible quality. Had two dvds that did not even work and BeachBody customer service refused to replace them. Not a good experience to say the least.

  •  Pretty good but very challenging
    KB (Verified User)

    I tried it and the first month was pretty good, however after the 2nd month, it was a real challenge. Great for those who want to tone!!!

  •  Extreme results
    Sam (Verified User)

    I have own insanity and love how it makes me feel. You really do see extreme results in 60 days. Plus, the work outs are extremely hard so after even 3 weeks of doing it, your energy is boosted. I work with kids at an after-school program and gained about 12 pounds and anytime I would join them in a game. I would feel sluggish and exhausted. Now after, doing insanity for about 3 weeks almost everyday. I am able to run longer than most of the kids! I do recommend that you do P90x prior to doing insanity.

    • chanda

      p90x does work and i am getting bored with it i should get insanity next!

  • I lost 8 pound in one month.
    Lotus (Verified User)

    I have been doing this workout now for almost 7 weeks. I find it very doable AND challenging. I would like to lose about 25pounds. 8 of them fell of easily in the first month, then i ran into the nightmare: i began to overeat again because i felt so hungry. I did not use it as an excuse to fall off the workout, but it is harder with a little xtra chub in there. Here is what i am doing….continuing to work out, actively looking for an appetite suppressant to help me along, eating well, and loving myself. Though it is a very strenuous exercise and I cannot always keep up with the video, my heart rate is more important than keeping up. From the point of view that I am working out to the MAX I can, I am right where I should be. This program really is insane at times, and many of the professionals working with Shaun t in the video take breaks. he really encourages people to take breaks and take care of themselves, BUT NOT TOO MUCH! I highly recommend this program. I am using it to prepare me for P90X.

  •  I love insanity so far
    laura (Verified User)

    I love insanity so far-

    i would not rec. it for elementry or even high school kids- it is an INTENSE workout and requires a LOT of cardio and plyometics,

    and to scott :

    it sugguests protein supplements in the guide and i am also using them so it would be wise.

    have fun!! its an awesome insane worout!!