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Bioslim Review - Does This Weight-Loss System Work? Are poor customer service quality and unrealistic weight-loss claims deal breakers?

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

bioslim-product-imageThere’s a lot of intrigue surrounding Bioslim, so we dug deep into the ingredients, side effects, clinical research and customer service. Additionally, we dissected hundreds of dieter comments and reviews. We then condensed and refined to give you the info you need.

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What You Need to Know

Bioslim is a weight-loss system, consisting of green tea, vitamins and minerals. Depending on the product, the recommended serving is once per day. This is supposed to help the dieter lose more weight. One of the benefits is that it’s easy to use.

The product line, launched as a diet program in 1989 by Medicus International, doesn’t appear to use synthetic ingredients in select formulas, a good start. Customers can purchase the supplements on the official website. We do like that the company has been in operation for more than 25 years and some of the positive comments, but read on…

Poor Customer Service Quality

The first concern we had with Bioslim was the quality of customer service. “Consumers willing to invest in a supplement want support in the event of a question or concern,” said our Research Editor. “What they expect is a team willing to address comments in a timely manner. If not, dieters will simply pass on the products.”

“The customer help on the other end was rude, mimicked me and used sarcasm the whole way through the conversation,” reported a customer.

“I bought BioSlim and BioCleanse. They debited my account and never turned up. I rang in January and they said they were out of stock and would come soon. They still haven’t turned up and now I cannot get hold of them,” commented a dieter.

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Weight-Loss Claims – Unrealistic?

According to the testimonials on the Bioslim website, dieters are seeing some pretty amazing weight-loss results, maybe too good. It’s safe to lose up to two pounds a week, but some report losing upwards of 33 a month. “I lost almost the full 200 pounds in just my first 6 months on BioSlim,” one consumer claims.

“Kevin lost 153 pounds in his first 7 months on BioSlim!,” says the Bioslim website.

Our research shows that any part of a diet system thought of as a concern, such as outlandish weight-loss claims, could hinder long-term success. If Bioslim says the dieter will lose a ton, but then they don’t, why should you stick around?

The Bottom Line

After thoroughly investigating Bioslim, we’ve come to a conclusion. The length of time in the industry and the fact that there are some favorable customer comments are positives, but we can’t recommend it because the weight-loss claims aren’t supported by published clinical research. Plus, we’re concerned about the quality of customer service and the long list of complaints about company sales practices.

If you’d like to shed the pounds, we recommend going with a product that is both cost effective and packed with ingredients backed by published clinical research.

One of the best supplements we’ve seen in 2015 is one called Leptigen. The formula contains a four-ingredient proprietary blend, which has been shown in published scientific studies to help increase fat loss and ignite metabolism. There’s no one talking about adverse side effects and reviews around the web show people are seeing excellent results.

The makers of Leptigen are confident in the supplement, so they’re offering a special trial offer, a good choice.

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What You Should Know

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Bioslim is a weight loss system that began over 15 years ago. This program involves kits that are suited for adults and also separate ones for children trying to lose weight. The adult kit is called "Bioslim 2000 Ultra Complete," while the children's kit is called "Bioslim Youth System Complete." More specifically, the adult kit contains a "six-week supply of formulas." This involves the Ultra SlimTone Formula (60 tablets), the Bioslim Accelerator (36 tablets), Ultra Vita/Min Plus (60 tablets), a Bioslim Cookbook, Dr.'s Complete VideoGuide, the Quick Start Guide, Dr.'s Health Reference Guidebook, an Activity PocketBox and access to the Doctor's hotline. This whole kit sells for $89.95 via the official website. There are no free trial samples offered.

Unlike some weight reduction supplements and diet pills, Bioslim endeavors to offer a "permanent solution" to weight loss. The three supplements that come with the Bioslim 2000 Ultra Complete kit contain some active ingredients. In the Ultra SlimTone Formula there is Green Tea Extract (assists the metabolism), Bioslim Pyruvate Complex (lowers cholesterol and helps reduce body weight), Chromium Polynicotinate (burns away fat and sugar) and Coenzyme 10 (helps burn fat); in the Ultra Accelerator supplement there is Green Tea, Cotinus, Quercetin, Siberian Ginseng (normalizes blood sugar levels), Calcium (strengthens bones) and Pantothenic Acid; and in the Ultra Vita/Min Plus supplement there is Green Tea, Chromium Polynicotinate, Vitamins A, D and E, Bromelain (metabolizes fat) and a Super-Enhanced B-Complex (helps the immune system). There is a 6-week money-back guarantee offered with Bioslim products. Some customer testimonials are provided on the official website.

List of Ingredients

Not available on the official website.

Product Features

Bioslim is basically a collection of weight loss systems that are tailored for either women, men or children. This program consists of dietary supplements that are taken daily, a cookbook, some workout videos, a health reference book and access to the "Doctor's" hotline 24/7. Some of the key ingredients found in Bioslim supplements are Green Tea Extract (assists the metabolism), Chromium Polynicotinate (burns away fat and sugar) and Siberian Ginseng (normalizes blood sugar levels). The Bioslim 2000 Ultra Complete kit for adults sells through the official website for $89.95. There doesn't appear to be any real clinical evidence presented on the website.

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  • Bioslim can be easily and conveniently acquired through the official website.
  • There is a 6-week money-back guarantee offered with the Bioslim weight loss system.
  • Customer testimonials are posted on the official website.


  • There doesn't appear to be any real clinical data provided on the official website to support the overall effectiveness of Bioslim.
  • Some ingredients found in Bioslim supplements may not be suitable for some individuals.
  • There are no free trial samples of Bioslim supplements offered on the official website.
  • A Bioslim kit may prove to be a tad pricey for some individuals, since it sells for $89.95.
  • This weight reduction system may be a bit too involved for some dieters who prefer a simple capsule that's taken daily.


Although Bioslim offers and interesting take on weight loss with three different supplements, a cookbook, some workout videos, a health reference book and access to the "Doctor's" hotline, it may not be ideal for all dieters. On the bright side, Bioslim kits are offered with a 6-week guarantee. However, it would still be reassuring to see some actual clinical research posted on the official website, along with some free trial samples of Bioslim supplements.

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  • 1

    I m on my third bottle of bioxlim and i feel discomfort in my lower abdomen. Its not the first time im using bioxlim , it happened before . I snack alot and pick up weight quickly thats why i use bioxlim



    I m on my third bottle of bioxlim and i feel discomfort in my lower abdomen. Its not the first time im using bioxlim , it happened before . I snack alot and pick up weight quickly thats why i use bioxlim


  • 2

    was trying the free order that was supposed to be 14 days and then cancel within 18 days if not interested to do more. I will cancel today May 11. I gained 2 lbs in just 6 days of taking the free pills. Don’t want anymore.


    Your Name

    good luck with canceling. You might have to go through your credit card company to get them to cease and desist.


  • 3

    I need d bio3 slimming tea, how do I get it? I leave in Lagos State, Ajah to b precise.


  • 4
    Elke Weber

    where can I purchase Bio Slim


  • 5

    I really want to know that is it really working and how it works?


  • 6

    Where can i buy bioslim here in toronto, Canada?


  • 7
    lalie Reddy

    Please advise if you have a South African distributor


  • 8

    I live in cape town South Africa. Where can I purchase bioslim one a day in cape town. I don’t feel good about ordering online. please let me know at what stores I can purchase it in cape town.


    Your Name

    fazlin, good I am glad you feel that way. The online ordering is a big scam. They suck you in for big money.



    I m on my third bottle of bioxlim and i feel discomfort in my lower abdomen. Its not the first time im using bioxlim , it happened before . I snack alot and pick up weight quickly thats why i use bioxlim


  • 9
    Alma Smith

    I can no longer afford the bioslim, remove my order from your list. I will return all future shipments.


  • 10
    rachael bossman

    How do i get bioslim to buy in Ghana but am in Takoradi


  • 11
    Virginia LeBlue

    I used the original Bio Slim a long time ago, and immediately was able to shrink my appetite and lose 35 lbs. within a period of 3 months. I was able to keep the weight off for over 10 years. I had some extra and shared it with 2 other people, but neither of them had any success in losing weight. I’m seriously thinking about ordering it again. I need to lose about 35 lbs, and hope it works as well as it did before. I’m a lot older now, and crippled up, so I hope it will help me to get back to a healthy weight again. I know I would feel a lot better and have a lot less pain if I could lose the weight.


  • 12
    Roselle villar

    How about in the Philippines? How can i avail of the free samples? Heres my 55 road 7, project 6 quezon city, Philippines 1100


  • 13

    is it safe to take bioslim if you have connective tissue disorder, and experiencing chest pains.


    johnny goodlow

    go run and change your diet. no shake or magic pill can trust me i tried and the only thing worked was exercise!


  • 14

    I wish to make an order from Nigeria, in Abuja, I want the Bioslim for Adults.how can I place the order my email is bad. Here is my number 08135607292 I need two


  • 15
    kemi oni

    where can i buy Bio Life slim in Abuja, Nigeria


  • 16

    I am really interested in this product, I am trying to lose 50 pounds any suggestions.



    Latarsha, where are you from? Can you give me your email so I can contact you directly? Regards.


  • 17
    steven esch

    i mean no its not tax its paid for shipping


  • 18
    steven esch

    i order last aug28 and i use my credit card and i looked it my money took it already.how can i get assurance that u guys send me my order…bioslim 2 box worth 30$something with tax..u dont hve fone number to call


  • 19

    I purchased the same product and received the same package, when I contacted the company they sent me some really degrading and nasty replies. I have also written on some other review sites and have noticed that my posts were removed. This is a SCAM…. BIOSLIMHERB,,,BIO SLIM HERB IS A SCAM. All the positive comments are written by the sellers of this product. BUYER BEWARE!!!!



    This is not a scam, I used it in 1998 when it first came out on the market and it helped me lose 30 pound the first month with just me walking and doing crunches. I than lost 20 more pounds over 2 months. I kept it off for 10 years and have only gain 10 pounds. I kept it off even durning and after pregnancy. THIS PRODUCT REALLY IS AWESOME AND I SWEAR BY IT!



    Yes. All reviews are from Canada. I personally know that the sellers have written the comments. I was one of the buyers that did it. Company is a SCAM…


    Munira Mahomed

    This is not a scam. Ive been taking the bilslim tablettes for 2 months now and with a balanced diet ive managed to lose 5 kilos in one month. It does work and i would encourage anyone to use this products.


  • 20
    Okongwu Nkiruka Vera

    Where can I buy Bioslim product in Lagos Nigeria?


    nmezi onyedikachi

    call abuja distribution center on 234 8030925299 and buy your bio life slim boxes


    Daodu Oluwatosin

    Hi, I reside in Lagos, Nigeria and would like to know how I can get this product and continually agave access to it. Thanks.


  • 21
    Marsha K Becker

    recently inherited a bunch of orange flavored packets that say slim on them and are marked as bioslim products, could you please tell me how to use them? Thanks,


  • 22

    how to take bioslim?


  • 23

    where can i buy bio slim 2000 in the united kingdom?


  • 24

    i want to buy the old bio slim how could i get it


  • 25
    Norma Juarez

    I purchased the bio slim in the powder form. Is it safe to use while breastfeeding?


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