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Bob Harper Review- Do His Weight-Loss Plans Really Work?

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By Summer Banks Jun 08, 2017

We’ve heard a lot of buzz about Bob Harper. So, we did one of our in-depth reviews, examining the side effects, ingredients, level of customer service and clinical research. We also sorted through hundreds of user remarks and comments from around the web. Finally, we condensed all of the facts and details we collected in order to give you the bottom line.

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Who is Bob Harper?

To start, Bob Harper is a well-known fitness trainer that appeared on the Biggest Loser TV show. He works as a personal trainer to all sorts of clients. He has written several books on weight-loss, healthy eating, exercise and body sculpting. He also has some DVDs to assist with physical fitness and weight reduction. You can find most of these products through online stores such as Amazon. Both women and men of all ages can try these nutrition books and workout programs.

Bob Harper was born in 1965 in Nashville, TN, and has been a personal trainer and author for years. He has been on the Biggest Loser since 2004. Furthermore, he has helped some celebrities get fit, such as Jennifer Jason Leigh, but read on…

Rehashed Information – “Is It Anything New?”

One concern we have is with rehashed information. According to our Research Editor, “Some customers have complained that the recipes and diet advice in some Bob Harper books is rehashed from older texts.”

One person stated, “Nothing new in this book that I did not already know. This was a waste of money.”

However, a different individual commented, “I really like Bob’s motivation. But these books are not very useful to me. I’ve purchased three now. You’d think I’d learn.”

Another posted, “The Pure Burn Super Strength DVD is okay, but not really up to par. I use it some, but prefer the Jillian Michaels workouts.”

Discouraging Reviews – “Not Good”

Another drawback is the discouraging user reviews we found on the web. For example, one person said, “The food was too expensive and I wasted fresh food because the shopping list asked for stuff that was not even used.”

On the other hand, a different dieter posted, “The Skinny Rules book is decent. However, I feel that it’s a little misleading. Unrealistic expectations.”

“Some good information in the Skinny Meals book. However, the Bob Harper ingredients for these meals break my bank account,” mentioned another.

According to our research, if there is a certain facet of a diet program that is concerning or difficult (rehashed information, discouraging reviews, high cost) the odds of real results are not very promising. Therefore, if Bob Harper books and DVDs lead to a lot of negative customer feedback, this could be a serious dilemma.

The Science – “Is Any Presented?”

First off, we at DietSpotlight like to see some solid science that backs up the diet product or program we’re investigating. As for Bob Harper, his workouts and weight-loss programs do involve healthy eating and regular exercise. Therefore, these books and DVDs may help some people shed unwanted pounds.

The Bottom Line – Does Bob Harper Work?

So, should you spend your money on these weight-loss products? Well, we like that no one really complained of any Bob Harper side effects. We also appreciate that plenty of helpful dieter feedback is posted on the web. On the other hand, we have some reservations about these books and DVDs because some customers have stated that the information is rehashed. Furthermore, we’re concerned about the negative user comments we found online.

If you really want to get started shedding pounds, then we advise you to select a diet program or supplement that is supported by solid clinical research, is backed by numerous testimonials and gives you a lot of bang for your buck.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Dietspotlight Burn. This potent formula contains four unique ingredients, which have been shown in documented clinical research to help boost metabolism and speed up fat loss. You should also be aware that we can’t find any negative comments online, and customer feedback reveals people are seeing good results.

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What You Should Know

Bob Harper is the world-renowned personal trainer from the Biggest Loser. The personal trainer started as a group and private instructor in Los Angeles. Bob Harper spent more than 10 years creating his own style of training combined with healthy eating habits to pass on to his clients. At the heart of his regime is straight to the point instruction with a personal connection. Very little is revealed about the person behind the personal trainer.

List of Ingredients

Not Applicable.

Product Features

Bob Harper was born on August 18, 1965 in Nashville, Tennessee. After graduating from Austin Peay State University, he became a personal trainer in Los Angeles. His philosophy for his fitness client is simple - work hard and believe in yourself and you will see results. Bob Harper has written several books on fitness and nutrition. He stars in the Biggest Loser DVD series and a personal DVD series called Bob Harper: Inside Out Method. The DVDs are a companion to the best-selling book of the same title. While Bob Harper suggests healthy eating habits to clients and participants on the Biggest Loser, he chooses to follow a vegan diet. He converted to vegetarianism after reading Skinny Bitch, a diet and weight loss book and to veganism a short time later. All other aspects of his personal life have remained out of the media. Bob Harper is active in animal rights and PETA. He was the spokesperson for the 2010 Farm Sanctuary's Walk for Farm Animals and adopted a stray dog from an animal shelter. Despite his popularity and personal nature, Bob Harper is a no-holds-barred personal trainer. He pushes the contestants on the Biggest Loser beyond comfortable levels of exercise to teach them just how far they can go and how far they have come. Personal training DVDs with Bob Harper may be too intense for some beginners, but a lighter version of the workout is always included for less adept followers.


  • Personal trainer for celebrities and the Biggest Loser cast.
  • Personally connects with all dieters during training.
  • Pushes clients to achieve bigger accomplishments.
  • Certified with the American Fitness Training of Athletics.
  • Certified with Aerobics and Fitness Association of America.


  • Very little information is available on the training Bob Harper received to be a personal trainer.
  • Some workouts may be too intense for beginners.


Bob Harper is more than a personal trainer - he is a celebrity. Unlike many other celebrity trainers, Bob Harper manages to keep his personal life out of the public spotlight, but that also means the dieter has very little background information on the trainer. His success on the Biggest Loser has created a worldwide following.
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Bob Harper Review

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