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Dr. Ming Pineapple Tea Review - 6 Things You Need to Know

Although Dr. Ming’s Pineapple Tea has similar claims to those of other detox teas, it claims to be different because of its pleasant taste. Through the use of herbs and fruit, some of which include orange peels, senna, and alfalfa, this tea claims to aid in weight loss, cleanse the body, improve digestion health, and more. Unfortunately, studies performed on the product’s ingredients don’t show it to be completely effective, and side effects like diarrhea are possible.

Our team looked into this ingredient research and more to find out the whole truth on Dr. Ming’s Pineapple Tea, including the tasting notes of the product and how to prepare the tea. In the bottom line, we compared the review comments on the website to the science behind weight loss teas to see if this is worth your money.

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What is Dr. Ming Pineapple Tea?

To begin, Dr. Ming Pineapple Tea contains senna leaf, licorice, dandelion, alfalfa, peppermint, orange peel, and pineapple flavor. This herbal mixture is boasted as a powerful detox and weight-loss beverage. It’s available online for $15.99 for 30 tea bags. You drink it daily to help flush out toxins and impurities, encourage a decrease on the scale, and improve overall health. This tea also claims to help reduce anxiety and enhance regularity.

Dr. Ming Pineapple Tea gained popularity in 2014, and it is 100% natural, a positive. This “detox” tea doesn’t contain any sugar or fat, and it is easy to find on dealer websites like Amazon, but read on to see what science says about the ingredients.

  • Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine – When we researched senna leaf, we found “the extract might play a role as a therapeutic agent for obesity through its ability to downregulate some of obesity-associated adipokines.” This new research is in opposition to much of the previous findings.
  • Journal of Pharmaceutical Biology – We didn’t find any connection to weight loss or detox with licorice, but we did find research that showed the extract can have anti-inflammatory properties
  • Fitoterapia – Dandelion root, a major ingredient in Dr. Ming Pineapple Tea, Has been shown to promote the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut. The research was from 2004, though more recent research has been completed on animals.

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Dr. Ming Pineapple Tea Results

The first consideration dieters must take pertains to the lack of results with Dr. Ming Pineapple Tea ingredients. “Unfortunately, there is no real science provided to support this formula for weight-loss and internal cleansing, and that shows in the customer reviews. This tea does contain dandelion, which may increase urination since it is a diuretic,” says our Research Editor.

One customer said, “Didn’t work at all, but made me pee a lot.”

Another user stated, “I have not lost any weight whatsoever with this pineapple tea!”

Customer Feedback

Negative Dr. Ming Pineapple Tea Reviews

We encountered numerous negative user reviews regarding Dr. Ming Pineapple Tea. One dieter said, “It gave me anxiety.”

“Causes diarrhea! No, thanks!” said another customer.

The extensive research we’ve done has shown that if a particular facet of a product or program is very troublesome (no clinical support, negative user reviews, unpleasant taste), the real chances of long-term weight-loss success are minimal. Therefore if Dr. Ming Pineapple Tea does result in numerous customer complaints and bad reviews, this could be a big problem.

The Science Behind Dr. Ming Pineapple Tea

From what we could gather, there is no documented clinical research behind Dr. Ming Pineapple Tea as an effective weight-loss product. For us at DietSpotlight, we have to see actual published science that supports the supplement and its ingredients. If there is no proof at all, we simply see a big red flag.

What Users Are Saying

What Users Are Saying

“Its aroma is very exquisite and the flavor, I always choose this brand.”

“It is very good makes it lose weight, easy to prepare.”

“I haven’t used it yet, but I’ve checked the quality of the service. Recommended.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on Dr. Ming Pineapple Tea

So, what’s the end take on this one? Diet teas and herbal beverages for internal cleansing have certainly gained a great deal of popularity. While we appreciate that Dr. Ming Pineapple Tea only contains natural ingredients, we have reservations recommending this product for serious weight-loss. After all, there is no science to support this tea. Furthermore, we can see from customer reviews posted online that it does not work for a number of dieters.

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Dr. Ming Pineapple Tea Review
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Dr. Ming Pineapple Tea

What are the side effects of Dr. Ming Pineapple Tea?

Dr. Ming Pineapple Tea side effects may include nausea, frequent urination, diarrhea, if you look through various user reviews.

What are the ingredients in Dr. Ming Pineapple Tea?

Dr. Ming Pineapple Tea ingredients are senna leaf, licorice, dandelion, alfalfa, peppermint, orange peel and pineapple flavor.

Does Dr. Ming Pineapple Tea Work?

The senna has been shown to help relieve constipation and dandelion is a diuretic. Both may help you temporarily lose weight. We found no strong weight-loss ingredients with solid scientific support.

Instead, you may want to use diet and exercise with a supplement made with clinically tested ingredients, such as Dietspotlight Burn.

How much does Dr. Ming Pineapple Tea cost?

Dr. Ming Pineapple Tea is available for $15.99 for a 15 day supply.

How should I take Dr. Ming Pineapple Tea?

Drink one cup of tea made with one tea bag, twice daily.

Is this product safe for long term use?

No, senna should not be used for long periods of time. Take breaks if you decide to continue to use this product.

Can this cause dehydration?

Yes. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids while using this product.

14 Dr. Ming Pineapple Tea Reviews

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  • Will continue to use this
    Maricela chism (Verified Purchase)

    I just started this pineapple tea, and I have a big constipation problem, after just two daysvof drinking this tea, I’ve been very regular. I’m not feeling uncomfortably full all the time,. So I’d definitely keep using Dr. Ming pineapple tea.

  • Shannon ,Rivera

    I have not lost weight but i will tell you that this tea has worked to help me stay regular. I have tried everything from more fiber to laxatives. Although I have to say that I have ordered it very cheap off Amazon and believe i was ripped off by a fake version, but when ordering from the direct website I got the same positive results daily.

    • joy

      WHICH website did you go to to buy this tea

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Great new, Shanon! Glad it worked for you. If you would also like to lose weight, Dietspotlight Burn is a good alternative to consider. It has many positive user feedback and ratings.

  • waste of money do it yourself
    janice (Verified Purchase)

    use fresh pineapple, boil one or two slices for ten minutes. drink. up two cups per day. i have lost ten pounds in one month but keep in mind everbody varies differently..good luck

    • Anonymous

      Thank you

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