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Sugar Armor Review - 5 Things You Need to Know


I’m here to cut through the noise and get you the bottom line on Sugar Armor capsules. We at DietSpotlight focused on the ingredients, side effects, clinical research and customer-service quality. Plus, we sorted through hundreds of user comments and responses. Then, we summarized and condensed to give you the info you need.

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What is Sugar Armor?

To begin with, Sugar Armor is a weight-loss aid. The ingredients are rhodiola rosea root, chromium, green tea extract, InnuGuard (fiber from chicory root), and InSea2 (brown seaweed). You’ll take two capsules prior to each meal. It supposedly helps blocks up to 50% of the carbohydrates and sugar you eat.

The company that makes Sugar Armor is Nature’s Plus. This brand is owned by Nature’s Plus. Multiple trusted online retailers sell the supplement. We like that we located some positive user comments and that it contains a few natural ingredients, but read on…

Sugar Armor Side Effects – “Concerned?”

The first concern centered on Sugar Armor side effects. “Taking a closer look at the profile, we noticed it was pretty solid,” said our Research Editor. “However, there are reviews where dieters have experienced adverse reactions.”

One person stated, “I couldn’t sleep if I took it past 3pm. I was very hungry in the evening when I stopped taking it.”

“Makes me kind of nauseated. Not sure why,” revealed another.

On the other hand, we found some reviews of Sugar Armor that didn’t mention negative side effects.

Another commented, “No bad reactions to Sugar Armor pills. It does seem to reduce my appetite some.”

Minimal Results – “Losing Weight?”

Another issue is minimal results from Sugar Armor ingredients. One customer posted, “No weight-loss so far. Not convinced it works as well as claimed.”

“I’ve used it for a month and no changes,” stated another.

There are Sugar Armor reviews that mention dieters losing weight.

“Not too bad. Reduced appetite and losing a few pounds,” reported a dieter.

“Haven’t reached my goal weight yet, but this supplement is helping me get there,” said a customer.

Our research has shown if there is some particular part of a weight-loss supplement or diet program that is especially troublesome (side effects, minimal results, high price) the likelihood of long-term success is slim. Therefore if Sugar Armor does in fact cause unpleasant adverse reactions in a lot of people, this could be problematic.

The Science – “Solid?”

Unfortunately, the official website for Sugar Armor does not present any clinical research to support the weight-loss claims. We appreciate that it contains green tea extract, which may help boost metabolism. But the connection simply isn’t there. We at DietSpotlight look for scientific evidence. When there’s none, we become concerned.

The Bottom Line – Does Sugar Armor Work?

Now the moment you’ve been waiting for. This is our bottom line on Sugar Armor. To start, we like that this weight-loss product does not require a prescription and it’s easy to use/take anywhere. But we have some reservations about this diet supplement because it’s not supported by any documented clinical studies. Also, we’re concerned about the unpleasant side effects and minimal results some customers have reported.

If you’d like to drop more weight, then we encourage you to select a product that is backed by solid research, does not cause any unwanted side effects and gives you plenty of bang for your buck.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Dietspotlight Burn. Its formula is a proprietary blend of four potent ingredients, which have demonstrated in published clinical research to help accelerate fat loss and ignite metabolism. Moreover, we can’t find any discouraging user feedback, and comments around the web indicate people are seeing great results.

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Sugar Armor Review
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Previous Sugar Armor Review (Updated August 14, 2013):

What You Should Know about Sugar Armor

Sugar Armor is a fantastic name for a diet supplement, but the name may be the only thing fantastic about this supplement. Nature’s Plus, the company behind Sugar Armor, is not afraid to make claims they are not willing to support with clinical proof. According to the product packaging, Sugar Armor can block up to 50% of the carbohydrates and sugars normally absorbed from the foods you eat. First, that sounds like a much bigger deal than it really is and second, there is no proof or even clinical indication that the ingredients in Sugar Armor work as claimed.

List of  Sugar Armor Ingredients


  • Chromium
  • InnuGuard
  • InSea2
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Rhodiola Rosea Root

Product Features

Chromium is the go-to ingredient for any supplement that claims to reduce hunger or block sugar/carbohydrate absorption. Even if chromium is not the active ingredient we find it on the ingredient list more often than not. Chromium is an old-school, well tested supplement widely accepted as a natural means of controlling blood glucose response. Chromium is not the strongest appetite suppressant and it will not replace diabetic medications, but it can support healthy glucose levels, which may reduce hunger and cravings.

InnuGuard is nothing more than fiber. Fiber alters nutrient absorption by altering digestion. Basically, fiber binds to food waste that would normally take a while to pass through the intestines where nutrients are absorbed and it helps move them out of the body faster. Faster movement equals less absorption.

InSea2 is a product of Innovactiv. The company claims there is a clinical study proving the ingredient can reduce the glycemic index of the meal you consume after taking the supplement. There is no link to the study on the official website, but if that were true, InSea2 would affect blood glucose response but that does not necessarily mean carbohydrates are blocked.

Green tea extract is the final important ingredient, but there is only 100 mg per dose of Sugar Armor. That is not enough to boost metabolism, curb hunger or supply a significant amount of EGCG. We found a study that suggested taking 90 mg of EGCG three times a day to boost weight loss. Sugar Armor contains just 40 mg of EGCG and the dieter is supposed to take the supplement twice daily for just 80 mg of EGCG.

Advantages of Sugar Armor

  • Ingredients listed online.
  • Contains green tea and EGCG, but not enough.

Disadvantages of Sugar Armor

  • The supplement will not block up to 50% of the carbohydrates and sugars you consume.


Sugar Armor is just another supplement playing off some dieter’s needs to lose weight without putting in the work. Any supplement that claims to block up to 50% of the carbohydrates/sugars you consume is not telling the complete truth.

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