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Smooth Move Tea Review - Does This Herbal Supplement Work? Are ineffectiveness and side effects deal breakers?

Editor's Review: 3.0 / 5.0

smooth-move-tea-product-imageWe’ve heard the rumblings about Smooth Move Tea, so we decided to pay a bit more attention to ingredients, side effects, clinical research and quality of customer service. Additionally, we will pick apart hundreds of dieter comments and reviews. Then we’ll summarize and refine to give you the info you need.

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What You Need to Know

Smooth Move Tea is an herbal supplement containing senna, licorice root, bitter fennel fruit, sweet orange peel, cinnamon bark, coriander fruit and ginger rhizome. The recommended serving is one cup of tea every 6 to 12 hours, which supposedly relieves occasional constipation. You can drink the beverage cold or hot, one plus.

There’s no information as to when Traditional Medicinals introduced Smooth Move Tea, but the supplement appears to include only natural ingredients, a good sign. The product is available to purchase on the official website and through trusted retailers. We like the favorable BBB rating and that some customers report good results, but read on…


The first concern about Smooth Move Tea ingredients were they didn’t work. “The whole purpose of a product like this is to get things moving in the bathroom,” said our Research Editor. “Not only is it not worth it to spend money on something that doesn’t work, it can be frustrating.”

“I have drank this tea for 3 days in a row and I have still not gone to the bathroom,” said a consumer.

“Doesn’t work as they advertise!!,” commented a customer.

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FDA Warnings

In March of 2001, the Food and Drug Administration contacted Traditional Medicinals about labeling. The FDA stance was that the company used claims that defined the product as a drug used to treat rather than a supplement. The information has since been removed from the website.

Side Effects

According to consumer comments on the web, there’s no Smooth Move weight-loss, but there are some side effects. “This didn’t work for me. All I got after taking it was abdominal cramps 8 hours later with no ‘smooth move’,” reported a customer.

“Never again…there is nothing smooth about this tea…Causes severe stomach ache,” commented a dieter.

“BEWARE!! If you have any GI issues whatsoever do NOT use this tea. Severe abdominal cramping and pain that lasts for hours. And after all that it does not become a smooth move,” said a user.

Based on our research and experience, we found that something minute, like side effects, could restrict long-term success. If Smooth Move Tea negatively affects dieters, is the product worth it?

The Science

There’s a wealth of information relating to the benefits of Smooth Move Tea on the official website, but the company doesn’t provide published clinical research showing a connection with weight-loss. This is a concern, especially when dieters are reporting side effects. At DietSpotlight, locating studies to back claims is imperative. If there’s no science, we turn our back.

The Bottom Line

After looking closely at Smooth Move Tea, we’ve come to a conclusion. We like that the product contains natural ingredients and that we found some positive consumer reviews, but we can’t recommend it because of the lack of scientific research linking the formula to weight-loss. Plus, we’re concerned about the comments about ineffectiveness and side effects.

If you want to lose those extra pounds, our recommendation is a supplement that is backed by published scientific research, with no reported negative side effects.

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How Does Smooth Move Tea Compare?

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What You Should Know

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Smooth Move Tea contains laxative ingredients to relieve occasional constipation. The official Smooth Move website sells tea by the single package or the ½ case. Information found online about Smooth Move Tea main ingredient, Senna, states that Senna should not be used for more than 10 days. Unless the dieter is planning on reselling the product, having a ½ case of laxatives on-hand could lead to laxative addiction and difficulty passing waste without the use of a laxative.

Smooth Move Tea also includes ingredients that are known to cause serious health problems, especially for people using prescription or over the counter diuretics. For $5.49 per package, he dieter could be taking a risk that could end in health problems and serious side effects. Smooth Move Tea comes in organic and chocolate.

List of Ingredients

Smooth Move Tea Organic: Organic Senna Leaf and Extract, Organic Licorice Root, Organic Bitter Fennel Fruit, Organic Sweet Orange Peel, Organic Cinnamon Bark, Organic Coriander Fruit, Organic Ginger Rhizome and Orange Peel.

Smooth Move Tea Chocolate: Organic Senna Leaf, Breadnut Seed, Organic Licorice Root, Cocoa Seed and Organic Carob Pod.

Product Features

Senna is an ingredient that works to increase bowel movements by gathering water from the body like a diuretic. One concern with using Smooth Move Tea is the inclusion of licorice root in the ingredient list. Licorice root, when taken with another ingredient with diuretic effects, can lead to seriously low potassium levels. The heart needs sufficient potassium to beat and control blood pressure. If potassium reaches risky levels, blood pressure could rise dramatically and death can occur. Both Smooth Move Tea varieties include licorice root as an ingredient. Despite the other ingredients, there is no reason to trust a supplement that can cause death.

Recently, more and more dieters are turning to laxatives to increase weight loss. Most will find the scale dropping dramatically for the first few days, but this weight loss is attributed to water loss and not fat loss.

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  • Temporary weight loss.


  • Senna can work in the body as a diuretic.
  • Licorice root, when taken with a diuretic, can cause severely low potassium levels.
  • Laxatives are not a healthy weight loss choice.
  • Losing water weight does not last after laxatives are stopped.


Smooth Move Tea, and other Smooth Move products, contain a dangerous combination of ingredients. When Senna and Licorice Root are taken together, dieters and consumers can experience heart problems, increase blood pressure, impaired kidney function, impaired function of muscles and nerves. No weight loss or laxative supplement is worth taking if the combination of ingredients can lead to serious health risks. Senna is also linked to dependence, which is another reason to stay away from Smooth Move Tea.

21 User Reviews About Smooth Move Tea

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  • 1
    Joan Ledoux

    My husband drinks a cup or two each night and really helps him. We both have IBS and occasionally I drink it as well. Provides effective relief from IBS with constipation. We have found no side effects at all. It has truly been more effective than anything else he has tried. We are never without it. I highly recommend SMOOTH MOVE.


  • 2

    Is displayed tea good for people wit HB


  • 3

    I love the taste of Smooth Move. I was taking it 5 days a week (at work) for my chronic constipation for about a year straight but found cramps and nausea becoming progressively worse. So I took it ‘down a notch’ and am now drinking the tea 2 days a week and feel much better. Just gotta keep my high fiber diet in gear (at least thru the work week) – then yes, weekend splurge!!!


  • 4

    Hi, I am 50yrs. I had bariatric surgery and have had an issue with constipation or better not goin. I’m not intrested in weight lost. I love your pproduct , I have been takin it at night and ihave been going to bathrom every morning. I feel so good. You don’t know how miserable I felt not having a bm. I haven’t experienced pain, thank god. I’m so happy going to tell everyone who will listen.


  • 5

    I love smith move tea. I drink it every night before bed . I have prombles going to the bath room every day or every other day. Some times I don’t go at all, now with smooth move tea . I go every day.


  • 6

    Great Product! Very Helpful I recommend it to people all the time.. after using the tea I drink a glass of water and when I wake up in the morning .. like the box says I am right as Rain.
    Good Luck!


  • 7

    I ised this tea and ended up in er 2 days in a row w blood in stool and intense abdominal pain is this normal


    Your Name

    You should see a doctor. There is another problem with you. The tea should not cause that. IJS


  • 8

    Can I take this while pregnant?


    Your Name

    No!! It can cause miscarriage because it causes your bowels to contract. Do not take while pregnant!!


  • 9

    About to try it & wanted a little info.I think I’m more scared of the tea & willing to deal w/the constipation…..,thanx!


  • 10
    Satish Shah

    This s a good product, but user must remember that this is certainly not a permanent cure for constipation. In India, Senna is used freely by herbalist and is found non harming.


    Your Name

    I used this 2times in a week. It worked well. HOWEVER, when speaking to my primary care physician today, she told me if it had senna in it, it could become a habit for your colin & prevent natural bowel movements.


  • 11
    Your Name

    Can you take this while pregnant?


    Your Name

    No!! It can cause miscarriage because it causes your bowels to contract. Do not take while pregnant!!


  • 12
    Tom Antoine

    Interested in buying some bags of tea
    for my patients.


  • 13
    dazzling d

    I have been using Smooth Move Tea off and on for years. I know it is not good to take forever, but it is the only thing that works for constipation for me.


  • 14

    I truly love this product as I have chronic constipation and nothing has ever worked as great as Smooth Move. However, I realize that the package warns of a possibility of cramps. The cramps I experience with this product are also accompanied with severe nausea (no actual vomiting). Today I left work early due to the intense stomach discomfort after I used your product. As soon as I got home, I relieved myself and felt fine. I was too embarrassed to go back into work for fear that my boss would want an explanation as to why I was suddenly well, again. Besides the discomfort Smooth Move may cause, I give its effectiveness 5 stars


  • 15

    I noticed it does work very well for constipation and flatting my stomach i was drinking it for 6 days straight some times twice a day and my stomach went down a great deal , but when i stop drinking it for a few days i relieve i stopped having a bowel movement completely and my stomach started coming back . So i think u would have to keep taking it off and so u want having the problem i had


  • 16
    Erin Arndt

    I toolbox. It worked great for constipation.


  • 17

    Are you saying that this tea is not good to take just for constipation?


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