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Lipotrim Review - Does This Diet Program Really Work? Are extreme calorie restriction and short-term results deal breakers?

Editor's Review: 3.6 / 5.0
Lipotrim Review

You may be surprised by what I say in this Lipotrim review. We at DietSpotlight dug deep and took a good look at this diet product’s ingredients, side effects, customer care and clinical studies. We also read through dozens of customer reviews and user responses we found posted online. Lastly, we summed up all of the information we found to give you the facts you actually need.

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What You Need To Know

Lipotrim is described as an “obesity management program” created by Howard Foundation Research Ltd. The senior scientist behind this program is Dr. Stephen Kreitzman. Lipotrim programs are available in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. Put simply, Lipotrim is suitable for both women and men, who are struggling with their weight. This is a very low calorie diet plan that involves replacing daily meals with supplements that are provided through the program. Weekly visits to a general practitioner are also required for monitoring your progress.

According to the official website, Lipotrim has been around since 1985. The website provides information on how to purchase the food supplements and contact details are also found on the main website, but read on…

Extreme Calorie Restriction – Something to Think About?

According to our Research Editor, “The Lipotrim weight loss program requires you to replace your standard meals with shakes, soups and bars that are provided. However, this makes your daily caloric intake very low, which can lead to serious hunger pangs.”

One dieter commented, “It is very hard because you literally do not eat at all, the entire diet is based on 3 shakes a day and the only other thing that is allowed to pass your lips is black tea/coffee and water.”

“I gave up, today I got the worst headache and just couldn’t stop thinking about food. I started it yesterday and quite truthfully it’s not for me,” said another customer.

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Another Concern – Short-Term Results

Many dieters have complained of short-term weight loss results, which is a major drawback. In fact, one person stated, “Everyone I know that did it, gained all the weight back once they started eating as your body has been starved of food.”

Another dieter said, “It did go quickly but came back quick too. The body thinks it’s starving so when you do eat it saves that.”

The research we’ve done has shown if there is some particular part of a diet program that is very bothersome (extreme calorie/diet restrictions, short-term weight loss results, unpleasant taste) the probability of long-term success is low. This means if Lipotrim does not help numerous dieters with long-term weight loss results, this could be a major problem.

What About Real Science?

There does not appear to be any clinical studies presented on the official website for Lipotrim programs. However, restricting your daily calorie intake can certainly lead to weight loss. Even so, we at DietSpotlight prefer to see some actual science that supports the diet program we’re reviewing.

The Bottom Line: Does Lipotrim Work?

So, should you spend your money on Lipotrim? Well, we like Lipotrim’s longevity as a diet program and we did find some positive comments about it online. Then again, we have some reservations about Lipotrim because it’s not supported by any scientific studies. Furthermore, we have some doubts about this diet program because it requires extreme calorie restriction and many dieters have complained of short-term weight loss results.

If you’d like to shed more pounds of fat, then we recommend you select a weight loss program or product that is backed by real science, does not require a very strict diet plan and actually helps with long-term weight loss.

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How Does Lipotrim Compare?

Previous Lipotrim Review (Updated January 1, 1970):

What You Should Know

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Lipotrim is a range of food replacement meals. The concept on which Lipotrim and its ingredients are based was conceived by Howard Foundation Research Limited, a company that is based in England and promotes research into obesity. Dr Stephen Kreitzmam, a scientist and Managing Director of Howard Foundation Research Limited had a lot to do with formulating these replacement meals. The Lipotrim range of meal replacement products can only be used in conjunction with a family doctor or designated pharmacy based in either the United Kingdom or Ireland.


Although there is an official website it does not list the ingredients in the Lipotrim range of meal replacement products.

Product Features

Those who manufacture Lipotrim say that it is intended to be used by those who are clinically overweight and are serious about following a weight loss program. The meal replacement products consist of Chicken Soup or Vegetable Soup, Flavoured drinks and Flapjacks, which are available in either coconut or peanut butter flavour. The manufacturers say that the Lipotrim programme began in 1987 and, due to its success with family doctors, it was extended to designated pharmacies. If you live in either Ireland or the UK and want to follow this program you will need to have the permission of your family doctor, and you will need to meet with him or her regularly so that your progress can be monitored. Likewise, if you decide to follow the Lipotrim meal replacement program with a Pharmacy in the UK or Ireland you will need to have your progress regularly followed by the nominated pharmacy. The manufacturers say that if you are a male you can expect to lose "one and a half stone" in a month by following the Lipotrim meal replacement program and if you are a woman you can expect to lose "one stone" in a month.

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  • There is an official website for the Lipotrim meal replacement products.
  • This is a weight loss program that is monitored by a Family Doctor or a qualified pharmacist.
  • The scientist who helped create the Lipotrim program is an expert in weight loss and obesity.


  • The Lipotrim weight loss meal replacement program can only be accessed in the UK or Ireland, severely limiting the program's potential clientele.
  • The products cannot be purchased on line.
  • The manufacturers do not provide us with any concrete proof that Lipotrim actually works as claimed.
  • There do not seem to have been any controlled standardized tests carried out on the Lipotrim meal replacement products.


The one thing evidently in favor of the Lipotrim meal replacement programme is that the person following it is carefully monitored by a family doctor or by a registered pharmacist. However if you are based outside the UK or Ireland you will be unable to access the program. Also, we are not provided with any concrete evidence that suggests that the meal replacement program is superior to other weight loss replacement meals, and therefore we cannot recommend it over and above similar weight replacement meals that are available in Ireland and the UK.

51 User Reviews About Lipotrim

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  • 1
    i brougt the shakes,am still breastfeeding, aby is 6 months ,is imy tbt safe for meo try it, i added so much on weight because of my pregrancy

    havent use it yet


  • 2

    Hi. I have started to use the Lioptrim gel tablets for a week. I am so phychologically stressed as I hav become overweight in a short space of time. I am desperate to loose weight as I am now 91 kg at the age of 38. I’m scared of putting on any more weight. Although I am not over eating I am still putting on weight. Please advise me further and if I’m goin to see any difference with the tablets and how long would it take for me to see a difference. I’m really desperate. Thank u


  • 3
    Mel Dixon

    If anyone thinks this is a pill to lose weight don’t get it. The pill won’t work. It is a three shakes a day diet. So do send off for pills.


  • 4
    Mel Dixon

    Lipotrim is a diet that does work. It also makes you healther. If you follow the rules and do not cheat ever you will lose weight. I know as I’ve done it and my sister who was very obese lived on it for a year and lost all her weight. Because it is a nutrient based diet you will stop craving food. We get fat because food makes you crave food. And drink lots of water. In my opinion, all diet pills do not work unless you follow a diet plan, if you follow a diet plan you will lose weight anyway.


  • 5
    Mrs g swann

    If had cancer is this diet ok to take,


  • 6

    First day of lipotrim just asking for any tips and advice thanks guys


  • 7
    susan karlikowski

    have just started lipotrim today nearly died when the pharmasist said i was eighteen and a half stone has made me even more determined a few days of feeling hungary is going to be well worth it if it works wish me luck .


  • 8
    37 11 stone

    I’ve 4 days down and still crave food but am mothering on 3 shakes a day and take them like a medicine do not recommend soup it’s harder to down hot drink recommend drinking shakes in 4 large gulps …easier then sipping …I’m 5’6 and 11st so to take the 1stone off would be great I initial thought I’d do for 9 days but will see the social aspect of this plan is what’s putting me off no drink …? No food have not weighed yet planning on doing that myself in another day fingers x hoping 1 lb a day is that too hopeful keep ya posted. Irelang


  • 9

    I’m on day 5 and finding it easy so far no headaches or anything x


  • 10

    Starting lipotrim today really hope it works want to lose 2 stone or more x


  • 11

    I started lipotrim Thursday, I’m 5’5 n weighed in at 16st 13lbs. Was shocked that I weighed so much. I’m on day 4. I drink 8 pints of water which is included in my shakes n decaf coffee. I find when I’m really struggling for food a coffee will put me off till my shake is due, if I need to do this I make the next shake as a mousse as this feels like eating. I haven’t had no headaches n have only come close to wanting to just taste a piece of food twice. I’m really hoping I lose in the first week as this really does take a lot of willpower n determination and day 4 I’m struggling not to break. Side effect I’ve experienced is bad mood on day 3.
    Can anyone tell me how often u should have a bowel movement?



    hi there i lost 21 stone on lipotrim.it took 1 year to they day to loose it. i never cheated at all.i had 4 movments in the one year. when you need to go you will need to get some laxatives from your doctor. it is like passing a brick lol. but all in all its worth it. paul



    Can this dry your mouth after 6days?



    The pharmacy will give you fibreclear to help with the movements if you feel your having problems

    It is a very hard diet to follow but I lost just under 2 stone in 6 weeks a few years ago and intend going back on it again this weekend fingers crossed


  • 12

    Has anyone ever died from doing lipotrim?


  • 13

    Are you getting the proper nutrients with lipotrim & is hair loss a side effect
    Many thanks.


  • 14

    Are you getting yor proper nutrients with lipotrim & is hair loss a side effect


  • 15

    Tried LT for 5WEEKS, now heavier than at start two weeks after finishing.



    Did u do re feed? N eat small portions


  • 16

    I started lipotrim 2 weeks ago lost 6lb in the first week stuck to the diet ‘no cheats’ n havent lost anything is that normal ?


  • 17

    i’ve been on lipotrim eight weeks and i have lost 3 stones. the first week it’s hard by well worth it i’m doing this so i can hopefully get pregnant. the moment i get to hold my baby will make it worth the while.



    Ahh that is so lovely. Well done you x I’ve just done a week pure hell but no cheating. Weigh in tomorrow. Wish me luck :)


  • 18

    I was very upset with them, I tried to return the product I paid $24.95 for and cancel order because it upset my stomack, they billed me $149.83 because I didn’t get the bottle back to them in the 14 days, even though it took me that long to figure out that was my problem. I cancelled a day late and so they charged me. Your pills with cost you $149.83 per bottle, which is over the top.


  • 19
    tammy hardin

    what if you have high blood presure can you still use it


    dave w

    The Lipo trim will bring down your blood pressure. Remember you are doing this with a professional doctor or pharmacist so if its not for you they will be able to tell you. I just had my first weigh in today. 1 week in stone lost :-)


  • 20

    I answered an offer to try Lipotrim for $4.95 shipping and gave my credit card. I received the product but later advised my credit card was charged $147.00. Thank goodness my bank called me. Any input on why this is a scam?



    This happened to me also. I was told that the terms & conditions states this is a recurring charge unless the product is returned and the account is closed within 14 days.



    This company is a sham -I was told the same thing -I am reporting them to Better Business Bureau.



    This is not the same Lipotrim.


    Your Name

    Your on the wrong lipotrim. If it’s pills.


  • 21

    I’ve been on lipotrim for 4 days now and I don’t feel hungry or not going to there loo do it matter if I don’t poo or will is cause a damage or what?!


  • 22

    hi im 5.1 ft and 11 stone. i started the lipotrim diest last wedensday iv only got out to exercise twice and really didn do alot ran 6 miles in total. the first 2 days i was feeding my daughter and picked on a pancake and later that night my husband got a chippy and i ate a few chips. wil this have a big affect on my weigh in tomorow. please help



    it mmay take you out of ketoses


  • 23

    i have been on lipotrim for 6 weeks and have lost 2 and a half stone im healthier, have more energy and feel great i can recommend it to anyone if you can get past the first week which is hell on earth!!!! can any help me though with life after maintenence ! i was planning to eat all the right foods for 6 days a week and on a saturday sit down with x factor a glass of wine and a meal, lol but im so scared the weight will return but life would be pretty boring staying on a diet for life without one treat a week!! would really appreciate your comments sharon x


    Your Name

    Go on a Atkins lifestyle and you will stay in fat burning mode. Sugar and carbs is why people put the weight back on


  • 24

    i have been on lipotrim for 15 weeks and lost 5 and a half stone so far, its a hard diet to stick to but oh so worth it


    Sadie morgan

    Have u been exercising with im on my first week juat wondering


    Angela Barton

    Hi Sadie,
    Were you successful with the Lipotrim diet as I’m due to start it next week?



  • 25

    Hey there guys. I’m a 21 wear old girl from ireland and I’ve been on lipotrim almost 6 weeks. I’ve lost over two stone. Believ me it works! I look and feel fabulous and best of all it’s actually achievable! I’ve been going out a lot over the past two weeks (purely because i love wearing my fab new clothes) and everyone has commented on how fantastic i look. I even experienced guys fighting for my attention on the dance floor. That has never, ever happened to me before and it felt pretty good haha. I couldn’t recommend it more. Yes the first two weeks are the toughest but then it becomes fairly easy. Honestly, sayin no to food isn’t difficult cause you don’t crave it anymore. I’ll let you know how i get on after the refeed wk. Best of luck fellow skinnys 😉



    Hi Cecila, your email inspired me! I’m on day 2 but dying with headaches, any advice?


  • 26

    Have been on Lipotrim for 5 weeks and have lost 1.5 stones. Delighted. Works for me as allows detachment from food addictions. I hope to refeed next week and eat salads, soups and a little rye bread, stay away from cheese, fat and sugary foods. You need strong will power for first day or two. After that ketones kick in so that you are not hungry and become detached from food. You may need to take the fibre clear that you can buy with the product or take a laxative once or twice a week. Usually not necessary when you drink the recommended 2 litres plus of water. Not as bad as it sounds. Feel very well not deprived.


  • 27

    i have been on lipotrim for a week i have lost only 1 pound why i have stuck to the rules and i am gutted


  • 28

    On Lipotrim Maintenance diet since November 2010 and have already lost 4 stone. Start exercising and measuring portions to keep it off, it works. Drink plenty of water


  • 29

    why does lipo trim go right through me. i have lipo trim and it goes right through me on my first day. i trump and i have pooed myself?


  • 30

    OF lipotrim,suffering awlful
    in my stomach & bowels.
    please return my money &
    I will return the bottle at
    addressed you prefer. I
    suffered badly 9 days out of
    15. 16248 four lakes lane
    montverde, fl.34756



    This is not the same stuff. The Lipotrim we are discussing here is a meal replacement programme available through your doctor or pharmacist. Products include shakes, flapjacks, soups, and follow-on foods. They do not include pills or supplements of any kind.


  • 31
    jenny devine

    ive been on lipotrim 3 weeks tuesday off the 3rd week i ate the next day i went back to the programe and stuck to it i havent had much off aweight loss this week wyes that .im struggelling to keep on programe with not loosing much please help


  • 32

    I’m on my thrid day of Lipotrim. Its been really easy – must have an appetite suppressant in it else there’s no other explanation as to why this has been easier than trying to cut down normal eating habits. I tried it once before a year or so ago and lost 1 stone in 2 weeks. Have since put it back on – hence trying again in order to fit in my ski pants!



    I don’t think there is an appetite suppressant as such. The formula puts you into ketosis which, after about 3 days, significantly lessens your appetite. It takes about a week before you can start ignoring your stomach growls, though.


  • 33
    Manjit Hamid

    I have started the Lipotrim about 3 days ago, I am constantly farting and constipated, What can help??




    You need to sip your water more consistently and don’t worry this gets less and less after day 5…. You are experiencing the detox stage. Expect a headache but don’t get turned off. My friend has lost 4 stone in 6 months and had 2 hols since…. She is very happy now but says the first week is very hard. Prove to yourself you are strong and look forward to a great weight loss… well done


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