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Linaza Adelgazante Review

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By Montana Rangel May 16, 2017

What You Should Know

Linaza Adelgazante was developed by and is made by Linoflax. The Linaza Adelgazante product was allegedly designed to be a dietary supplement. This product is suppose to promote weight loss and a trimmer figure by cleansing the colon. The supplement comes in powder form and is meant to be added to a drink. The drink is reportedly smooth in texture and has a nutty taste. Adding the mixture to a drink that has its own nutrients increases the daily intake of nutrients. It is recommended that Linaza Adelgazante should be taken 15 minutes before the meals. There is no reason given for these directions but other similar products say this timings is suppose to allow the high fiber content supplement to time to act and make the stomach feel fuller before the meal begins. Ideally, the dieter would stop eating when they reached the full feeling and not overeat.

List of Indgredients

Linaza Adelgazante does not list all the ingredients in the product. There are some ingredients “hidden” behind the “proprietary blend “of ingredients. Though the exact mixture is unknown, we know the blend of ingredients is based on high amounts of fiber, strong laxative materials, and diuretics. The Linaza Adelgazante also has omega-3 essential fatty acids.

Product Feature

Linaza Adelgazante is claimed to be able to promote weight loss. Because the ingredient list contains primarily fiber, laxatives and diuretics, it is assumed the weight lost with Linaza Adelgazante is due to an increase in excretory and urinary output. Therefore, any weight that may be lost will be temporary and superficial. The omega-3 essential fatty acids used in Linaza Adelgazante has no clear connection to weight loss.


  • Linaza Adelgazante may help with temporary weight loss through the fiber and diuretic content.


  • No money back guarantee is offered for the product.
  • There are no studies to back up the companies claims of effectiveness.
  • Any weight lost, will likely be temporary and related to the laxative and diuretics in the product.


The ingredients found in Linaza Adelgazante’s blend are very common in other weight loss products. There are no evidences that would indicate the weight lost with this supplement would be any better than any other supplement. Any weight that might be lost with this product may likely be as a direct result of the diuretics, laxatives and fiber. However, when taken 15 minute before a meal it may reduce appetite and thus overeating will be avoided. All dieters should must consider their own goals and determine if the ingredient list will satisfy the needs you have in relation to weight loss. This supplement, as with other supplements, is not regulated by the United States Food Drug Administration.

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Rating: 4.0. From 19 votes.
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4 Comments on "Linaza Adelgazante Review"

Juan Gomez

I have tried a couple of different Flax products but i will say that Linoflax was the one Linaza Adxelgazante that tasted the best and didnt make me have cramping you can find it in Amazon or on their website linoflax.com


i have used Linaza Adelgazante and lost about 7 pounds in one month and thats with no diet or working out just taking it everyday 2 times

Maira Bolopa Mosera

using linaza can some one stop having that strong desire to eat at all time


yes, that is true. It gave me a feeling of satisfaction.