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Garden Of Life Review - 21 Things You Need to Know

Garden of Life has a range of health and wellness products touted as having the ‘purest, cleanest and highest quality whole food ingredients.’ The company claims that ‘every one of its nutritional supplements is the best for your diet and immune system.’ While this may be true in some cases, nutrition isn’t one-size-fits-all, and many of the products have mixed consumer reviews.

So, we took a deeper look into Garden of Life’s product line, examining the benefits, cost, and potential side effects to give you the Bottom Line on the company and their offerings. Read on to learn what we found.

Garden Of Life can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is Garden of Life?

Garden of Life is a company that sells health and wellness products.

The company is headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

To build trust among their customers, Garden of Life has obtained numerous certificates that should accredit their products, certificates such as:

  • USDA Organic
  • Non-GMO Verified
  • Certified Gluten-Free
  • Vegan
  • Certified NSF Gluten-Free
  • Star-K Kosher
  • U Kosher
  • NSF Certified for Sport
  • Informed Choice
  • Certified B-Corporation
  • LEED Gold
  • Green-e Energy

All these certifications show that the ingredients used in Garden of Life products are natural, high quality, without pesticides and pure. In December 2017, Garden of Life Company had become part of the giant Nestle Company for the amount of 2.3 billion US dollars.

Garden Of Life Competitors

Vega One
Juice Plus+
Other similar products: , Activia, Flat Tummy Shake It Baby,

How Did Garden Of Life Start?

Garden of Life, Inc. has been founded in 2000 and starting from then this company produce high-quality products according to their website.

The founder of Garden of Life is Jordan Rubin, who had to face a serious illness to decide to find this health product company.

This diet includes probiotics, nutrients, enzymes, and soil-based organisms. Because this combination worked in his treatment, Jordan has decided to fund Garden of Life in 2000, after he improved his health using Primal Defense product.

What is Garden Of Life Primal Defense?

what is Garden of Life

This product includes 12 microorganisms that are used as a blend of probiotic Homeostatic Soil Organisms (HSOs).

Garden of Life Primal Defense is based on vegetarian ingredients and it is Gluten-free.

Since scientists have discovered that the digestive tract is responsible for 80% of the human immune system, Garden of Life Primal Defense comes to support your digestive tract due to probiotics, HSOs, and ionic plants.

But Primal Defense is just one of the numerous products created under the umbrella of Garden of Life Company.

Product Line

Discover Garden Of Life Products

Along with Primal Defense, Garden of Life products are ready to help you improve your health.

Products range include:

  • Vitamins & Supplements
  • Protein & Fitness
  • Digestion
  • Healthy Weight
  • Superfoods & Groceries
  • Herbs & Natural Remedies
  • Home & Lifestyle
  • Kids

Whey protein is considered among the most healthy raw protein powders for smoothies.

Besides, there are products of kids, such as:

  • Oceans 3 Kids
  • Primal Defense Kids Probiotic Formula
  • Raw Probiotics Kids Digestive Powder

Garden of Life probiotic supplements include Garden of Life men’s probiotic products, such as:

  • Raw Probiotics Men
  • Raw Probiotics Men 50 & Wiser

Garden Of Life Claims

Each nutritional supplement is presented as one of the best for your diet and immune system. Garden of Life products is positively described by the mother company and being healthy for your body.

On the other hand, these positive descriptions usually create higher expectations for potential customers, and if these expectations are not satisfied, many complaints may appear.

Searching on the Internet, you will find several claims regarding the Garden of Life health products and snacks.

The most important claims regarding Garden of Life speak about the presence of sugar in some of their products, the fact that meal replacement program is a false idea since the calories from the products are not enough to be considered as a real meal replacement and presence of gums and flavors in most of the Garden of Life products.

According to WebMD, a real major claim is represented by the Salmonella poisoning with Garden of Life products in 2016.

When 33 people have important health issues due to Salmonella bacteria that was found in the Raw Meal Organic Shake & Meal Replacement.


Garden Of Life Ingredients

garden of life ingredients

Since the list of products is quite long, numerous ingredients are included in the Garden of Life products.

Here we will mention some of the most important ingredients, besides those ingredients that are well-known among the general public.


Astaxanthin and Fucoxanthin are two ocean-based antioxidants. For example, according to Aquaculture, Astaxanthin supplements can help reduce oxidative stress.


According to NCBI, Fucoxanthin helps in reducing fat cells due to fat burning, but it also has a positive role in reducing oxidative stress.

On home health, Fucoxanthin has positive effects like antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-obese.


According to Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology, Bifidobacterium Longum is seen as an important probiotic in immune system improvement, scientific research discussing its role in nutritional supplements preparation.

Omega 3

Omega 3 is fish oil that contains fatty acids from marine life.


Whey protein is extremely important for a quick digest, and it helps in building muscle if it is taken 1 hour before working out your body.

Additional Ingredients in Garden of Life Products

  • Lactobacillus Brevis
  • Glutamic Acid
  • L. rhamnosus
  • Bacillus Subtilis

Enjoy Garden Of Life Perfect Food

Besides vitamins, supplements and fish oil, Garden of Life also provides food that should help your health and digestion.

You can find some products that can be considered as food, like seeds, nutritional bars with organic fruits, nuts and grains, Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and Goatein Pure Goat’s Milk Protein.

But there are also several products that are included in the Garden of Life Perfect Food list.

These products are developed based on several blends of different greens and organic herbs that help you to detoxify, energize and alkalize your body.

Examples of Garden Life Perfect Food products are Raw Organic Perfect Food Alkalizer & Detoxifier, Perfect Food Berry Super Green Fruit & Veggie Formula and Raw Organic Perfect Food Energizer.

Does Garden Of Life Work?

does garden of life work

This question is asked for each health product that you will find on the market.

According to numerous reviews, Garden of Life has products that work and satisfy customers’ needs.

Customers that have used Garden of Life supplements state that these products helped them to lose weight, become fit or gain muscles.

Many products are based on probiotics, which are considered very important in digestive tract health, but you have to see if probiotics that are included in Garden of Life products are scientific recommended, according to Fitness Magazine.

But there are important side effects, that are mentioned below, that can keep away any customer.

Even if Garden of Life health products works for some customers, dangerous side effects may be a decisive factor in the decision to buy this kind of products.

Anyway, it is important to know that a supplement may work if you adopt the supplements that you take at your diet, your body may reject the supplement that you take and supplements are designed differently for women and men.

Read carefully Garden of Life products’ labels and the chances to work for you will increase.

Benefits & Results

Garden Of Life Benefits And Results

The Internet is full of opinions and reviews regarding the results and benefits of using Garden of Life supplements.

Garden of Life raw supplements are considered useful in weight loss and metabolism boost.

Garden of Life fit products have benefits in fat burn and gain muscle, being appreciated by athletes and those interested in gaining muscle mass.

Garden of Life men’s probiotic products are designed to satisfy needs that are specific for men, but there are probiotic products created for women too.

Probiotic are supplements that should be taken, according to scientific research, to facilitate vitamins absorption and improve digestion.

Probiotics like Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus are useful in this direction, and Dr. Formulated Once Daily Men’s for Digestive and Gut Health contains those two probiotics.

Garden Of Life Fit – Gain Muscle And Become Fit?

For those who consider that Garden of Life raw program is a great idea in weight loss, numerous products may help people become fit. Garden of Life raw fit products includes Organic Plant-Based Performance Protein Bars, Raw Organic Fit Protein Powder, and Organic Fit Protein Bars.

All these products that are part of the Garden of Life raw fit product line are recommended for those who intend to lose weight and become fit.

Both protein bars and raw protein powder are designed to satisfy hunger and boost metabolism to burn fat. Besides, you can use Garden Of Life raw probiotics to reduce your weight.

Details On Garden Of Life And Weight Loss

Garden of Life weight loss

In the contemporary world, there are many health issues that need to be solved. Even if losing weight doesn’t seem to be one of the most serious, there are millions of people that need to improve their body weight, and these people need help to counteract this problem.

Garden of Life supplements includes numerous products that are created to help people lose weight.

One of the programs is Garden of Life raw meal, which supposes that you should use their raw products to get fit again.

Why Choose Garden Of Life Raw Meal?

Many studies speak about the importance of raw meal in human health and body fitness. They are packed with probiotics, amino acids, B complex vitamins, and green foods.

Due to this, Garden of Life raw meal is focused especially on providing a wide range of products that suggest changing daily meals with some raw meals or at least combine them.

Garden of Life meal replacement is a program that can be very useful in weight loss diets because according to some reviews Garden of Life meal replacement program should help you use raw products instead of eating another solid meal.

Raw Organic Meal is a product that is mentioned among the best raw protein powders for Men’s Health publication.

Flavors available from Garden of Life include:

  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Peanut Butter Chocolate
  • Blackberry
  • Real Raw Vanilla
  • Unflavored

Garden Of Life Vitamins Contribution To Weight Loss

Most of Garden of Life products’ ingredients are focused on helping your health. Vitamins are among the most important elements that contribute to our health.

Due to this, a supplement of vitamins may be helping our body, especially for those who have to lose weight. Garden of Life vitamins also include products specially developed for weight loss, such as Vitamin Code Perfect Weight Multivitamin.


How To Use Garden Of Life?

Each product has a list of ingredients and directions of use or suggestions to use. Due to this, it is quite easy to know how to take all the products of Garden of Life.

If there are suggestions for proteins, probiotics, vitamins or prenatal products, for nutritional bars and seeds, you have to take them when you want, without replacing a balanced diet.

How To Use Garden Of Life Prenatal?

Among the long list of Garden of Life products, you will also find numerous products that are designed for pregnant women.

Pregnancy is a very important period for both mother and children since in this period is decisive in baby’s evolution.

Garden of Life prenatal products include:

  • Minami Prenatal Omega-3 Fish Oil
  • Vitamin Code Prenatal Multivitamin
  • MyKind Organics Prenatal Once Daily Multi
  • Dr. Formulated Probiotics Once Daily Prenatal

According to NCBI, the role of Omega-3 supplements during pregnancy is scientifically recognized.

All these vitamins and probiotics should be taken according to their use instructions, but it is recommended to consult the healthcare practitioner to avoid any side effects for both mother and baby.

Minami Prenatal Omega-3 Fish Oil and MyKind Organics Prenatal Once Daily Multi should be taken one pill per day with water, during a principal meal.

Vitamin Code Prenatal Multivitamin must be taken three times daily one capsule, and they can be taken with or without food.

Where To Buy

Where To Buy Garden Of Life Products?

where to buy garden of life

If you are convinced that products developed by Garden of Life will improve your health and your life, then you can choose to order any of their products. How can you do this?

Well, there are numerous options. You can access the company’s website, you can order these products on different websites that are specialized in health products, but you can also search for Garden of Life on Amazon.

For those who are decided to try the products developed by Garden of Life, Amazon website could be a source to order these products.

Other retailers include:

  • All Star Health
  • Walmart
  • GNC
Side Effects

Potential Garden Of Life Side Effects

There are numerous reviews on the Internet regarding the side effects that may appear by using products of Garden of Life.

The most mentioned side effects are bloating, muscle cramps, vomiting, gas or headaches.

Besides, some people can feel nausea due to the use of these supplements. Other side effects include diarrhea and frequent urination.

Product Warnings

Garden Of Life Product Warnings

garden of life warnings

Even if Garden of Life health supplements contain only organic and natural ingredients, according to the producer, any customer should consult a physician before using these products.

Because your body may be sensitive to certain ingredients that are included in Garden of Life products, a visit to your physician is recommended.

Any Garden Of Life Lawsuits?

Sometimes negative reviews are not the only negative feedback for a company. Lawsuits may be other negative feedback if the issues caused by the company’s products are very serious.

For Garden of Life Company, lawsuits were possible after the recall of several products due to the Salmonella bacteria found.

Several web sources are discussing possible lawsuits against the Garden of Life if clients are interested in taking this step.

What Users Are Saying

“I have been taking Garden of Life Primal Defense for more than 10 years and it has changed my life. I had IBS with diarrhea for many years but no more. My stomach feels normal now. I take it twice a day, every day and won’t miss a dose. This is the best!”

“We are huge Garden Of Life fans. This was a massive disappointment.
Easy to swallow? Well, they are chewable. Chewables for “children 3 and older”. How? My 8 year old could not get through them so she spit them into the garbage, so I gave it a go. You bite into it and it “snaps!” into two hard pieces. All you taste is lightly fruited oil, almost flax/linseed in pungent flavor (although it says cod?). My adult teeth continued to try to try to chew through the two hard outer casing pieces. This went on for well over 1 minute until it eventually started to dissolve in my mouth. Kids are supposed to have four (4) of these a day?! I can’t imagine trying this in a 3-year-old!”

“Love Garden of Life’s products, but this one’s flavor is far inferior to others (for example, GoL’s own Sports protein powder).”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on Garden Of Life

So, should you race out to the store and buy a supplement? Well, first off, we like that all of these products are easy to find online, and there are plenty of user reviews posted as well. It’s also nice to see a satisfaction guarantee on the company website. On the other hand, we have some reservations about these diet shakes and Garden of Life probiotics because some people have experienced unpleasant side effects. Also, we’re concerned about the less-than-savory taste numerous users have mentioned.

If your main goal is to drop more weight, then we encourage you to find a clinically-proven program that can meet your individual needs.

Among the best weight-loss apps we have ever seen is one called Noom. Noom offers its users human coaching, an extensive food database, and personalized meal plans focusing on a lack of restrictive dieting. Plus, the program is backed by multiple clinical studies and the CDC.

Dietspotlight readers can get a free trial of Noom for a limited time.

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Garden Of Life Review
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Garden Of Life

What are the ingredients in Garden of Life?

The ingredients in Garden of Life products may include Bacillus Subtilis, L. rhamnosus, Glutamic acid, Omega 3, Bifidobacterium, Fucoxanthin, and Astaxanthin.

What are the side effects of the Garden of Life?

The side effects of Garden of Life products that have been seen are vomiting, gas, headache and bloating, nausea, diarrhea, and frequent urination.

Does the Garden of Life product work?

Reviews show that people have really liked this product. The Garden of Life supplements can work great for weight loss.

What is the price of Garden of Life?

The price of Garden of Life products varies from supplier to supplier, as they are available on different prices.

How do I contact Garden of Life customer service?

You can contact Garden of Life customer service at their official website.

Where can I buy Garden Of Life?

Garden Of Life can be purchased using their Official Site.

Can I return Garden of Life?

You can contact Garden of Life customer service for the return of products. You can return the product within 30 days of purchase.

Is Garden of Life Organic?

Garden of Life products are not certified organic across the board. However, the brand does have plenty of organic products for sale.

Is Garden of Life owned by Nestle?

Yes, Nestle owns Garden of Life. Nestle bought the company for an estimated $2.3 billion.

Who founded Garden of Life?

Garden of Life LLC was founded in 2000 by Jordan Rubin.

22 Garden Of Life Reviews

  • So Dismayed

    I’ve been a long time consumer of Garden of Life products and they were A number one with great visible health bendita to my general health. However, since the BESTLE buyout, I’ve experiencing usual health effects from thus far, the new formula for the RAW Vitamin D AND NOW the NEW RAW COQ10. How I reached this conclusion was by a process of elimination. I was experienced GI pain, on a level from 1-10, 1 being none to 10 severe. My level of gradually got to a very uncomfortable 8! So I discontinued the new formula for THE RAW VITAMIN D. And after 2 weeks the pain was gone. It was a specific pain, one I had never experienced in the past, to be fair. Then came along the NEW RAW COQ10, I began experiencing severe dizziness just 3 days after taking the new COQ10, not really knowing it was the COQ10, I believed it could be my sinus affecting my equilibrium, since I recently arrived home to New Orleans, La. So I began my usual regimen for cure of my sinuses, mind you I’d never suffered this type of dizziness before, so on I began my Hylands Sinus Relief, Young Living Essentials Oils, Borion products, cell salts, mind you not all at once and to this day no improvement with the dizziness. . Avoiding all dairy . It’s been 10 days of this misery! So finally it dawned on me that I had been on the new formula COQ10. I began tracking my dates as to when I began it and voila, yesterday and today no GOL NEW RAW COQ10, I’ve noticed a slight change with my dizziness however the headachy feeling still with me. Just irritable and not feeling my usual self. Please go back to my NONGMO GOL! I’m compelled to go to another brand, now 2 great products off my list….. how many more…. did some research and found that Monsanto is a big part of Nestle😳😭💔

  • disappointed with multivitamin but happy with d3
    neha (Verified Purchase)

    after taking single dose of multivitamin got heartburn ..stomach pain and later itchy skin .. ?
    and d3 goes well .. it help?

  • Delores Lawton

    what about the raw vitamins for women the multi vit 50 and wise?

    • Anonymous

      They are great!!!

  • Men's Multivitamin 50 & Wiser Side Effects
    WW (Verified Purchase)

    The Multivitamin for 50 & Wiser Men made me defecate 6 to 10 times a day for the two weeks that I took them. It was difficult to function normally with work. I finally went to the doctor and found no problem so she recommended a colonoscopy. After the colonoscopy,
    I decided to stop taking the multivitamin and my systems are gone and I’m back to normal bowel movements.

    • art

      Hey, that happened to me and others I know of. I better get checked to make sure I don’t have e-coli or something now.

  • Fran (Verified Purchase)

    Has anyone experienced any heartburn or stomach upset from taking the Ultimate Ultra Zyme digestive enzyme? I have noticed the past few days some heartburn. Not sure if its this or something else going on.

  • Ann

    My husband noted that he had severe headaches after starting taking Garden of Life Probiotics. Has anyone else had this side effect?

    • Anna (Editor)

      Hi Ann. All users are different and can experience different side effects; please make sure he consults with his physician before continuing to take this product and he lets them know about the side effects he was experiencing.

    • Leisa

      Yeast ‘die-off’ can cause some additional symptoms. Lots of water, rest, fresh raw veg. 😉 Common symptom with any yeast overgrowth problems…it will pass.

    • art

      Ya-all know it’s owned by NESTLE’ now right? I mean, this company had loads of problems for years, (no wonder Nestle bought it so cheap) and I would imagine that it’s just going to get worse now.

  • David

    My experience with them over the years; Taste is like everyone else said, not the best tasting. The reason for this I believe is, there is no flavor enhancers or SUGARS except the ones that occur naturally. The reason so many may have health concerns is that their body is not used to the purity of “real” food. This reason and the “probiotic” quality could lead to a die off effect of CANDIDA and parasites. 97% of the bodies that hit the coroners table are riddled and infested with parasites and candida. Many address the candida but not the parasites.

    • Montana (Editor)

      Hi David. We agree – a combination of healthy foods, exercise, and supplements, like Dietspotlight Burn, is the best way to lose weight!

  • Corinne Christopher

    I have never known anyone to use this product as a stand-alone “shake” so I wouldn’t judge it by it’s flavor. I eat it every day with a blend of fruits, peanut butter, coconut oil, chocolate, etc. and feel that it provides me added health benefits that make me feel better. I buy it in bulk so that it is cheaper. This seems to have the best ingredients on the market.

  • L Garou (Verified Purchase)

    Garden of Life Vitamin Code Multi-vitamin for men is excellent.
    So too is their Primal Defense probiotic with Homeostatic Soil Organisms.
    I no longer take the Primal Defense because the Vitamin Code also has probiotics which suffice. I only take Vitamin Code and Astaxanthin.
    64, vegetarian, zero prescriptions. Dr. says “keep doing what you’re doing”

  • Garden of Nausea
    Peter (Verified Purchase)

    Garden of Life causes upset stomach, gas, and nausea. I first tried 50b, then 30b – both with the same results! Glad to know I’m not alone.

    • Suzanne

      It gives me nausea too. Thought I had the flu. Every time I drink it I get sick. So disappointed because I was so excited about it.

      • Linda

        Omg just looking threw this I just bought the powder and i am very nauseated and feel awful like my sugar went down I am
        hyperglycemic and I feel sick wonder if I can get my money back didn’t buy it thru here I got it @ a different store couple days ago

  • Rad (Verified Purchase)

    I first bought this product, their Fit shake about a year ago and admit taste is not great. For some reason I continued to take it intermittantly. About 3-4 months ago I began usong it everyday for two meals. Ai mixed their energy green supplement in the morning. The effects are noticable. I agree with what some users are saying your body may react unpleasently as you get used to it but I am convinced of the positive effect. Last week my son asked for his birthday for coco pebbles and having it in the house a binged on it too. Spent the next several days bloated and with gas, so you see your body gets used to healthy and unhealthy things. Lastly I was in Wholefoods and heard an employee saying that this product had the most wholesome and pure ingredients out there just not great tasting. But you can get used to it. Now I look forward to my morning and afternoon shakes instead of a meal. After a few weeks defiently feel how it keeps my hunger and cravings in check. Lastly I am not lactose intolerant but still use unsweetened almond milk with the shakes and think that is also a better way to go then with milk or water

  • Horrible gas!
    Kristin (Verified Purchase)

    This brand has given me horrible gas and cramping about 6 hours after consuming. And the smell is unpleasant. It must be the probiotics. I don’t know what else it could be. It’s been 3 weeks and my body hasn’t adjusted. I will be buying a new brand with no probiotics and see if the cramping and gas stops

    • Cassie Rush

      I am experiencing dizziness like motion sickness last anyone else experiencing this

      • Joyce Williams

        I have been having similar problems withe light headedness.