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What You Should Know

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Jarrow Formulas create an entire line of vitamins and supplements they promote as high quality and affordable. The Jarrow Formulas products such as Bone-Up Vegetarian Formula with Calcium Citrate, and Jarrow Formulas Bone-up Superior Calcium Formula are designed to help the teenager and young women build healthy bones and maintain bone health. They also claim to help reduce the risk of osteoporosis as the woman ages.

List Of Ingredients

Jarrow Formula’s creates many different types of supplements. The ingredients one will vary. Jarrow Formulas delivers 100% of the daily requirement of calcium and 300% vitamin C

Product Features

Jarrow Formulas help keep bones healthy through their calcium rich formulas. The supplements are meant to be used every day for maintenance. The “Jarrow Formulas Bone-Up Vegetarian Formula with Calcium Nitrate” was designed specifically for vegans who want optimum bone density. The products also contain a dose of glucosamine HCI. Jarrow Formulas promote hair, nail and skin health. The silicon in Jarrow Formulas BioSil has been studied conclusively and passed a peer-reviewed scientific study to qualify for a superior absorption agent. There are eight strains of Jarrow Formulas probiotic bacteria that are delivered to the small intestines where they provide benefit to the system.

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  • Scientifically peer reviewed studies to support some of the claims.
  • Purified to industry standards.
  • There are formulas designed that will help people practicing a Vegan diet to maintain healthy nutrition.


  • Not all products are scientifically proven.
  • Some of the products contain small amounts of calories which will add up if you are on a diet and counting calories.


These “friendly intestinal bacteria,” fortify the tract while they break down proteins, fats and starches for proper absorption. The natural antibiotics manufactured by the Jarrow Formulas probiotics destroy disease-causing bacteria. The Jarrow Formulas silicon is for the formation of healthy arteries in addition it regulates the calcium deposits in bones. Like other supplements, Jarrow Formulas’ supplements are not regulated by the United States Food and Drug Administration. People who have tried Jarrow Formulas continue to use them for long periods of time. The products in the formulas are generally accepted as being beneficial to ones health and maintaining healthy bodies. Jarrow Formulas state they have a mission to “To promote high-quality, effective, affordable formulations based on sound research data.”

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