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Nuphedrine Review - 6 Things You Need to Know


I’m obsessed with finding the right diet products that actually work. Let’s find out if Nuphedrine is one of them. After looking at the ingredients, side effects, clinical research, and customer service, we had a pretty good idea of what was going on. But, we also looked to hundreds of reviews to learn more. Then, we condensed it all to give you the facts you need.

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What is Nuphedrine?

Firstly, Nuphedrine ingredients are Advantra-Z, hoodia, and Slimaluma. These are well-known non-prescription ingredients that are supposed to help suppress the appetite and boost metabolism. Based on packaging, you can take it along with you anywhere.

We don’t know the company behind Nuphedrine, but we do know it has been available since 2009, according to the official website where it is sold directly. We like the before and after pictures, and the 60-day money back guarantee, but read on…

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Side Effects – “No Fun!”

Our first concern is the Nuphedrine side effects some users reported. “Supplements with stimulants are known for causing side effects for some users. Two of the main ingredients are stimulants, so it’s no surprise, really,” said our Research Editor.

”I felt jittery after I used this,” said a dieter.

Another shared, “I experienced insomnia the whole time I took this pill.”

Fortunately, not everyone experienced side effects while using the supplement.

“I didn’t experience any side effects while using this supplement,” said a reviewer.

“I expected to, but did not feel any side effects,” claimed another.

Nuphedrine Fad Ingredients – “May Not Be What You Think”

Nuphedrine advertises using genuine South African hoodia. The reality is the real thing is hard to find, and is expensive. We cannot confirm whether or not the ingredient is real, or a knockoff.

”I don’t think the hoodia is real, because I didn’t see any difference with this supplement,” said a user.

”I don’t think the hoodia is real, because it’s just so expensive to get the actual stuff,” was another thought.

Regardless, some people feel it is legitimate because of their results.

“This stuff really works!,” said a reviewer.

“I lost 10 pounds in a month with this stuff,” according to a dieter.

Over the years, we’ve found it takes a small thing, such as side effects, to cause dieters to avoid a product. If NuPhedrine does cause negative issues, that could be enough to scare away the dieter.

The Science – “It Could Work”

The main ingredients in Nuphedrine are Advantra-Z and hoodia. The first is a stimulant that can boost heartrate and metabolism, though it has been associated with some irritating side effects. The second is not backed with strong clinical research and, based on our studies here at DietSpotlight, that likely means the results will not by what the dieter is looking for.

What Users Are Saying

"”have been taking liporidex for the past month now and the appetite suppressant has really helped with the amount of food I eat. I haven’t started back at the gym because of an injury but I have been walking and I’ve lost 5 pounds without a lot of effort. I’m going to keep using this product and get back in the gym and write another review. I expect to have even greater results to report.”"

"”I have tried them all…hydroxycut (every variation), stacker 6, zantrex, xenadrine and others I can not remember. These are unremarkable. Hydroxycut original works better and it’s only $20 at Walmart and drug stores. Still looking for the ultimate replacement for ephedrine…I doubt that it exists.”"

"”It does not work. Do not waste your money. Wish I could get my money back.”"

The Bottom Line – Does Nuphedrine Work?

Should you go out right now to get a bottle of Nuphedrine? We are on the fence. We appreciate the addition of a stimulant, but we’re worried about potential side effects. The hoodia is not effective at all, but the Slimaluma may have a little support.

If the time has come to jumpstart your metabolism, you may want to find a weight-loss product with clinically tested ingredients that’s not associated with harmful side effects.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Dietspotlight Burn. Not only is it formulated with clinically tested ingredients known for their ability to support your weight-loss efforts, but our team wasn’t able to find any negative mentions of the product or harmful side effects. This lets us know people are getting solid results.

And right now, the manufacturer is running a special trial offer so customers can give it a try.

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Nuphedrine Review
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What are the ingredients in Nuphedrine?

Nuphedrine ingredients include Hoodia Gordonii, Advantra-Z, and Slimaluma.

What are the side effects of Nuphedrine?

It’s possible to feel jittery or experience insomnia after taking Nuphedrine.

How do I know if Nuphedrine is right for me?

Choosing the right product is the #1 question asked by DietSpotlight readers. We recommend trying any product before buying it and know that finding a product with a sample offer is near impossible - so we created our own product, Burn HD, with scientifically backed ingredients.

Click here to get your sample of our powerful fat burner today.

Does Nupedrine work?

Nuphedrine is a powerful appetite suppressant and has proved to be very efficient at suppressing appetites.

What is the price of Nuphedrine?

One box of Nuphedrine is about $90. The company does offer discounts for bulk orders.

When can I buy Nuphedrine?

Nuphedrine can be purchased online.

How should I take Nuphedrine?

Users should take three Nuphedrine capsules a day. Two should be taken on an empty stomach in the am, and the third people should be consumed mid-afternoon.

How do I contact Nuphedrine customer service?

Nuphedrine customer service representatives are available by phone Monday through Friday from 7:30am until 4PM PST at 1(800) 215-2304. Customers can also reach them by email anytime at info@antiagingproducts.com.

Can I return Nuphedrine?

Nuphedrine is sold with a 60-day money back guarantee, which means you can return the product at anytime within the first 60 days and receive a 100% refund.

What are the most common complaints with Nuphedrine?

The most common complaints with Nuphedrine include moments of jitteriness or an inability to sleep.


Previous Nuphedrine Review (Updated June 3, 2015):

What You Should Know

At dietspotlight.com, we’ve looked at a lot of diet supplements, and Nuphedrine is one of the most cutting edge, non-prescription weight loss pills that we’ve seen. The main active ingredients, Hoodia and Advantra-Z, both may contribute to thermogenesis, which is when your metabolism is in optimal fat-burning condition. From our findings, Nuphedrine is one of the only products available which combines Real South African Hoodia in a 20X strength, Patented Advantra-Z® and Slimaluma. These are among the most well known non-prescription weight loss ingredients on the market. The makers of Nuphedrine have collected real before and after photos from happy customers documenting real-life weight loss success using this product. Recent compliance crackdowns have forced dozens of online diet pill manufacturers to take down false photos and testimonials, making the Nuphedrine site even more compelling.

Product Features

The official website also documents that the Hoodia used in Nuphedrine is the only form of Hoodia in America to be used in a clinical study documenting guaranteed weight loss. This was without adding exercise to their daily routine! Nuphedrine contains only certified authentic South African Hoodia, which is hard to find in America these days. In fact, each box comes with a certificate of origin from the South African government. Most companies use a synthesized domestic form of Hoodia that does not have the same potency as that from Africa. Another thing we love to see in a supplement: the makers of Nuphedrine are so confident that customers will like the product and every order is backed by a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.


NuPhedrine® is the only product we have found that combines these three powerful ingredients and in the most optimal potencies: Real South African Hoodia in a 20X strength, Advantra-Z® in a 30X strength, and Slimaluma.20X Strength South African Hoodia:
  1. Helps suppress appetite. Contains a compound called ‘P57’, which is a molecule that is designed to makes you feel full. The P57 molecule is much more potent than glucose in sending the signal to the brain that tells your body it is NOT hungry.
  2. More potent than dried, American-sourced Hoodia. Includes a certificate of authenticity from the South African government.
  3. 20:1 ratio rating. This rating refers to the drying ratio when the Hoodia plant is dried and milled. For every 20 lbs. of whole plant, you get 1 lb. of dried, milled plant material suitable for encapsulation.
  1. Boosts the metabolism. Advantra-Z® is the only patented non-prescription weight loss herb in America. It is patented for:
    • To help enhance weight loss
    • Aids in increasing lean muscle mass
    • Helps improve athletic performance
    • Designed to suppress appetite
  2. Only one supplier in America is licensed to produce this ingredients, so the market is not currently saturated with products that feature it.
  3. NuPhedrine contains the ‘Extra-Strength’ 30% version of the herb which is the only potency levels we found designed for optimum intake.
  1. Helps suppress appetite. The active compound in this powerful ingredient is designed to send a signal to the hypothalamus telling the brain that your stomach is full.
  2. Rather than suppressing your appetite all day long like Hoodia does, Slimaluma helps you not overeat when you do have a meal. It essentially makes a little food go much further.
NuPhedrine® definitely sets the bar. Out of all of the supplements we’ve seen, we feel that these are definitely the highest quality ingredients currently available.


  • Contains Advantra-Z® in the 30X potency
  • Contains guaranteed authentic South African Hoodia and each box comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from the S.A. Government.
  • Their Hoodia is a potent 20X concentration.
  • The formula also contains Slimaluma, which we feel is the perfect addition to Hoodia in overall appetite suppression.
  • They let the customers say it all – check out the before & after pictures.
  • Comes with a 60-Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.


  • It is currently only available on the official NuPhedrine® Website and not sold in stores.
  • The formula will only be available for as long as the makers can source Real South African Hoodia. Customers may want to order large quantities now while they still can and take advantage of the NuPhedrine® 60-Day Return Policy if they are not satisfied.


In our experience, most products use the same cheap ingredients filled with caffeine and fake Hoodia (Advantra-Z® is the ONLY stimulant in NuPhedrine. It contains no caffeine or taurine.) That was the first thing about NuPhedrine that really got our attention; it is the only product available that combines REAL South African Hoodia in a 20X concentration with Advantra-Z®. As we took a closer look at this product, we realized it satisfies our other evaluation criteria as well. We were seriously impressed by the user testimonials and Before & After photos posted on the official NuPhedrine site. When we saw that it comes with both a Free Trial Period and AND a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee, we were stunned. In a market full of below-average products, we recommend NuPhedrine as one of the only solid choices out there.
Summer Banks Dietspotlight Author
About the Author:

Summer Banks, Director of Content at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 weight-loss programs, pills, shakes and diet plans. Previously, she managed 15 supplement brands, worked with doctors specializing in weight loss and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University. full bio.

94 Nuphedrine Reviews

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    I just ordered this product. Hope to se it work for me during the trial period. Let yall know…

  • breastfeeding
    Orpha Verneret

    If someone is breastfeeding is it possible to take it?

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hi Orpha! Please make sure to consult with your physician before starting a new weight-loss program or product.

  • slim down
    weston johnson

    I am on hypertension & cholesterol meds and doing great but need to slim down some. would this affect my current meds.

    • Camden

      Hi, You need to consult a physician. Please do not ask these types of critical questions in an open forum.

  • Need shipping infomation
    annie Baumback

    Do you ship to Canada?

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hi Annie! For more information on where to purchase this product, please refer to the Nuphedrine official website.

  • i already have medications???

    CAN i take your product even if i already have medications???
    Thank you

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hi Melanie! Because of possible interactions with medications, please make sure to consult with your physician before taking this product.

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    Hi,we looking for ensure with nephropathy includ for special diet please

  • Is there Any Side Effects

    I take a lot of prescription s and wonderif this is safe. Cholesterol meds, pain meds, sleeping pill at night, lyrica and symbalta

  • What is Nuphedrine
    Lisa landsman

    What is Nuphedrine

  • How to Purchase The Product

    I went to the website to purchase NuPhedrine and I could not. Please tell me how to purchase some. Thank you

  • J Neilson

    I read your review on Nuphedrine and decided to try it — however no matter how many times I input my name and address info into the blanks on the Nuphedrine site, it just reverts back to blanks, with no forward movement whatsoever — oh well.

  •  Keeps going back to the order
    sheri fister (Verified User)

    Trying to order. Website will not work, keeps going back to the order page after I already put in the info. Help beacsuse I want to try it.


    People…ephedra was banned for health reasons. What makes you think this product is any different. Its name Nuphedrine has the same suffix as ephedra. These products are stimulants that have deadly side effects. When i was working in the ICU I saw people go into cardiac arrest on these drugs. They speed things up…like your heart, causing potential lethal cardiac arythmias. Please DO NOT USE THESE DRUGS! they are unhealthy and deadly. Making changing your health patterns a challenge for 2014. Eat better, walk or ride a stationary bike, stay away from sugary carbs and replace with good fruits. respect your bodies for all they do and do polute them with drugs. change your habits instead.

    • Toni

      Agreed! Completely!

  •  Never trust with money back guarantee?

    I never trust things with a money back gaurantee

  • Where to buy?

    I was just wanting to know where I can find nuphedrine? Is it sold in stores?

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hi Robin! For more information on where to purchase this product, please refer to the Nuphedrine official website.

  • Is there any caffeine in it?
    JoAnn (Verified User)

    I notice this has no caffeine…I have not had caffeine for over 25 years. I used to have heart palpatations so stopped with caffeine. Does this make you feel like you have had a stimulant that could cause same effects as caffeine? Thanks for response.

  • Need combination with any other pills?

    To take in combination with any other weight loss pills

  • Creatine concerns
    Edwin Richel

    Hey guys I see alot of you want to get toned but just want to take it for a short amount of time with no negative side affects take lol amounts such as 5 grams everyother day as creatine stays in your system for a long and rotate you work outs atleast 4 times a week you need to be dedicated lower body then upper body even if you only care about upper body gains take for about 3 months and a two week break in that time your body will start to do it’s own production of creatine then come back with the same cycle and when you stop most people don’t step down slowly as you should do for less losses as you body adapts and produces it’s own ceatine most people gain there strength back after two weeks even when they stop cold because that’s when it all is out of there system and they get back to producing there own but always stay hydrated for full gains and keep a lean diet will off creatine just like you were on it because that’s half peoples problems stop taking care of there body needs because there not on creatine if you go buy that you can have close to no loses that will not be hard at all to gain back AND YOU ALWAYS have those muscle cell you don’t loSE STRENGTH BECaUSE OF STOPPING

  • Can you take this with other medication?

    I would like to know if I can take Nuphedrin in conjunction with Avesil and/or Inflama-trim. Does anyone know if there would be any issues in doing this?

  • Looking for suggestions about the product
    Angela (Verified User)

    I’ve never been this overweight in my life. I weigh more now than I did when I was 9 mo. pregnant. I have to do something serious. I just purchased Nuphedrine, hope it comes soon. And as an extra boost, I also purchased the Flex Belt. I read as many reviews as I could on both. I was wondering if anyone else bought both and if so what was the result?

    • Jim

      Angela, I was curious about the amount of water you drink daily. It is very important in weight loss programs – you did not mention WHAT you weigh now, and how much you want to lose. I can comment more if you reply – thanks! – Jim in NJ

  • Momwhiz3

    sounds much like phen phen years ago but hopefully healthier. phen phen fooled your brain into thinking you werent hungry…only problem is once they banned it, everyone got fat again, you really need to change your life style, how you eat and exercise on a regular basis, there is no easy way out for once you stop the pills, its fat city again..

  • Momwhiz

    Sounds like it works the same ]way Phen Phen did years ago but (maybe) healthier outcome. I took Phen Phen, loved it. it blocked the part of the brain out which said I was hungry, I used to actually forget to eat so would carry saltines with me so I would eat something. lost so much weight, people in ny town who hardly knew me would comment on how good I looked. too bad phen phen was banned due to ONE wooman having a heart attack and dying….and the funny part is, she had existing heart issues before taking phen phen. her husband sued the company and won and everyone who had it and loved it,lost it and got fat again.

  • Ingredients
    Cathy Hansell

    How does this compare to Avesil (2010 editors choice)? What happens if you take them both? They have different active ingredients.

  • Do you have to keep taking it to maintain?

    Wondering how this works once one gets to a maintenance weight. Do you have to keep taking it to maintain?

    • Chris

      It really depends on how you have gotten to your weight-loss goal. Dietary supplements are just that, supplements. They are meant to accelerate the goal of losing a predetermined amount of weight. If you just took the Nuphedrine on its own without changing your lifestyle and still lost the weight, you will need to continue using the supplement, keeping in mind that the body will eventually become tolerant of the supplement, which will cause the body to need more in order to achieve the same results. If you achieved the weight loss on a regiment of diet and regular exercise, it would be safe to stop the supplement when you reach your maintenance weight, as long as you continue to diet and exercise. I am an ISSA certified personal trainer and licensed dietitian.

      • janine

        I was 130-140lbs for many years and since menopause I now weigh 210. This is awful please suggest my best option

      • michele

        I’m in Australia . I’ve tried Weight Watchers ,Herbalife and protein replacements. No loss . weight gain was Prednisilone induced.6 kg. Don’t take that now but no loss from the diets. I have had severe peri menopause and wonder if this is the problem. Got the sweating+++ undercontrol. .Will this work for me ? Knee replacements mean less exercise

  •  noticed my appetite decrease
    JESSICA* (Verified User)

    Hey everyone! I just got my nuphedrine in the mail and have been taking it for 4days now… And the energy level is amazing its truely makes my day go by much smoother. I have noticed my appetite decrease but im still a bit skeptical bout losing lbs so im hoping it works (keeping my fingers crossed). Im really hoping to lose 20lbs so ill def keep everybody posted throughout the weeks. Gud luck to all : )

  •  So far Phenocal sucks
    Andrea* (Verified User)

    Oh you guys why didn’t I see this 2 weeks ago? I ordered Phenocal but I don’t really like it. I feel hungry and Phenocal makes me shaky and I have had quite a headache I don’t think it is doing anything for me. I am going to order this as soon as I can afford to . I will come back and keep you updated. So far Phenocal sucks

  •  super excited to see the results!
    mi-mi* (Verified User)

    I have just started taking Nuphedrine. So far, it’s great. As of 5-13-10 my weight is 180 lbs. Will update my progress in a month. I’m super excited to see the results! Wish me luck!

  •  This product is great.
    Dawn* (Verified User)

    It felt great not getting up in the middle of the night 4 a snack. This product is great.

  •  ready to try nuphredrine out
    lee28* (Verified User)

    Like everyone else, I have been reading these reviews for a while and I am ready to try nuphredrine out. My goal is to lose 25 pounds, which most of it I gained after having a child. I am a junk food junky and I hope this pill can help me out. I am ordering today. will keep you guys posted.

  •  Product works
    Mel V.S.* (Verified User)

    Mel V.S: Im from Australia and came across this website by accident but after reading all the posts I placed an order as I have just had a 2nd child and put on 48 pounds! I had already lost 31 pounds and have been taking these pills for 1 week – the 1st 2 days I was SOOOOOOO disappointed because I felt more tired (had to nap during day which I never do) and way more hungry but on the 3rd day it all kicked in – a huge increase in energy and not hungry! I have lost 5 pounds this week and feel stronger and more in control of my weight loss as I had plateaud for a long time so I cant wait to see if I lose some more weight.

  •  buying it tomorrow

    Having something that keeps me from eating too much is exactly what I need. So if it suppress your appetite as you all have been saying and gives you an energy boost…I’m all for it then! But carbs are my absolute downfall, and I don’t eat much veggies. So I’m REALLY hoping this will help me change my eating habits. I plan on buying it tomorrow…thanks everyone! Wish me luck…I want to be a success story on here too!! 😮 )

  •  not a bad product
    glenndacho* (Verified User)

    1st month no exercise 0 pounds lost great increase in energy and though just started 2nd month working out 1 hour a day will let you guys know the results of that not a bad product i feel very awake and alive but no jitters just good clean energy my clothes fit looser and i feel lighter and look slightly slimmer but as I said before 0 weight loss I’ll give it 3 more weeks and make a final decision on this product. Good luck to everyone work hard at it you will persevere.

    • Anonymous

      If your clothing is feeling loose it is because you’re losing inches. When the body sheds weight, it alternates between dropping numbers and dropping inches. Don’t give up yet! Try drinking more water as well, increasing water intake increases flushing weight and taking supplements is also making your liver work a bit harder, regardless if it’s a healthy product or not 🙂

  •  ordered my first bottle.

    I have spent a couple of hours reading the commits and based on the commits, I have ordered my first bottle. Like so many of you, I have tried just about every dietr pill out there. I hope this is the one. I want a more healthier life style and I want to loss about 50 lbs for my brthday in April. It should be here before the end of the week. I can’t wait. I will keep you posted.

  •  I got this product too
    Muggins* (Verified User)

    WOW You people have gone crazy over this product sooooooooooo I got it too. I don’t want to be left out of the loup. Haven’t gotten it yet but I expect gret things. Thanks for all of the information.

  •  I recommend this product.
    tigger27* (Verified User)

    beentaking Nuphedrine for about 3 weeks. def see that i have lots of energy which is aweosme without the jittery feeling that you get with other diet pills. I recommend this product. I havent lost any weigh ..sad face.. but love the way i feel. I know everyone is different but iw as wondering how long does it take fro some of you to lose weigh. Also i recently just purchased the CleanseRX for my husband and was wondering if i can take both Cleanse RX and Nuphedrine together. Would Nuphedrine still work the same?

    • Mags

      CleansRX is not worth the paper it is written on.

  •  going to buy my first box today!!

    I just had a baby four months ago and it seems like the weight is not going to come off no matter how hard I try and my appetite is HUGE! From all the positive post it looks like I am going to buy my first box today!!

    • Anonymous

      If you are breast feeding please dont start just wait, hang on, better days ahead.

  •  I love nuphedrine.
    Kiya* (Verified User)

    It have been week 11 on Nuphedrine and I have lost 33lbs. I love nuphedrine. It’s helped me make not feel hungry so in turn I have been able to make healthier meal decisions. My mother hated it, though. She lost 25lbs., which she said did not come off fast enough. But she still lost a lot of weight!

  •  just placed my order

    I was actually looking online about lipodissolve, just pretty desperate to lose 22 pounds I have had since having my 2nd baby 18mths ago, when I found these great reviews. I have tried lots of pills which do not work, and hope this will be different, just placed my order and will post again.

    • Anonymous

      DO NOT do lipodissolve! I work for a cosmetic surgeon and will tell you, it is not an effective procedure. In fact, our office no longer offers lipodissolve because of all the bad press about it not working, and people ending up feeling as if they wasted their money. If you still feel you need a medical procedure to assist you with your weight loss, I highly recommend you look at smart lipo.

  • Have I been ripped off?
    Jayne* (Verified User)

    I’m a bit worried after reading some of these posts, especially the one that states the colour of the pills is blue. I ordered from ebay, supposedly the real thing and came with a cerificate of authenticity, but the pills are red & white! Been taking them for 3 weeks now and haven’t lost a single pound. Have I been ripped off?

    • andrea hughes

      I have been told that most of the diet and weight loss pills on eBay are fake so yes I’d say you may have been ripped off. Don’t feel bad though I have been ripped off too as I bought a diet pill a couple of years ago and got ripped off too so I don’t buy any pills of any kind off of eBay any more. I will pray that you didn’t get ripped off. Let us know if you take them and if they worked. Good luck and best wishes.

  •  products that has worked for me
    Beth* (Verified User)

    I started taking this product this past Sunday. I weiged myself on Tuesday morning and had lost 5.6 pounds. I have had no negative side effects. I will report again on Sunday after a full week. This is one of the only products that has worked for me and I have tried many things!

  • Can anyone let me know about it
    Curious me*

    I have a son that is grossly overweight and needs to start losing NOW. I was looking at Colorad and didn’t like the reviews I saw. I have read the entire forum on this site and have not found one person needing to lose 100 plus lbs. Is there anyone out there that has been taking this product that has an enormous amount of weight to lose and if so please write and let others know the results.

    • WOW

      It’s quite harmful to say “grossly” overweight. It is not a gross thing…

      • Anonymous

        Gross is a term used in the medical field… Not saying he’s “gross”. Get it right before you comment

        • med student

          actually, the term is morbidly obese, not gross

  •  Definitely a thumbs up!
    Karen* (Verified User)

    I have so much more energy after taking nupherine and also my appetite is a lot less. I can tell I have lost some weight. Definitely a thumbs up!

  •  Nuphedrine boost my energy level.
    Stacy* (Verified User)

    I read all the positive reviews so I decided to order me some Nuphedrine. I received it today and took my first 2 pills and within a couple of hours I’m already feeling a boost of energy ! ! I will update again in 1 month with my progress. I hope it works for me as well as it has for the rest of you.

  •  I would suggest you try it
    Susy* (Verified User)

    I read alot of reviews about nuphedrine and purchased the product because of the very positive reviews on this site..I had read reviews mostly from people who had bought the product on ebay etc instead of from the nuphedrine website. I have been taking nuphedrine for 8 days and have lost 5 lbs…feel a definite lift in my mood and I feel alot more positive. I usually experience side effects to most things and I am so glad I have experienced no negative side effects with nuphedrine. It does suppress my appetite and cravings for sweets etc. I also have no problem sleeping, have no stomach upset, headaches etc. I wanted to come back and repost after trying the product as this site was the determining factor in purchasing the product after reading the reviews. If you are undecided, I would suggest you try it. I am usually skeptical about these kind of things but I am really glad I went ahead and bought it. I will repost further results. Good luck to everyone!

  •  love this stuff!
    Shauna* (Verified User)

    For me i think aS long as your appetite is changing then you know the Nuphedrine is working. I know that in the past I took Hydroxycut and it made me feel WIRED, not myself at all. Yo might start to notice that you become more active as days go by…or maybe not. My husband has become more of a chatterbox since taking this but I’m pretty much the same as always. We’ve both lost weihgt (me 22 lbs, him 28lbs) and love this stuff!

  • want feedback from women
    NEED WOMEN'S FEEDBACK* (Verified User)

    What are you women doing to lose the weight while taking Nuphedrine? Exercise and sensible diet? Or just diet? Walking or weights, etc. I just bought it and want to make the most of my first order. And want feedback from women only due to our unique makeup. Thanks, Kim

  •  I just bought it.
    Dee* (Verified User)

    WOW!! Tons of positive reviews, I just bought Leptopril(I wish I looked on line first)I am going to try this first

  •  I just placed an order!

    I wanted to join the military but was told I had to lose 25lbs. I have lost 12 by diet and exercise but have seem to hit a plateau. Thanks for all your comments. I just placed an order! Hopefully it can help me get the rest of the way to my goal!

  •  This product did not work for me.
    ilucy2* (Verified User)

    This product did not work for me. I took the pills for 3 weeks and lost 4 whole lbs. My calorie intake (documented) is 1000 daily, I run 3x a week, kickbox and weight lift. With the boost of this product I should have lost more than 4lbs.

    • Darcy

      If you do that much exercising, you would definitely gain muscle. You should do a body fat measurement and try taking the pills two more weeks, then do another body fat measurement.

    • Matt

      You should go to the doctor and have your thyroid checked. Thyroid disorder can keep you from losing weight even with diet and exercise.

  •  Nuphedrine works well
    Melissa Edwards* (Verified User)

    I have used nuphedrine for a week now and have lost 3lbs 🙂 I’am excited about the upcoming weeks and looking for to reaching my goal weight of 150lbs, I’m currently 205lbs.

  •  gives you loads of energy
    Laura* (Verified User)

    I have been using Nuphedrine for a week now and have lost 8 pounds! I went to the gym twice and have been eating only when i really need to, i used to eat when i was bored/stressed but now i hardly think about it! Thats the Hoodia side that makes you forget about eating. Nuphedrine really does supress your appetite and gives you loads of energy, and just in general improves your sense of well-being 🙂 I’m glad i found this blog as i wouldn’t have tried it, theres so many dud pills out there but this one is worth the money, ill let you know how much more i lose next week!

  •  it did not work at all!
    Shay* (Verified User)

    I tried this and it didn’t do a thing for me. I am 5′4″ and weigh 110 lbs. I just needed something to help me tone and lose more body fat. I do know that all bodies are different, so maybe it will work for someone else, just not me. Wish I would not have wasted my $$.

    • Jenny

      You are at the lower end of the BMI (Body Mass Index) spectrum, verging on being underweight. I do not think you need to be taking any more diet pills. Maybe you should just exercise more if you just want toning. Just suggesting.

      • Lana

        but if you are in that BMI range but still have the dreaded ‘pooch’, how else do you lose it? I am 5ft2 and weigh 116 pounds

        • Jewels

          Try weight baring exercises. This is not only good for staving off osteoporosis, but great for toning! Walking or jogging up hills, stairs, light arm or ankle weights and anything cardio, cardio, cardio will tighten and tone. You’ll be tight enough to bounce a quarter off your bum in no time.

        • liz

          Try yoga and pilates. They are low impact exercises that will tone you quickly. A $15.00 matt and a DVD is all you need..

        • Mark

          Girls are supposed to have a little bit of a tummy. A girl with a sixpack of rock hard abs? yuck!

    • what?

      Seriously, you are 5’4 110 lbs and complaining about it? Jeez!

      • kitkat39

        ENOUGH SAID!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

    • Thinking Positive

      If you keep losing weight,you will lose muscle mass. Try not to look at the numbers on the scale and do some weight training. You might go up on the scale because of muscle weighing more. Try to look at ya figure in the mirror and judge yourself that way. Hope this will help.

  •  better work
    Cynthia* (Verified User)

    this is the second item i buy from here they better work LOL It all sounds so good the best thing is the 60 day money back if it doesnt but i hope it does i need to loose 25 pounds I have baby fat I want to get rid of im also watching my calories and exercising.

  • Is Nuphedrine habit-forming?

    I’ve had 3 kids in 4 1/2 years and my metabolism is shot. I don’t eat unhealthy and I work out 4-5 days a week but my weight has been stuck at the same place for over a year. I’m looking for a kickstart to losing weight–something I can take short-term. Is Nuphedrine habit-forming? Can I take it for only a couple of months and then stop without gaining the weight back? Thanks for all the great posts!

  •  thumbs up
    letitia* (Verified User)

    well i recevive nuphedrine sooner than i expected it. I do alot of eating ,snacking throughout the day out of boredom, stress, I eat when I’m not hunger I hope this will help me also to loose 20 or more pounds its easy to put on late night eating mix nuts, lite butter and salt popcorn,some nights I do ice cream I do this also during the day fast food to. This morning I took 2 nuphedrine on a empty stomach my heart didn’t race didn’t feel any jitters thats a thumbs up 4 hours later I ate some vegetables I was very comfortable even left some on plate good signs so far.

  • any info would be a great help!
    tubbyteacher* (Verified User)

    I was curious as to how long before breakfast were people taking their morning pills? What time are you taking the last pill in the afternoon? Has anyone experimented with different times and found one that works the best? any info would be a great help! Thanks so much!

    • Anonymous

      Taking pills around 30-60 mins (empty stomach) before your breakfast will be great~!

  •  I just got it this afternoon

    I’ve been looking for a product that is free and clear of caffine and other harsh stimulants. I took Hydroxycut-Hardcore, lost a few pounds, but it came back (plus more). I couldn’t believe how badly I felt when I took it (shaky and nervous) and especially when I stopped taking it. I read all of the entries and felt encouraged, so I ordered the Nuhpedrine. I just got it this afternoon, and I’ll take the first of it in the morning. I’m starting out at 5′3″ 146.8lbls. I will keep everyone informed on my progress.

    • tania

      any progress?

  •  this is helping me to reach my goal.
    Kiya* (Verified User)

    I have been using Nuphedrine for about 3 weeks now. I lost 4.5 lbs the 1st week, 2.5 lbs the 2nd week and 9 lbs this past week. I have been exercising 4 x’s a week for atleast 30 minutes. I have energy for days and 0 side effects. I want to lose 50lbs all together. I would have to say that this is helping me to reach my goal.

  •  Nuphedrine has no jittery side effects.
    Amy* (Verified User)

    I started taking this a few days ago, only 10 lbs to lose. It definately curbs your appetite. No jittery side effects.

  •  Nuphedrine just works better than anything else I have tried.
    Steve* (Verified User)

    I have been using this for about 3 months, and just ordered another 6 months worth. I would never re-order more if it did not work well. Keeps my appetite in check and allows me to manage my weight without being driven by hunger pangs. I have used Hoodia by itself, but I like combination approach in Nuphedrine. I use three open bottles at once… I put one next to my nightstand (I take it as soon as I wake up), one on my desk at work, and one in my kitchen with my vitamins. Using this approach it has been easy to take the Nuphedrine on a regular basis at the best times. Bottom line, Nuphedrine just works better than anything else I have tried.

  •  Nuphedrine is good for losing weight.
    Jay-C* (Verified User)

    I’ve researched many weight loss supplements with my main concern being dosage. I hate that most require taking up to 9 pills per day and at specific times. I also wanted to purchase something that actually worked. Through my research on several different websites, nuphedrine has had the most positive comments and is highly rated. I also came across the Miracle Burn that several have mentioned on this thread previously. Today I have purchased Nuphedrine as well as the Miracle Burn Cream for an added weight loss aide. Started gaining weight at 30 and noticed my metabolism slowing. Hope I get the same results as those who have posted. Will comment back after giving both products a try.

  •  I have just took my first dose.
    Sherry* (Verified User)

    I just got my nuphedrine in the mail yesterday and just took my first dose so I’m keeping my fingers crossed!! Wish me luck 🙂

    • Rick

      Well Sherry, did it work for you?

  •  I ordered Nuphedrine today.
    DJ* (Verified User)

    Hi…I have read many of the post here and am interested to see for myself if Nuphedrine really works…I just ordered and will let ya’ll know if I loose any weight. I weigh 148 lbs and my goal is to loose 15-20 lbs….Well until next time. I’m out!

    • Jewels

      Hi DJ,

      I was curious to know if Nuphedrine worked for you.