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Eat To Live Review - Does This Book Really Help?

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By Summer Banks Mar 09, 2017

Diet products either work or they don’t. Period. Let’s find out which one Eat to Live is. We took the time to create a comprehensive review, focusing closely on the customer service quality, ingredients, side effects, and scientific studies. We additionally analyzed numerous user comments from all over the internet. Finally, we summarized all of the data we collected to give you the facts.

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What is Eat to Live?

To begin with, Eat to Live is a diet program outlined in a book of the same name. It is a detailed six-week plan that focuses on a plant-centered diet filled with high quality nutrients that avoids overly processed fake food. The author claims the methods are sustainable and will help limit cravings, which will lead to better health and weight-loss.

Eat to Live was written by Dr. Fuhrman. He advocates a micronutrient rich diet which he credits with his health and the health of his patients. Prior to his work in medicine he was a competitive figure skater. He believes his diet helped him recover after a serious injury, but read on…

Restrictions– “Is it Sustainable?”

Our first concern is the sustainability of the Eat to Live program. Like many diet plans it is very restrictive in both the amount of calories people can have each day as well as where they can come from. According to our Research Editor, “We know that food reduction will lead to weight-loss, that isn’t in dispute. The problem is that while everyone is aware of the correlation, it is equally obvious that it may be difficult for some dieters to accomplish without some sort of additional support.

According to one dieter, “I wanted to eat better but I never had the right food so I ate more of the wrong food.”

Another said, “There was almost nothing on the plan I liked, it was totally pointless.”

Others had more success. One said, “I liked the ideas presented by the book and I tried to make it work.”

One happy dieter said, “I found enough foods that I liked on the plan that I was able to stick to it and I lost weight.”

Another said, “I’m a vegetarian so this worked good for me.”

Complexity– “Is it Too Hard to Follow?”

People frequently do not have a lot of extra time to devote to their weight-loss journey. This can be a big issue with some diet plans that require a lot of extra work.

One unhappy reviewer said, “This is not for people with full-time jobs. There’s a huge amount of food preparation and cleaning required!”

It was even too much for some who found success. One dieter said, “I lost five pounds in a week but no average person has the amount of time it takes to do everything it takes to follow the menus and recipes to the letter.”

Others found the level of work required acceptable. One dieter said, “It took me hours to prepare food each day but it tasted good and I did lose weight.”

One said, “I plan ahead so I did most of the prep stuff on the weekend to make it go smoother during the week. It worked out well.”

Another claimed, “Losing weight takes work so I knew it was going to be hard. At least it worked for me.”

According to our research, serious dietary restrictions and complicated requirements can ruin a program for many dieters. The stress of trying to get every little thing right with Eat to Live could make people give up almost before they are able to get started.

The Science – “Fewer Calories Equal Less Weight”

At DietSpotlight, we need to see research that supports the claims of a product or program. The studies that support the claims that the Eat to Live diet will lead to weight-loss is strong, it is universally accepted that a reduction in calories will be successful.

The Bottom Line – Does Eat to Live Work?

Is it time to buy a copy of Eat to Live and give it a try? If you are looking for a solid diet plan and you have copious amounts of time to devote to food preparation, then it has potential. However, the excessive restrictions and complexity of the program make us hesitant to offer an endorsement.

If the time has come to jump start your metabolism you may want to check out a supplement with ingredients that are backed by scientific research. Sometimes a new diet plan by itself simply isn’t enough to help one reach their weight-loss goals.

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Previous Eat To Live Review (Updated March 9, 2014):

What You Should Know

The Eat to Live diet is a book that has been released by author Dr. Joel Fuhrman and with this book and the information inside it, it is reportedly possible to lose twenty pounds or more in six weeks or less. Claims like these are fairly common with diet books but can usually be achieved if you follow the program exactly how it's described. The official website claims that the Eat to Live diet will help you maximize your health, live longer, raise healthy children, and even reverse heart disease and diabetes.


None. This is a program.

Product Features

The Eat to Live diet really stresses that you should avoid eating "fake" foods that are highly processed and full of synthetics. Many other diets suggest similar foods and they can actually help you lose weight over time. As well as being able to achieve weight loss, the Eat to Live diet apparently prevents and helps to treat various other common conditions such as arthritis, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis and acne and these reports have been based, or so the book states, on over 1000 different scientific studies. According to the author and the information in the book, it is apparently possible to eat more food than you do now but still lose weight at the same time. The theory behind the diet plan is that you eat foods that are known to be high in nutrients and low in calories and by doing this, the book states that you can lose a large amount of weight in a relatively short time span. The official website has some recipes available but really not much useful information. It seems to hint around instead of being very direct. You can set up a personal phone conference with the program's creator but a price for that isn't given.


  • There is an online member's only area on the official Eat to Live website that allows you to track progress, get support from the community, and even speak to the creator of the diet.
  • Relatively cheap. The book costs around $25 and a 1 year membership to the website is $99.00 per year.


  • This diet focuses a lot on natural foods which are more expensive than regular foods.
  • The Eat to Live diet will require some self-motivation which is difficult in today's busy world.
  • You may only lose a couple pounds each month on this diet.


The Eat to Live diet looks like a healthy way to lose a few pounds each month but doesn't seem suitable for those who need to lose a lot of weight quickly. It can also be expensive to keep up with diets that rely on organic products or products that are preservative free. If you looking to lose a lot of weight and keep it off, we highly recommend finding a weight loss supplement with a powerful thermogenic ingredient.
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Summer Banks, a content strategist at Leptigen, has researched over 5000 products in the past 10 years. She has years of nursing training, experience as a manager responsible for 15 supplement brands, and completed coursework on Food and Nutrition from Stanford University. full bio.

Rating: 2.8. From 25 votes.
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Eat To Live Review

How Does Eat To Live Compare?

User Comments (42)


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I just ordered the book from Amazon for less than $10 but it is not here yet…what about alcohol? I need to lose 85 – 100 lb. My cousin lost 32 lb. in 6 wks on Eat to Live so I have seen the results and can’t wait to get started.


No alcohol for the first six weeks.


I have been on this diet for 10 days and lost 9 lbs


I started the Eat to Live diet Nov 1, 2014 . Six weeks later I have lost 30 lbs. You have to follow the plan to a T or you will not lose weight. I suggest read the book and try for at least six weeks.


Are you kidding me? I used to eat a Paleo diet and found myself still a pre-diabetic. I couldn’t use weight and felt terrible. After only two weeks on the Eat to Live Lifestyle I have lost 10 lbs, have tons of energy and feel fantastic.
You’re suggesting that we’re all so buy that we should take diet pills rather than eat nutrient rich, NATURAL food? Are you kidding? Maybe we should all slow down a little bit and give a crap about what we’re eating rather than take UNNATURAL diet pills – are we really that lazy? Garbage in, garbage out.


I have just started the 6 week plan and was wondering what you can put on salads, also what can you drink.. I didn’t see any comments about tea, coffee, etc.


This diet is a plan for eating for life. I lost 13 pounds in 2 weeks. The first week was hard, but worth it in the end. The review stating that this plan isn’t good because you don’t eat “regular” food is laughable. Regular food is real food – fruits, vegetables, beans… Look at it this way – if you pay $5 for a bag of organic apples and get 10, you have 10 servings. Some processed snacks you pay $3
A box and get 4-6. Now tell me what is cheaper? The apples. My grocery bill is much less expensive only purchasing whole foods versus boxed processed junk.


I just finished the book. I want to give it a try. I need to lose 50lb and lost weight already but can’t seem to focus to lose. The book makes sense but still nervous to start. I enjoyed reading others experience. I like the not counting calories and kinda devising a meal plan to hopefully make it easier.


I’m halfway through reading the book “Eat to Live” Love it so far. I’am however a big meat eater! I’m willing to try to give it up for the most part! Also, I have always had a problem with eating beans…gas gets trapped in my belly and will not go anywhere…will this go away over time…?


I found that if you soak beans overnight and drain the water afterward and then use fresh water to cook them in, it helps with the gas. If not used to eating beans, I found that purering them a bit to break them up helps with the digestion and I don’t get as gassy.


All of this is so much B.S—! It’s all about calories. All of you just want to eat and eat and eat, anything you want. Stop with the calories and eat any of the crap you want. It might not be good for your heart or lungs or whatever, but it will lower your weight. Did anyone ever see a fat person in Auswitz or Beuchanval (sp?). J—- C——! Eat to live, stop your G—— living to eat!


I almost put down my peanut butter samich and glass of milk to read these comments. I think I might be outside the target audience here. I work out in the gym 3 times a week. I’m 65 and going strong–could drop dead but so can’t anyone. Remember this one rule and you’ll be healthy all your life, “Drink of the vine not of the grain.”


The editor has not clue what he/she is taking about. This is a fantastic way of eating. I am on week 4 and NOT following the strict regimen and still I am down 18lbs, am NOT hungry, and feeling fantastic. I now crave fruits and vegetables and have no desire to eat sweets or other processed foods. And I was 90% vegetarian before and still I am benefiting significantly in such a short period of time.

Just try this way of eating! Just try!


So are you just eating veggies & fruit ? Do you use salad dressing ? What about poultry & seafood since you are 90% veg.


I agree with the comments above. Vegetables are much cheaper and the amount of money saved over time from medical bills and prescriptions cannot compare. I’ve actually spent less on groceries since I’ve adopted this plan. Don’t try it, get married to it. It will change your life.


Having some gas and weird bowel movements the first week. Any suggestions?


Hi Pam,

Your bowels need to get used to all the fiber and beans, it will get better.
My husband and I were a bit scared to get a lot of gas from al those beans.
We noticed that this actually only occured when eating canned beans.
No we use dried beans our bowels are happy again.
Just get used to the routine to put a large pot of dried beans to soak in water overnight.
Next day rinse, bring to a boil new water, then simmer on low heat until tender.
Divide in portions to use for the day and to freeze.
Much cheaper and tastier.

Mashed Lima beans with some ground nutmeg
white pepper and a little stock powder added makes a very satisfying side dish to all kinds of cooked veggies or salad.

Mash the beans in a food processor or with the hand blender for a very smooth result, much like mashed potatoes.
Stir some chopped and in water/stock sauteed mushrooms,unions and steamed spinach through it for yet another yummie dish.

As you can see I could go on and on…there is so much to experiment and explore with all those natural ingredients.

Have fun getting healthier,more energetic and losing weight in the process!


Wow I can’t believe. The conclusion in this review is very surprising. I have been following eat to live for a month. Granted I went. On vacation and had some time during the month where I got off the plan a bit. But have lost 15 lounds which I lost with about 3 weeks. This isn’t a diet but a plan. It hasn’t been any more expensive than eating crap food out or processed foods. We have become so reliant on packaged processed foods over the past 30 yrs or so. The way I see it is this plan is getting you back to eating the way we used to. (if you’ve been around for 30 or more yrs). I tell everyone about this plan and fully intend on staying on it forever! I dieted my entire life. Shakes, diet pills, counting calories. It’s all fine until you are done. Then slowly or quickly the weight comes back. This is about changing a behavior for the better. Fruit, veggies, beans, lentils etc aren’t any more expensive than processed foods and now I know what I’m actually eating! Eat to live for life!


First i read (okay… Scanned) the book then decided to make a grocery list. None needed. Just go to the best poduce dept or farmers market and get a variety of fruits ( remember 4 a day) and veggies of every color there is. Lettuce variety, tomatoes, chickpeas to make hummas and carrots,celery, jicama etc to dip. Beans, corn, eggplantl, lemons, icod go on… It cost $55 and my refrig and counter baskets runneth over. This is CHEAPER than normal bcause meat per pound is alot more than veggies per pound. You wont be hungry if you eat big salads and the hummas, nut butter and veggie dips. I make my own spaghetti sauce and serve over spaghetti squash. You can do this. Guess what i gained weight eating burgers, fries and junk and my body stored the fat. Now it is burning that fat for fuel as i am eating food as it is grown – not what a factory turns it into. It took me a few years to let the weight creep up and i am losing it a lot faster than that. No excuses , unless youd rather whine and stay fat like i did Thanks a million Dr. Fuhrman.


love the book. my question is how dose one check to see what nutrients a person might lacking?


I just finished with this book and although it will be difficult in the early stages it makes sense that moving away from all the highly processed foods would extend a persons lifetime. My question is this…I get super hungry after a workout even if I workout shortly after breakfast but I know that snacking between meals if frowned upon…has anyone encountered this? Do you just get used to it or is this the difference between real hunger and detox/withdrawal that is talked about in the book?


I’ve lost 50 lbs with this book , kept of off 3 yrs, and a friend lost 100 lbs using eat to live. My mother then did part of the plan and is a lot healthier. The average weight loss on Eat to Live is 40 lbs, Weight Watches is 14lbs.


What is allowed to drink on this program?


I read an article about Alanis MOrrisette and she said that “eat to live” changed her life. I really love this singer and could not stop thinking about the book. I want to change my lifestyle because even though I work out, I have horrible sweet tooth and it all goes back to the pounds.I loved the reviews on this website, so hopefully this will help me.